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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 4, 2001
this has to be the funniest hillbilly humor I have ever heard. its better than most standup comedians around. when I first listened to this CD, I couldn't stop laughing. Rodney Carrington is great.
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on September 9, 2001
The cover should tell you something about Rodney, and his comedy. Heck, it explains the title of the CD fully. Rodney is standing on the porch holding a mug, while a carefully aimed chain saw attempts to cover his morning wood.
This CD is a mixture of comedic skits, and songs that make me giggle insanely. Rodney shows he has ZERO shame, and loves to walk onto the end of the plank of comedy. This is not good clean family fun. This is good humor from a man who sounds much like a cross between Richard Pryor and Jeff Foxworthy.
If you are offended by vulgarity I'd say steer clear. But, if Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Dolemite don't turn you off, this shouldn't. If you are into raunchy comedy than this is the CD for you. If you are easily offended this isn't the comedy CD for you.
Rodney Carrington is a funny dirty version of the popular Jeff Foxworthy. You might be a redneck if you like Rodney Carrington, or you could just be someone who likes their humor served in a filthy plate at a truck stop. I am the latter. Worthy of listen, and a purchase of course. Standout Tracks are (Rodney's Wife & Kids, Marriage, Vacations) where Rodney discusses the perils we all face during marriage, and FAMILY vacation. Also a A (Dozen Roses) in which Rodney sings about what women want from a man. Hilarity ensues!
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on April 27, 2001
The biggest problem with comedy recordings today is that most comedians seem torn between telling jokes and being rock stars. It must be the lights or the power of the microphone or something, but whatever it is, I wish someone would tell them that THAT'S NOT WHY WE BUY THEIR RECORDS.
I immensely enjoyed his 1-track CD length "C'mon Laugh You Bastards", once I let myself go and get into his rhythm, which is admittedly a slow-starter kind of show. Yeah, it had some guitar-playing at the end, but it was toitally in service to the audience before him and comedy in general.
THIS CD, however, has LOADS of music and not anywhere near enough straight-ahead comedy. And with a guy who slow-starts, that ain't all good, pardner. I know he makes a ton of money on he country music circuit with it, but it doesn't make it a great comedy record.
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on April 5, 2003
This CD has to be one of the funniest CD's in my collection. It is filled with non-stop laughs from begining to end. If you are thinking about buying this CD have no doubts that it will be one of the funniest CD's you'll ever hear.
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on January 12, 2001
I found this to be a severe and solid slap in the face for my investment. I really enjoyed Hanging With Rodney, but found this to be sad and sorry. The only pleasure I anticipate will be when I trade this in for something else. From the first moments of the CD I had the distinct impression that Mr. Carrington was not only intoxicated, but feels that swear words can take the place of genuine humor. I would strongly advise anyone interested to borrow a copy of this CD from someone prior to buying it. Be Advised.
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on August 15, 2000
This new album is classic Rodney Carrington. It features all the controvercial material that made his first two albums, "Hangin' With Rodney" and "Live! C'mon Laugh You Bastards" hits. This album contains 10 comedy tracks and 6 music tracks. I laughed non stop through the whole thing. It is one of the best comedy albums I have ever listened to. If you enjoyed his first two albums you will love this one. However, if you are easily offended, this album is not for you.
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on June 27, 2003
Rodney goes all-out from the first line of the first track. This is definitely not a CD for the conservative, but is a hysterical trip inside the mind of the average Joe. Ladies will find what men are really thinking. Men finally have a poster-boy to rally around. Be careful listening to this CD in the car! My wife and I were laughing so hard, I almost ran off the road. Great for a bachelor party or weekly poker night.
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on March 30, 2003
Now this is why America is the best country in the world. We get to hear about life from every perspective. And if you ever wondered what it's like for "rednecks" and were afraid to ask, look no further. Carrington is hysterical and can sing too! Check it out!
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on August 15, 2000
This being Rodney's third release, and can I say BEST, he is the man when it comes to adult humor, and if you have chance to see him live GO! You will not be dissappointed in this or any of his release's. Rodney will tickle your funnybone like no other!
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on February 6, 2002
Whether you are sitting around the campfire at the deer camp, or relaxing with friends in thr hot tub, You'll laugh [....]
Rodney sings, Rodney cusses, Rodney tells stories.
(Put the kids to bed before you put this one on)
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