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on May 14, 2018
keep my kids quiet on a road trip, it is just a cartoon movie
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on June 3, 2018
Merories preserved! Thanks!
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on October 23, 2016
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on May 14, 2003
In the third theatrical release of the Pokemon series, we are introduced to the "Unown" and their powers and abilities. This was almost as good as the first movie.
If you're unfamiliar with the basics, Pokemon (short for "POcKEt MONsters") are creatures a little like those from this world, but with strange and unusual powers and abilities that they use for their masters - masters that can be either good or evil. Ash and his friends train their Pokemon to fight battles with their enemies. They travel all over the planet to collect new and unusual types of Pokemon. They trap Pokemon in "Poke Balls" - a small device that hangs from a belt. When Ash's enemies release their Pokemon to do their work, Ash and his friends release their Pokemon, and they have a big battle.
The story revolves around Molly and her missing father. Molly's father had been involved in an archaeological expedition to find out more about the mysterious "Unown" - Pokemon that look like letters of the English alphabet. Molly's father accidentally falls victim to the Unown and his remaining work is shipped home. Molly finds the Unown blocks that her father unearthed and begins playing with them and accidentally activates their ancient powers. The Unown, sensing Molly's sadness, make Molly's dreams come true - her home becomes a crystal palace and they create a father figure for her - the enigmatic Entei, a lion-like Pokemon. As Molly's fantasy life becomes more real to her, the area that is affected by the conversion process started by the Unown grows. Soon it begins to threaten to engulf populated areas. Of course, Ash and company are nearby to help. Meanwhile, Molly expresses her desire to have a mother. Mysteriously, Entei responds by capturing Ash's mother and bringing her to the fantasy palace. Ash, along with his friends and Team Rocket (again) must stop the Unown and Entei before Molly's dreams become all too real.
This story is a fine addition to the Pokemon franchise. Its timeless story of what a little girl really wants if separated from her mother and father can foster discussions between parents and children. Molly, of course, finally understands what is important and the world returns to normal. This is possibly the most well done of the movies, although I liked the story and secondary plots of the first movie a little better. The art is top notch Anime at close to greatness, and the story finale with Molly making the final decisions, is not understated nor overstated.
There's also a Pikachu cartoon that younger fans of the TV show will enjoy.
Almost as highly recommended as the first Pokemon film, this deserves a place in a lot of home libraries and some school and counselor's (child psychologist's) collections.
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on September 5, 2001
The first Pokemon movie DVD that came out was a great deal! Many intresting special features were included that made the price well worth it! However the Pokemon 2000 DVD was a joke. It lacked everything. The only thing you could really say for it was that it had the theatrical trailer (Sad huh?)! However I am pleased to say Warner has gotten this one right! We have the free trading card, a COMMENTARY, DVD-Rom features, and the best part (Or one of the best things to come out of edited anime DVD's that is) THE JAPANESE TRAILER FOR POKEMON 4!!!!!!! This makes me so happy to see that WB is making the Japanese stuff known (That, or mabye they were trying to save some money on making a trailer for the forth movie themselves. Sneaky.)!
However there are still some flaws even though they did MUCH better then last year! For one thing, there's no option for widescreen (Which dissapoints me GREATLY!). No Japanese audio track. They have the making of "To Know The Unknown" music video, but they don't have the ACTUAL music video on the disk! And the Johto Pokerap is TERRIBLE (Even though I already knew it was after listening to the CD)! I never dreamed I would miss the old Pokerap ao much. And the last problem is they still have the mini-movie there (WB, if I wanted to buy the mini-movies, I'LL BUY THE MINI-MOVIES!!!! You DON'T need to put them on the movie disks!).
But even so this is a great buy. A great movie. And a great addition for any Pokemon fan! Highly recomended!
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on July 10, 2001
I wasn't sure if this movie would be anywhere near as good as Revelaton Lugia, the second Japanese Pokémon movie. However, when I saw the original Japanese version in January, I knew that it was! Something previously unheard of in a Pokémon film was developed: a plot! In this movie, the characters all have clear, simple objectives and we know from the start what this film is going to be about. This doesn't mean that the movie doesn't have its moments of suspense. This structure simply allows the movie to progress more 'naturally', without some of the restrictive assumptions that were made in the first two films, such as having Pikachu in every other frame!
The Spell of the Unown tells the story of the legendary Pokémon Entei and the Unown, and how one little girl's unhappiness almost brought about disaster. The movie starts with the Molly's (the little girl) father disappearing. We also learn later that her mother has disappeared also. Feeling alone and sad, Molly discovers the box of Unown letters that had been found where her father was last seen. These letters (which are symbols of the Unown) summon forth a hoard of Unown, that seem to sense her unhappiness and try to make her wishes come true. Thus, the legendary Pokémon Entei is summoned, whom Molly believes to be her father. The Unown form a crystal tower around the mansion where Molly lives, which slowly begins to extend into the surrounding countryside. Also, Molly asks Entei to find her a mother. Once kidnapped, Ash begins his efforts to rescue her from Molly's 'crystal tower'.
I won't spoil the ending for you, but the message behind this movie is that of the bond between parents and their children. All of the Pokémon movies have themes (in Mewtwo Strikes Back we learned that senseless fighting was wrong - in the second movie the theme was that of believing in yourself), and this movie is the first to portray that message so clearly inside the film. One of the final scenes in the end credits is that of Molly being reunited with her real mother.
The 'Pichu and Pikachu' short was great! Perhaps not quite so good as the original 'Pikachu's Summer Vacation' but still great. For the first time, the original Japanese music was carried over from Japan and left in the US editon. I am all for this as the US music tends to be somewhat inappropriate for the shorts, always being far too kiddy.
As usual, the animation and CGI are up to their normal high standards, and the background music for the film was very good. Again, it was a shame that the movie score was made overly 'poppy', but this was balanced out by the retention of the original score for the short 'Pichu and Pikachu'. The music for the short was all carried over from the original Japanese production.
Overall, this movie is evidence that the US producers have listened to fans' requests to keep to the original storyline as much as possible. It's also nice to see that this film was completely Tracy free! This film is recommended to all ages, even those who may find the television series a little stodgy. Most parents won't have much say in it anyway...
~Sakurai Charizard
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on October 9, 2001
Even though I'm no longer going to subscribe to Nintendo Power anymore (since my subscription is gone for eternity), I totally love this movie just like all of you Pokemon fans out there. However, this movie can be shocking at first, but once you try it enough times, it shouldn't be that shocking. Anyway, this movie contains the following:
"Pikachu and Pichu", a mini movie that takes place in the big city where the Pichu bros. try their best to guide Pikachu back home before Ash Ketchum notices his Pokemon are missing. It's very funny to see those Pokemon fight against 1 obstacle after another. Ha! Ha! Ha!
"Spell of the Unown", a major movie that takes place in the hilariously bizzare wasteland of Greenfield where everything turns to crystal. Sounds creepy does it? But not only that, you get to meet Entei, a legendary Fire-type Pokemon with the best Pokemon voice, unlike Mewtwo and Lugia which are just plain wimps. That's because those other 2 Pokemon that first existed in Pokemon 1 and 2 tend to have bad voices, but this one has a good voice.
What I do like about this movie:
"Pikachu and Pichu" has really huge laughs, unlike "Pikachu's Vacation" and "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure", plus it has more G/S Pokemon, which is superior.
"Spell of the Unown" has really good animation, good laughs, and good voices, unlike "Mewtwo Strikes Back" and "The Power of One", plus it has 3 soundtracks that has you moving and grooving to the beat, along with 2 excellent looking Pokemon (Unown and Entei) and 3 forms of the final boss, Molly.
What I don't like about this movie:
"Pikachu and Pichu" may tend to get annoying and loud at times during the film.
"Spell of the Unown" is a movie that could be too creepy for little kids, plus it's way too loud! Ahhh!
I'm sure this review will help all of you, but I'll see ya in the Special movie, Mewtwo Returns on December 4, 2001. Good luck! You'll need it!
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on April 25, 2003
I usually love anime (especially pokemon) but that movie was... just sad and I don't mean it was a particullarly sad plot but it was a sad atempt at a movie. I thought that the story exemplified childish ignorance and selfishness in the little girl. I also didn't like that girl didn't care if she had her real parents or not that she would just take Ash's mom and Entie(or however you spell it) as replacements. The fact that Entie was meerly a figment of her imgination was disapointing aslo. The 'Unknowns' I thought were the reasonless part that brought the whole story togather. But as anoying as it was it was slitly entertaining.
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on July 21, 2003
Pokemon 3 is about the Unknown who feel sorry for a little girl who lost her family and so she instead creates this fantasy world where the legendary pokemon Entei is her best friend. WHen she craves a mother she sends Entei out, ironically enough Entei captures Ash mother. Ash then must go in and stop Entei and save his mother.
This movie unfortunatly suffered the same curse as the first with the story. Only instead of the story being a little to cutsey it's almost to dark. The little girl loses her family, then kidnaps someone elses parent. The action is good but unfortunatly the story is once again weak.
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on September 10, 2001
I have never really considered any of the earlier Pokemon material to be what I think is true anime. Neither the characters nor the story were strong enough to elevate it above the level of Saturday morning cartoons. The second Pokemon movie showed a great improvement in the story with the underlying theme of man vs. nature, but no improvement was made on the development of the characters except for Delia, Ash's mom. This latest endevour has done a much better job of developing the characters of Ash, Delia, and the little girl Molly. The movie opens, Molly's mother had mysteriously vanished some years earlier and soon her father also disappears while researching the lengendary Pokemon called Unown. Now alone in the world Molly investigates a box of strange tablets sent to her by her father. These tablets turn out to be the Unown in some dormant state. The power of Molly's grief and sadness awaken them and begin to transform the world into an alternate reality composed of her dreams and wishes. I have been a rabid sci-fi nut for many years so this concept was quite easy to grasp - it was done very well in the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage". However I think this would be quite difficult for young children to comprehend, even though it is explained fairly well in the movie. Molly's lonliness, her fear of the outside world trying to harm her is brought out very well - she is very human, very easy to identify with. In many ways she is like the villain Yugi of the third Tenchi Muyo series, but without Yugi's malicious streak. One last thing I really enjoyed was Ash's quest to rescue his mom from Molly, here he shows a very strong bond to his mom. It was so good to see him so passionate about something besides Pokemon! This is what I think sets this film apart from all of the previous Pokemon material, the characters are human, you know their feelings, and they leave something behind in you when it's all over. Finally a Pokemon movie that seems more like true anime.
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