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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on November 16, 2001
Finally, "Gregory's Girl" is out on DVD... I can throw away my worn out old VHS copy. There are several surprising things about this DVD for Americans who are accustomed to the cable or VHS version of the movie... First, many small scenes were edited out of the US version. Why? I can't tell... The scenes seem harmless enough. However, the biggest shock on this DVD is the original Scottish soundtrack. All these years, those dozens and dozens of viewings, those classic lines that are stuck in my head ("It's a well known fact.")... They simply sound BETTER in the original dialogue. What studio executive pinhead thought it would be a good idea to re-record the dialogue with more British-sounding voices? The moral of the story here is: Watch this DVD with the Scottish soundtrack and it will almost be like watching a new movie. And I thank the non-pinheads at MGM for including both audio versions so we could make the choice.
This movie is, quite simply, a beautifully crafted, intelligent, witty, sweet look at awkward adolescence. I never tire of it, and now that it's on DVD I know I'll never wear it out.
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on September 23, 2002
Very quickly, this is a wonderful, gentle comedy which plays well to people who understand British humour. But why, why, why did the studio cut parts out? The DVD format could easily hold the entire movie. My recommendation is to buy the VHS tape, it's cheaper anyway and it shows the movie uncut. To the studio staff who made the decision to cut parts out....thanks for nothing.
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on October 20, 2003
Gregory (Gordon John Sinclair) is an awkward teenager living in Scotland. He likes to play the drums, spend time with his friends and play football (otherwise known as soccer in the United States). He lives with his parents and younger sister in a modest house.
His football couch approaches him and tells him that they need new blood in the team, and hints of the idea of kicking him off the team. Gregory, who is in the midst of puberty, is now gangly and can't play the sport as well as before, is nervous about his potential ousting of the team. At the football trials, in walks in their latest team member, Dorothy (Dee Hepburn). What starts with fear and frustration about possibly being bumped from the football team, turns into love at first sight.
This movie depicts secondary school life where teenagers are awkward, and unsure of themselves in most aspects of their lives. We see glimpses of Gregory's fellow schoolmates as they too try to catch girls' attentions, by trying to impress them with their vast intelligence, "it's a well-known fact that when you sneeze, it comes out of your nose at 100 miles an hour...". The movie is humorous and light-hearted as it shows us how Gregory tries to catch the girl of his dreams, Dorothy, the one with "the hair, the teeth and the smell".
There is another humorous interaction between Gregory and his father, who is a driving instructor. Gregory is crossing the street, without looking both ways, when his father is trying to teach a man how to drive. In the process, his father has to tell the driver to swerve to the left and right and do an emergency stop to avoid hitting Gregory, who has his hand on the hood of the car running backwards trying to avoid getting hit! Gregory's father asks Gregory if he remembers his mother and tells him how she had been asking about him. Playfully, he asks Gregory if they can make a date for breakfast in the kitchen on Friday at 8! This scene brought back memories as a teenager where I spent most of my time in my room daydreaming about life, and never seeing my parents too. But they way Gregory's father handles Gregory was wonderful.
Another hilarious moment, is when Gregory is in the changing room getting dressed from his football practice, when Dorothy comes into the changing room. Gregory has no shirt on, so he uses his index fingers to cover his nipples!
Gregory's 10-year old sister, Madeline, appears and tries to help Gregory make the change from awkward teenager, to young man in love. She teaches him how to spend more time thinking of the color of his clothes. She gives him advice on how to ask her out. It is very funny to watch Gregory listen intently to her as his younger sister advises him when she clearly is still a child, yet very wise beyond her years.
The movie has an interesting ending when Dorothy stands him up and he sees Carol, then Margo, then Susan, who actually has had a crush on him from the start.
If you would like to see a cheerful, entertaining movie without a lot of profanity, drugs, sex or violence, then this is the movie for you.
A small interesting factoid is, Clare Grogan (the actress who plays Susan in this film) used to be the lead singer to a New Wave band in the 80's called Altered Images.
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on December 9, 2001
having attended a state high school on the west coast of scotland in the 80's i can categorically state that this film captures exactly the mood of the west-coast scottish schoolboy of the time. Forsythe uses Jacques Tati type humour to put his vision across. And what a vision it is-- hormones, confusion and utterly gorgeous midsummer Scottish sunshine and blonde haired girls. C'mon, there's a world out there, and it's our's 'cause we're young and immortal. Watching the country park scenes now as a 31 year old I realise that being young was stoopid but great. This film is the only truly scotch classic. Forget those Edinburgh trainspotting depressive drug users, the drug is life and Glasgow is the best city in the world, like new york but without the commuting time.
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on November 29, 2001
I'm going to be hyper critical and say this dvd transfer is a bit uneven. Some parts of the movie looks like old seventies porn movies, soft, dark and grainy. The colours are a tad faded and the detail is soft. The old english dub sounds sharp, clear but a bit flat with no bass. The Scottish track is very dated and muffled compared to the dubbed track. This is very apparent if you switch back and forth between the two tracks during any music only parts of the movie. The film elements have a lot of scratches on it which is too bad. It looks like a 20 year old film. On the plus side the movie has lots of scene extensions compared to the old vhs version. It's like a Director's cut for those of us who know this film like the back of our hands! The colour overall is much better than the old vhs. The cover art stinks, I don't know why they didn't use the original poster art? But thank MGM for finally putting this out in N. America. This film and its sequel has been available in the U.K. for two years now! I hope they put out the sequel "Gregory's Two Girls" soon.
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on December 7, 2001
Gregory's Girl is a sweet, graceful little coming of age movie. It's as quirkily funny as anything you'll see, and it totally lacks the crassness of Hollywood products that try to use the same young crush material. (I saw G.G., originally, in the theater, and I remember the American equivalent at the time was a series of John Hughes movies. Next to this, "Sixteen Candles" is predictable and pretty mean.)
Bill Forsyth as a director had (has?)a really special way with character. The plots of his movies go off in unexpected directions, and you get the sense that he's really letting the characters decide how things work out. That works really well with the young teenagers in this movie. The plot's being driven along by the decisions, by the logic, of high school students; you really get into their heads, and it's SUCH a funny, awkward-smiling, self-deprecating place to be... Gregory's pining for his soccer darling, Dorothy, isn't going where you think it will, and it's just flawless the way the viewer figures that out along with the character. It's perfectly timed.
If you love this movie, if you remember lines about Caracas and numbers of Elephants and that sort of thing afterward, you should try Local Hero. They make a great double feature. (You'll speak whatever accent you have with a burr after seeing them together, too.)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 9, 2001
It's been a long time since this classic gem filmed in Cumbernauld has been released. I recently found a VHS copy through ebay, unaware that the movie was finally being reissued on DVD. I encourage anyone with a sense of humour to see this movie.
The story revolves aroung Gregory and Dorothy. Dorothy has just joined the boys soccer team and has enraptured Gregory. With all his courage he asks Dorothy out on a date and she agrees; only to stand him up that night. However he meets Carol, then Margo, then Susan, who it turns out has had eyes for Gregory all along.
Incredible performance turned in by Gordon John Sinclair as the tall, awkward and lanky Gregory in his quest to woo the gorgeous Dorothy (Dee Hepburn) with the hair, the smell and the teeth.
If anyone ever figured out what the hell the penguin was doing in the halls of the high school I'd love to know.
This movie is chock full of laughs and will leave you with a warm heart.
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on August 27, 2001
I first saw this movie about 18 years ago, when I was approximately the age of Gregory in the film. At that time in my life, I felt very much like Gregory and closely related to his predicaments. As such, I never missed this film when it aired on cable and subsequently acquired it on VHS. I now thank MGM for bring it to DVD. This movie still holds the same charm and appeal for me as it did when I was 16, as it really takes me back to another time. I highly recommend this movie and believe that others will find it wonderful as well. It is one of my most favorite films of all time. The thick Scottish accents may be a little hard to comprehend for American audiences, however this film requires subsequent viewings anyway in order to catch all the activity going on in the peripheries.
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on October 2, 2011
Wanted a copy of Gregory's Girl for quite a while. The copy we ordered was described as used, in new condition. That's exactly what I got: delivery was very prompt. It played cleanly on my DVD player and I really enjoyed viewing it again.
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on January 28, 2002
Scottish director Bill Forsyth reveals his gift for natural humor in this delightful film.
The Gregory of the title finds his impending puberty makes for a definite lack of coordination on the soccer field and with members of the opposite sex. His two worlds collide when he is kicked off the school soccer team and replaced by the girl of his dreams.
Played by Gordon John Sinclair (who has a cameo in Forsyth's other masterpiece, "Local Hero"), Gregory is as goofy as any adolescent and much humor is derived from his lanky good-naturedness and stork-like figure alone.
Perfectly capturing the confusion, awkwardness, and greatness of being a teenager, Gregory -- and "Gregory's Girl" -- are charming.
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