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on July 28, 2003
DARK BLUE stars Kurt Russell as Eldon Perry, a corrupt LA cop who is also pretty racist. The movie is set in 1992, during the first Rodney King trial, and LA cops are feeling the brunt of civil rights complaints against them. This situation doesn't deter Eldon, who continues to beat and kill suspects at will. He also has to contend with an inexperienced partner (Scott Speedman) and a superior (Ving Rhames) who sees through him.
DARK BLUE was directed by Ron Shelton, who has done some really nice work, such as White Men Can't Jump and Bull Durham. Unfortunately, the direction is really poor here, and it looks and feels like a cable TV movie. The plot is also pretty hackneyed and too similar to "Training Day" (which was written by one of the same screenwriters).
The acting also is not very good, with some over-the-top performances from Ving Rhames and Brendan Gleeson. Despite an ok performance from Kurt Russell, this movie sinks under unbelievable situations and an attempt to give each character a sub-plot. None of the plot twists are surprising or satisfying. Finally, the movie uses the LA riots as a clumsy plot twist, without exploring the important underlying issues of race. Not recommended.
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on June 17, 2004
First of all, if you've already seen L.A. Confidential, skip this movie, because it's just a cheap rip-off of it. The only difference is that there's no mystery about it -- everything is completely straightforward, and the audience just waits for the disgusting characters to figure it out.
The first thing that made me angry about this film was its use of the Rodney King incident. I can't express how disgusted I am that this is continually used to show the "corruption" of police officers in our society. Of course what we didn't see was Rodney King fighting the cops, but since it's now frowned upon in our society for police officers to defend themselves, especially if the person attacking them is black, it's no surprise that the cops involved have all been made out to be Gestapo.
If you enjoy movies that insinuate that all white cops are crooked, bribe-taking, evidence-planting murderers, then please rent this film. Otherwise, avoid it at all costs.
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on April 16, 2004
Why is there no "0 Stars" selection? If there were, this movie would certainly be worthy of it.
Ok, where do I start? It's 1992, during the heat of the Rodney King cops trial and Kurt Russell's character is acting like it's 1950 -- he's literally roughing up anything that moves. Oh, and what does he instruct his partner to do when they have an unarmed suspect corned in an alley? He says "SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM!" while, get this, there is a police helicopter overhead and they can see a 5-year-old girl watching from her window. And the partner shoots the suspect dead!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?
This movie was such garbage. I can't express this enough. And when it was over, my father (a 30-year police vet) turned to me and said "What the @&%$* was that?" Turns out he and I both wanted to stop watching it after 5 minutes, but we didn't want to ruin the other person's experience. Had I known he wanted to stop watching, we would've stopped it after 5 minutes.
Take my word for it -- it doesn't get much worse than this. A close 2nd is COLD CREEK MANOR with Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid.
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