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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on October 28, 2002
Alright, if you're like me, you want to get the best of the artist that you're listening to. If you want the best version of 'Beautiful Midnight', and you live in America, DO NOT go out and buy this alblum in this country. They've butchered it. "Let's Get it On", "I Miss New Wave", and "Going All the Way" are missing. This really pisses me off. Granted, they are replaced by three other very good songs ("Everything is Automatic", "Apparitions, and "Deep 6ix") but if you plan on buying the alblum 'Underdogs', then you're going to get yourself...over by three very good songs. What they were thinking when they took out these songs, I do not know. ..Other than that, no complaints on this CD, I could listen to it until the day I die. Matt Good is my hero =D
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on June 2, 2012
There is not much left to say about Matthew Good Band or Matthew Good that hasn't already been said. I personally think that MGB was simply one of the bands that was under-rated although they were a huge success and Matthew Good still is. However, sometimes I think that's good because they have relevance even still looking back on the body of work that they did. I think over time others around the world will hook onto their music & Matthew Good's own solo work & will say "where have you been all my life"! They are quintessensially one of the best rock bands to have come along the way. On this CD again Matthew Good's vocals really define the core of this band. Their musical interpretations for each piece in hindsight made me realize how much MG's presence in this band was vital. When he went solo & wrote his own individual songs you could clearly see where the genius of the construction of the songs came from. Below I'm including some of my favorites on this CD!

1.Strange Days: My favorite song on this the acoustic work in this song. The lyrics are poignantly written & articulated. To me this song is a classic MGB song from beginning to end. It has some dark lyrics but MG is known for that; coupled with the brilliant musical construction of his songs it leaves me gasping at how he can bring a song to a complete circle effect using dark lyrics but the most beautiful musical instrumental interpretations. Yeah MGB!

2.Deep Six: I love the intro to this song...has a mysterious effect to it. Love the lyrics....sounds like what alot of young teenage lads are thinking at that period in their life. I always love the echo effect of his voice which he uses in alot of his songs & it never gets old. I love the changes and use of the drums in this song which maintain the tempo changes in this song.

3.Suburbia: The electric guitar sounds so great on this isn't in your face just the right mix in the intro. His voice sounds like it is going to be a beautiful love song....but ends up being a song about how he feels like if he was famous enough he could have that "girl"...hmmm...maybe the one that got away. This song had some nice harmonies & I liked how they didn't change the rhythm of the just kept going along so beautifully. I've come to like this song more over time than I had when I first listened to the CD.....which reminds me I need to move this song onto my favorite playlist! Ha! Ha!

4.Let's Get It On: One of the best rock songs I think that has ever been constructed; that didn't get enough notice or radio play in my estimation. It is like a teenage angst anthem to me...his voice is just nothing short of sublime! Love all the instruments in this's banging! (No pun intended! Ha! Ha!) I love how he changes up his voice to some soft subtle vocal arrangements deviating from the rock intensities in other sections. The guitar work & drum work is just the best in this song. I just want to say after hearing it...yes...let's get it on! Ha! Ha!

5.Born To Kill: This is a testament to how a rock song should be built, executed, sung, written....produced...everything about it is perfection. To the killer ending to this song instrumentally which just had me wanting more, more, more. The intro to this song is just electric guitar personified in it's subtlety...his voice eluding to a story waiting to be told....I felt like I was floating to those intro words...! Then bam.....the slamming guitar work driving you into the song & keeping you interested from bridge to bridge, chorus to chorus. The harmonies on this track were really good as was all the instrumentation. Then comes his haunting voice again sounding just so strong to penetrate your soul. The percussion work in this song was awesome and when that ending instrumental work begins your brain is taken on a journey you didn't even know existed in potential from listening to a song! You think it's over and then BAM...there they go a climax that well I think has been rarely done or been even's like a rock orchestral performance...still gives me the chills (even now as I'm listening to it again).....only one word to say on this one folks.....WOW!

6.Running For Home: I love the piano work in this song. He's so good at switching up from guitar/s to piano arrangements like this song. The lyrics are so haunting and the harmonies on this track are really good! Love the soft spots! I liked the other instruments in this song as well; sounded like some string arrangements that gave the song some additional instrumental structure. It is just simply put "hauntingly beautiful"!

Well kids those are my fav's on this CD...check it out...& also check out Matthew Good's solo work which I think is even better than MGB stuff! Enjoy.....& cheers to the Weekend!
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on January 26, 2016
This is the Matthew Good Band's best album and a classic in Canada. To see it released on vinyl came as a pleasant surprise. At $40 it's a pricey record, so I could understand why someone would be hesitant to buy it. However, after giving it a listen, it's worth the price. The sound quality is fantastic; you'll notice the quality in the opening track Giant, especially when the guitar and drums kick in after the chanting. The rest of the songs sound excellent too, particularly Suburbia and Born to Kill. If you're into vinyl and like the Matthew Good Band, you won't be disappointed.
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on November 9, 2005
It both confuses and irritates me to no end how people have either never heard of the master that is Matthew Good and those that have pay him little respect. More finely tuned than Underdogs and Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, Beautiful Midnight is a definitive record that incredible, later records such Avalanche and Audio of Being can not surmount. Unlike other cds, the bands key tracks are not those played on the radio. It features gritty and edgy songs such as Load Me Up, Hello Time Bomb and Failing the Rosarach Testor and truly beautiful tunes such as Suburbia, Running for Home and Going All the Way. Matt words ring true in every one of his songs with no two sounding the same. A Boy and his Machine Gun, The Future is X-Rated and I Miss New Wave actually challenge the listener and encourage them to think. Unfortunately, despite it being a truly superb cd, people will continue to dump on Matt simply because he is actually a smart musician and is not afraid to speak his mind. Although the band is no more, Matt has still managed to captivate me and countless others with his solo work and will undoubtedly continue to do so.
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on May 24, 2004
For a while I was really losing faith in music. Honestly, It was about five years ago and I was living in the midst of the Backstreet Boys explosion and hope was looking dim. Fortunately we got a satellite dish installed around the same time and I stubbled upon MuchMusic. One day I came home and the video for "strange days" came on. I was completely mesmerized. I have been a Matthew Good Band fan from that moment on. "Strange days" is just one of many excellent songs on this album. If your new to MGB I would highly recomend that you start with "Beautiful Midnight". It gives you a wonderful perspective into their range as a band. The greastest thing that you may discover however, is their deepth of subject matter. I would tell you but I don't want to spoil the songs with what I believe to be there messages. With that aside, this is an amazing album and is almost guarenteed to get you hooked.(not everyone is the same)Pick this album up if you're a fan of intelligent and textured alterative(for lack of a better word) new doors will be opened.
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on October 24, 2002
Having had the good fortune to visit Canada a great deal, I get to bring back to Australia stuff we don't usually hear on radio. Matt Good Band is one of them.
I was hooked on this by hearing "Strange Days" and "Hello Time Bomb" on radio in Toronto. A ballad and a rocker but both just as good as each other. The album, as with all of MGB's work, is a slow burn and took me time to get into. Once I listened to this, plus his earlier work it was a natural to get "The Audio Of Being".
All of the band's work is great and Matt Good has an excellent voice for the music he writes. Some of the lyrics are obtuse or cryptic, but I listen to this album all the time, some two years after I bought it and never tire of it. This is a sure sign to me that it is something out of the box.
I notice one reviewer gave this album one star and said it should be avoided at all costs. I don't know which album he was listening to, but it wasn't the "Beautiful Midnight" I know and really love. Try it, you'll like it.
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on August 29, 2002
(I'm referring to the American version, which is sold here).
Despite me knowing just about all the songs on this cd two years before its American release (I used to get the real Much Music), I got this cd when it came out last year, and was blown away by its content. Despite having 3 songs off the previously released album "Underdogs" (Deep Six, Apparitions, and Everything Is Automatic), it was assembled so that even the old songs fit in nicely to the mix. (if you havent heard the 3 songs on the REAL release of this cd, I suggest you do. They're called "Let's Get It On" "Going All The Way" and "I Miss New Wave")
The cd keeps the pace going throughout the length of it, with all the songs flowing nicely into one another. Its concept is also even more involving (that being: the cd is a trip through one night in the life of an undescribed person.)
A great listen...and one that you'll listen to over and over and over (listen to raygun, you'll ge the idea ;)
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on December 12, 2001
Folks, for the love of god, don't buy this version of beautiful midnight. Buy the Canadian one. Don't get me wrong, if you can't afford the import, just buy this album anyway. But, for some seriously [whacked out] reason, MGB's record company thought it would be a good idea to replace "Going all the way" and "I miss new wave" with [songs] like Deep Six and Apparitions. I hate those songs. Matt Good hates those songs. Ask any Canadian Matt Good fan which two they would rather hear and i guarantee they'll say GATW and new wave. Because folks, the fact is that you can't mess with this album. After Jenni's song and its intense emotion, there's nothing i like better than to close my eyes and let the resonating opening notes of Going all the way ring through my head. It's simply the best song on this album, it almost makes me cry sometimes. And they replaced it, with what? Apparitions? (...) Matt, where the [heck] were you while they were butchering your album? Oh, and this version also does not include the words "ritalin", "radio shack", "machine gun", or "kill". Seriously, what the [heck]? Move to canada, folks!
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on December 4, 2001
The best thing I can say about the American version of "Beautiful Midnight", is that it gives Americans a chance to hear both "Aparitions", (the best song from their previous album.), and "Hello Time Bomb" on the same album. These are respectively the best slow song and the best fast song that MGB has put out.
But, unfortuantely, I don't think Americans can appreciate MGB's gretaest album in the version that is available in their country. Sadly, in the process of adding songs from their previous album, "Underdogs", two amazing songs from the Canadain version of "Beautiful Midnight" are missing from the American version. The first is "I Miss New Wave" - a very powerful and melancholy song. The second is "Going All The Way" - an ironically upbeat song about how "there is nothing left to die for and all our beauty is just decay."; this is one of the catchiest damn tunes this band has put out. It's a shame that they had to replace these great songs with something like "Deep Six" - not one of my favourites.
Having said that, this album still deserves a five-star rating. I love "Failing The Roarsarch Test". And one of the most brilliant songs that Matt Good has ever written and performed has to be "A Boy and his Machine Gun" - this song was chillingly written months before the Columbine High School incident, and the fact that Matt sings these disturbing lyrics in such a gentle voice makes it even more powerful.
I would urge Americans to buy the Canadian version of "Beautiful Midnight". But, if you honestly cannot be bothered, there are still songs on the American version that should not be missed. I hope you will be converted.
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on November 12, 2001
All I can say is Wow about this album. Tracks like "Apparitions", "Suburbia", and "Strange Days" fill in your moody side while "Hello Time Bomb" and "Load Me Up" help you through your angry moments. "Running For Home" is almost not even a song, it's rather just a pure emotion injected into your mind. The piano accompaniment makes that track a masterpiece. In a time where music is a big black hole of soulless pop and meaningless rock, Matthew Good Band comes in to save the day. The guy is a song-writing master, and everyone should be thankful that he decided to be in a band instead of being a history teacher. The hyperCD feature is a plus which allows you access special stuff on your computer. The only drawback is the fact that the version of the CD released in the US lost some of it's original Canadian tracks and were instead replaced with "Apparitions" "Deep Six" and "Everything is Automatic" from Underdogs. While they are definitely good songs, it detracts from the overall product of what was supposed to be a concept album. (That's the single reason why I gave this four stars instead of five.) I still emphatically push Beautiful Midnight for anyone who likes music with substance. Being that I don't have a car, I walk around town a lot. This album is practically permanently cemented to my Discman for when I'm walking around. I steal lines from their songs and write them on the walls of my room. I used to think the best band to come from Canada was the Barenaked Ladies, but Matthew Good Band is presenting BNL with some serious competition. Go buy this album! Now!
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