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Illmatic (Vinyl)
Format: LP Record|Change
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on October 22, 2017
Ordered a bunch of vinyls from this vendor - This and one other have pretty bad skipping issues.

Unfortunately just like one of my records from Mick Jenkins THC, one full side of my Illmatic is unplayable due to skipping every 1-2 rotations
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on January 4, 1999
I find it very disheartening that you did not post my review of this album. I kept it clean and everything I said related to Nas. Just because I gave it a low mark you wish to only show the positive so that it does not effect your sales. Also please choose your top 10 Cds of the year honestly instead of horrible albums which you obviously must have a large back stock of that you want to sell. If you are not going to allow everyone to voice their opinions through reviews that just get rid of them altogether.
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on April 23, 2004
BEFORE I START MY REVIEW --- the majority of ppl that are going to read this are those d&ckheads who have reviewed this will most likely get many negative results...but after u read this u will realise that anyone who rates this album a 5star hip hop classic one of the finest, is not a rap fan... ON TO THE REVIEW..........
if you think that this album is one of the finest in rap/hip-hop (if not the best) then dont call yourself a rap fan. this cd is not too bad, however, there are far better than the majority of u idiots havent heard of before, and your saying that this album is better. for example, the best underground rapper is ESHAM, along with his group, NATAS. check out there high rating albums on amazon (closed casket, kkkill the fetus, boomin words from hell, dead flowerz, bruce wayne, multikillionaire, wicket world wide, AND DOUBELIEVENGOD - which has been rated in the top 3 cds OFF ALL TIME OF ANY KIND NOT JUST RAP). have a listen a some of these and im sure your opinion will change about this album being one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. ESHAM and NATAS albums are better than all of 2pac and biggie's any other mainstream rapper that everyone rates high. there are far more underground rap classics especially from detroit, that most of these reviewers wouldnt have heard of before because they are mainstream listers. CHECK OUT THE UNDERGROUND. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND AND KILL THE MAINSTREAM. check out these ESHAM / NATAS classics before you call this album one of the best.
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on December 30, 2001
I'm always hearing how wonderful this album is, but i have no idea why.
I am a hiphop fan, i know what im talking about, but this album is not anything special at all.
The beats are terrible, old-school, with no depth.
Secondly, the lyrics, well, they may be fantastic, but his delivery is poor.
I'm probably going to get lynched for this, but this is just not that good an album, if you want the definitive nas, get stillmatic.
If you really want truly fantastic lyrics, not helium throated vocals, with unlistenable beats, check out Roots Manuva,
The Big L, AND KRS-1.
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on September 13, 2002
Illmatic is probably one of the best lyrical hip hop cds out there. The beats are not as impressing as I thought that it would be. With people ranting and raving about the best hip hop album of all time with only 10 songs? The beats are not impressing, all that is good is rymes. If u want a good classic rap cd, I suggest Death Row's Greatest hit. THat is a good cd
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on July 10, 2004
This album lacked good beats which is a pattern for Nas along with beat-stealing. This guy, like Jay-Z make me sick. They both steal from 2pac even though Pac clearly never liked either one of them. Nas and Jay-Z sample far too many beats and lack creativity. Neither one are worth a damn and bring down the value of the east coast rap scene. That's why the westcoast is number 1, they can't hold a flame to Dre, Xzibit, Ice Cube, Too Short, or even Daz, Kurupt, Shaq, or Warren G. I'm sure if I guy that didn't like me spit on the mic about my cred or lack thereof, I wouldn't steal his beats in order to get the spotlight. Nas will never be as good as 2pac and more people need to realize that Nas is foul. His bad songs definitely outweigh the good which in undisputable. Ooooooooh, I'm a loser named Nas and I need to steal the beat from Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" in order to release my first single for my album.
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on April 30, 2004
this album sux because its nas
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on January 26, 2004
This album is good but it is not true. Nas just steals Cormega's life stories.
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