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on January 2, 2004
The show is certainly exciting, but there are so many inconsistencies in it (plot, characters, etc), so many mistakes, etc. that it really spoils the enjoyment. Some of the plots only work because they assume total stupidity on the parts of people (that otherwise are supposed to be smart) that watching becomes frustrating and annoying. The series would have worked much better if someone had taken the trouble of doing some reality-testing on it (nothing too complex, but would a security-conscious company keep its security codes the same for more than 8 years?!) - such things keep happening. Good raw material, but wasted because of a lack of attention to detail. There are many far better shows available.
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on February 11, 2004
I started watching Alias when it first came out on television and after 3 episodes stopped watching.
I decided to give it a second chance and bought the first season.
I am halfway through it and I am amazed at how so many people have given 5 stars to this show.
Yes there are many good elements but the end result is lacking. What are some of my complaints:
1. One thing I cannot stand is how Sydney Bristow always gets caught by the bad guys in the middle of a mission. This, of course, so that she can show how she can perform pre-Matrix moves without losing her wig.
2. Even when she doesn't need to wear a disguise and it would make more sense to hide her hair inside a ski hat. She is shown in Barbie fashion......
3. She always gets away, of course, but one never sees how she really got out of an impossible situation.
4. I cannot stand how the songs describe exactly what she's going through at the moment, as if we were not smart enough to figure it out without the music....was the original soundtrack like this or have they had to change the songs due to copyrights?
What do I like about the show? I like all the actors' performances, and I'm sure they could do even better with better plots. I especially like the budding relationship between Garner and Vartan's characters. I like the actor who plays Will and his role is well written and developed.
So I agree with the reviewer who said it was brain candy. But the type that will rot your teeth (read lowers your IQ) if you are gullible enough to accept it as great television.
Want great television? Watch "The West Wing", and in the same action genre "24". You will not be disappointed.
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on May 22, 2004
A painful cross between a videogame and a soap opera, supervised by an anime robot. Watch it to find out why you don't watch TV.
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