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on October 29, 2002
I have a lot of back problems, but I love jogging, cycling and swimming. I have found out that doing yoga 3 times a week allows me to do all these sports that I love so much. I took part in a 5k race about 2 years ago, and I hurt my back really bad. I got this DVD about 3 months ago, started using it (about 3 times per week), and started training at the same time for another 5k race. I did the 5k race, and the difference was incredible. I was perfect the next day. Yoga has made a huge difference for my back. Also, I would like to add, this DVD has several "mini-routines" targeted to specific sports (jogging, tennis, swimming, cycling, golf, others), every time I go jogging around my house, my back is always hurting a little bit, as soon as I do the "jogging mini-routing", the pain is gone. Something very good about this dvd too,is the fact that is divided in several parts, so it's like having several dvd's. I really recommend it. I wouldn't say that it's for beginners, you must have some practice. Another plus... his voice, it is sooo relaxing.
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on June 20, 2001
At the beginning of the video Rodney Lee explains that this video will enhance (not replace) your athletic training and create balance. I can't recommend this tape enough. Rodney is the perfect instructor. He doesn't distract from the yoga by gasping/talking through the whole tape like Denise Austen and adding superfulous comments like "feel your body" and "doesn't it feel good". BLACH! He concentrates on the moves and he uses simple instructions and voice over to narrate.
I run marathons and half marathons, which means running and lifting weights daily--I also rock climb, trail run, and hike.
I did this tape for the first time Sunday and could not believe how good it felt. Just doing the tape once released years of tension. My body was literally humming. I went for one of the best runs of my life the next day. I was fast, agile, and experience no fatigue on a five mile run w/ a 7:30/ mile pace w/ hills. I can't believe what a difference it made.
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on January 27, 2001
If you're an athlete, you'd be foolish to pass Yoga for Athletes by. It's really one of the best yoga or stretch videos I've ever tried, and I think I've tried them all!
I'm an advanced-level fitness buff who has always considered myself to be pretty flexible..... Hah! .... It took Yoga for Athletes ("YFA") to show me how much tension I carried in my hips, legs and lower back. I'm humbled! It is, as the title suggests, ideal for opening up the pockets of tension that runners, bicyclists, and other athletes accumulate over time.
YFA is not at all a strenuous workout and it doesn't move at bullet-train speed (as with Rodney Yee's Power Yoga for Stamina or David Swenson & Bryan Kest's power yoga series). YFA lets you hold the stretches for a cozy length of time before you move on to the next pose. It should appeal to any garden variety athlete, even the New Age adverse, because is it a fairly straightforward yoga video with little mysticism.
Be careful, though. While the YFA postures aren't difficult for fit beginners, it can tax your range of flexibility if you aren't careful. Mr. Yee and his two yoga cohorts demonstrate different levels of flexibility. Follow their example. Respect your body's signals and don't push it past its range of flexibility -- be humble! This workout will help you extend your range of flexibility in time.
Overall, a superb 5-star yoga workout that you shouldn't miss.
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on August 12, 2002
Let me begin by saying that I am definitely NOT an athlete; I do work out regularly at home (with a recumbent bike and strength/yoga videos), but I've never participated in any kind of sports activity. However, I borrowed this video from the library after someone recommended to me as a good overall yoga tape, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't need to be an athlete to complete the workout.
Instructor Rodney Yee begins the workout with a 10-minute stretching segment using a chair. These are more traditional moves rather than yoga type moves, and they focus particularly on opening up the hips and hamstrings. Although I'm not at all flexible, I was able to do all of the stretches without modifications, but Rodney works out with a woman and another man, both of whom offer modifications if necessary. After the stretching segment, Rodney moves on to approximately 20 minutes of standing yoga poses. I particularly enjoyed this section and found it to be better than other yoga tapes I've tried, mainly because Rodney holds each pose longer, explaining how to increase your flexibility and move further into the pose over time. The standing toning is followed by 10-15 minutes of yoga moves on the floor consisting mainly of forward bends and twists. Finally, there is a 5-minute relaxation segment at the end.
This tape certainly IS appropriate for athletes, especially since throughout the workout, Rodney talkes about how the exercises will benefit your athletic performance. However, for those us who aren't athletes, this is an excellent, easy-to-follow yoga/stretching tape with an emphasis on flexibility and balance. I would say that virtually all of the moves are appropriate for beginners; however, because Rodney does not explain how to do the yoga poses--he simply gives the name of each pose--some prior familiarly with basic yoga would be helpful, but watching the entire tape before performing it should also be adequate. Rodney is an excellent instructor, and I found him to be pleasantly slower-paced and less new-agey on this video versus the others in the Living Arts series.
For beginners, I would definitely recommend this tape over Living Arts' "Yoga Practice for Flexibility"--although that is touted as a beginner's tape, I found about half the workout to be undoable for someone at my level. I highly recommend "Yoga Conditioning for Athletes" for anyone looking to increase their flexibility and balance, athletes or otherwise.
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on July 13, 2001
I have purchased or borrowed about 15 yoga tapes. This one is by far the most used....I LOVE Rodney Yee.... What appeals to me about THIS video are the following: NO tedious, boring, endless, repetitious, sun salutations. NO inversions. NO arm balances or really difficult back bends. There are modifications given that are presented during the tape (not after, or in little pop-ups) - the models demonstrate them as the tape rolls.
What it does have is this: really great hip openers & twists. The pace is good yet not so fast that I don't feel like I get something out of each pose. Rodney Yee is a great instructor, not irritating as several I have found ... It isn't power yoga. I don't enjoy sweating when I practice, I want to feel stretched and relaxed. This tape does that without making me feel at 39 that I'm so ancient I can't keep up with the young folks.
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on February 23, 2002
This video was exactly what I was looking for. I am a long distance runner who hates stretching, and my flexibility (or lack thereof!) attests to this. I have never done yoga before, but was interested in trying it for the stretching and conditioning.
Not ever having done a yoga pose before, this video was clear and the pace slow enough to catch on quickly. Having two other people doing variations of the poses Rodney was doing was extremely helpful. I was surprised how relaxing I found the final minutes of the "Integration" session.
This video is well worth it for anyone wanting to try out yoga for the first time.
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on January 23, 2001
I was looking for an inexpensive introduction to yoga that wouldn't frustrate my desire to exert myself while satisfying my need for a more "centering" (spiritual) workout. I found it in this well-crafted video! As a yoga beginner (however strong & flexible I may be), I was pleased with the careful attention paid to correct body position and basic yoga (breathing, feeling, etc.) principles. After renting it twice, I'm now buying it for myself and my sister. I'll need to take yoga classes eventually to ensure proper body positioning and to elaborate on yoga principles -but this is a great alternative to pricey classes for now.
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on February 9, 2003
I have a number of other yoga tapes that I use and thought that this would be a good one since I am a runner and triathlete. I am not even a very competitive athlete, and I still found this tape to be not very challenging. I was expecting a tape geared at athletes to be more challenging than standard yoga tapes, and it was not. It is far easier than the other tapes I have. If you are a beginner, this would be a good tape because it does not use more advanced poses, however there are times that it seems Rodney Yee assumes you should know the position names already, so be alert for that.
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on February 12, 2001
This is a good entry level video for the athlete who is feeling too tight and out of sync. The multiple variations are an excellant addition. Unquestionably, they will aid in balancing flexibility with strength which will aid in athletic performance. Rodney Yee is an excellent instructor. Proper attention is placed on the breath as is essential for true yoga. In as far as the conditioning workout that it promises, it falls short. One is better off with Brian Quest or similar videos.None the less this video has it's place and is a good starting place.
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on September 20, 2001
Although the title says it's for athletes, this tape is great for anyone who wants to work on balance and flexibility. It has helped me with my lower back problems as well as improved my movement in other areas. The poses aren't too difficult - they are mostly focused on stretching. He provides alternatives for those who lack the flexibility or strength to do the poses 100%. He also talks through the poses so that you know what to focus on. I would do it more often if I could carve out 60 minutes at a time more easily. Highly recommended.
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