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on March 8, 2004
Somewhere I read that a viewer rated this movie as having 10 stars, in part because of what it was about, but mostly because of how it made them feel. And how does it make me feel, like I am thirteen all over again. As Jesse puts it, NICE! This little gem of a movie has stayed with me for years and I surprise myself on how much of it I remember. I only saw it once 26 years ago and I still remember it as though I saw it yesterday.
I have read from other comments that it was viewed as a afternoon school special in 1979. But I recall that it was shown on prime time the year before. One of those movie of the week things. I had kept, for almost 10 years, the t.v. guide clipping of the film so I know the year of the original release was 1978. On the clipping, Michael's age was written down as 19, not 17. I don't know if that was a T.V. guide error or if it was the original age his character was suppose to be and they later changed it because the age difference was larger. Sadly, the clipping is long gone, having been discarded a few years after college when I cleared my stuff from my parents place.
Watching the film again brought me back to the end of eight grade when I first saw it. Being the same age as Jesse in the movie, I was just months away from turning 14. Unlike the movies, I wasn't lucky enough to get a gorgeous, rock star, boyfriend, but it was and still is fun to see how Jesse got hers. It's a rare film that lasts through the years and changing times and still packs an emotional wallop. The message remains the same. Your first love, will always be the sweetest, most fondly remembered moment.
I just ordered the DVD of the movie, as well as the three books (Sooner or Later, Waiting Games, Now or Never) since I only discovered they are now available. I read from other viewer comments that the third book ends abruptly, leaving the door open for a fourth book? Seems the story of Michael and Jesse is not yet over. I hope Bruce and Carole Hart will heed our plea and conclude the Michael and Jesse story with a happy send off.
The songs were wonderful, "Simply Jesse" being my favorite with "You take my Breath Away" a very close second. It's a film you can watch again and again. Though dated, it's appeal is still strong. A nice glance back to our teenage years during the late seventies, early eighties, when Shaun Cassidy was the latest hottie, station wagons ruled the roads, and feathered hair was the look to die for.
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on May 15, 2001
When I was a kid, back before knowing what 'romance' or 'true love' was, I remember watching this movie with great awe. Completely made up as an After School Special, I remember getting lost in the story of a 13 year old girl falling in love with the older man of her dreams. While the movie has lost some of it's luster now that I see it with an adult's eyes, it remains innocent and fun to watch. I was surprised to realize that I even remembered alot of the great songs and lines from the movie as I watched it. From Jessie's make-over in the local Gimbles department store to her chocolate cake bindge over losing her love, you just have to smile. You can imagine my surprise though when I found the movie I loved as a kid was brought back and re-made into DVD. Needless to say, I immediately bought a copy on And I couldn't be any happier. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, it stared late 70s/early 80s teen idol Rex Smith. If nothing else, you'll have a great time watching the star's outragious clothing and hair styles.
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on May 31, 2004
Having been in Jr.High/Middle School, when this movie was originally released in 1978, I can honestly say that this movie stuck with me for all of these years. I still own the vinyl copy of the soundtrack from 1978. Furthermore, I was so thrilled to purchase it on VHS, and now DVD. If any of you remember this time period, you know that this movie will take you back to those old feelings, when you saw an older boy and wished that he could be yours. When you got him, you felt scared, and alive. This movie will bring back those wonderful feelings and more. In addition, this is where the song "You take my breath away" was originally released. Rex Smith is a charmer and oh so handsome. You'll simply love it!
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on April 20, 2004
I Love this movie i remember seeing it when it air on TV in the 70's. I was 10 years old back then i only seen it once and then i was watching VH-1 and they had on Where are they now,in 2002 and Rex Smith was feature on thier. They shown the movie sooner or later and thought Wow i remember that movie so i went to Amazon and it was available to order it and ive been watching ever since! Rex Smith and Denise Miller they really brought thier charters to Life! Its a magicial Love story its about growing up and falling in Love for the first time like it was for Jessie. I do remember Denise Miller i remember her in the TV series the Fish and Archie Bunker's Place and of course the Sooner or Later Movie. I am Really wondering what she doing now i read on another post she is a make up artist in LA, Last year i seen her in a Wine Commerical i was so surprise to reconize her and right away! Anyone know if she is still acting or married or does she have any children? I wouild like more info on her im a big fan of hers she is great she is so cute in that movie. If anyone has info please let me know my email is Thanks
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on April 13, 2001
I am so excited that this movie has been released again. I just got my DVD a couple of days ago. I never got to see it on t.v., and had rented it several times a few years ago. Then it disappeared from the video store. I have been a big fan of Rex Smith since I was 9 years old, and he is just so sexy and talented in this movie. It's his showcase. He has an amazing singing voice, and is such a charming actor. He really brings Michael Skye to life!! All the other actors in this film are great too. It's a romance/comedy/drama about a teenager, Jessie. She's thirteen, and falls in love with Michael Skye(who wouldn't?). She tells him alot of lies to be with him. This is a very endearing film and it has stood the test of time. I don't know if the guys will like it, but will enjoy this movie!! Whether you are 13 or 31!!! Watch it and see how it turns out. You'll also get to hear Rex Smith perform, and I think the songs are great. Very catchy tunes. Hopefully they will put it on CD as my old LP is very scratched!!! This is probably the best t.v. movie ever made , in my opinion. I don't know why this movie ever disappeared. I'm just glad it's back as it truly is BETTER THAN IT'S EVER BEEN...
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on February 7, 2013
This Movie is exactly what every one of us went through, when we were teenagers......but with a twist. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will reminiss about those years, when we did anything and everything, just to get noticed. This is a movie that is great for teenagers through to the adults. You wiil laugh at the comedic scenes, cry at the tenderness, and also that sore throat, you get when you get all choked up. And after the movie, I guarentee that this movie, will have you talking about the fashions, the music, and laugh or cry about a first love, or crush. Highly recommended, for gigggles, tears, and toe tapping music. At least it was........when we remember.....back then.
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on March 7, 2004
I remember watching Sooner or Later when it aired on TV when I was 13 years old, just a few months away from turning 14. I watched it because Denise Miller who was in one of my favorite TV shows was in it and I thought it was an entertaining movie and Denise Miller was good as the 13 year old girl in a hurry to grow up and date so she goes to a mall and gets a makeover that makes her look older so when she meets and falls in love with a 17 or 18 year old guy who wants to be a rockstar she lies and tells him she is 16 years old and they start dating. This movie introduced me to Rex Smith and I thought he was very good and also gorgeous and I have been a fan ever since!
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on June 21, 2002
so fans could watch the magical love story of Jessie Walters and Michael Skye. I recently ordered the DVD version and can hardly wait to get it! This movie came out as an ABC after school special when I was 15 years old and I was instantly smitten with Rex Smith and his sexy, shy portrayal of Michael Skye.
This movie holds a special place in my heart because it mirrored my own life. I know exactly how Jessie feels when she falls for an "older" man. All ages will enjoy this movie thoroughly. I have watched my VHS version several times now and cannot get enough of it.
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on August 22, 2002
I never forgot this little movie, it's the kind that gets under your skin and you dont forget so always kept my eyes peeled for when it might be reissued. I am so glad to have found it! When it first came out when I was about 19 I watched it over and over, I just loved it and it was a wonderful story, Denise Miller, who portrayed the female lead is sadly a much overlooked and forgotten actress - who works now as a Makeup Artist in LA. I just saw her a few months ago and she is still one of the most attractive ladies around, and super nice too.
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on April 6, 2002
I can't wait to get this DVD! For over 20 years I have been waiting to see this movie again. I saw it at age 12 when it first aired and, like others my age, immediately fell in love with Rex Smith. In my dreams, I was the girl in this movie. A few years ago while grocery shopping, I heard one of the songs from the movie, "You Take My Breath Away," (one of my all time faves), and right in the middle of the grocery store I started to cry! I couldn't help it! After almost 20 years, all those adolescent emotions were still there!...
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