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2.7 out of 5 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on November 25, 2000
Of coarse they do... look at the quality women they get. But as for their video production team.... okay, Mr. Parker was exactly right. Don't make the same mistake that I did and buy this video. Playboy needs to finally recognize who their audience is and comprehend why we are buying the tape. It is not so that we can appreciate the ridiculous symbolism. Maybe they have to make it seem artsy in order to get these girls' clothes off, but I doubt it. I think they are just wasting a lot of money. If you normally buy these videos, like myself, make a statement this year and save your money (you are not missing anything). It's time that Playboy gives us what we pay for. They could at least keep the camara still for two seconds when there actually is nudity. Plus, this is a bare-bones dvd. Don't think that you will get a handful of ads for their other videos (like the 2000 calendar). There is nothing but a slide show (pointless) and a music video (just plain bad). How about adding data sheets and the playmates' monthly spread? At least give us the ads back. Last year's video was suprisingly good and this year's is nothing more than a waste of time and money. I hope that I have been able to save somebody some money that I foolishly wasted. p.s. Is it just me or are all of the playmates starting to look the same= blonde and plastic.
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on November 24, 2000
This video is not as good as the previous year's video for several reasons.
1) Last year's video was an hour and a half, and this years video is only one hour. The shorter running time means that you get to see less of your favorite playmates.
2) With several of the playmates you only see seens from a previous video. This is true with Jodie Ann Patterson, Brooke Richards, and Bronola twins. If I'm going to buy a new video, I expect new material, not the same stuff with a different cover.
3) Playboy really believes that we enjoy seeing the Playmates in some seen with another guy. About half of the playmates second video segment is with some guy coping a feel. I want to see beautiful women, not men.
4) All of the playmates in the video had two different seens. The first seen was usually pretty good. The second seen was almost always the worst of the two. Either an awful set, or some guy. If the second seen would have been as good as the first, I would have probably given this video five stars.
5) The Amazon Cast list has Shannon Stewart in the video. She is not in the video. Damn! I submitted a correction to Amazon.
The positives of the video are:
1) You do get to see a lot of beautiful women.
2) Playboy is starting to show a little bit more of the erogenous zones of the playmates. As with last year, this video does have more closeups than previous years. This is definitely a step in the right direction.
3) I did enjoy the segments with Brooke Berry. Her segments are both hot!. If you are a fan of Brooke, you probably should get this video. The first seens of Nicole Lenz, Kimberly Spicer, Jennifer Rovero, and Suzanne Stokes were also pretty hot! Suzanne is POY material in my mind.
Overall, this really is not a bad video, just not as good as last year's. If you are a fan of any of the five ladies listed above you should probably buy the video.
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on November 5, 2000
Well, after last year's superb video I thought Playboy was finally taking a turn for the better in their video production. Unfortunately, Playboy is back to their old tricks. When will they stop messing around with trite symbolism and gaudy sets? Needless to say, the girls are beautiful but you only see them as the camara swoops by them to focus on a candle or fountain or something lame like that. Moreover, the women hardly even move. It's like watching naked statues. The director apparently told them to stand still with as little life in them as possible. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. It's nice that there are a few simulated sex scenes, but actually it appears that Playboy stopped trying to make it look convincing. As expected, the couple barely moves and when the man touches the playmates breasts it almost seems like an accident. Just grab them! It's frustrating to watch a video with so much potential fail miserably because of misplaced priorities. The priority in this film is to showcase the tacky sets, the horrible (yet familiar) soundtrack, while the women are placed in the background with the rest of the props. Playboy needs to reinvent this boring style that we all grew tired of years and years ago. The playmates and their fans deserve better.
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on April 5, 2001
At 85+ minutes, this is one of the longest Playboy DVDs that I've run across. It's your typical Video Calendar, and your opinion of it will very likely depend on whether or not you are a fan of the particular Playmates featured on it. I found it to have several Playmates who I liked, like Nicole Lenz, Jodi Ann Paterson, and Kristi Cline, and it made me notice a few Playmates I didn't pay much attention to before, like Cara Wakelin and Jennifer Rovero.
Each Playmate has a 6 minute video segment, which is longer than the typical 4 minutes in previous Video Calendars. Jodi Ann gets a 9 to 10 minute segment in her spot.
Be warned, though, some of the new cases that these Playboy DVDs come in have the notorious flower-pattern hubs that clamp onto the DVD and don't release easily. Be careful when you extract it from the DVD.
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on December 30, 2000
This is a total recycler. The fine folks at Playboy need to come up with an original way of looking at these women to keep my interest. The soundtrack is composed of clones of several radio-friendly tracks (i.e. 'So Free' (think Santana)). I'm sure Playboy has connections and could get some original talent on the production end. On the upside, Nicole and Jennifer have outstanding physical attributes, and Jodi Ann is definitely a perfect ten.
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on January 1, 2001
This movie was pathetic... it was nothing i expected.. most of it was just pictures. Not Great.. So don't waste your money on this... Play Boy just god bored with this one they didn't put much into it... DON"T BUY IT!!
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on November 5, 2000
The movie is great and the girls are very beautiful. I recommend this to anyone who likes to see naked, beautiful women.
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on December 28, 2003
this dvd is very good.almost all the woman featured here all very beatifull.
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on December 19, 2001
I'll keep this brief.
12 months, 24 segments, 12 with GUYS ;(
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