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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on October 12, 2002
Warner Bros. supposedly made this film to beat MGM's "Gone With The Wind" to the box office. "Jezebel" doesn't hold a candle to GWTW but it stands firm on it's own merit---that being the fine treatment given to the story based on the old play and the performance of Bette Davis as Julie (i.e Jezebel). Whether she deserved the Oscar or not is another matter but she makes the other cast seem like cardboard cut-outs. Julie is a spoiled headstrong antebellum vixen who drives men to distraction and/or duels to the death in this case. She shames herself and her family with her extremes until she must repent by heroic means. Not a weeper as some may think, but a Southern drenched tale of irony set around the time of the Civil War. Davis is pretty here and beautifully costumed. She flounces around with hoop skirts a-whirling and eyes a-flashing and her accent is properly proper. A young Henry Fonda and a stalwart George Brent round out the suitors who duel for Julie ending in tragedy. I find this film a matter of taste but I still give it 5 stars. It's a genuine classic.
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on November 2, 2003
In 1938 Bette Davis was a beautiful captivating actress who auditioned and lost for "Gone With the Wind" like every other female star did, with one difference, she starred in "Jezebel" winning an Oscar for Best Actress the year before.
"Jezebel" like Scarlet manipulated men with her destructive flirtatous desires. The setting was 1852 New Orleans pre-Civil War but abolotionists were abundant & the southern & northern relations were already politically strained. Davis's is outstanding in her role and quite beautiful. Henry Fonda & George Brent are her victims & pawns in her game chess. This movie even today remains as a classic Golden Hollywood film.
Standard Format this Black & White film is a great Warner Brothers picture. Only extra feature is a theatrical trailer. This is a great addition to your DVD library. Enjoy.
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on March 9, 2002
This is an excellent film bolstered by superlative production values and above all an exceptional cast. However, make no mistake that this is Bette Davis' film all the way. Bette Davis is the complex Julie Morrison, the self-destructive Southern belle. The story takes place in pre-Civil War upper class New Orleans where gentlemen defended the honor of a lady's name over pistols. Bette Davis brilliantly flaunts these conventions in wicked fashion for mere amusement even though she realizes the abyss she is spiraling herself into. Henry Fonda is good as the very stoic and unbending Preston Dillard. He is the one man whom Davis will ultimately frustrate as he eventually refuses to be maneuvered as one of her pawns. William Wyler directed this film in grand fashion with cinematography by Ernest Haller, art designs by Robert Haas and a good score Max Steiner.
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on September 4, 2002
"Jezebel" is a marvelous vehicle for Bette Davis, and won her an Academy Award, although it may have prevented her from starring as Scarlett O'Hara in Selznick's "Gone With the Wind." Although it features a rather a pot-boiler of a plot, set in New Orleans against the gathering stormclouds of Civil War America, Davis's Miss Julie shines as a headstrong, passionate girl, determined to flout convention to have her way.

Yellow fever, endemic to the New Orleans environment with its undrained swamps and bad sewers, strikes at the heart of Miss Julie's world, and she grows as a character and wins redemption in the way she meets a crisis.
Davis is simply superb and makes the whole production come alive in this well-deserved Oscar winning role. Highly recommended.
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on January 2, 2001
This movie ranks in all lists it involves as a masterpiece. Winning Davis her second oscar is is undoubtedly at her best in all categories, seductive (the scene in the garden with henry fonda) bitchy (the meal where Fondas wife is present) and above all inspiring to the unwary first timer. This movie sweeps through pre cival war america, as it includes several conversations where the @men folk@ talk about the @North@. most notabily highlighted as Preston dillons wife, amy who he marries having breaking his engagment to Julie (Davis) is a "northerner" I recommend this movie for any movie lover, of any taste, suspence romance etc, as it entails both thrilling scenes romance and will have you gasping at the consequences, this is one not to be missed
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on August 6, 2001
Bette Davis is great, best actress ever. Only movie I like Henry Fonda... come on, Miss Julie (Davis) creates a scandel by wearing a red dress? Fiance leaves her because of it? But the acting is excellent and the stuff about Yellow Jack is quite good, creates a scary mood. I love some of the cat fight type stuff, especially like it when Miss Julie lets Southern friends berate Northerners at a dinner with people from each area, is scolded by her moma for allowing the conversation, demurely bats her eyelashes, and explains how she'd never restrict her guests' conversation.
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on August 30, 2001
"Jezebel" is a really great classic film. I highly recommend it . Bette Davis is wonderful in her role, so is Henry
Fonda, her lover in the film. This film has some of the best acting in it I've ever seen. I'd give it more stars if I could.
I'm a big fan of Bette Davis' , and in this film, as in all her others, she always gave her absolute best performance.
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on October 14, 2000
This is Bette Davis at her best. If you are a fan of her's you must own it. Fonda and Davis give us a first rate performance, not to be missed.
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on November 26, 2000
This is one of my all time favorite movies. Fonda and Davis are wonderful. Bette Davis as the spoiled Julie, is perfect for the role.
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on December 5, 2002
I watched Jezebel as part of a film studies module at college and actually became reasonably absorbed in it. Of course, admitedly I'm not a fan of classic movies but Jezebel is an intelligent movie on several levels, not least in its take on feminism and questions of the place of women in society. The plot has Julie (Bette Davis) as a Southern belle who, through her defiant nature, manages to break off her engagement to Press (Fonda). Years later she realises that she has lost the love of her life and, finally willing to see him again, discovers Press is married to New Yorker Amy. Seeing this Julie tries to do everything to win Press back by fair means or foul.
Yes the plot may sound clichéd when stated like that but actually this film offers up a very intriguing angle on feminism. For instance, Julie is condemned as the jezebel of the title by other characters in the movie, even though she does everything that she does in the name of love. Is any action justified by love? There are also the obvious comparisons between the sparkling Julie and the plain and uninteresting Amy, from the south and the north respectively. The ending is possibly the most interesting thing of all about the film as Julie either finally realises that self-sacrifice denotes true love or finally gets her way and wins Press depending on your point of view. I know that I wasn't expecting it to end so suddenly but such an ambiguous ending certainly works, frustrating as it is, to offer up a stand on the place of the woman, the nature of love and geographical comparisons in the mid 19th century. It might not be as utterly compelling or relevant today as it once was, but it's still more than possible to appreciate it on its own ground.
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