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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on December 6, 2001
Unlike Storm in which every song was distinct and unique, Subject to Change seems rather vague and hazy. Most of the songs are quite similar and seem to run around the same themes. Can't tell them apart. They could have been the same song for all i knew and they are good only as background music when i'm reading or studying. Her violin playing in this cd wasn't very obvious; often drowned out by the other instruments. Definitely not up to the standards of Storm and The Violin Player. Seems like she got so caught up with experimenting that she has neglected the violin.
The songs with vocals were more outstanding, particularly White Bird. Though the lyrics themself seemed a bit cliched at times (ok i'm not much of a literary critic so maybe you others might not feel the same) i like the song and her style. The other tracks with vocals were quite nice too even though i don't understand the language. I found track 10 and 12 really sexy and fun. V-Mae's voice isnt that great, but like I said, she has her own distinct style and it's worth listening. That's why i gave this cd 3 stars.
Oh yeah, the excessive photos of her in the booklet inside really put me off. Call me a prude or whatever: What is she selling? Her music or her looks? It reminds me way too much of boybands plastering their faces all over posters and magazines in order to attract fans. C'mon V-Mae, you don't need that. What we want from you is your _music_ not your pretty pictures.
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on September 19, 2001
Being a Vanessa-Mae fan, I picked this up the first time I saw it in a store without reading any reviews. I have her previous album, Storm, and after listening to this, my first impression was that it was much better. She is a very fine violin player but what I find stands out the most are her songwriting skills, best shown on tracks like Yantra, Night Flight and Destiny. What is a shame though, is that aside from those tracks, it seems like the rest of the songs are all space-fillers and really lack any effort in the making. Perhaps it would have been better if she did some more classical remakes like on her previous pop albums instead of using original tracks.
Also, like a previous reviewer felt, I thought it would probably have been better if she stuck to the violin and away from the microphone. She has a beautiful voice, but it is not really suited to the tracks on this CD.
Nonetheless, despite its problems, I enjoy it very much, and although I find there are a lack of good songs, the few that are here are so amazing that they are worth the whole import price of the CD. It's a great getaway from all the other all-too-similar pop out there.
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on July 24, 2001
When I heard that this album was an import, I kind of grimaced at the prospect of paying an import price... however, I'm really happy with the final product, and think it was worth the extra $... The first single is "Destiny", a dance/techno instrumental --- very powerful, and a major production.
The second single is "White Bird", which marks Vanessa's debut as a vocalist (besides the isolated songs on "Storm"). The track breaks between vocals and her smooth violin solos.
My favorite track by far, however, is called "Night Flight"... for some reason, this lite-dance instrumental really moved me! Not sad, but melancholy... if you have to listen to one track off of the album, this would definitely be it!
The rest of the tracks are mostly new compositions, instrumentals with an electronic edge... Vanessa's gorgeously flowing playing throughout. WELL WORTH THE EXTRA IMPORT CHARGE! :-)
Standout tracks: Yantra, Destiny, Clear Like Ice, and Night Flight (which is my personal favorite)...
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on January 17, 2002
The new album by Vanessa Mae marks a return to her first work. Unlike "Storm", "Subject to Change" offers more instrumental tracks, and does not sound as eclectic.
* The album is full of energy and catchy and simple tunes.
* It is rare to see such a packed album (65 minutes) these days.
* The tracks "Destiny" and "Laughing Buddha" are like "Red Hot", Mae's signature tune, on steroids. The album is worth its price for these two tracks; the rest is just a bonus.
* Vanessa Mae still thinks that when she sings in French, it will sound nicer. Among all those high-energy tracks, her singing feels a little out of place.
* The import version is a little pricey; you may want to wait for the US release.
Overall, Vanessa Mae has proven with her third pop album that she is here to stay, so get used to it.
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on August 24, 2001
Having been a Vanessa Mae fan for several years I was somewhat suprised at the apparent lack of effort she puts forth in her latest CD. I was excited about the prospect of a new release and was willing to pay the additional cost for an "import" after reading the previous four reviews. I listened to the CD for the first time today and frankly, I was disappointed. The CD has merit and that's why I gave it 3 stars. However, compared to previous works this one just doesn't stand up. You almost get the impression that she wanted to get something out there to make a few bucks. If I was trying to convince someone that Vanessa Mae is a talented artist that demands to be heard...this would not be the CD to use as an example. Sorry Vanessa, I think you're a great musician but you can do better.
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on October 5, 2001
Hi !
I'm new to the Vanessa Mae world, and bought this cd after viewing the video clip for WHITE BIRD ...
I believe it is unfair for an artist to actually promote an album using a video clip that contains a different version of a song then the one found on the actual album (WHITE BIRD in this case being the "airscape mix" -vs- "original single mix"... Which,of course, I found out after bying the cd !) Leading me to a disapointment for WHITE BIRD,It's specially in those cases that consumers are frustrated and are tempted to just "download" the songs from the internet... The artists should be aware of that fact and promote their songs with what their album is offering... This being said, it is an excellent & refreshing album !
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on November 11, 2001
Subject To Change is Vanessa-Mae's best Pop recording so far in her career. Nearly all of the tracks are outstanding. Ironically, the only track that I didn't like was White Bird, the most publicized recording on Subject To Change. The reason why I didn't like it was because it sounded bland and "commercialized," meaning that it's indistinguishable from other dance or "house music" songs you may hear.
Although all the songs are good, the one that I feel is most revealing is Jamais, a song about love and passion that gets really erotic. It kind of gives an imaginative glimpse of Vanessa-Mae in the embrace of another man. Interesting indeed!
Overall, this is a great CD from an artist who will only get better in time.
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on September 29, 2003
Quite simply, Mae's latest album takes off where her last one left off. She makes you wonder why rock and roll is associated with guitars, not violins.
Once again, she weds a dizzying array of synthesized and generated sounds with violin playing of great warmth and dazzling virtousity. Expect beat-driven songs that combine her spiffy ability at the strings with various subgenres, as well as softer, more introspective pieces. The arrangements are classy as usual, and together with the well produced combinational elements, make for an entertaining album.
Caveat: it may get a little monotonous, but if you enjoyed Storm you will likely find something on Subject To Change to keep you interested.
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on November 25, 2001
Although I'm a fan of her other works, I found this album extraordinarily flat and unexciting. The music is mostly trite, with little energy or passion, and much of it sounds like it was turned out on a cheap keyboard synthesizer. Most disappointing of all, the focus here is not on her violin work, which is sometimes hard to pick out-- if it's there at all -- but on vocals and other pieces which are pleasant in their own way...but not what you buy a Vanessa Mae album for. Pleasant background music, inoffensive, but with none of the spark that makes her other albums so great, and many pieces that are little more than violin-assisted disco
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on July 25, 2001
I really liked her first two forays into the pop/classical genre. The refreshing takes on well-known classical pieces was fun, and the moods she created were great for dance/skating. This album seems to be much more of an artistic effort, and it shows a great deal of maturity in its compositions and the different instruments brought into the pieces. I haven't gotten on the ice with it, but it feels like it will be great to skate to. I just wish she would stay away from the vocal thing, it was the one drawback to "Storm" and this album has three songs with vocals which I will have to fast forward through I suppose.
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