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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 14, 2003
When the 3 next-gen consoles were first announced, I thought I'd be getting a GameCube. Then, to my dismay, Nintendo told us all of it's intentions to focus on the younger audience and plain-old gaming with no extra features (DVD player *cough* online support *cough*). So, GC was out. I switched to the PlayStation 2, but when my PS1 broke down, I was discouraged by Sony's terrible technical support. With only one choice left, I turned to ol' Microsoft. Bill Gates (a.k.a. Uncle Pennybags) can't let us down too badly, can he? Not a chance.
As many PS2 and GC loyalists would want you to believe, the Xbox does not overheat excessively. In fact (in the words of EGM), the only time it may catch fire is if you happen to be "holding it over an open flame". I've had my Xbox since it came out, and unlike the PS2 I once owned, it has never frozen up or crashed in any way. Yes, Xbox may be big (and weigh in at 8 pounds), but unless you're constantly moving it, this isn't a problem. The "old" controllers and S controllers are both made of equally comfortable plastic (strange, but true) and should only serve as a hinderance for those with tiny hands. Plus, with all the little extras that MS came up with, Xbox is the one and only choice for hardcore gamers. And now with "Xbox LIVE" up and running, more and more people are turning to the power of X for their console of choice.
Don't get left behind.
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on May 28, 2003
[...]. Here's the deal-
The XBOX is very powerful. It takes the games originally out for the PS2, and improves them. For example, Medal of Honor: Frontline stands alone as one of the best games out there, but the PS2 version cannot even fathom the game's possiblities(try to imagine surround sound war gameplay- bullets flying across the room, soldiers yelling from behind you, explosions reminating all around). Also, its "exclusive" titles are quite worthy of praise. Halo,which everyone talks about, takes gaming to a new level. Very few loading screens(only one in between each of the 8 levels), a very high frame-rate, dazzling graphics and environments, and great multiplayer combat. Splinter cell, which WAS originally only for the XBOX but was purchased by the PS2 for an obscene amount of money out of desperation, completely dumbfounded me with its use of sound, light, and cause and effect actions. There are many others, but this review has a 1,000 word limit.
The PS2 has an astounding number of games(most of which are not the least bit interesting) and dominates sales statistics. That's it. That's all it has over the XBOX. Most of the games currently on the PS2 will be on the XBOX once they update their capabilites and improve upon every aspect of the gameplay. The PS2 is nice with its size and arrangability from horizontal to vertical, but is that what you should be looking for in a gaming console? I think not.
Go for quality(XBOX), not quantity(PS2).
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on January 5, 2003
Dont pay any attention to those people who keep giving bad reviews to the XBOX because they are ps2 fan boys. PS2 is the most poorly built system of the 3.XBOX is slowly overtaking the ps2 in sales and also in game developers.Microsoft just bought rare, one of the worlds best game developers behind SEGA and EA. Sony purposely builds there systems to break in 2 years in order to make you buy another system.People are forced to buy 2 ... ps2 systems in 2 years just so sony can claim to sell so many units. Sony never tells you how many of the units sold are to people who are on there 2nd and third ps2.I work in the video game industry and have close ties to Microsoft, sony, and nintendo. Over 20% of ps2 sold this year were to peolle replacing there defective ps2.The XBOX defecive rate is less than 1% on all systems sold. For every defective XBOX there are at least 4-5 defective ps2. XBOX has better games, graphics, sound, gameplay, online, and customer support. Ps2 has peaked and is starting to decline. If you want the best, most powerful system that wont breakdown in a year buy the XBOX. If you want to waste your money every year buying or fixing an outdated system, buy the weak ps2.
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on January 3, 2003
I own XBOX,PS2,GAMECUBE,DREAMCAST,PS1,GBA,N64 GAME GEAR etc, i own em all so i know what im talking about.I also work in the video game industry so I can give you the truth that the ps2 fanboys wont tell you.IF you are looking for the ultimate video game system skip the PS2 and go for the XBOX.Heres a few good reasons.
1.XBOX lets you rip cds in to most of your games, if you dont like the game soundtrack you can make your own. Ps2 can not do this.
2.You will never have to buy a memory card. The systems hard drive stores more than enough room for all your saves, ripped music, and downloaded extras.I have 60 game saves and 250 songs on my XBOX and still have used less than 1% of the memory. Ps2 does not have a hard drive. The one in japan is NOT coming to america due to poor sales.
3.The games are always better on the xbox. There are only a select few games that are on ps2 and not on XBOX. Halo, Dead or Alive 3, Nija Gaiden, Mech Assult, Sega GT , and many more XBOX exclusives more than make up for this.XBOX has over 200 games available and more than 200 coming in the next year.
4.Graphics and Sound favor the XBOX. ps2 is dated and weak.The Graphics on the XBOX are superior to anything the ps2 can do.XBOX offers Dolby Digital in 95%of there games during actual gameplay and not just the cut scenes.PS2 can only do dolby digital in cut scenes...very weak.
5.Online play is superior on the XBOX. Built in ethernet adapter. No need to buy another piece of hardware like the ps2. There is online chat in every game on XBOX Live. Ps2 only has 1 game in which you can talk. XBOX live has out sold ps2 network adapters by 73%.
6. You can download extras from the internet to your hard drive.Extra wepons, tracks, cars, skins, missions, etc. ps2 cant do this.
7.If you want an old, outdated, less powerful system buy a ps2, if you want the most powerful, best sounding, amazing system in the world buy the new king of cosoles...XBOX
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on December 30, 2002
After reading through many of the reviews I have noticed a great deal of people whining about the systems size, "the lack of titles", and misc. problems that people have been having. First off, I don't see how the "size" of the console itself is in any relation to the overall quality of it. Oh no, xbox can't fit in your pocket!!! How often are you people moving systems around anyway. Also, I would like to comment on the games. Practically every game that you see now being advertised for ps2 and gamecube is also being released on xbox (and is actually normally advertised for xbox but you just happen to see the gamecube and ps2 logo in the bottom at the end). Without GTA ps2 wouldnt even compete with xbox, and they even had to make a sequel which in my opinion was VERY little different from the first and becomes old very fast. And if Gamecube didn't have it's classic nintendo names such as mario and zelda (which in my opinion have become very trite and overused) xbox and ps2 would have eaten it for breakfast. I have owned this system for a year and I am yet to have a single problem with anything. I am yet to see one good complaint for this system, and this is why i strongly urge you to buy it.
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on December 27, 2002
I had a chance to play with an Xbox system over Christmas week. I actually rented some games that are available on the PS2 which I play (Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance) and some exclusives for the Xbox (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell). I play games on both my PC and PS2 and thought about getting the Xbox, but after spending some time with the Microsoft console, I've decided there's not enough reason to spend the additional monies for now. Though the Xbox does have some better graphics rendering than my PS2, especially on games really programmed to push the Xbox system... some of the games aren't that much more impressive. For example, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance wasn't noticeably better in regards to the graphics. Yes, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell has some of the best graphics rendering in any console game due to the light and shading control, but I found the game only above average in gameplay and controls. I also played some sporting games on the Xbox and found those quite comparable to the PS2 versions. I do agree that the original controllers are a bit big and bulky and I had difficulty adjusting to it (hit wrong buttons in moments of panic and anxiety). Anyways, if you own a GameCube/PS2, you have great console systems and don't need to get the Xbox for a couple of cool games when there are lots of cool games for the other systems. I'm not saying not to buy an Xbox. It certainly has its own merits and will probably be a major player in the future, but then again... I'm willing to wait until that happens. After playing with the system, I've decided to stick with the PS2 for now. I hope this was informative. Oh, I wanted to mention that my friend with the Xbox just purchased Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for his cousin and after about 2 hours, his cousin was playing Battleship, Scrabble and Bejeweled on his PC instead of Splinter Cell... apparently, the 13 year old got alittle bored with the new game. I thought that was sort of funny. *giggle* Happy New Year to ALL!
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on December 27, 2002
Let me start out by telling you that most of the people that gave Microsoft's Xbox 1 star are people that own a PS2 and they want to stop you from buying this.
I own a Xbox,GameCube,N64,and a PS1.They're all good,but GameCube and Xbox are my favorites.Here's the pros and cons of Xbox:
1.Best graphics
2.Most powerful system
3.Best online capabilities
4.Built in hard drive(no messing with memory cards!)
5.You can copy your favorite songs from CD's onto the Xbox hard disk.For example,I copied the Tarzan,Lilo&Stitch,and Kenny and Dolly soundtracks,so now I can listen to them without using the disk.I can also listen to them when I'm playing Sega GT 2002!
1.Selection of games isn't the best.
There are a lot more PROS then there are CONS!
The Xbox is them most powerful gaming console EVER.It's also the first console to have a built in hard drive.
The Xbox is powered by a 733 Mhz Intel prossessor,the fastest of any console.It has a 250 Mhz graphics chip,also the best.
Xbox has a 8 gigabite(8,000 megabites) hard drive.
It has four controller ports,and a DVD-drive.But the catch is that you have to buy a special adapter to activate the DVD drive.
Live is the ultimate online arena! You can talk with your friends while playing even the most action packed games without slowing down gameplay.
Here's a tip for safety on Xbox Live:You can expect some jerks to cuss now and then.SO,before you begin your game,tell everybody that if they say any bad things,you'll report them to Microsoft(you can do that,you know!).
Also,you should ALWAYS mask your voice.That way,some people won't trace you down by tracking your voice.
And if you're playing a game and you see a user name with some,er...bad things in it,just Mute out that player!
You can have a friends list,and there's a list with the top 25 players in the country,so you can work your way to the top,and everybody in the world can see it!
You can play with anybody in the world!You can play with the kid next door,or a guy in Canada,and more!
By the way,if you get Xbox Live,be sure to get MechAssault!
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on December 27, 2002
It is commonly known that the Xbox has hardware superior to any other game system--Gamecube falling shortly behind and PS2 lagging quite a bit. The hard drive built in is another excellent feature which reduces load times and eliminates the need for a memory card unless you want to take files to a friend's house. And with 4 controler ports and ethernet connectability, it is the ultimate multiplayer system.
But a system is worthless without games; this is the argument of every PS2 advocate. The problem with that argument is that I can't find any PS2 games that I would want to buy (I've looked with my friend who has PS2--we have agreed that GTA is about the only reason to own one).
In contrast, I can easily come up with six ownershipworthy Xbox games (all exlusive in the console market) off the top of my head: Halo, Splinter Cell, DOA3, Ghost Recon, MechAssault, Unreal Championship... and countless others I haven't even played (my finances are finite after all).
And now, to top it all, Xbox Live has been unleashed. There are several reasons why this is superior to the comparatively feeble online attempts of other systems. Xbox live is one service for all games, so you don't have each game developer trying to charge gamers with their own fees, making Live cheaper in the long run if you want to play games from multiple publishers (of course you do). Microsoft also requires support of voice communication in every Live game, so gamers can talk to each other through the included headset, especially enhancing team play (Sony has this too... for one game only). Finally, a broadband connection is required, and while this may be a letdown if you're still using 56k, it's online bliss for the rest of us. Most games are completely lag free, and only Unreal Championship with it's insanely detailed graphics gets a little choppy sometimes (I still play this game more than any other on Live).
Another area of controversy is the controler. I liked the original, but the new S controler is far superior to any other I've ever played. It just feels like it's well made and solid. This is coming from someone who cannot stand the Dualshock series, however, so other opinions will differ I'm sure.
To conclude, this system is truly beginning to bloom--with Xbox Live and a flood of actually good new games on the horizon, to add to the ones already out. It is my recommendation that this be your system of choice.
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on December 27, 2002
Video game systems are becoming highly popular.. and among this... THE XBOX HAS EMERGED. The graphics are beautiful and sooo realistic you will NOT believe what your eyes are seeing. The games, for the most part are wonderful. I'd defiantely recommend getting "HALO."
So why should you get this game-
-Awesome graphics--Statistics prove XBOX has the best graphics out of all the systems. THe graphics are breathtaking and very realistic (depending on the game though.
-It is very cheap entertainment... I guarentee the small ...price will be very quickly repaid with all the hours you spend on it. You can play hundreds of hours for just "a small price" Think about it!
-In the year of 2001 I purchased an XBOX in December. It broke six months later. It said the XBOX needed servicing. Instead of sending it in, because the servicing price is rediciulous, and you can basically get a new XBOX for the same price--I got a new one. It broke. This one said it needed servicing. Instead of sending it in, I purchased a new one--WITH THE 2 YEAR WARRANTY I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO PURCHASE WITH YOUR XBOX!
So, these things break very easily, even if they are taken care of and not dropped, hurt, or whatever you may want to do with it! :) (Our XBOX was treated with utmost respect I will asure you!)
-I also recommend a different game system for younger people who will not enjoy the games that are compatible with the XBOX as much as games compatitable with PS2 or Nintendo.
***If it is for an older person. 13+ (with a few expections.)
***You buy the the two year warranty with your XBOX
***And if you are prepared for a few frusterating moments.
But believe me, even though the XBOX has broken TWICE now, I still love the system, and I know that the benefits of purchasing the XBOX outway the drawbacks--by far!
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on December 26, 2002
I got my Xbox a weak after it was released. I was pleased at the begining but then it did not impress me. There is no games compared to the Gamecube and Playstation2 I now have. Everyone is under the impression that the Xbox has a good dvd player. I played one of my favorite movies on it was amazing it played in such great picture. Then I tried to play it again in the afternoon the next day it couldn't even get through ten minutes and it would skip and turn off. Now it just doesn't play at all it just puts little squares on the screen. I was so mad after I invested over [$$] and buying the kit. Now I know the real power of the X. The disk worked perfectly on the Playstation2 every time. I would recomend the Playstation 2 or Gamecube don't waste your money. Old Bill coud have made it even better this is just one of their ... computers that did not sell so they used it to play video games and try to monopolize the gaming industry as well as the computer. So don't put more money in selfish Bills hands buy a Plastation2 or Gamecube that knows all ready about the gaming industry. Thanks! I hope this helps you in choosing.
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