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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on May 28, 2000
I have to say that this DVD is stunning. It features so many stuff that it's impossible to get bored! Let's see, you have 21 videos, sure some of them are missing (around 5) mostly because they are duets but let's remember, this is a greatest hits, so you can't expect to have everything on it. The advertisment said, all her "classic" videos. The only classic video missing is Exhale (Shoop Shoop) a #1 hit. But like I said, there's 21 videos, it's enough don't you think! Then there's special performances, I think there's 8, not all of them were in full like the song "Impossible" from Cinderella was not put completely, but all these performances are appreciated. The sound in some of the older performances like One Moment In Time from the Grammies, are not as perfect as the new performances, but they are enjoyable. I really enjoyed each and every performance. You can also choose to watch the videos while reading the lyrics. I also enjoyed the photo shoot footage (it was very long!), the interviews, the making of the album. Really, it's perfect. You also get to relive her stunning rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Seriously, this is the best music DVD ever, it is very entertaining and long. I really hope that Whitney releases other dvds in the near future, she must!
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on May 25, 2000
I really enjoyed this video collection. It's kicked off with all four videos from Whitney's first album: "You Give Good Love", "Saving All My Love For You", "How Will I Know" and "Greatest Love of All" which Whitney calls her favorite video. Whitney calls this video collection "the process of her growth" where "this girl becomes a woman". The next set includes videos from her second album: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "Didn't We Almost Have It All" (my personal favorite video!), "So Emotional" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" which Whitney says she didn't even want to record but finally did after urging from Clive Davis. Good thing she did for it went on to be her 7th #1 single. Next comes a Grammy performance of "One Moment In Time" and her unforgettable performance of "The Star Spangled Banner". From her third album she just includes the videos for "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "All The Man That I Need". Next comes some soundtrack videos. The only video from The Bodyguard is "I Will Always Love You" and the only video from The Preachers Wife is "Step By Step". No videos from Waiting To Exhale are on here. Finally she ends the collection with all the videos from her final album: "Heartbreak Hotel", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "My Love Is Your Love" and "I Learned From The Best". All in all, it's money well worth spending to get all of these great videos in one place. Most of these videos hardly ever air on the music video channels anymore so it was great fun to see them again. You get 18 videos on this collection and you'll enjoy every one of them!
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on May 17, 2000
Overall, this DVD is great, but had a few major problems.
First, I was expecting "All" of Whitney's videos to appear, but they didn't - False Advertising. This DVD was missing major videos - "I Believe In You and Me", "Exhale(Shoop, Shoop)", "My Name is not Susan", "Count On Me" and "When You Believe". They gipped me out of 5, count 'em 5 videos - What happen here? They should have just waited and released the DVD when they had finished all the videos for the new singles from the greatest hits package, Including "All" her videos as the advertisements say!
And, Second - Sure all of the extras were great to watch, but some could have been longer, like the MTV All Access - they showed about 3 minutes of that! I wanted to see the whole thing in it's entirety like it was originally shown on MTV! Also, the Cinderella segment was not worth watching, they showed only a minute of that, she didn't even sing the whole song, very disappointing! All other special features were alright but could have been done better, some were too long, others were too short!
All in all, if you're a die hard whitney fan and you have DVD, you'll appreciate it and might even like it. I do reccommend that you buy this "if you have DVD", You'll love "most" of those classic videos, that we've all grown to appreciate, since "all" aren't available. And who knows, maybe they'll put out a supplement DVD with all the videos they didn't include on this one. However, I doubt they would be kind enough to do that.
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on May 18, 2002
There is no denying the music of Whitney Houston. Her strength in R&B is still as strong as it was back when she started in the mid 1980's, and that remains to be true.
Her 2000 DVD, The Greatest Hits, showcases the many talents this legandary Diva has made. While some of the videos reamin as simple, like You Give Good Love, and The Greatest Love Of All, and some reflect Mrs. Bobby Brown as a hard cookie, like Queen Of The Night, and I Learned From The Best.
Surprisingly, there are two different versions of the DVD anthology of Whitney Houston's videos. Some of them carry two extra music videos, Exhale (Shoop Shoop), from Waiting To Exhale, and I Believe In You And Me, from The Preacher's Wife.
While her music may have fizzled down in the industry, Whitney Houston still shows that she is still a survivor among the so-called corporate teen idol crowd of Nsync, and Britney Spears fans. No wonder Whitney Houston has still learned to be the best.
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on August 25, 2001
Whitney hasn't exactly been an angel these past few years. Strange marriage, erratic behavior, drugs.. etc.. makes you forget about the thing that's most important in her public life - The Voice. Ah, the voice is in fine shape. This is one of the best music DVD's I've purchased - loaded with extras, live performances, and her lengthy list of videos. The debut TV performance on Merv Griffin, the Star Spangled Banner, the absolutely electrifying performance of "One Moment in Time" from the Grammy's - all of these are included as bonuses to compliment her rather diverse range of music videos. It's easy to get caught up in the public gabfest about Whitney's personal life, but this look back at her highly successful career is a reminder that Whitney was (and still is) one of the most powerful voices in pop music. Here's to hoping that $100 million contract with Arista produces more of the same.
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on October 4, 2001
When I heard this DVD was going to be released I was estatic. Almost every video done by Whiney Houston is included, from the early videos such as "How Will I Know" and "The Greatest Love Of All" through the Bodyguard era hits like "I Will Always Love You" and "I'm Every Woman" to her recent smash hits such as "My Love Is Your Love" and "It's Not Right But It's Okay".
But to me what makes it so special are the extras, such as live performances at the Grammy Awards, in concert in South Africa, her performance of the Star Spangled Banner, and her first performance on the Merv Griffin show.
Also included are interviews with Whitney, Clive Davis, Missy Elliot, Wyclef Jean, Diane Warren, and others.
A must have for any Whitney fan or any other person from the MTV generation who has been touched by Whitney's music.
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on May 31, 2000
...or, like my sister says, "Wigstock II". Or, how many cows made it to The Greatest's costume closet? Just kiddin', just kiddin' one quite does a power ballad like Whit and they all are here, in fact, you find yourself wishing the editors of this product would have lightened up the mix by putting more of the faster Whitney videos in it. Missing in action is the great Babyfaced "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)"--I think someone told me it's in the vid/DVD to "Waiting to Exhale": also it's been said that the video prototype for "Exhale..." was "Nothing Compares to You" two cents: Whitney's Vid package gets a little labored in the middle but picks up greatly from "Step by Step" to the end. Highlight of package: the underrated "It's not Right, But it's Okay"...
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on December 12, 2001
For the last 10 years, I've had a love/hate relationship with Whitney: sometimes I like her, and sometimes I don't. Regardless, anyone interested in pop music should check out this video collection of Whitney's hits. Some of the selections are dated (check out the killer weave in "I Wanna Dance With Somebody") while others are tastefully done ("You Give Good Love," "I Learned From the Best," "Heartbreak Hotel"). This set also has lyrics to all the songs, concert footage, and a neat backstage trip to a promotional photo shoot. Unlike other music DVDs, this one doesn't skimp on the extras, and there's enough bonus material to make Whitney fans and casual listeners like myself interested.
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on May 18, 2000
This video is ok. I am a really deep fan of Whitney. I have alot of her items, but where are all the other videos? Like, Run to You, I Have Nothing, Exhale, I Believe in You and Me, I'm Every Woman, Why Does It Hurt So Bad. And the other videos not on the greatest hits cd, like, My Name is not Susan, Miracle, Count on Me, the real One Moment in Time video, and maybe others. I know that these videos were made, because i seen them a while back. i think it's time to complain to ARISTA, because these videos should have been on this video. Especially for the price. And also why in the ... do they add the special bonuses to the DVD disc. Just because we buy the vhs versions doesn't mean we don't want to see the extras!
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on September 27, 2002
I can't believe I have waited so long to purchase this DVD. As i child of the '80s, I grew up on Whitney's music, and I am glad that I now have the opportunity to revisit these classics! She has an AMAZING voice.
The video itself is superb! It offers up rare Whitney performances from the 80's, as well as behind the scenes commentary from fellow soul divas Faith Evans, Missy, Kelly Price and others. It even shows a side of Whitney which is not often seen: for instance, Whitney clowning around at a photo shoot while singing Faith Evans' "All Night Long"! The DVD packs all of these things, plus all of her best videos into one tiny package. This is truly one of the best music DVDs that I have purchased. BUY IT!
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