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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on October 18, 2002
I first saw the trailer for Jubei-chan on one of the vollumes of Outlaw Star, and in my head it clicked and said that I should see this little mini seris. I am glad I did. The 13 episode seris all starts with this volume. If you don't watch this one you will have no Earthly idea what is happening in the rest of the seris.
300 years ago the great swordsmen Yagu Jubei lost his life in the desprate fight against the Ryojoji Shinkagario. Before he died Jubei told his trusted friend Koinosuke Odago to find his succesor. When Koinosuke asks Lord Jubei how he will know the individual that will carry out his sword, he answers "A big pair of bouncy bon-bons" (sub version).Just prior to Jubei dieing he hands Koinosuke an eye patch, in the shape of a heart. He said that the pupil who wears the Lovely Eyepatch would aqurire his skills.Then Jubei dies. For the next 300 years, surviving on his spirit alone, Koinosuke Odago takes up the quest to find the succsesor of Yagu Jubei.
Then you meet Jiyu "Jubei" Nanohana, a 14 (?) year old 8th student who just moved to a new town. Along with the struggles of being a new student in a middle school, Jiyu has attracted the attention of 2 middle school boys, Shiro, and Bantaro (AKA Ban.
When Jiyu gets lost on her way home from school, she runs into Koinosuke. Koinosuke dose his best to convice Jiyu to behold the Lovely Eye Patch. Jiyu, being a normal teenager refuses to listen to Koinosuke. But when a new evil force appears and attacks Sai Nanohana (jiyu's dad), as if on cue Koinosuke appears, and puts the Lovely Eyepatch on Jiyu. Then Jiyu transforms into the great warrior Yagu Jebei The Second. After defeateing her first new enemy, Jiyu refuses to yeild the eyepatch.
How will Koinosuke convince a pluky, loudmouthed, smart alleck teenager that she is the savior of the world? And will Jiyu listen the what Koinosuke was to say? Watch this and you will find out
If you are a fan of Sailormoon, then you will more than likely enjoy this. It has the magical girl plot. The reason that I only gave it 4 stars is because, a little too much time is spent on the DVD with Shiro and Ban fawnning over Jiyu. After a while that starts to get a little boring. Other than that the DVD is well worth the money
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on February 6, 2002
**screams like a little girl**
i love it. It's hilarious. Most silly animation I've seen. Voices (subbed version) are exellent! This anime goes from humor to drama to action and back again in 5 minutes, it's amazing.
Content wise there's nothing wrong with this anime aside from a couple boob jokes. No nudity, profanity, or blood.
the storyline is relatively compelling, but not super. The episodes seem to center more on entertaining the viewer than progressing the storyline.
The dubbed version is even good with the exception of Jubei's voice. She's supposed to be like 14 or 15 years old and her English dub over voice make her seem like she's 25 or so.
On a final note, the DVD menu for scene selection is the most organized I've seen, some dvd's put a very poor effort into this aspect of their product, resulting it it being hard to figure out where you need to start playing at. Say if you stopped at episode 2, then the next day went back to watch the rest, it was very easy to find your place. If anyone has ever tried to use scene selection on the DVD of Angel Sanctuary, you know what I mean.
Report Card
Animation: A
Characters: A+
Storyline: B+
Voices(sub): A+
Voices(dub): B
Overall: A
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on July 19, 2001
As soon I saw the trailer for this on one of my Escaflowne DVDs, I had decided that I was going to get the first DVD and see how this series was. And by the first DVD, or rather, the first episode, I was totally and utterly hooked into this new series!
First, you learn the sercret of Yagyu Jubei, the greatest swordsman, and how he died and passed the Lovely Eyepatch, containing his abilities, onto his suitable successor. And what's more, his disciple, Koinosuke Odago, had to search for 300 years to find the right person.... Jiyu Nanohana! Unwilling and unwanting, Jiyu (known as Jubei by her friends and family) does not really want to inherit the powers of the Lovely Eyepatch.. and Koinosuke must make her see that she must, in order to protect herself and others from the Ryujoji clan, who wants to rule the world with the power of the sword!
I am an all-out anime fan, and like any kind of anime, so I immediately liked this one. But if you're the type for "gloomy" anime, this "may" (and i mean may) not be something for you.... But then again, the sword fights are always fun to watch, and the humor will always keep you laughing.
So, if you do decide to buy it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! And as Vash the Stampede would say, Love and peace to everyone!! ^_~ ja!
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on June 11, 2001
I luv this dvd its so funny. =^o^= I am usually a comedy type person so as soon as I saw my first ep. where The Silent Ninja Clan attacks the Nanohana household I knew I had to get this series. After I started to collect it and saw the warning about staying as far away from the tv as possible and watch in a well lit room during a insite of the fight that was ocuring I became a Jubei ... and needed to get all 4 of them asap. The animation is funny because it goes from good to bad in secs on perpose. The plot is u sorta typical storyline tho I guess sorta like a mix of stuff. The comedy is funny tho and stuff is linked together throughout the series like the Jubei-Yaki n stuff. The fighting sceens are so cool because it doesnt do that fake... where they stand still then attack then the bad guy falls down. They acually clash swords and move and just the right speed panning the view in and out so u can see it from dif angles. The ending has got to be the most suprising thing tho =^o^=. Hmm let me think...In con if u liked anime like Excel Saga or Dragon Half of stuff thats just funny like that then u will like this series. I give it the big happi kitty face stamp o aproval
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on April 9, 2001
Anyways, there's this guy who happens to look at Ash in Pokemon, (dont get carry away and buy this because you like Ash). Anyways, he is like a rebel in school, joined with 2 of his friends (not to mention really monkey looking friends). Ash wannabe has a chinese Character on his shirt and it always changes everytime to describe his mood like "Sad", blah blah. it was funny for the first few minutes but it was over doing it. HE happens to like the star of the show, Juyu hana something, a 13 years old girl moved from toyko with her father to some country side living. The ash guy saw her biking and fell in love with her, he kept saying that he wants to give her a love letter through out the film. Ash and his friends walk in a strange way to show their toughness. The comedy is good, anime style. Juyu hana nickname is Jubei, what her father calls her. earlier in the show, some fighting scene of a famous samurai JUBEI. He died, and before he died, he asked his assistant to pass on a lovely eyepatch to someone who fits it and once fit, the person will transform into him (within soul). JuBei was found by the Assistant (after 300 years after the famous samurai died.. how can he live that long? well , the assistant will not fail his duty till he finds someone like jubei.) The famous samurai jubei has enemies of his own, they were from another school which happens to still exist. that school of samurai want to find anyone who is jubei to fight. Happens to stumble upon the girl. The enemies are the teachers from her new school. so she always defeat them after school when she wears the lovely eyepatch............ I say rent it first. DUBBED is not very good at all! Plus that ash guy, get him out, ! he is really annyoning just like that master grandpa in RANMA!! THE MUSIC IS GREAT (WHEN SHE TRANSFORMS into a ninja girl) she is great, but only appears once in awhile, too bad.
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on March 12, 2001
From seeing this for the first time, you wouldn't think this was one of those 'magical girl' shows. A closer look, though, reveals just about every element a 'magical girl' show needs: cute teenage girl as the lead, an otherwordly 'mascot' who also bestows upon her the power to transform into a super-heroine, the trinket that enables her to change, and her weirder-than-usual enemies. Oh, and don't forget the tried-and-true stock-footage transformation sequence! Don't be turned away by all this, though. "Jubei-Chan" is one of the freshest new shows of the year. The plot elements are original. The characters are borderline insane. The soundtrack's even good! Not only that, the show is just plain hilarious. I used muscles laughing that I hadn't used in years. The first volume mainly deals with character introduction and the beginning of the story, but the action starts almost right away. It's by no means your average 'magical girl' show. The only detractors I saw were the dubbing, which is pretty horrendous, and the overuse of stock footage. Otherwise, it's worth a look to fans of "Sailor Moon" and the like, and to people who just want to see something different, 'cause believe me, it is.
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on September 8, 2000
Jubei-chan is about as absurd as anything you would want to see. It's also undeniably funny, but certainly not for everyone. Poor 13 year-old Jiyu, as the unwilling heir to the greatest swordsman of all time, is threatened by the grudge of that swordsman's enemies. Poor Koinusuke, the swordsman's servant who has wandered the earth for 300 years looking for Jiyu, only to find she keeps throwing away the heart-shaped eyepatch which grants her skill with the sword. But note: that's the least of the silliness. Basically every guy who sees Jiyu, from the other students to her teachers, takes one look at her chest and falls in love with her. This is even more peculiar, because that chest is always safely hidden away beneath a school uniform shirt and sweater, and--at least by anime conventions--it's not especially out of proportion. There's no nudity worries here, at least in this first disc. Jubei-chan is certainly much less lewd than the average American sitcom (basically, the boys think about Jiyu and picture her still-in-sweater chest).
This show is NOT a drama, at least not in this first disc: it is a comedy which has some very nicely done fighting sequences in it. While some conventional elements of a drama are present, they are deliberately absurd--you aren't supposed to take Jiyu's predicament seriously. The characters, not any sense of drama, make this work: some of the best scenes are between Koinusuke and Jiyu's father, who repeatedly tries and fails to understand why a samurai is now living in his house as his daughter's servant. If you can deal with the frequent references to Jiyu's chest, you will laugh a lot while watching this disc.
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on August 27, 2000
Jubei Chan is a unique growth. Disturbingly comic, while also trying to be dangerously violent. Perhaps the best way to put this series into perspective is to say it is like 'Sailor Moon' meets 'Tenchi' meets 'Ninja Scroll'....even then, you won't have an adequate description. To start, the ancient swordmaster Jubei is dying. He leaves a heart shaped eyepatch (?) to his understudy with commands to give it to a 'Boom Boom' who will then be imbued with Jubei's abilities while wearing the cutesy head gear. 300+ years later he finds a young girl nicknamed Jubei and gets her to wear the eyepatch and she transforms into a sex swordswoman and defeats DARK FORCES conspiring nothing very serious other then fight her.
Some of the kooky comic drawings are funny in their ridiculously simple and over exaggerated emotion. Young Jubei's dad is a writer who falls asleep constantly (at one point Jubei rides her bike up his butt crack). Every man in this universe can't keep his eyes off of Jubei's chest and instantly falls in love (for the first time....they all do) with her. One of the kids at school who dotes on his distant love has a t-shirt with a symbol that changes into appropriate words to match his situation. Confused? Sure....I am too. I just saw it twice and I still can't figure out if it is entertaining or just bizarrely unrefined culture stirred together like gumbo.
The art is fair, but the backgrounds are very nicely painted. MADHOUSE (the animation studio which spawned 'Ninja Scroll') produced this series, and while it shares no similarity with other anime from the same studio, it sure stands out like all their creations. I would recommend it to the cute and sexy anime crowd, not to the kick ass action or artsey fartsey anime fans. Rent it, sure. Buy it if you can't figure out what else to buy.
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on October 27, 2000
Jubei-chan the Ninja girl is an interesting series. It's almost like 2 series rolled into one. Part of the series is slapstick type of comedy, and the animation fits it for these parts. Going super-deformed in some spots, fine in others. The slapstick is totally funny, but the things to watch for are the fight scenes! This series is strange, but you must see it for the fight scenes. Most anime have pretty boring fight scenes, some that have only to slashes across the screne. This anime, however, has huge fight scenes. Dynamic camera angles, and fluid motion, never resorting to the slash, slash type of anime! Very cool....Pick this one up, but rent or buy the first one. This volume is a little more serious, and picks up on the story more, but the first volume introduces the characters, and has great fight scenes!
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on February 9, 2003
In this anime seven pretty Japanese girls are invited into the Magic Mirror Bus, the go-anywhere anime studio operated by Jubei, and kick the crotch area of Japanese anime characters. It's a rather unique fetish, but Jubei does it well: you get to see the shy, funny expressions on the faces of the girls as they're asked to kick, and the camera angles (including those all-important "low angle" shots). It's great to see these shy, laughing girls try to overcome their inhibitions and kick out with all their might. A great item for fans of the ball-kicking fetish known as "tamakeri."
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