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on August 25, 2002
This has to be one of the saddest attempts to bring the Pearl Harbor attack to the screen that I have ever witnessed. Part of that sadness comes from so many good actors trying their best, but ultimately in vain, to save this turkey.
The names just leap out at you; Robert Wagner, Dennis Weaver, Angie Dickinson, Lesley Ann Warren, Brian Dennehy, Richard Anderson, Adam Arkin, Marion Ross, and others. You'd think with a cast like that, the project would be a real winner. Apparently, that's what the producers thought as well, which is why the entire enterprise is practically on auto-pilot, left to direct itself.
Large chunks of footage from the classic film "Tora! Tora! Tora!" are inserted ham-fistedly in a precursor to the near-criminal lifting of an entire action segment of "Clear and Present Danger" in an episode of "JAG". Even worse, the producers were too lazy to add subtitles for the Japanese sequences, opting instead to use some very weak voice-over translations. The effect adds even more to the cheap feel of the production.

Time is oddly relative here, expanded to a point that a given part of the attack that in reality lasted a few hours becomes a day-long event, yet the dialogue, position of the sun throughout, and other strange anomalies all point to a short lapse of time. Once the attack is finally over, there is little or no activity in the hospital, and so Dr. Carol Lang can simply wander out the door as if it had just been another day at the office.
Other glaring errors pop up again and again. For example, we see the same shot of an ambulance pulling up in front of the hospital, and a man in a white suit exit his car and run over to the ambulance... three times, all in the space of twenty minutes.
Angie Dickinson's character spends the entire second half of the film wandering around Pearl Harbor in a daze, visiting Hickam Field, and winding up in a final confrontation with her husband that strains credibility well past the breaking point, and wastes time for everyone; character, actor, and viewer alike.
Sadly, there are some good moments here, but they are so buried beneath the tripe of melodrama and soap opera antics that they can't salvage the project.
The big names do their best, of course. Robert Wagner is the main hero, and Dennis Weaver plays the uptight, bureaucratic, bigoted and power-hungry Colonel who Wagner works for. Both are great. A young Adam Arkin is just fine in his role, and when she isn't being a soap opera diva and spouting such tripe as (in answer to the question of what's going to happen when she confronts her husband the Colonel), "Pearl Harbor... MY version!" The final resolution for Lesley Ann Warren's Dr. Carol Lang will also make you want to cringe, as it is equally poorly written.

Some of the particularly stand-out performances are mostly among the supporting players, probably because they were left to their own devices to portray their characters their own way. Audra Lindley (forever famous as Mrs. Roper on "Three's Company"), does worlds with what little screen time she has as the General's wife. Marion Ross (another TV favorite, Mrs. Cunningham of "Happy Days"), is absolutely stellar as the wife of Commander North, who in turn is played brilliantly by Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman of "Six Million Dollar Man" fame). Yet all three are but bit players throughout the proceedings.
The real tragedy is not that this miniseries is melodrama, or that there are one or two weak performances, or even that we must endure a wealth poorly-written dialog. The tragedy here is that the producers thought they could take one of the major historical events of the Twentieth Century and of American History, turn it into a soap opera, and get by with splicing in action scenes from a classic war film. Even worse, they made little or no effort to make the project actually work.
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on May 18, 2001
"Pearl",the Miniseries,is excellent and worth both purchasing and viewing. The plot centers on the drama in the lives of Hawaiian citizens,Naval Personnel,and those they are involved with,days before "the day"that will live infamy,World War II. The movie's cast include a impressive list of "stars"that today are regarded as "superstars" Although,the first half of the film deals with the emotional drama of the men and the women involve in their lives.The struggles both personally and professionally shows their weaknesses and strengths,they have to survive the coming days of chaos. The "center" dramatic part to me was the moment of the suprise attack,during the attack when people scrambled for their lives,and the naval forces grouping to fight back,and the sadness of the lives lost. Both men and women will find this captivating,and worth viewing again...and again!!
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on March 22, 2004
I will admit at times that the story is a bit overdone. But overall I really enjoyed this story or series of stories. Most of the war epics I have seen spend a lot of time on special effects over actual characterization and story. I personally did not see that Ben Affleck movie because I think that he is a terrible and over-rated actor! I enjoyed this movie because the stories all touched a nerve. I loved Angie Dickenson's character. This is saying a lot considering that I am not a fan of hers! I have met people that are a little like all of the characters in this movie. I give it five stars because frankly, any movie made 20 or more years ago is probably better than the stuff I have seen produced today.
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on May 30, 2001
Although I rated Pearl,the Miniseries five stars,some people would disagree basing their evaulation by today's standards. But in the 70's when miniseries I believe were at their peak,this was a miniseries of magnum production. An all star cast tells the story of careers and personal emotional turmoil before the confrontation of the "day which will live infamy" World War II. The emotional center of the film is the deadly surprise attack,and the aftermath of the realization that "paradise" is not immuned to the ugliness of war,and sadness of death. I believe both men and women would enjoy this film,for the I think the film has something for each.
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on June 1, 2001
The dialoge, plot, and the acting on this mini-series is about as bad as the daytime soaps are. TV Mini-series are seldom any good, often relying on cheesy stories to try and interest the audience and this series fails on all fronts. The attack and it's effects on the characters are under-welming and really fail to catch convey any sense of heightened or serious drama. Some have bashed the movie; Pearl Harbor, well they should save their negative comments for this mini-series because it really is bad drama.
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on December 7, 2001
This miniseries is obviously wasted on anyone who doesnt like classics. The story is told from several different points of view and i think it gives a more humanistic view of the attack then The 2001 movie does. The special effects Arent Drastically over done as in the new hollywood version. For someone who likes a more dramatic movie and less of a Hollywood overkill this would suit perfectly.
This is definatly not a movie for anyone who has seen and enjoyed the special effects in Die hard.
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