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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 18, 2014
I remember as a teenager first hearing this group on the radio and my older sister played their music. I am lucky to have also often heard their hold on song on the radio many times over the years. For some reason the hold on song especially became therapeutic to my ears when I heard it multiple times in 2007 and 2013. I eventually decided to get this collection of the greatest hits by Wilson phillips and im obviously very glad that I did so. There are different songs to appeal to those who are open to listening to pop and rock music that represents the late 80;s/early 90’s, my favorite songs on this cd, in addition to hold on, are youre in love, impulsive, release me, and the dream is still alive. Their music nod to the Eagles via giving a live performance in japan of hotel California is also superb.
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on May 27, 2004
....But they only made TWO ALBUMS!!!!! However this album makes up for the period when they didn't have no newer music out. Liked the liner notes inside. The music and song lineup is very well done. I've noticed a trend of these kinds of albums lately when artists made two albums for a label. Wait a while before you put out one for them. Hopefully, their new album will get them back out there big time--it's good to hear that they're back!!!!
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on May 12, 2004
The Wilson Phillips are all about the harmonies, their vocals are just supreme. Carnie, Chynna and Wendy are three talented ladies. Their self-titled debut album produced by Glenn Ballard is the main source for this long-awaited Greatest Hits. The 5 singles released from that record are here included in their radio airplay version, a delight for any fan w/o the singles. "Hold On" will always be their uplifting anthem all time classic, "Impulsive" it's a very moving and fast pop song, "You're In Love" is a tame melancolic ballad of letting go, "Release Me" heartbreakin up-ballad, "The Dream Still Alive" one of the most uplifting song ever made, the singles released from their second album where, not as succesful as their predescesor, "You Won't See Me Cry" a romantic ballad that does not achieve the emotion from any of the previous songs release, "Give It Up" an uptempo song, that sounded dated by 1992, "Flesh and Blood" was the most intimate and best single release of their sophomore album, but the only one to not hit the HOT 100, after that the group disbanded til 2004, but this album sure gives you a perfect view of the previous work of the Wilson Phillips as a groups and as individuals, highlighting the solo single from Chynna "Nacked and Sacred" a defenitly underrated song, this album is a must have to any POP fan, and does fullfil the appetitte for true hits.
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on April 19, 2004
I gave this CD four stars & did not give it five stars because if an Artist/Band is/are going to release an album based upon their greatest hits, I think it's necessary to have all of the original singles on them w/ remixes of each one included. To me, that's nearly the perfect CD comprising of smash singles. I love so many of the songs on this album & I am so happy Wilson Philips was able to put out a record like this...especially since they really are no longer working as a group & haven't been for years. All three ladies are talented & have gorgeous voices; there's just no doubt about it. The most striking track on this record is Chynna Phillips' "Naked And Sacred" because it's such an emotional, acoustic, romantic, & sensual ballad. It deeply touched me when I first listened to the full song! Pillips' vocals shine throughout it.
Overall...a really neat & unique album. A couple of live performances on it (which make it even better) & different versions of the singles (radio edits, lp versions, remixes; etc.) go wonderfully with it. Inside of the package, you'll find a biography of the commercial success that Wilson Phillips have had. Very interesting...& decant photography inside.
1. "Hold On" (Single Edit) (5/5)
2. "You Won't See Me Cry" (Lp Version) (4/5)
3. "You're In Love" (Single/Radio Edit) (5/5)
4. "Impulsive" (Single Edit) (4/5)
5. "Give It Up" (New Extended Radio 7") (5/5)
6. "Release Me" (Single Version) (4/5)
7. "The Dream Is Still Alive" (AC Remix) (5/5)
8. "Flesh And Blood" (Single Edit) (5/5)
9. "Daniel" (Lp Version) (2/5)
10. "A Conversation With Wilson Phillips" (4/5)
11. "Hotel California" (Live In Japan) (1/5)
12. "Hold On" (Live In Japan) (3/5)
13. "Naked And Sacred" (Lp Version) (Chynna Phillips) (5/5)
14. "Miracle" (Lp Version) (The Wilsons) (2/5)
15. "Everything I Need" (Lp Version) (The Wilsons) (2/5)
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on May 22, 2003
Wilson Phillips (Carnie & Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips) have put together a very good collection of songs with this release!! Here is a track by track review :
HOLD ON - This is the song that started it all! Penned by Chynna Phillips, along with Carnie Wilson & Glen Ballard, this song is very uplifting, and so damn catchy!! The hook is arranged VERY well and is one of those hooks that sticks in your head all day! Love this song! AMAZING! (5/5)
YOU WON'T SEE ME CRY - This song was the first release from the second album SHADOWS & LIGHT. This single didn't do as well as the previous ones, but still remains as one of Wilson Phillips' best tracks to date! (5/5)
YOU'RE IN LOVE - This song is amazing! It soared to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a reason! The chorus is very catchy! It's a song that we wish we could all feel the same way about a particular somebody! (5/5)
IMPULSIVE - This song features Wendy on the lead vocals... and she's great! Another hit from our favorite Wilson Phillips! Shot to #4 on the Billboard charts. (5/5)
GIVE IT UP - This song was the second release from SHADOWS & LIGHT. Not as good as their other tracks. It's an uptempo song with horns that were inspired by Earth Wind and Fire's songs. (3/5)
RELEASE ME - Awesome!! Another one of Wilson Phillips' best tracks! This was their 2nd single release from the debut album WILSON PHILLIPS. It's one of the only songs in which they sing together the whole way through. It's written solely by Chynna, Carnie and Wendy, and was the first song they ever wrote together for SBK Records! (5/5)
THE DREAM IS STILL ALIVE - This song features Carnie's lower-toned vocals. It's a very good song! It charted at #12, but apparently (according to Carnie) didn't get the recognition deserved!! The chorus sticks on you.(4/5)
FLESH AND BLOOD - This is a very sad song. Wendy & Carnie take lead on this song as a song to their estranged father Brian Wilson. Explaining it doesn't do the song justice. You have to hear it for yourself. (4/5)
DANIEL - This is an amazing cover!! Originally an Elton John song, the girls do a completely awesome version of this classic! Elton & Bernie told Carnie it was one of the best covers they have ever heard!! Great song! (5/5)
CONVERSATION WITH WILSON PHILLIPS - They talk about their music and the single "You're In Love"
HOTEL CALIFORNIA (LIVE) - This song was done live in Tokyo I'm assuming in late 1990 early 1991, maybe even 1992 Not sure sorry! it's a very good version though!! (3/5)
HOLD ON (LIVE) - This is great live! It shows that Wilson Phillips are not a studio trick! Their harmonies are great! (5/5)
NAKED AND SACRED - This is Chynna Phillips' solo single of her solo album NAKED & SACRED. This is a great song!! I love it so much!! If you can find a copy, I strongly suggest checking out Chynna's release! It is absolutely AMAZING!! It's out of print, which is a shame, but try to find it used! Anyway, back to the song IT'S GREAT!! (5/5)
MIRACLE - This is The Wilsons. Pretty good (3/5)
EVERYTHING I NEED - Another Wilson's track. The record flopped because of no promotion, so these two songs may be unknown to you. (3/5)
OVERALL : Great for any Wilson Phillips fan!! You've got a majority of the good material here!! Songs like "Someday I'll Be Next To You," "Over And Over," "This Doesn't Have To Be Love," and "It's Only Life" are also good too! Look for the Wilson Phillips' new CD out 2004!!
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on March 9, 2003
Pretty surprising to see Wilson Phillips have a "Greatest Hits" album. They only made it through two albums before they broke up. Still, the girls had good voices and some great songs. Their first album was a smash going 5x platinum and is a wonderful pop record. Their second unfortunately didn't live up to it and although it wasn't really a flop, it did nowhere near what the first one did.
This album's highlights are the singles from their debut. "Hold On" was a #1 hit and also the #1 single of 1990 and has a great, positive message. "Release Me" also hit #1 as did my personal favorite by them "You're In Love." "Impulsive" is also a great pop tune and made the top 10. "The Dream Is Still Alive" was the 5th single and managed to go top 20. Another top 10 hit is on here which is "You Won't See Me Cry" from their second album "Shadows and Light" as is the top 40 hit "Give It Up."
I recommend Wilson Phillip's debut. It has all of the good songs and is what made Wilson Phillips what they were in the first place. This isn't a bad buy if you want the singles from their second album included, but otherwise, it's not needed.
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on November 1, 2002
Do not get me wrong, Wilson Phillips were hit makers. Smash hits even, three number one singles in fact. The girls had perfect pop number ones in the empowering "Hold On", the passionate "You're In Love", and the liberating "Release Me". They also went top five with "Impulsive", and top twenty with "The Dream Is Still Alive" and "You Won't See Me Cry". Their last certified top forty hit single was the bouncy "Give It Up". That's a total of seven top forty smash hits. Seven tracks? That's hardly strong enough to base a hits collection around, but they did it, with a heavy bit of padding.
The flop eighth Wilson Phillips single "Flesh & Blood" is included, for instance. It's not a suprise that it flopped, it's hardly a good song. "Daniel", an Elton John cover, was pulled from an Elton tribute collection for this album, along with, of all things, an old interview pulled off the b-side of the "You're In Love" single. Also culled from that same single is a live perfomance of "Hold On" recorded in Japan. The Eagles' "Hotel California" gets a live reworking from the girls, also recorded in Japan, it was pulled off the single for their last top twenty hit "You Won't See Me Cry".
The last three tracks included are the failed tracks of the girls various solo projects. Chynna Phillips' self-penned mid-tempo "Naked & Sacred" is a lovely pop song, and should honestly have done better than it did. Carnie & Wendy Wilson's collaboration with their father, Beach Boy legend Brian Wilson yielded some pretty nice songs, but really, the songs aren't as good as the trio's material or even Chynna's solo song.
Coming together, the album isn't bad, it's just weird. Wilson Phillips don't need a hits collection, especially if they're going to bad it with dull live versions and an interview. Their singles were great, but not in great enough number to deserve a collection like this. They should've waited.
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on April 5, 2002
First off I love Wilson Phillips, this collection was not neccessary in the least. I have some general rules when it comes to greatest hits CD's and this breaks quite a few.
1.Fisrt, you have to actually have to have enough hits to justify a greatest hits CD Wilson Phillips had 7, you should have at the very least 10.
2.Don't include songs that weren't hits and try to disquise tham as hits, as is the case of Flesh and Blood which was hardly a hit if I remember right it peaked at spot #116, wow, big hit. Another case is why is Chynna's Naked and Sacred on here, was it a hit? No. And Everything I need and Mircale from The Wilsons weren't even released as singles!!!! Even though they weren't hits if they had to use anything by The Wilsons use the singles Monday Without You, Goddess's Revival or even Hey Santa!
3.Hits should appear in the format they were hits! Was the Give it Up NEW dance remix a hit in 1992 or maybe it was 1993? I think not.
4.Order of song, chronalogical is how they should have been instead it goes like 1990-1992-1991-1991-1992(or 1993 not sure)-1991-1992(or 1993 not sure) and the last one I listed wasn't a hit.
The music is pleasent, but un-needed in this package. It should have been a greatest hit EP or they should've waited for more hits in the up-coming reunion album. For a prequal to the new CD it could have been a rarities CD having the rarities already present along with Silent Night, Release Me (live), Give It Up remixes on the single, spanish and spanglish songs, the alternate mix of Impulsive and the remix of someday I'll be next to you. If they had to have Chynna's solo stuff or the Wilsons use the remixes of Naked and Sacred or the tracks unreleased in America. Even audio tracks of commercials Carnie was in! Or Wendy's Jennifer, Carnie's soundtrack song or the Robert Palmer duet or the song on the Trios album or some of Chynna's Bye Bye Birdie stuff.
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on October 27, 2001
I bought this CD last year simply because I am a HUGE fan of Wilson Phillips. This CD has the regular version of "Hold On" but has the adult contemporary versions of "Release Me" and "The Dream is Still Alive"(I don't really care for the version of "The Dream..."). There is also a different version of "Impulsive" as well. I think it is the same version that is on the CD version of the first album(I am not sure because I tend to skip it when I listen to the first CD).
As far as the second album hits go, the original version of "You Won't See Me Cry" is on here(though I think the last few seconds of the song are cut off). There is a version of "Give It Up" that sounds more "techno" than the version that is on the Shadows and Light CD. I listen to this song even though I don't care for it much. "Flesh and Blood" is also on here, but it is a little edited.
After that is the "Conversation with Wilson Phillips", where they talk about their music and what it means to the fans. When you listen to it with headphones, it's like as if they are talking in your ear. It gives me chills. Then there is the live versions of "Hotel California" and "Hold On". "Hotel" was the only song on the CD that I have never heard before(their version; I HAVE heard of the original). It was love at first sound with that song. It is my favorite one on the CD. Their voices sound PERFECT on this song! I hope they record it in the studio someday. I first skipped over "Hold On" because I didn't want to hear it again after hearing it in the beginning of the CD. But I listened to it after a while and enjoyed hearing it live. Hearing both those songs makes me feel like I am actually at a WP concert, which I hope to experience someday. After those two is their version of "Daniel" off the Elton John "Two Rooms" CD.
The last three songs were from their post-WP period. The first song is Chynna's "Naked and Sacred", which I liked the first time I heard it on her solo CD. I feel that this should have been a hit, but, sadly, it never was(at least in the US it wasn't).
The last two songs were done by Carnie and Wendy when they called themselves "The Wilsons". The songs were "Miracle" and "Everything I Need". The first single off "The Wilsons" was "Monday Without You"(sadly, didn't make a dent in the charts), but it wasn't included on the CD. I think the songs that are on here were chosen because those two songs were the closest thing to Wilson Phillips on that CD.
In closing, I gave it four stars because even though it was a nice collection of songs, there were some songs that I tend to skip over("Impulsive", "Give It Up").
And yes, there WILL be a new album coming soon. I heard that it should be released sometime next summmer. I can't WAIT!!
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on August 23, 2000
When I first saw the list of tracks, I thought that I have to have this album. Two live tracks, and few tracks as solo, plus "Conversation with Wilson Phillips." I really thought Wilson Phillips briefly reunited to make this collection. I didn't even hesitate to buy this album since they brought outstanding harmony and music in their two albums. Many songs brought memory how exciting it was to listen to Hold on for the first time. But by the end of the album, it was very clear that it was then, and that was all this group had to offer, and that's it. Listening to their solo songs was rather depressing. In the inserts, there was no comment from Chynna, and it sounded like Chynna wasn't even a part of making this collection from the comments from Carnie and Wendy. It was just like puzzle with a missing piece. This collection didn't sound really complete. It is very unfortunate that they didn't last long as a group, and this album was a firm confirmation that the group is no more... I would be completely happy with their two albums.
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