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on June 11, 2013
Looking back on the 60's brings back some pretty
fond memories. Chad & Jeremy were distinctive.
They made their own version of music that was
easy to listen to. Wonderful Stuff!
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“The Very Best of Chad & Jeremy”, released by Varese Sarabande Records from US in 2000, is a single CD with 18 songs.


1 Although it was released in 2000, it remains the best single Greatest Hits CD covering their singles from 1964 to 1966, two different labels World Artists/Ember and Columbia Records. Most of their Greatest Hits only covered the period on World Artists label. Here, songs on Columbia are covered.
2 The sound is very well remastered from the Original Master Tapes by Ron Furmanek. All the songs have become my reference standards.
3 There is an eight-page booklet, with an informative essay by Dawn Eden. Labels and numbers plus chart positions were included. Picture sleeve and posters were also included.
4 Unlike most current reissue labels who only covered until 1962 due to local Public Domain laws, this set covers until 1966.


1 Only 18 songs and 45 minutes. Varese could have filled up the remaining empty space of 35 minutes with more songs. This was in 2000. I am sad to report that even in 2015, Varese released “Complete Hit Singles” by the Buckinghams with only 15 songs and only 39 minutes. Come on Cary Mansfield, you can do much better than that.
2 Of course many singles, a and b-sides, are still missing plus many tracks from the above two albums.
3 The songs are not sequenced chronologically.


I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album and singles label and number, chart positions and year of release)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart; BB Pop=Billboard Hot 100; BB AC=Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart; UK=UK Singles Chart):

FROM LP “YESTERDAY’S GONE” (World Artists WAS 3002)(BB200 22/1964)
01 A SUMMER SONG )(World Artists 1027)(a-side, BB Pop 7/July 1964; BB AC 2(4)/1964)
FROM LP “CHAD & JEREMY SING FOR YOU” (World Artists WAS 3005)(BB200 69/1965):
02 FROM A WINDOW (World Artists 1056)(a-side, BB Pop 97/May 1965)
FROM LP “YESTERDAY’S GONE” (World Artists WAS 3002)(BB200 22/1964)
04 YESTERDAY’S GONE (World Artists 1021)(a-side, BB Pop 21/April 1964); (Ember EMBS 180)(UK 37/September 1963)
06 SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN (World Artists 1060)(uncharted a-side, August 1965)
07 IF I LOVED YOU (World Artists 1041)(a-side, BB Pop 23/February 1965; BB AC 6/1965)*from Broadway musical “Carousel”
11 WILLOW WEEP FOR ME (World Artists 1034)(a-side, BB Pop 15/November 1964; BB AC 1(1)/1964)
LP “CHAD & JEREMY SING FOR YOU” (World Artists WAS 3005)(BB200 69/1965):
13 WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME? (World Artists 1052)(a-side, BB Pop 51/March 1965; BB AC 9/1965)
FROM LP “YESTERDAY’S GONE” (World Artists WAS 3002)(BB200 22/1964):
15 BEFORE AND AFTER (Columbia 4-43277)(a-side, BB Pop 17/April 1965; BB AC 4/1965)
16 I DON’T WANNA LOSE YOU BABY (Columbia 4-43339)(a-side, BB Pop 35/July 1965)
17 DISTANT SHORES (Columbia 4-43662)(a-side, BB Pop 30/June 1966)
18 TEENAGE FAILURE (Columbia 4-43490)(a-side, BB Pop 131/February 1966)


If you like a more complete coverage of their singles and albums, I would highly recommend “Yesterday’s Gone: The Complete Ember/World Artists Recordings” (RPM, 2016, 2CDs, 57 songs, containing the above two complete albums plus all the mono singles As & Bs on World Artists, but no Columbia recordings though). This set, with all their most popular hits plus four rare Columbia singles, and great sound, is still the definitive single Greatest Hits CD and is highly recommended.
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on October 30, 2002
Ch & J were one of two nearly lookalike duos from the early part of the 60's British invasion (the other was Peter and Gordon). Actually, Chad and Jeremy were more like 'immigrants' than 'invaders', since all their considerable chart success came stateside rather than back across the pond. They had absolutely no hits in their native land.
In contrast to Peter and Gordon, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde (which is how they were dubbed on their earliest American singles) at times had a bit of a folkie edge to their sound. Their three neo-folk/pop tunes ["Yesterday's Gone", "What Do You Want With Me?" and Lennon/McCartney's "From a Window"] are marvelous, bouncy little genre pieces, which hearkened back to an earlier #1 chartbuster by the Rooftop Singers, the song "Walk Right In". The song "What Do You Want with Me" was one of the very first to have its mix flavored using a harpsichord instead of the usual acoustic/electric guitar (or piano) for the rhythm parts.
Then again, the duo was most well known for a brace of beautifully arranged (usually backed by a full stringed orchestra), beautifully sung and harmonized new ballads ("A Summer Song", "Distant Shores", Before and After", "I Don't Wanna Lose You, Baby"). Their recordings of a few old standards (e.g. "Willow Weep for Me" and "If I Loved You"), just as well done, were, nevertheless, much less interesting. The songwriters for the newer material, quite frankly, outdid the older writers in their ability to showcase the duo's considerable vocal talents. This is with the exception of one gorgeous, very moving old show tune, "I Have Dreamed", which unfortunately was left out of this compilation. This omission is the only flaw in an otherwise great production.
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on August 10, 2001
This compilation gathers up most of the charted singles of the British soft rock/folk duo of Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde. This pair's music came across the pond with the British invasion in the mid-60s but had a distinctively softer sound than that of most of their peers. Their signature song, "A Summer Song" can bring a twinge to the heart better than just about any other lost summer romance song. These guys were also competent doing standards such as "If I Loved You" that became hits. One of their most sucessful, if not chart-wise, efforts in this vein is the soothing "September In The Rain". While this collection contains most of their charted tunes, it emphasizes their earlier work at World Artists and omits a few of their later lesser-charting Columbia sides. Sound quality is excellent with several of the tracks having been remixed from session tapes (although this work was done in the early 90's probably with the intention of including them in an earlier, aborted product). All tracks except "Yesterday's Gone" appear in true stereo. An eight-page booklet provides a musical history of the duo along with pics and production credits. There are a number of Chad and Jeremy compilations in the market, many of which are of marginal or poor quality. This piece is a first-rate effort that does justice to this atypical British invasion act.
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on October 16, 2014
I bought this CD to match a vinyl LP I bought in the early 1980's, "The Best of Chad & Jeremy, It's Loaded With Hits!" by Capitol
Records, Re-issue. I couldn't Match the song, "If You've Got A Heart." My vinyl LP has only 10 songs. This is typical of Capitol
re-issues. They knock off 4 songs or so in order to create another LP. The Beatles were victims to this policy. But despite Paul
McCartney's grievance, Capitol made The Beatles a lot of money if not for the messing around of their albums. Chad & Jeremy had
great harmonies as did Peter & Gordon. And of course, so did J. Lennon and P. McCartney. That's Chad(wearing glasses) singing
the high notes. And Jeremy sings the melody, but not always. Chad is a music arranger by trade. The song,"From A Window" written
by, Lennon and McCartney has an acoustic guitar solo and my LP has an electric guitar solo. Enjoy!
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on May 19, 2000
If it had not been for the British Invasion of the early Sixties, it is quite likely the world would never have heard of Chad and Jeremy. It would have been our loss. Although their soft folk/pop stylings were in sharp contrast to contemporaries like the Beatles, the Animals or the Rolling Stones; Chad and Jeremy placed eleven singles in Billboard's Hot 100 over a brief two-year period.
Their albums displayed a tendency to cover other artists' hits: Peter, Paul and Mary's "For Lovin' Me," the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man," Stan Getz's "The Girl From Impanema" and Frank Sinatra's "It Was a Very Good Year." While none of those songs are on this CD, it clearly indicates Chad and Jeremy's taste when it comes to song selection: safe MOR pop. Like Peter and Gordon, their material (especially the hits) featured Everly Brothers-style harmonies, lush orchestration and folky guitars. Hits like "Yesterday's Gone" (their only UK hit at No. 37), "A Summer Song" and "Willow Weep for Me" are charming artifacts of the mid-Sixties. [And speaking of Peter and Gordon, I hope it was an inside joke and not a glaring mistake that one of the photos in the CD booklet was of Peter and Gordon!!!]
While this collection is very similar to One Way's "The Best of Chad & Jeremy," I give the nod to "The Very Best of Chad and Jeremy" for two reasons: 1.) Although it has two fewer songs, it includes all seven of their Top 40 hits. One Way omits their last three hits on Columbia: "Before and After," "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" and "Distant Shores." 2.) This set includes the failed single "Teenage Failure" (written by Jeremy Clyde), the closest Chad and Jeremy came to recording a rock song. [Plus, I have fond memories of having seen them perform this song during an appearance on (I believe it was) "The Dick Van Dyke Show." I mean how cool was that to see a pop star on a hit sitcom! ]
While this CD will satisfy your hunger for the hits, what keeps it from being truly definitive is that it includes nothing from their two experimental albums from 1967 and 1968--"Of Cabbages and Kings" and "Ark." RECOMMENDED
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on May 5, 2015
Nice to get this collection from this sometimes overlooked duo, who were never hitmakers in their native U.K. and suffered in North America in comparison to the more successful Peter & Gordon. This CD is all of their material I want- their less commercial material such as "Of Cabbages And Kings", though a brave move, seems dated to me and of very limited appeal.
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on November 21, 2013
Chad and Jeremy were great balladeers from the British invasion era. These brought tears to my wife when she listened to the CD.
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on May 4, 2015
Good selection of the greatest hits!
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on October 19, 2015
good album
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