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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 25, 2016
A comedy/romance/thriller with class. Audrey Hepburn shines as Reggie Lampbert whose husband, Charles, is murdered while they are on vacation in France. Soon three menacing men appear looking for $250,000 - the value of gold they stole during WWII but were double crossed by Charles. There also appears a charming stranger (Cary Grant) and a CIA administrator (Walter Matthau) both separately wanting to help Reggie find the lost loot and protect her life. The film is full of witty dialogue and plot twists. Cary Grant seems a bit old for Hepburn as the romantic lead but they play well together. In fact they seem to be having a lot of fun. James Coburn and George Kennedy, early in their careers, appear in supporting roles. Where is the money? Who is the murderer? What is the real identity of the character played by Cary Grant? It keeps you guessing to the end. For a murder mystery it sure is lighthearted. All the recognizable actors are now deceased.
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on July 23, 2008
This is a masterpiece in and around itself- really. 'Charade' really showcases Audrey Hepburn's acting talents and versatility. She really showed audiences what she could do as Regina 'Reggie' Lampbert. (did I spell her last name right?)

Charade will keep you glued to the screen until the end... and at no point in the movie are you ever thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow, or what is happening. It's right there in front of you. 'Charade' made me look at Audrey as not just a style icon, but a talented actress. Not like a cut-out doll that most of the actresses of her time were like. (Excluding some) I mean, the plot is so rich and entertaining- you just can't go wrong with this movie!

The quality of this particular DVD is pretty bad, so I recommend 'Cary Grant Double Feature'. It has 'Charade' and 'Amazing Adventure'. You get 2 in 1 and the quality is WAY better.
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on June 1, 2004
I saw this movie in 1963 when it was released. I was captivated by it then and remain so. The kaleidoscopic opening credits are as beautiful as I remember, and the chase scenes-- on foot here-- are still exciting. We will never see anyone like Audrey Hepburn again. A total original, she and Gary Grant-- showing considerable skill as a comedian here-- are magnificent as a couple, having both style and electricity, often forgotten qualities in many of today's leading actors. Heburn and Grant are assisted by the likes of James Coburn, a young Walter Matthau and George Kennedy in supporting roles. Then there's Henry Mancini's score and direction by Stanley Donen. The plot takes many interesting twists and turns as Ms. Hepburn tries to figure out just who the dashing Mr. Grant really is-- a criminal or her savior or perhaps both or neither.
If you've seen this movie before, you'll enjoy a replay. If this is your first time, you'll in for a real treat, a delightful way to spend an evening.
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on June 2, 2002
This film happens to be in my top 10 of my all time favorite films and I was very happy to pick up this copy. However there are differences between the Critereon versions and this version from Madacy. Unless you want to spend [money] for the Critereon version {and I wasn't prepared to do so} this version is good but not great. The film itself really needs no detailed review except to say that is one of the best comedy/thrillers ever made. It was also Cary Grant's last great film {He made only 2 more films after this-"Father Goose" and "Walk Don't Run"}. He is so suave and debonair that he could give James Bond a run for his money. Also Audrey Hepburn, James Coburn, George Kennedy, and Walter Matthau give excellent performances. I was very suprised about the film quality {I expected worse} however the films sound is quite muddled and hard to understand. There are no real bonuses except for the theatrical trailer, and a trivia game that's not really worth mentioning. There is also a second film included bearing the same name that stars James Mason and Pamela Mason. There is no connection to the Cary Grant version. The quality of that film is much worse and you can see it once and never worry about it again. It is in b+w and was made in 1953. To sum it all up if you don't want to spend alot more money this is an ok version for your collection.
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Cary Grant. Audrey Hepburn. A hidden megafortune. Three nasty pursuers. A slick, chic thriller with a Hitchcockian edge.

With that kind of formula, it's not surprising that "Charade" deserves every shred of praise it receives -- and over the years, this classic has received a lot. Director Stanlet Donen had his finest moment when he created this funny, witty, tightly-plotted little thriller, where you're left with questions right up to the final scene.

While on vacation at a ski lodge, Regina Lampert (Hepburn) decides to get a divorce. But when she returns home, she finds that her husband has been tossed off a train -- and even stranger, she finds that he was mixed up in a gold robbery many years ago. To get her mind off her problems, Reggie goes out on the town with Peter Joshua (Grant), a guy she met at the resort.

But during her outing, she's cornered by three strange, creepy men -- and the worst part is, she finds that Joshua may be in on their plot. Unsure whom to trust, Reggie starts digging to find out where the gold is -- and then her pursuers are murdered one by one. Will she be the next target?

It's a sharp, taut little thriller, reminiscent of the more commercial thrillers by Hitchcock, though set in a chic 1960s Paris setting, and with a New Wave edge. Stanlet Donen did mostly comedies in his career, which makes the tight plot and wry wit of this movie stand out even more.

The movie moving along at a fairly steady pace, with one or two dead spots, but mostly just following the twisted plot threads. There are some really harrowing moments, like Regina being attacked by the Hook-man. By the tense finale, a lot of the odd little clues suddenly fall into place, especially the murder of the three thugs. It's a brilliant piece of scripting, even if the storyline is a bit unreal.

Fortunately it's not all spy-thrills and revenge. Donen could change from action to horror to comedy in a moment, and he keeps the quieter moments lively with funny dialogue and some sophisticated slapstick, like Grant showering fully-clad. The witty dialogue is full of glorious one-liners. "You won't be able to lie on your back for awhile," Reggie quips, "but then you can lie from any position."

Though Grant wasn't wholly comfortable playing opposite Hepburn, the two actors have kinetic chemistry. Whether they're goofing off, or chasing a kiss in a nightclub, they feel entirely real and romantic. Better yet, nobody knows who Grant really is or what he's doing, so there's an added element of danger to their relationship.

This tightly-plotted, fast-moving thriller deserves to be as well-loved as it is, and cinephiles should be ashamed of themselves if they haven't yet seen it. A must-have.
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on August 3, 2002
Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn star in this classic thriller. Regina Lambert, wife of a wealthy Parisian, returns from a ski vacation to find that her husband has fled--unsuccessfully, as he's been murdered while en route by train. He has thoughtfully saved his widow-to-be the bother of an estate sale, having sold all his household goods, leaving her an empty apartment and the question of where his money have gone. But she's not the only one looking--seems he stole his money from the U.S. Government during World War II, and both the U.S. and Charles' co-conspirators would like the money. In fact, seems someone is prepared to kill for it . . . again.
An absolute delight. The funeral scene is one of the funniest on record, with one of Charles' wartime "buddies" sticking a pin into him to make sure he's dead. Both Grant and Hepburn excel in their roles, as does James Coburn as Tex Panthollow (I love that name), one of the wartime "buddies".
Let's face it, this movie is based on a flawed premise. The items into which Charles converted his wealth would suffer greatly in value if treated in the way indicated in the film, and I refuse to believe that their very unusual nature could be overlooked by the police (even the French police) and by everyone else who sees them.
But if you're prepared to overlook that, it is a delightful movie.
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on February 6, 2010
This was the first Audrey Hepburn movie I watched and I fell in love with her. This movie was the best I have seen in a long time. The plot is so packed with excitement, you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. It is also full of comedy. A great movie for the whole family (not just a chick flick!). A truly great film!
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on January 26, 2002
Charade is an awesome movie in an awesome DVD. I know there are lots of Charade DVDs out there, and I've only seen this one, but it's very good. There are a lot more things on it than it says on this page! There is about a 15 min. biography on Cary Grant, another version of Charade in 1953 i think. It comes in a nice keep case, which is alot better than snap cases, in my opinion! The dvd i'm talking about has audrey hepburn hugging cary grant on the cover, and a little picture of them both running away. The words "Charade" are red @ the bottom....just so you know which one i'm referring to. very good! i bought this version because i DID NOT want to shell out $... on the criterion one! that's outrageous. i think you'll be please with this version!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 9, 2005
Beginning credits play a Henry Mancini's score and we are swept back to the sixties.

The opening scene is of a metro train rolling down the track in Europe. A body is tossed off. Then a flash to a ski resort where a hand with a Luger-Parabelum is being lowered and aimed directly between Reggie's (Audrey Hepburn) eyes.

Turns out that the body from the train was that of Reggie's husband, Charles Lambert. At the funeral a strange selection of sinister characters one by one check to be sure Charles is really deceased.

Looks like Charles left with something of theirs and they want it back. Everyone except Reggie knows that she has it. In the process of retrieval Carry Grant appears to be helping her; however his name and occupation seems to change periodically, hence the title "Charade."

Many people will be dispatched in unique and creative ways. What is everyone after and will Reggie find it before it is too late for her?

The criterion edition has a voiceover track of director Stanley Donen and screenwriter Peter Stone discussing the film. Most of it sounds like rattling. However once in a while there is a useful piece of information. Such as the gloved hand with the Luger in the beginning scene was a man's hand so you would not suspect the next scene.
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on May 5, 2004
This review is for the Criterion Collection DVD edition of the film.
First of all, there are two pressings of this DVD. the original went out of print a few years ago, It was re-realesed early this year and is virtually identical to the original release. The most noticable difference is the enhancement for widescreen DVD's There are some other subtle differences including an update on the biographic information to include the death date of the film's writer, Peter Stone.
The film itself is very famous and has an all star cast, including Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, James Cubrun, George Kennedy, Walter Matthau, and Ned Glass. Their performances are excellent and the film has numerous surprises in the plot. The soundtrack, by Henry Mancini is also very well known and popular.
The music has been likened to the theme song for the James Bond films.
The film is about a woman whose husband was murdered. His fortune of $250,000 stolen from the government is missing and all that was with him was a small tote bag with some personal articles. Later 3 crooks are after her thinking she has the money.
The DVD has audio commentary by the director Stanley Donen and writer Peter Stone. It also has a theatrical trailer of the film, and a biography and filmography of Stanley Donen and Peter Stone.
The first printing, now out of print, is still worth more than it originally sold for and is vbecoming a collector's item as well.
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