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on February 6, 2004
I really hated this game for many reasons. Here are some pros and cons:
- uhhhhhh... (i guess the graphics are ok)
- No freedom. There is a track you have to follow, but you have to do missions and kill people along the way. Doesn't really make sense.
- No weapons. For a game with no freedom, like this one, you would think they would try to spice it up with some cool weapons or something. Nope. All you have is a machine gun and a regular gun.
- I don't get why your car turns into a motorcycle when your life is low.
- Controls are too complicated. While you are going really fast and trying to complete missions, you have to add more confusion switching your weapons. You would think only having two weapons, it would be easy to switch, but no.
This game really doesn't deserve to be a Playstation Greatest Hit. Sorry if I offended any SpyHunter fans.
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on June 28, 2002
Any regular gamer will agree with me in saying that when it comes to car-oriented games, the only true motivation factor is upgrading your car, winning races, lather rinse and repeat. There are so few titles out there that ignore this formula and still sell well. In fact, this lies true for blockbuster titles such as GT3 and Nascar 2002... most of the time, your play value is progress over fun. You can't tell me you'd have more fun driving your Beetle 2.0 as opposed to an Esperante GTR-1. In other words, in most car titles, it takes time before you can start having fun.
But Spy Hunter is different. Spy Hunter skips all that Sprinter Trueno and Beetle 2.0 boredom and heads straight for the F1 league. *This game is fun, fast and insane. Period.*
The Interceptor, your car, can be equipped from a range of weapons varying from machine guns, missiles and EMP cannons to oil slicks and smoke screens. In other words, you're driving a James Bondmobile. Now, who hasn't wanted to do THAT before? Haven't you always wanted to play a game where you can spin out a dozen pursuing cars by simply blinding them with a thick smoke and watching them helplessly whirl about as black fluid sprays out of what seemed to be your muffler? Yeah, you have. How about completely annihilating a road block by means of popping a rack of missiles out of a hidden compartment on your roof, then firing away? Yeah, me too. And in Spy Hunter, that's nothing. That's all just stuff you do on the run.
Oh yeah, and the Interceptor can turn into a small jet-boat type of thing. And oh yeah, it has a giant afterburner that pops out of the trunk. 'Nuff said on that.
The only true downside to this game that probably roots from my greed is that it's just too darn short. Although those missions go by like a herd of snails, it's over before you know it. Don't despair, though. There's a ton of extra stuff you can accomplish aside from the missions. Two-player, for example. The two-player levels can only be played if you've completed all the objectives on that level in the regular game. Even better, if you complete a mission within a certain amount of time, you'll unlock a cheat. In other words, there's a lot in this package that keeps you coming back for more. It's worth every cent it's listed for. Don't rent it, don't borrow it, don't steal it. Buy it. Buy it now.
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on June 17, 2002
Spy Hunter is a great game: it's a combination of a nice driving game with a shooter, in which you seek to complete all objectives within a time limit.
But it's even more: it comes packed with many features, from Saliva's remake of the Peter Gunn theme and two videos of the rock group, to an early animatic test and a "Making of..." featurettes. These special treats, however, must be "unlocked".
Since the beginning, you'll be treated to a whole new Spy Hunter experience. The game's graphics and sound are great -the good ol' Peter Gunn theme's adaptation is more aggressive and fits the new game, and at the end of each level, you'll be awarded a nice little movie that you can replay afterwards.
Everything in each track is beautifully rendered. Even the enemies look great and come in different colours and sizes (you get from gun toting bikers to fully armored tanks!). Locales are beautiful and missions remind of the cold war years.
The story is only decent, but playability is very good -driving is good, not like Gran Turismo, but good; and you even get to drive what looks like a Trabant car. The controls gave me some trouble at first, but are intuitive and they seem like the best translation from the original arcade's cool steering wheel. Levels are short, but packed wih action and lots of speeding.
However, enemies appear always in the same place and lack any intelligence. Primary objectives are straightforward, and the secondary objectives require taking detours that are easy to spot. Also, there are no end-level "bosses", thus making this a relatively easy game to beat.
In fact, too easy: I got half-way through the game in one night, and beat it in three nights. Accomplishing all primary and secondary objectives, that is.
Replay value: good. You have to beat all objectives within a shorter time limit to unlock other views like night-vision (you start with first person and two third person views) and the special features.
Overall it's one of the greatest games and it delivers. I am happy that I bought it, and you will be too.
I would have given it 5 stars were it not for the not-too-bright enemies and the short play time.
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on May 30, 2002
Unlike most remakes of games for the Playstation format, this one is really a great improvement. It's fun and challenging, but not too hard for the "casual gamer" like me. The controls are very easy to adapt to, and the car handles like a dream, responding to the slightest touch of the stick - but not overcompensating so it takes a perfect touch to keep it on the road. The most aggravating thing about the game is the first stage - the training track. Don't think for one minute you can just crank up the car and go blasting through to the finish line in record time and progress. You have to complete the main objective and most of the secondary objectives before you can get to the real missions - but that's good because you have to know how to do all the things in the trainer in the real game! It's not too terribly challenging to finish a mission (just go for the primary objective and choose a secondary one rather than going for all of them), but it IS fun. There are still several areas that I have no idea how you're supposed to get to (some Satcoms are situated in places where your car would have to be able to fly to reach, and I just don't see how that can happen), but it's still a lot of fun. Definitely a good investment, and definitely worth the money.
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on September 8, 2002
Spy hunter is a great game for gamers around age 10 and up maybe 8 and up. in spy hunter you take control of the mega fast mega cool G-1655 intercepter a car that has guns and can transform into a hover craft and an extreme-G like motorcycle. the missions usually revolve around blowing stuff up and other things like this. the missions as noted above are a little short but this is actually a good thing because in many of the levels you are down to your last breath at the end of the level. so anyway here are my ratings for the 4 main things. on a scale from one to ten
Graphics: 8 the graphics are quite good but its kinda hard to see certain things
Sound: 6 the songs are just kinda techno spy type things that are easily ignored. the SFX are quite good and aren't really annoying
Control: 9 personally I think the controls are great I only give it a 9 because that gives them room to improve for spy hunter 2?
Fun factor: 8 could be funner but its still quite good.
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on February 27, 2004
This one of the best PS2 games ever!! Good graphics and storyline, could be better if it had more levels, but that's the only downside. I've just read a review of one star for this saying "you only get one gun" who ever wrote it apparently only played through the training mission, since after that you get upgrades on the gun (10mm to 25mm to 50mm), missles (start with unguided, then guided, and swarm(four at once)), emp(electromagnetic charge-don't get it either, unguided and guided), and rail gun (really powerful and cool laser thing, guided only), and for defensive you've got oil,smoke, and flamethrower to protect your tail end. The extras are a great bonus compared to spyhunter2 which didn't have hardly any and the ruined the spyhunter theme by saliva (see my review for spyhunter2, "12 year old gamer from Hays KS, USA. Anyone who considers themeselves a serious "game king" must beat this before rightfully proclaiming it, I've beat it 3 times in the past weak.
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on January 6, 2004
I tried the handling on this car,cycle,not as good as 'vice city'. You have to pass a lot of tests before you get to use the weapons. This game should've had a 'custom mode' to give you all 'cheats' unlocked,that would've made the game better. And you should've had the choice to cruise the city without blowing up or shooting up the place. The 'jet ski',cycle,is a su*ky idea,just not believable,should've been a 'car submarine' instead like 'The Spy who loved me'-James Bond,movie,would've been better. As for pursuit vehicles,should've been limited to regular cop cars,helocopters and other regular transportation. This game should've made you feel like Pierce Brosnan (007),but totally misses the point in being a spy. 'Machine guns',oil slick',smoke screen', great idea,other idea's a bit of over kill,and not believable. If anything I would've rated this game a '2 stars'......
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on April 4, 2003
This game is everything the James Bond series isn't. You know those two or three driving missions in all the Bond games? The ones where you get to drive something hot like an Aston Martin with rockets and guided missiles? I always enjoy them, but there are so few that I play them to death and quickly tire of them. SpyHunter (now a few years old) is still the epitome of arcade, shoot-em-up racing. Your car, the Interceptor, has all the Bond-esque features you love (like smoke screens and machine guns) with the added bonus of MORE THAN TWO MISSIONS!! Fourteen missions still isn't much, but who's counting if the gameplay is good? (esp. if you add in the unlockable movies, multiplayer games and cheats)...P.S. The first level can seem daunting at first, since there's no Tutorial. But you must pass it! You must! Pass it, I say!
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on August 18, 2002
It's a fun game, but way too difficult. It's great to see an update to an older game like Spyhunter that allows people like myself to relive some of the fun I had with the original as a kid. There are some nice weapons to use, as well as seeing that your car can convert into a speedboat and a motorcycle as well.
One of the pitfalls of the game is it's difficulty. Even the training mission caused problems for me at first because I didn't understand what I was supposed to do with certain parts such as the boat sequence. That could have been explained a little better. Also, the controls are good, but I think it's not as realistic as something like Grand Turismo 3.
Overall, it's a great game that can be fun, but I wouldn't buy it for someone who isn't an expert gamer.
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on June 8, 2002
Spy Hunter is a fun action pacted game that is great when you first start playing it, but becomes quickly sappy and annoying. Having to go back through certain mission to complete certain objectives to get points really gets on your nerves. Also, the game really isn't that hard, except for a few missions and those are killers. I found myself doing one particular mission like 25 times. I did it so often that I had the entire landscape mapped out! But the game is pretty cool mostly because of the wide range of weapons you can use, such as targeted swarmer missles and a rail gun. The defensive weapons are pretty cool too. Overall though, Spy Hunter's a game to simply rent a play until you have to return it; don't waste your money on it.
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