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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 3, 2004
You'll like him once you get your hands on this plethora of Michael Jackson's greatest and most well-known short films of the 80's and 90's, simply titled "Video Greatest Hits: HIStory". Michael Jackson, with his outstanding efforts in music and entertainment, stands tall as one of the pioneers of music and music videos, and this immaculate collection of short films proves just that.
This DVD (or VHS, whichever you may have) features 10 of Michael's top short films, all in their full-length, uncut entirety!!!
The lineup of short films include:
1. Brace Yourself (A Kaleidoscope of Michael Jackson HIStory) : Although it is not a short film, it does give you a taste of Michael Jackson's impact on the world of music, the fans, and the world, and puts out a simple message: Brace Yourself.
2. Billie Jean - The popular video that single-handedly broke the barrier between not only man and music, but also the color barrier on MTV, as he became the first black musical artist to have a video shown on MTV.
3. The Way You Make Me Feel - A great video all by itself, this video, which lasts nearly 9 1/2 minutes, features Michael at a high point in his career, with his innovative dance moves and impeccable standards for music!
4. Black Or White - This video, aired in 1991 on many broadcast stations around the nation, started the beginning of Michael's music onslaught of the 90's...and a lot of controversy as well. This video, featuring dance moves galore and a kaleidoscope of nations around the world, also featured a scene at the end, most commonly called "the panther scene", as it features a panther who morphs into Michael Jackson and then dances in the street, ravaging a car with gang and racist graffiti sprayed on the windows, and sexy yet somewhat disturbing gyrations with his crotch. This scene sparked outrage, but no matter what, this is one of his best short films.
5. Rock With You - A video made in 1979 features Michael Jackson dancing in a sparkling jumpsuit, singing. It doesn't seem like much, but the countless lights and other special effects you will see definitely make it worthwhile
6. Bad - Directed by world-renown director Martin Scorsese, This full 18 minute long version follows a high school kid (played by Michael) who goes to a private school. When school lets out he then goes home to visit his friends, who get the feeling that he has changed, and he's not "bad" anymore. Michael proves that he is, though, by showing off many mezmorizing dance moves. The choreography in this short film is just too good for anybody but Michael to perform. This video is probably one of his greatest.
7. Thriller - This short film showed that one man can indeed change the way people look at the connection between music and film. Michael does a fantastic job in this video, with the sometimes-crazy choreography and such. A must-see for any person, MJ fan or not. Directed by John Landis.
8. Beat It - Michael does it again with this music video, as it follows two gangs and their vendettas between each other. Again, the choreography is to die for, and the layout is just spectacular!
9. Remember The Time - Michael will blow you away in this short film featuring Michael, comedian/actor Eddie Murphy, supermodel Iman, and basketball legend Magic Johnson. Set in Egypt, Michael dazzles even the faithless soul with dance moves, special effects, and anything you would wish for in a short film. Definitely one to see!
10. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson's first major music video features special effects and pretty good dancing. Good for its time, but unfortunately does not stand the test of time as well as people hoped. A good video though.
11. Heal The World - Not a short film, but rather a look into the heartache of sick and dying children around the world. Michael, in this video, hopes to touch your heart with this video and hopes that you can do what you can to "Heal The World".
In closing, Michael Jackson proves to be the single greatest musical icon that the world has ever seen, and not a single person can make the same impact that Michael has made in music!
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on July 2, 2004
Honestly, I love Michael Jackson's music and have purchased History 2 on VHS (the gold box) and Dangerous: The Short Films before I got this. I was excited because I thought I would see some things different on this DVD, but it's all the same! You're better off purchasing Dangerous: The Short Films or History 2 because most of the same material on this video is on the others, and the others have some new added footage.
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on December 30, 2003
This DVD collection is a must have for lovers of M.J. and great music. You get M.J.'s newest sound as well as the 80's and 70's hits that made him the icon he is today. The video collection is entertaining but leaves a lot to be desired for true M.J. fans.
First of all the quality of the older videos ( Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Beat It and Billie Jean ) were pitiful. It was as if the videos were taken straight from an unclear cable channel. This was definitely not what I expected to find in a DVD. The entire first half of Bad is unclear and the film seems worn and old. Thriller has as much static as a low rated cable network. The people who made this collection should have been a shamed trying to shove off such terrible copies of these videos to the public. The upside was that the newer videos were very clear and vibrant with color. Remember the Time is the most beautiful-looking video in the entire collection. Along with the lyrics, the color of the video makes the song come alive.
I loved being able to get these fabulous videos on DVD but I expected a lot more.
1) This DVD would have been outstanding if it featured behind the scenes looks of how the videos were filmed and interviews with dancers, and looks at how the dances for the videos were handled.
2) Commentary from Michael himself or the directors of the videos would have also enhanced this.
3) More videos- I'm sorry but some of Michael's best like ( Leave Me Alone, In the Closet, Jam, Speed Demon, Off The Wall and Man In The Mirror ) were completely ignored and forgotten. The fans deserve to see more videos included in the collection M.J. calls History.
These things along with better quality would have made this DVD a masterpiece. I pray that the next DVD release of Michael's videos truly stands out. This was a good release if you just want to watch videos, but the cheap quality of his most loved video releases diminished Michael's important presence as a world known icon and music legend.
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on December 9, 2003
This is a great collection of MJ's videos from the 70s up until the early 90s. Sound quality was excellent including the newer videos done in 5.1 sound. Video quality for the most part was good. Some of them were grainy.
Video highlights include
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - I had no idea this was a music video. It's amazing to see Michael as he used to look.
Rock With You - I remember seeing this in the 70s with him dancing in front of a laser beam.
Billie Jean - Of course! Another one off the Thriller album.
Beat It - ... a nose job later... The classic video from the 80s. Brought back memories of MTV and wearing out my Thriller album on my small record player. Of course, this song and video was parodied by Weird Al... but that's another DVD.
Thriller - ok... admit it, remember when Michael turned around and shouted "GO AWAY!" in that demonic voice and you jumped out of your skin? 20 years later the effects look SO cheesy and basically I "died" laughing at the goofy looking costumes that I thought were so scary as a kid.
... another nose job later...
Bad - This is another full version video. I was expecting Michael to start blowing up and instantly gaining weight.. Ooops... again, Weird Al parodied this video but you can't beat the 18 minute original.
Black Or White - er... WHITE as in Michael starts turning white but still looking good. This is yet another triumphant but controversial video. The McCauley Culkin bit in the beginning was a little bit cheesy but when the music starts, the cheese ends. This was a high-budget video with computer video editing (state of the art for 1990). This includes the scene where Michael's a panther and then he turns into himself, then grabs his crotch lots of times and bashes a car with racist sayings painted on it.
Remember The Time - This is actually my least favorite of the videos. It's still a great video with the high-tech stuff but at that point in the 90s it was just another high-tech video.
Heal The World - yeah, that's good too.
If you like MJ and like to see a few of his "long" videos, get this DVD. Of course if you want the 20 minute "Smooth Criminal" video, get Moonwalker.
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on October 15, 2003
This DVD is a great collection of Michael Jackson's videos that were put out from 1979 to 1992. "Thriller" is represented here by "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and the 15 minute masterpiece "Thriller." "BAD" is represented by "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Bad." "Off The Wall" is represented by "Rock With You", and "Dangerous" is represented by "Black or White", possibly Michael's last true "hit single (1991)." Also included are the tracks "Don't Stop...", "Heal the World", and "Remember the Time." The videos "Bad (1987)", "Black or White (1991)", and "The Way you make Me Feel (1987)", are the full-length versions, which are unique to this special "DVD version" of "HIStory", released in 2001. Highlights include "Remember the Time", with Eddie Murphy, "Rock With You", "Billie Jean" and one of my personal favorites 1983's "Beat It." Be sure to pick up this, along with "HIStory Volume II", the next time you go DVD shopping. You won't be disappointed by any of these ten ground-breaking music videos.
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on December 18, 2002
Michael Jackson does look different now...yes thats true, but that is no reason to degrate him. Yes he's been through a lot with all that plastic surgery and his visits to court and being called a child molestor, but that doesn't mean he didn't give us a lot.
I admit, I'm not a big fan of his new stuff...but I'm absolutely CRAZY about what he did in the 70's, 80's, and early 90's. Before he lost his mind and became too wierd looking (actually I honestly didn't think he looked that bad in the Dangerous era).
These videos are classics! I don't know where music videos would be without BEAT IT or BILLIE JEAN! Without these two (yes I know, "what about Thriller" well Beat It and Billie Jean came first). I liked all these videos because of his dancing (Thriller and Bad have the best choreographies). MJ could really move.
One of my gripes however is that I wished the videos had been in chronological order. Also, I'm saddened that Smooth Criminal wasn't there (even it was really long and would've taken up 1/3 of the DVD), and I don't know what it is but "Heal the World"? I'm not sure that I approve of that..."Man in the Mirror" was WAY better than "Heal the World", I admit the song was good but the music video doesn't depict it right.
We got "Thriller" the ULTIMATE MUSIC VIDEO!!! In my opinion NOTHING will ever top Thriller. Eventhough Thriller is the best video, my personal favorite (besides Beat It and Billie Jean) was Black or White. I remembered when that video first came out and he was smashing the car (I thought he was crazy too...) and grabbing his crotch like some....well you know. But when you actually see it with the racial grafite it changes all that (except the crotch grabbing what the hell was that all about?).
The rarely seen long version of THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is seen as well as the NEVER commercially released ROCK WITH YOU and the never before seen 18 minute long version of BAD.
my gripes with the DVD are that it doesn't have enough special feature. LIke there's no 5.1 surround Sound and the picture is really dark, and if you put the lyrics on they might be a little dipped into the screen. Also, we only got ten of the music videos! I guess it was okay though the videos are great!
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on June 18, 2002
Many people around my age (teenagers) don't even know most of what Michael Jackson did now and to me thats really sad. Well I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and have been since I was five. Michael Jackson showed us that actions can speak louder than words. His videos have a way of showing you what its all about.
BILLIE JEAN is a video that struck me as something never to forget. All the videos are spectacular because The King of Pop does something you don't much of anymore, DANCING!
THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is a video that again won't be soon forgotten and once again shows that lyrics aren't everything and that love triumphs. Not to mention that this ia also a video about being yourself.
BLACK OR WHITE is a video telling us how bad racism can be but it shows that color skin doesn't matter. At the end where he does the panther dance (one of his best dances ever I think!) you see him smash a car that has racial graffiti all over it and see him smah windows that have other graffiti.
There are many others including what I think is his best, THRILLER. Also another good one was DON'T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH from one of his earliest albums.
I'd recomend this even if you aren't a fan of Michael Jackson. Some of his songs such as HEAL THE WORLD and BLACK OR WHITE really help you notice what's wrong with society. They aren't about lyrics they're about life lessons and learning.
Also its nice to see that there is still SOMEONE out there that can dance and isn't afraid to show it.
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on March 1, 2002
No one has as much great music videos or "Short Films" as Michael Jackson has. This DVD shows that MJ is a "Trend Setter" and not a "Trend Follower". Michael's videos are very original and different. Here are the 10 videos:
1) BILLIE JEAN - This video is great. It goes very well with the song. I'm sure you all saw it.
2)*THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Long Version) - This is a rarely seen 9:30 min. version of this video. It has a whole beginning when MJ tries to fit in with hoodlums.
3)*BLACK OR WHITE - The Best Video on here!! The Complete Version, with the ending, when MJ is dancing in the alley, and smashing the windows with the car. This is the uncensored version, with the bad words spraypainted on the car. It ends with Bart and Homer Simpson.
4) ROCK WITH YOU - This is so Old School. Michael is dancing in this really tacky suit, with all these lights on him. Klassic MJ video!
5)*BAD (Long Version)- This is the 2nd best video on here!! It's like a movie!! Michael plays a character named Darryl in this video. The long version has never been released on TV. Only on this DVD and MJ's Website.
6) THRILLER - You guys have seen it tons of times. You know how good it is!
7) BEAT IT - This video is pretty cool. The dancing at the end is good.
8) REMEMBER THE TIME - This video takes place in Egypt, when Michael entertains the queen. The dance break in this video is sweet.
9) DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH - like "Rock with you" this video is klassic! Michael dances while different backgrounds are behind him.
10) HEAL THE WORLD - This is the reason why I onle gave this DVD 4.5 stars. Why is this video on here? I understand that Michael wants to heal the world, but couldn't he do it somewhere else? He could've put something better on here (along with the HIStory CD), like "Smooth Criminal", or "In The Closet". I'm sorry, this video does NOT fit in with the rest.
The DVD also has the lyrics that can go along with the video, and it show MJ's discography, also.
Besides "Heal the World" this DVD is awesome. Especially since all of the videos are full length and some are not the short ones that they play on TV. Get this DVD!!! It's Worth it.
* "Bad" and "The Way You Make me Feel" were not full length on the VHS version of this video, so that is why it is listed as "long version". Also, on the VHS version of this video, at the end of the "Black Or White" video, there is no spraypaint on the car, because of the bad words.
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on January 5, 2002
Ok, I love Michael Jackson like the next fan. Having that established, my review is not like some of the others who use this as an opportunity to say how great he is. Let's talk about this DVD as a product. It's horrible. The quality is so grainy and you see digital blips at a distracting rate (Especially in The Way You Make Me Feel). Sure we have longer versions and other videos that are rarely seen - good keepers for our children and our children's children (yes, I'm mocking that line in Heal the World), but we also bought the DVD hoping to see DVD quality. Watching some of these videos on regular TV would be more clear than watching it on the DVD. I was very disappointed. One time I wondered if I was viewing the result of a video camera taping a movie screen. History part II on DVD is incredible (MTV music awards performance being the best I have ever seen and seen and re-seen! So I was expecting at least the same level of picture and sound quality like its later release. Also, there is no surround sound (5.1) on History part I like there is on History part II. On a few songs, it sounds like they added the voice track over the regular sound track to give it a sense of "surround." Horrible sound production. I'm not being picky here, it sounds like you're in a cave with so much echo (For those of you who have it, listen to Black or White in 5.1 mode, for example). And why do we need Thriller on History part I and II? Why not include that "Making of Thriller" documentary that we all remember on MTV and HBO in the 80s? Nothing. Just the Thriller video that is redundant with the Part II DVD.
I'd seriously consider NOT buying this one if I were you. Try to rent it or borrow it first so you know what you're going to get. Don't get me wrong, he's the KING OF POP, blah blah, blah, but I do have technical standards now that DVDs are the norm.
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on November 25, 2001
I've been a big fan of Michael Jackson ever since I heard the "BAD" album for the first time in the early '90s. I've heard his music before hand of course, but never really paid much attention. When I bought my first video from Michael called "Moonwalker", I was hooked. This video was amazing and I was highly impressed with his dancing especially with "Smooth Criminal". I love to dance today, because of Michael Jackson's music videos like "Billie Jean : Motown 25 Performance", "Thriller", and "Smooth Criminal". After I purchased "Moonwalker", I bought all of Michael's solo albums on tapes at first then on CDs, than I bought Jackson 5 (Motown) / Jacksons (Epic) albums on CDs and tapes, than I ventured on to buy as many music videos of him as I can find. At the time I was a fanatic, I couldn't find his best music videos on film in one collection, so when the "Michael Jackson: Video Greatest Hits - HIStory" came out on VHS, I was highly excited and bought it the first day it was released on VHS in 1995. I was very happy with this video, but a little disappointed that the "BAD" music video was shortened. Now in 2001, I bought the DVD version and I'm happy to say that "BAD" video is in it's entirety, with Wesley Snipes and all the drama.
The DVD features:
- Brace Yourself
- Billie Jean
- The Way You Make Me Feel (complete version)*
- Black Or White (complete version)
- Rock With You
- BAD (complete version)*
- Thriller
- Beat It
- Remember The Time
- Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
- Heal The World
* In it's entirety, unlike the VHS version
If you have the VHS version, getting the DVD would still be highly worthwhile just for "BAD" and "The Way You Make Me Feel" short films. I can't wait for the next Michael Jackson music video to come out, it's probably going to have "You Rock My World" music video, I know it's going to be phenomenal.
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