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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 13, 2014
Who doesn't like Magnum? I was busy at the time and missed almost all of Magnum , so I have the treat of viewing most of it now
for the first time. I find it entertaining , and more so than modern TV offerings , so treat yourself to some , if not the entire series.
Most people know the characters and general outline , but what is usually missed is the great selection of guest stars every year.
Glad I bought It.
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on June 10, 2004
Magnum P.I. is my favorite TV show of all time. I will gladly purchase all 8 seasons on DVD if they are released. Season 1 aired during the 1980-1981 TV season, and consisted of the 2 hour pilot, plus 16 regular 1 hour episodes.
Season 1 is a great introductory season. However, it's also one of my least favorite seasons. That's not to say it's a bad season, because it's not. However, season 1 doesn't have any of the truly outstanding episodes of future seasons, such as "Memories Are Forever" (season 2), "Did You See The Sunrise?" (Season 3), "Home From The Sea" (season 4), "Echoes Of The Mind" (season 5), "Limbo" (season 7), and "Unfinished Business" (season 8). Thus, I'm giving season 1 a 4 star rating.
The episodes from season 1 are:
"Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii" - This is the 2 hour pilot. "Don't look at the dogs. Work the lock. Work the lock. Don't look at the dogs. Oh! You looked at the dogs." This is a great introduction to the series. However, if you really want to recruit new fans, I recommend you show them the season 4 episode "Home From The Sea."
"China Doll" - This is a good action/adventure story.
"Thank Heavan For Little Girls And Big Ones Too." Magnum gets hired by 5 little girls. Not one of my personal favorite episodes.
"No Need To Know." - This is my favorite episode from season 1. Alfred Hitchcock said that having a bomb go off isn't suspenseful. What is suspensful is knowing that there's a bomb that's about to go off. The last several minutes of this show are Hitchcock all the way.
"Skin Deep" - This is the episode where Magnum seems to think, "Well, as long as she's dead, I might as well eat the food in her refrigerator." And I love Higgins's graphic descriptions of the effects that a gunshot wound has on the human body when fired from various distances. This is one of the better episodes from season 1.
"Never Again Never Again" - Magnum realizes that "Kessler is a Jew." Yes. And later he would become Doc Ibold. Good episode from this season.
"The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii" - Actually, the dog looks fine to me. But this episode if just too formulaic.
"Missing In Action" - A mysterious plot involving the military doesn't save this relatively boring episode.
"Lest We Forget" - Another routine episode with too much forumla.
"The Curse Of The King Kamehameha Club" - Since the Club plays such a big role in the series, why not give it its own episode?
"Thicker Than Blood" - Magnum and T.C. get into a big fight.
"All Roads Lead To Floyd" - The old guy is a really, really bad driver. Boring episode.
"Adelaide" - A good story about a woman and her horse. Women sure do love horses. Pretty interesting story. And the horse knows how to defend himself.
"Don't Say Goodbye" - The Ted Danson character gets killed by a boat propellor.
"The Black Orchid" - This is a very enjoyable episode, with some nice homages to Bogart type characters and stories. This is one of my favorite episodes from season 1. The presence of guest actress Judith Chapman makes this a very interesting episode. She will return in the far superior season 2 episode "The Woman On The Beach," which, in my opinion, is better than anything from season 1.
"J. Digger Doyle" - We get to see and hear Robin Masters in this episode. Notice how he gets his ideas from everyday occurences.
"Beauty Knows No Pain" - Magnum gets a little more exercise than he had wanted.
Magnum P.I. is my favortie TV show, and I think I have a right to point out its flaws. I never did like the idea of just blindly praising every episode. I recommend season 1 to all Magnum fans. But please keep in mind that most of the future seasons are better.
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on May 13, 2014
Tom Selleck made this role his own. No other show has managed to create such a distinctive character or one as loveable as Magnum. It did bring a great sense of nostalgia and also kept the Vietnam war memories in the Public eye as a time of unsung heroes...
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on July 12, 2004
This was my favorite show on TV back in the early 1990's when it ran on the USA network right after Major Dad (I missed it's first run on TV in the 1980's). What made Magnum such a great show is the depth of the characters. We really get to know these people. Every episode adds to the character in some way. And there are enough reoccuring characters in the series that we feel continuity. For example, Magnum strikes up a friendship with leutenant Mac, who gives Magnum information from time to time. And while Mac is reluctant to let Magnum get information from the Navy computers, the tug of war in their relationship is played out just like it should. And when Mac gets in trouble, Magnum is there for him. The personal relationship is real on the screen, the actors are that good. I can't expalin it any better than to say they feel like real people, guys I would want to hang out with and drink a beer with. I can easily say this is the best PI series ever on TV, and is better than anything on TV today.
And add me to the list of people who wants to see a reunion movie while they are all still alive. I can't imagine Higgings is getting any younger.
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on June 29, 2004
I am overjoyed to see that Season 1 is finally being released. This was absolutely one of the finest hour-long TV dramas of the eighties, and there is very little out there today that can compare. Tom Selleck, of course, is absolutely perfect as Thomas Magnum, but the whole ensemble cast shines, as well. Great acting, interesting storylines, gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, a sexy red Ferrari, and a couple of cool dogs. What more could you ask for? I will buy every season of this wonderful show.
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on July 18, 2004
I have been living on Oahu all my life, and as a kid I used to hang out on set while they filmed Magnum PI. This show brings back great memories.. I am happy it came out on DVD. Its one of the few shows that took place in Hawaii that shows an accurate image of what the people are really like here.. and also accurate on the physical geographic locations they used. Great plots.. Cant wait till it comes out!!
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on June 4, 2004
I'm sure we can't wait till September and the release of the first season of Magnum on DVD. I for one pre-ordered it here at Amazon since forty-one dollars and ninety-nine cents for a whole season of Magnum is a steal. The shipping was even free. I hope it is not to late for the person that paid two hundred to stop their order for a transfer of VHS tapes of the show to DVD. This is by far one of the best detective series or overall television series I have seen. This is a show that you never get tired of seeing over and over. The cast and stories made it very watchable. Add in the gorgeous Hawaiin scenery and it couldn't be beat. Someday I hope that we may see Simon and Simon on DVD as well.
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on July 6, 2004
Can't wait to get your Magnum DVD set? Neither can I! But, if you're lucky enough to get the Hallmark channel (I get it on DirecTV - not sure what other cable/satellite networks its available on) you can watch re-runs every weeknight at 10pm and 11pm (PST). That's a double-dose of Magnum every night!! I TiVo every episode, but I'll still be buyng the DVDs. Nerd alert: I like Magnum so much I even set up the theme song as a ringtone on my cell phone (I converted it from a midi file I found on the Internet).
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on June 5, 2004
Even Homer could not write an epic tale to match the grandeure of Thomas's adventures in paradise. Shakespeare's poetry pales in comparison to the ever flowing magic from TM's lips. No ensemble in the history of theatre can approach the chemistry between the actors. There is only one word which even comes close to describing this show, and that is "perfect."
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on March 9, 2016
Watched this show as a child.
Brought back lots of memories. Wish television series where more like they way where back in the 70's and 80's
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