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on October 16, 2011
We've been watching each of the episodes every night and introducing them to our kids. They can't wait for Quantum Leap time and enjoy it as much as I used to as a kid. I did find the first season to be a little over-priced compared to the other Series sets since it has less shows on it but I guess it did the trick because it hooked me into buying the other seasons. The range of issues that are covered during the shows are impressive and has certainly generated a lot of talk about that past with the kids. Enjoyable all the way around.
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on November 4, 2012
This is a must have for the Quantum Leap fan!
Has Pilot Episode! See how it all began.
Scott Bakula in his memorable role as Sam Beckett.
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on September 20, 2014
Great product good dealer
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on November 6, 2014
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on July 9, 2010
The series is good yet the price is very high for as few of shows that there are per season.
only 9 shows, not many for how much they are asking for this 1989 series.
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on June 9, 2004
Just received my copy of this marvellous series and I was very impressed with the box set. Very well designed in a holographic image and all the extras are excellent. Highly recommended series. Can't wait for season 2. Let's hope Dolby digital will be included in future series.
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on March 21, 2004
One of the most innovative series finally comes to DVD! The first season, though short (only nine episodes, since it was a mid-season replacement), introduced us quite eloquently to a wonderful, but too short-lived series (it should have gone on for a few more seasons).
The quality with DVD's is unquestioned. The only problem with this one is pricing. You're paying the same price you would for a full 22/24 episode season. The three star rating has nothing to do with the series itself. It's just the valve of episodes -to-pricing that brought it down in my estimation. For the series itself, it's easily a five star show. My recommendation would be to wait before buying this. The price is bound to come down before too long. The first season does have some of the most outstanding episode, and after just the first episode, the viewer fully understands what the series is all about.
Quantum Leap itself was one of the most innovative and outstanding series of all time the quality of the acting, and especially the writing, was top notch from the get-go. This series will not disappoint, and you don't have to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate it.
This series should have been released on DVD a long time ago. Let's hope the whole series is out within the next year or so!
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on June 19, 2004
One of the most critically-acclaimed and beloved sci-fi dramas of all-time, Quantum Leap (which aired on NBC for 5 seasons from 1989 - 1993) launches anew with the DVD release of its 9 episode first season.
Quantum Physicist, super genius and all-around good old boy, Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula, lately of Star Trek: Enterprise) spear heads a time travel project and "leaps back" in time helping put right small events in people's past that went wrong. Helping out Sam on his leaps is his friend and observer Al (Dean Stockwell) and the projects Super Computer Ziggy. In the meantime Sam continues to leap throughout time helping others always hoping that his next leap will be the leap home.
Season One, as is expected, introduces us to the basic premise of the show and all the characters. We meet Sam and experience along with him all the little intricacies and problems time travel and leaping into other people's lives brings (not knowing people's names or where to go or what to do). We also learn a great deal about the characters of Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci.
Here are the 9 episodes of Season One.
Disc 1
Episode 1: "Genesis" - Jump starting the project without approval, Sam leaps into the Quantum Accelerator and wakes up as someone else, not remembering who or what he is and finds out that he's an Air Force test pilot trying to break Mach 3 - and he doesn't know how to fly!!!
Episode 2: "Star-Crossed" - Sam leaps into a literature professor and has to juggle an affair the Prof is having with an obsessed student, her jealous wrestler boyfriend AND an opportunity to have an influence on the brilliant young physics major who would one day leave Sam waiting at the altar.
Disc 2
Episode 3: "The Right Hand of God" - Sam leaps into a young boxer who's scheduled to fight for the State Heavyweight championship and an opportunity to win prize money to help a group of nuns build a church as well as start up a donut shop for the boxer and his girlfriend.
Episode 4: "How The Tess Was Won" - Sam leaps into a Texas veterinarian and must "out cowboy" a strong-headed woman who will only marry a man who can best her.
Episode 5: "Double Identity" - Sam leaps into a Mafia hit-man who's having an affair with the Don's girlfriend. Oh boy...
Disc 3
Episode 6: "The Color of Truth" - Sam leaps into a Black chauffeur in the Deep South BEFORE the Civil Rights movement starts and must deal with the prejudice of the townsfolk as Sam does some "illegal" activities only meant for White people.
Episode 7: "Camikazi Kid" - Sam leaps into a teenage hot rod racer in the 50's who must convince his sister to NOT marry her boyfriend who's destined to grow up into an abusive alcoholic.
Episode 8: "Play It Again Seymour" - Sam leaps into a gumshoe detective (who looks an awful lot like Humphrey Bogart) and must solve a murder mystery before times up especially since in the original history HIS character winds up as a victim. Tons of Casablanca and gumshoe jokes abound.
1. Each Episode contains a brief introduction by series star Scott Bakula detailing some unique fact about the episode. You can choose to turn intros "on" or "off."
2. "A Kiss With History: Remembering Quantum Leap" - located on Disc 1 is a 20-minute featurette featuring commentary by series' leads Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell and producer Donald Bellisario discussing how the show came about and going over some of the events of Season One.
For 5 seasons fans everywhere thrilled week in and week out as Sam leaped through time helping people put events in there lives that went wrong right. With a thrilling combination of action, suspense, adventure, a little romance and a TON of moral self-checks (and tackling some sticky issues) "Quantum Leap" grew into a favorite with a strong fan-base of Loyal Leapers. Take a Leap into the Quantum Accelerator and go along with Sam for a ride through time and reminisce (or find out for the first time) what all the excitements about.
Highest Recommendation
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on July 6, 2004
Named one of the most popular "cult" series on television, "Quantum Leap" took it's time getting to television. I'm not sure if the series was detoured by rights issues or not but I'm happy something other than the pilot (which was released on DVD 5 years ago) is finally available. "Quantum Leap" chronicles the adventures of scientist Sam Beckett. Sam discovers a unique loophole in the laws of physics that lets him travel back in time but only within his life time. The device he uses with the input of Ziggy his intelligent computer allows him to assume the shape and look of individuals from the time he's in. They're transported back to a waiting room where they evidently will have no memory of being replaced.
Trouble occurs on Sam's first attempt. He becomes stranded in the past appearing as a test pilot. Al a friend of Sam's who is also working on the project appears to help him through his predicament as a hologram visible only to Sam. The other problem is that Sam's memory gets turned into a maze of Swiss cheese by the transport. He can't recall who he is or how he got there. Al has to coach Sam and help him through the charade of being someone else until they can get him back. Unfortunately, Ziggy isn't able to get him back although Ziggy does figure out that Sam continues to hop through the time line to set things right that have gone wrong and that, ultimately, one of them will lead him home.
An imaginative, well written show "Quantum Leap" managed to stay alive for 5 years. Bellisaro's imaginative concept, like that of Roddenberry's "Star Trek" allowed him to focus on the characters of the show. The format also allowed Bellisaro to tackle a number of difficult themes on television without seeming to be preachy. The top flight direction and acting makes the show believable. Bakula's stage training made him a natural to play Sam who has to "inhabit" all these different characters while, essentially, remaining the same one. While the optical effects haven't always aged the best, the show was really about the dramatic conflict at the core of each episode and what Sam has to accomplish.
"Quantum Leap" receives a very nice transfer courtesy of Universal's in house company. The images are sharp, crisp and the colors alive. The series was originally mastered in 2.0 stereo sound when it was originally aired and the sound here is true to the original specs of the series. There's an occasion where you might see dirt, hair or scratches but usually that's in situations where the film uses stock footage.
Few extras but they are noteworthy. We get a short featurette featuring star Bakula and the gifted Dean Stockwell as well as creator/writer/producer Bellisario. Their insights into what made the series connect with their core audience are interesting and getting the background on the series from Bellisario provides insight into the creative process that helped this series make it to the air. We also get brief introductions to the 8 episodes included here. The series was originally a mid-season replacement and, as such, there wasn't a full slate of episodes produced during the first season. We also get a trivia game that isn't bad particularly for hardcore fans of the series.
No commentary on any of the episodes but that might have been useful for the pilot. I'd love to hear what Bellisario, Bakula and Stockwell think 15 years later.
A great series receives so-so treatment on DVD. Lord knows what Universal was thinking when they priced this three disc set. Considering the few extras, there's no justifying the expense of this on DVD. On the other hand, fans will be happy to finally have this on DVD after having to endure reruns that were frequently edited to include more commercials. Hopefully Universal will price the next set (which consists of a full season of episodes) at a comparable price but I doubt it. Still, the series looks and sounds great and it's nice to finally be able to have it on the shelf at home.
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on July 11, 2004
Just like hose_8111, I grew up watching this series. When I was in my 5th year of gradeschool the series finale aired. Ever since, I have been using every chance I get to catch an episode on some friends' cable (as I sadly don't have my own). This DVD is a godsend! Along with The Wonder Years, MacGyver and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Quantum Leap is one of those shows I grew up with and will always remember with fondness. And ever since I discovered the music and story of The Beatles, The Wonder Years and Quantum Leap have given me an even greater nostalgia.
Years after I had seen it, when I discovered The Beatles, I remembered this particular episode: Sam had traveled back in time to the late 1960's, Vietnam hotpot, he was himself at a younger age! In the show, his sister was a Beatles fan and he told her that The Beatles would break up in 1970 but that John Lennon would go on to have a great solo career. Then, he took out a guitar and proceeded to play and sing "Imagine". I was a very young child when I saw this, with no real idea of who The Beatles or John Lennon were, and still I remember this episode!
Quantum Leap was a fantastic and progressive show, everything looked so real and the stories were very compelling! Sam traveled through many segments of time, became involved in famous or simple situations, had run-ins with some life-changing legends of the time and always helped to change many peoples' life for the best! It was a great show and probably expressed a dream many of us have had: taking a trip through history and possibly changing the outcome of certain situations! Plus, the history information here is like watching the best documentary you'll ever see!
I can't wait for more seasons to come out on DVD, I want to re-relive history all over again! (Kind of like deja vu all over again, huh? Ha ha!)
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