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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 14, 2005
The Marshall Mathers LP is a masterpiece created by a genius. This album is topped by few. When people say the reasons why they hate this album, because he's " crude ", " disqusting ", murderous ", they need to get a life. You think that he actually means it when he says, " B**** IMMA KILL YOU! You don't wanna **** with me. " He's not actually going to gon and kill someone. GET OVER IT. Now, that my message against Eminem haters has been said, let us continue.
It's lines like " I used to get punked and bullied on my block, till I cut a kittens head off and stuck it in this kid's mailbox " that make this album great. The thing that I admire most about Eminem is his attitude of, " I don't give a **** what you think about me. " And this is clearly expressed in this album, especially in the song " The Way I Am ", which by the way, is probably his best song ever. It's really too bad that he went down in his latest album, " Encore ". This was Eminem in his prime, and anyone who isn't easily affended should definately pick up this album.
Public Service Announcement: Very funny opening to an album.
Kill You: Awsome song. It is revolutionary and it's what made parents hate this album. 5/5
Stan: A deep song about a fan's obesession and what he might do to go to far. 5/5
Who Knew: A very cool song. It delivers some good messages ( listen to the song before you think about what I just said ) 5/5
The Way I Am: The best " STFU " song out there. 5/5
The Real Slim Shady: Funny song with a catchy beat. But I found that it's a bit overrated. But, stil... 5/5
Remember Me?: Cool song, but not the best on the album 4/5
I'm Back: Very good song with some awsome lyrics. I listen to it every day on my iPod. 5/5
Marshall Mathers: We get to discover some things about Eminem in this song. Dark, but one of the best on the album. 5/5
Drug Ballad: Talks about his problems with drugs. I think he sent a message to kids in this song, a good one. The effects of drugs are bad. 4/5
Amityville: Unfortunately, this song on my CD was corrupted, so I can't review it.
Bitch Please 2: Excellent guest stars, very cool beat, and Eminem does some pretty good work in his part of the spng. 5/5
Kim: Very violent and dark song. Not for the easily affended/disturbed. 4/5
Under The Influence: Cool guest stars. Catchy beat, Eminem delivers one of his many messages in this song. Especially in the chorus. 5/5
Criminal: Talks about the life of a criminal, and what would happen if he robbed, murdered, etc. 5/5
Well, incase you noticed, I said that thee were possitive messages. I know, you're probably thinking, " How can there be possitive messages on one of the most offensive CD's made? " Well, the answer to this is, that despite the violent and crude way of delivering them, some can make you think aside from the killing and swearing, you have to focus on what he's trying to say. Enjoy, there's my review. Hope this inspired you to go buy this album.
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on June 23, 2004
Some people dont like rapper eminem becouse he has dealt with crap in his life but he really came with a lot of talent.
The CD came out in 5/23/2000
His songs:
Public service announcement- This is a great track even though it only lasts about 30 seconds many of eminems other cd's had come with this sort of introduction including the slimshady LP which came with another public service announcement, D12 in Devils night came with one too.
KILL YOU- Different track much like the Real Slim Shady(one of eminems winning songs)A very jummmppy song and cruel to the people who dont he doesnt think good of, not a seriouse song.
STAN: Features Dido a great female singer this song is about a teen who has something for eminem and he has to keep writing to try and get some attention.
PAUL- Very short skit somewhat pointless
Who Knew- Eminem never knen how far he was going to get or if he was going to move at all listen to this song!!
STEVE BERMAN-Seriouse song bring out the fact that eminem doesnt care what everyone else thinks he is saying f the world f the presidents f everyone.
THE REAL SLIM SHADY- MOre of a higher beat song and the guy is trying to say that hes so good everyones trying to imatate him the cloths the hair everything.
Buy the cds and make judjements on the other songs that are on the marshall mathers LP. Songs also feature Dr.Dre, Xzibit, Dido, Snoop d-o double gg (snoop dogg)and many other rappers. I personally like this cd a lot along with many of other slim shady cd's.
Cd's that i would also buy with this cd would be The Eminem Show,The Slimshady LP, Dr.Dre 2001,8 mile Soundtrack.
Give me a good rating. Eminems a good guy who might need a slight additude adjustment with his girlfrien kim. i think that everyone need to listen to this cd to get the full effect of eminem to get inside him and see everything he is thinking.
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on May 31, 2004
DAMN! This cd kicks ass! u can't skip anything on this cd. here are the tracks (no skits, but psa is really funny!) and my reviews.
kill you-interesting song about em wanting to kill his mom, kinda funny 4.5/5
stan- everyone's heard this before 5/5
who knew- offensive song, gets a little bit annoying after a while 4/5
the way i am- everyone's heard this before, em's song about how he's pissed off at everyone 5/5
the real slim shady- really funny, overplayed though 5/5
remember me- collabo from rbx and sticky fingaz, a lot of people didn't like this but i thought it was kool, tight lyrics, nice beats 4.5/5
i'm back- song about how eminem is well, back. funny, nice rhymes 5/5
marshall mathers- slow ballad about how no one cared about em, but now everyone loves him 5/5
drug ballad- hilarious ballad about drugs(what else?) 5/5
amityville- weird song with a nice beat to it about how violent detroit is, bizarre's on this track, does a tight verse 5/5
bitch please 2- awesome song with dre, snoop, nate dogg, and xzibit, good beats, good lyrics, kinda funny 5/5
kim- quite possible the most sadistic song ever, all about how em wants to kill his wife, worth a listen 4/5
under the influence- with d12, it says that they're all high, and if you don't like their music, they have a special message to you! (funniest song on the cd) 5/5
criminal- all about how em's a criminal, funny skit in the middle of it, where dre says "muthaf***ing" about 5 times, 5/5
if you have the cash, buy this cd, its the best investment i ever made
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on May 16, 2004
The Marshall Mathers LP is the one Hardcore rap fans must have. It is probably the best but very offensive. For those who can't take the offensive music should not listen it and write that his music is garbage (yeah, i'm talkin to you haters....)
See, this album is just that good enough to be controversial. it explains all Eminem's irrational behaviours and jokes for some stereotypes thinkin only black can rap. Plus the album influenced the society with his superb music.
Track Review
Public Service Announcement - I think this is hilarious. Usually, i skip the interlude but this one is short but funny.
Kill You - This song is tight but not one of my favourite track, i give it 4/5
Stan - Most commercialised song out of this album, i reckon but i don't like this song much, it's 4/5
Paul - Track filler but it's all good...
Who Knew - Most people would find THIS SONG offensive but the beats and Em's lyrics are tight. 4.5/5
Steve Berman - I found it bored but when you hear background music, you should listen it.
The Way I am - One of highlight because Eminem wrote it by himself, plus this song is emotional. i think i'm sick of it though so i give it 4.5/10
The Real Slim Shady - Now this song is the very first song by Eminem i heard and i loved it. the beat was catchy, his lyrics were funny and the clip was hilarious. i bought the album because of this song. it's 5/5
Remember Me - I didn't like this song at first but if you listen it, it's damn good. i especially liked Sticky Fingaz's verse but still 3.5/5
I'm Back - Funny beat with great lyrics, you gotta give it 5/5...
Marshall Mathers - the beat is mediocre but the lyrics are tight. i give it 4/5..
Kent Kaniff - Y'know, every tracks that feature Ken is hilarious but it's OBSCENE. i think this was funny....
Drug Ballad - This is one of my favourite song. i give it 5/5...
Amityville - The only downfall of this track is the verse by Bizarre. 4/5
Bitch Please - Gangsta rap is the best description you can give it for this song. but i listened it too much so i give it 4.5/5
Kim - Song about beatin his wife. only a few like this song. 2.5/5
Under The Influence - Damn, this song is hot. Every verses by D-12 are dope, even verse of Bizarre. surprisingly good. 5/5
Criminal - Only thing is i can say about this song is hilarious and give it 4.5/5...
There you go, People really shouldn't make a big deal out of Eminem's potty mouth but his artistic point of view in this world. For those who are true music fan, i recommend this 100%
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on May 7, 2004
No matter which side of controversy around Eminem you support, one cannot deny his talent. After all, there wouldn't be so much fuss around an empty one-dimensional pop-culture product like some of the reviewers try to label him. No way! We're treated to an album written by some very clever, sarcastic, and witty person, who's hobby is to make provocations. Nay-sayers, you've got to realize that with each anti-Eminem speech you just do what HE wants you to do.
As for the album under question here, I find it very good. Perhaps the best rap-album since Snoop Doggy Dogg dropped out "Doggy" from his moniker. And it's officially named the fastest selling rap-album, too. It's success is largely based on Eminem's infamous debut, "The Slim Shady LP". But Eminem moves way further and develops his style. You can't deny his incredibly rhyming skills. You can enjoy all styles of rhyming on this album, each done with finesse. The amazing thing is that this guy is really doing it better than 90% of present rappers, even if he ethnically belongs to entirely another culture! The way he organizes his musical accompanement is amazing, too. And "The Way I Am" with its piano sample is one of the better written music accompanements in a rap-song ever. Eminem displays varying rapping styles, sounding confident every time. Good job, Marshall!
The point of controversy is the lyrics on the album. I don't know if we should talk about it. Just from listening to the introductory blah-blah, and especially the "Who Knew" song, one would understand what it's all about. Just like many other rappers, Eminem mixes parody with frustration, truth with fiction, offence with irony, explicit lyrics with undeniable rhyming talent. Only that he makes this mix perfect. Hot debates around the album only prove that we are treated to a very talented performance, and we should value what we've got here. Because, frankly, at the moment there's no noticeable competition for Eminem anywhere close.
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on May 3, 2004
Whether you love him or hate him, it's hard to deny that Eminem is the best rapper today, and may be the best rapper of all time. His clear diction, rapid fire delivery, innovative beats, and clever lyrics make for very entertaining music. He didn't win a Grammy for nothing.
This Grammy Award winning CD is awesome and powerful. Songs like The Way I Am and Marshal Mathers are sung with power and conviction, while the more humorous The Real Slim Shady and Who Knew are provocative and clever. And Eminem's live performances of these songs are even more powerful and compelling.
I rate this CD a whopping SEVEN stars:
The Way I Am **
The Real Slim Shady **
I'm Back **
Kill You *
I also like Marshall Mathers and Who Knew but not quite enough to get a star. Some fans will be surprised to see that Stan didn't get a star. I like Stan, but it's not a song I want to hear a lot like the others.
Ratings: CDs are rated simply by how many good songs are on the album. Great songs get two stars, and good songs get one star. Songs that get no stars are those that I might like but not enough to give it a star or ones I find boring or actively dislike. CDs are not penalized for songs that I don't like because they are easy enough to skip over. There is no maximum number of stars a CD can get, but of course the more stars it gets, the better the CD.
As with all reviews, these are my subjective opinions on the album.
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on April 22, 2004
The CD has awesome hits like "The Real Slim Shady", "The Way I Am", and "Stan". This is my favorite Eminem CD out of all of them.
1. Public Service Announcement 2000 - 3.5/5 The best PSA... I'm just not very hip on the skits.
2. Kill You - 5/5 A good song about his mom. 3rd best!
3. Stan - 5/5 A great song about his biggest fan, Stan...
4. Paul (skit) - 2/5 A very short and pointless skit.
5. Who Knew - 3.7/5 Don't remember what is was about but a very good song!
6. Steve Berman (skit) - 4/5 All of the Steve Berman skits are great!
7. The Way I Am - 5/5 The 2nd best song on here!
8. The Real Slim Shady - 5/5 The BEST song from Eminem ever!!
9. Remember Me - 3/5 It's OK... has many disadvantages.
10. I'm Back - 4/5 Eminem is back!
11. Marshall Mathers - 3/5 It's average, I just don't like the lyrics and beats... kinda boring.
12. Ken Kaniff (skit) - 2/5 The worst skit on the CD!
13. Drug Ballad - 5/5 A VERY good song... I LOVE the lyrics!
14. Amityville - 2.7/5 Worst song on the CD, VERY disappointing.
15. B*tch Please II - 5/5 This one is one of my favorites! D12 rules!
16. Kim - 3.5/5 A song about killing his wife, Kim... an OK to average song.
17. Under The Influence 4.5/5 Very Explict but still a very good song.
18. Criminal - 4/5 A pretty good song... good beat, too.
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on April 20, 2004
It would be trite to say that those who don't like it don't get it; there is certainly weight in arguments concerning occasional flaws in production, Eminem's 'shady' singing skills and moments in which the 'voice of troubled youth' is a little more youthful then this otherwise poignant, mature release sets as it's standard. Having said that, one can't help but consider the extent to which those who badmouth the 'Marshall Mathers LP' invariably fail to grasp quite the handle Eminem seems to have on the dissociative, anti-social, pseudo-rebellious trends in our young generation. The irony, of course, is that those who so vocally don't quite understand are the causal link that creates such phenomenon by which they are so confused and irritated. My annoyance of the ignorant aside, this album is a witty, articulate example of someone who not only connects with the voice of intelligent, angry youth but communicates it with breathtaking skill. Guest appearences (regretably fast becoming the hallmark of his predecessor Dr. Dre) are kept to a minimum and what we are left with is a series of masterly woven tales of anger, frustration confusion, egotism and indulgence. Rather then exploit the 'born on the streets' element permeating so much of rap at his time, as if all involved are competing for credibility, Eminem focuses his subject matter on this recording on his confusion as to his status as a 'kid who got rich' and role model, as to his societal place and perceived requirements of such and as to his desire to just 'be a young person' with all the indulgence and wrecklesness that entails. I empathise to where he's at here and can only admire the way he brings that to me as a listener in a way that connects with me musically as well as politically.
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on April 14, 2004
I have heard Em's Show. I've heard a bunch of his other songs, and these are his best. This is the track listing ( I birned my own CD after downloading off iTunes, so my track listings are different, since I took some songs off):
1. Kill You: Great track, kinda hard to hear what he's saying, but great. 10/10
2. Stan: Best song ever. 10/10
3. Paul: waste of space
4. Who Knew? Cool track, 8/10
5. Steve: Funniest skit ever! 10/10
6. The Way I Am: Awsome track 10/10
7. The Real Slim Shady: Funny! 10/10!
8. Remember Me: I listened to about the first two minutes of this song, and turned it off. 2/10
9. I'm Back: Havn't listened to this yet
10. Marshell Mathers: Great! 10/10
11. Ken: I'd rather not talk about this track
12. Drug Ballad: Great, 10/10
13. Under the Influence: Good track 7.5/10
14. B**** Please 2: Cool song, 9/10
15. The Kids: Funny, and great! 10/10
16. Amityville: Interesting track, 8.5/10
17. Criminal: Amazing song, 10/10!
And, my little bonus, on my CD only:
18. Sing for the Moment (I had extra space, so I stuck it on there) 10/10
Overall, great CD. My favorite Eminem CD so far
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on March 21, 2004
The critics are blaming Eminem for kids actions and the rebellant teenagers. If you are not to mature enough to listen to some rap and know when someone is joking and being serious, you've got some growing up to do. This album is not like the first one "The Slim Shady LP", he poked fun at the world and all of the wrong things in more of a darked way instead of playful beats and lyrics like the first album. Admit it or not, Eminem has some of the best rhymes and lyrics in the industry right now. He makes words that doesnt rhyme and make it sound rhyming and does it naturally unlike some rappers whoo just does it to make them look good. Dr. Dre's beats are bangin, they are not too flashy like the Down South raps but they are good, solids, beats. D12 made their first appearance on this CD. "Under The Influence", D12 displayed their lyrical skills and Bizzaare showed why he is called Bizzaare. Again, some people might find his sick, perverted style offensive and bad influence but if you are not mature enough to know if he is just playing, you need to just stay away from rap albums.
Lyrics: A+
Production: A+
Delivery: A
Overall: A+
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