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on February 14, 2014
I don' know exctly what it is with those movies but they still shine! Dark, gory, with a weird mood... impressive. Understand me, this is not scary. It's not good. It's not memorable but it's still great entertainment for whoever likes that type of old horror...
Buy it!
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A hotel in Louisiana is built upon one of the seven gates of hell. It was walled up in 1927 and was real;eased later in 1981. This was supposed to be satanic, but the zombie like walking dead would classify this as a zombie film. I was rather bored with the film.The restoration was excellent, which allowed us to know how horribly dubbed it was. Not worth a rental.
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on June 10, 2017
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on January 1, 2004
"The Beyond" is a gory film about the gateway to hell residing in the basement of a Louisana hotel. Thats really all the plot synopsis you are going to need. While there is some depth and development to be sure(far more than some of Fulci's other pictures) the plot is almost consequential to the gore effects on the screen. Italian horror is one of my favorite genres and to be honest there are certain expectations that one should have before watching this film or any other Italian horror film.
A. If you don't like horror films... Don't buy this, don't rent it find something else to watch.
B. If you like horror films but don't like gore... Keep looking this is not the movie for you.
C. If you like horror films and a friend recommended this to you...try to remember whether you have anything in common with said friend after all we wouldn't want you questioning his "inteligency"
D. If you have never watched a Italian horror film...I urge you RENT THIS FIRST, don't buy it or any other Italian horror film. I know people that love Freddy, Jason, and even Romero's dead trilogy but can't stand Italian horror.
E. If you like horror, gore, have cool friends, and have watched an Italian horror film all means pick this up.
In my opinion only "Suspiria" rivals "The Beyond" for the best horror film to come out of Italy. Of course, it has bad acting, of course its gory, of course its derivative, because almost all horror films from Italy share these qualities. You either love it or its not for you and it never will be.
That said try to remember these aspects when determining whether you want to watch this or not.
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on June 25, 2004
And the visuals are astounding. The camera and the director breathe in and revel in every shot, their attention is totally unwavering and they have an eye for the beauty in the scenes, actors, and in the horror as well. Frankly, I couldnt take my eyes off it if I tried, it demands your attention.
Find me any film let alone a horror film from 1983 that looks so crystal clear, so well framed, and so well filmed, its impossible. This film is timeless in that respect, if you told someone this was a 1980's period piece that was filmed in the late 1990's they'd believe you.
Like all Italian horror of the time, the emphasis wasnt put on the script, which is being generous to some of the scenes.
The visuals rule the day though and win out, the quality of all these elements puts you in a forgiving mood for the lesser qualities of the film.
Haunting in a good way.
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on March 25, 2004
The story is about some girl that inherits a motel that is near one of the portals of hell. The story doesn't keep you interested. Very incoherent, leaving you not kowing what the hell these people are talking. What will keep you interested in the film is the many ways people get killed in freak accidents. There's some guy that gets whipped and gets acid thrown at him; apainter that falls off a ladder; a plumber that gets his eye popped out by a mysterious hand from nowhere; a dog that bites a blind lady (she was a ghost or something) in the neck, creating a waterfall of blood; a guy that gets his face eaten by fake looking yet cool spiders; acid pooring on some guy's face and changing colors. Then there's the final zombie takeover where a couple heads get blown off. This is Fulci's most epic accomplishment because of the creepy atmosphere and graphic violence. Any true horror fan probably has seen this or atleast knows about this film.Don't try to hard to understand the story because there really is no substance to the film. You might get bored if you try and sit through the whoel story, paying attention to every muttered word. Just mindless creative violence that makes good eye candy is what you get. Really makes you appeciate low budget films on a new level.
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on October 26, 2011
oh where to start, i guess with the good, the movie delivers what most people expect, lots of goey gore. each death is not short and the director loves to focus on the slow mutilation of the victims, spiders slowwwwwly eat a person, acid erodes a face, someones crucified and at least one eyeball is gouged out. all is done in plain site for the viewer so get to see all the goodness. This is basically all i got from this movie though, even though there is so much death and gore it still somehow felt slow, we're waiting for what we all know is coming to happen and it takes the whole movie to do it and then when it does its not quite the climax i was waiting for. you know i really had this movie hyped up in my mind because of all the attention it gets in the horror world but for me its one that falls short of its reputation, unfortunatly. However because of the good attention to gore i wont be so quick to dismiss mr. fulci quite yet as i have ordered 'zombie' off ebay and am once again in eager anticipation.
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on November 9, 2001
Anyone who has seen a film from Lucio Fulci knows a few things to expect: 1) Gore is always the name of the game. 2) Eyeballs are wholesale items to be popped out, burned, cut open, eaten, and just plain demolished. 3) The plot's always as incoherent as one of those Saturday morning serials back in the day, but that proves to never matter. 4) Never eat before the film and never encourage others to eat. 5) This director isn't famous for keeping couples together, especially the ones where the guy has to force his girl to sit down for one of his movies.
Most of Fulci's films are for guys who moonlight as gorehounds; guys who are in love with George Romero for creating the kind of flick that gave birth to Fulci's ability to pop out eyeballs and burn people's faces off with sulfuric acid. With "The Beyond," Fulci fans get everything they want, without (shock) the gratuitous nudity you get in so many of his films (see my review for "The New York Ripper"). The plot is basic: This hotel down in Louisiana is home to one of the Seven Gateways of Hell, and when a man is tortured to death (and when I say tortured, you better believe it; I've never cringed at the sight of a horror film murder so much) the gate is loosened. When his body is discovered years later, the gate is opened. What happens next is a steadily increasing amount of the living dead coming out of the city morgue, all of which are as grotesque looking as my mom's meat loaf. The film has its moments of complete stupidity, like when the male lead obviously has figured out that you have to shoot the zombies in the head to kill them, but he just keeps wasting ammo on body shots. That's all forgivable, I guess, because the rest of the film, especially its haunting closing shot with creepy voiceover to accompany, is so atmospheric, and filmed with a passion for the craft. The opening scenes, despite the savagry, are my favorite because of the way Fulci colored the film to make it look like an old faded photograph in motion. The gore effects are professional and convincing, the zombies are plentiful and even scary, and the acting... well, the acting is as wooden as that puppet who wants to be a real boy. But that's Lucio Fulci, and this is his "masterpiece," as it is proclaimed. I wouldn't call it anything close to that, but as gory, Fulci fun, this is pretty darn good.
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on April 8, 2002
I need to say right out that this movie "The Beyond" goes by another title which is "The Seven Doors of Death". It's the same exact movie just different titles.
This is another one from our pal Lucio complete with some gory,gross scenes (oh yes the eyeball gags are in this also).
The story is simple. In 1927? some creepy warlock is messing around with a painting? and he warns the mob who is about to tear him up that the hotel is sitting on one of the 7 holes of hell.
Well they mess that guy up pretty good including coating him with hotwax. Then the film jumps to 1981 still in Louisiana with the new owner of the hotel fixing it up. Bizarre happenenings begin like the death of plumber Joe and the maid and the dimball butler.
The film is ok SFX are pretty gross in some spots. One great scene is when the girl with pigtails gets her face shot off.
Oh yeah what's with the white eyes? I know it's from being in hell and what woke up the dead patients in that spooky hospital?
One scene I found amusing was the guy who gets snacked on by a bunch of fake tarantulas. Not a bad flick
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on August 6, 2000
I saw this on the big screen a few summers ago thanks to Quentin and Rolling Thunder Pictures who restored and re-released it. I stood in line for 2 hours to be one of twenty to get a "Beyond Eerie Eyeball." Damn, it was well worth it! This wasn't the only treat. Before the movie they played old trailers: Deep Red, Evil Dead, Murder Mafia Style, Cannibal Ferox, and Blood Feast! Now, if they would only have midnight showings of these as well.
There are seven gateways to hell and if opened, the dead will walk the earth. One such door is located in Louisiana's Schweik Seven Door Hotel. In 1927 a Satanist opened one of the seven gateways before an angry mob of townsfolk crucified him and proceeded to do unspeakable acts to him. The townsfolk were too late. The door was left open.
1982. A young woman, Eliza shows up in Louisiana to collect her inheritance, the Schweik Seven Door Hotel. Of course strange things begin to happen. People are mysteriously ding from eye eating tarantulas, impalement, eye gouging, acid, etc. Then the freshly dead at the morgue decide to get up and walk. While all this is going on Eliza befriends John, a local doctor, and tells him about a mysterious blind girl. According to John the girl has been dead for many years. While trying to settle their curiosity, the two search the Hotel and examine a book of Eibon that they found. The book explains the seven doorways to hell. Now they must try and close this gate to hell or become trapped within.
It's better than it sounds. The gore is fantastic. I have never seen so much eye gouging in all my days. Were would a Fulci movie be with out it?
I don't like to nit-pick films but what's up with the tarantulas looking like they were made out of pipe cleaners?
The end is ball breaking. It's very climatic with zombie shooting and a little girl's head being blown apart. I hate happy endings and this is far from happy.
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