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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on February 28, 2004
Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album sounds just as fresh now as it did in 1987. It is obvious that Jackson and his producer, Quincy Jones, decided to go in a different musical direction from it's multi-million selling predecessor, 'Thriller'. Therefore, 'Bad' is far more synthesiser-based, and evidently makes use of state-of-the-art equipment from beginning to end.
The album sets in stone Jackson's musical trademarks such as multi-layered and amplified chorus vocals, his 'aaow's and 'heehee's and punchy rhythmic arrangements. Apart from it's 3 ballads - 'Liberian Girl', 'Man In The Mirror' and 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You', this album is a pop record designed primarily for dancing. It has extremely exciting moments - from the bizzare atonal arrangement of chords which open the album to the instrumental breaks that Michael gasps and yelps over and the atmosphere conjured up in the albums best slow-groove, 'Man In The Mirror'. These kinds of things make 'Bad' an outstanding album.
During the 'Bad' years we saw Michael's most energetic and exciting dancing - in his music video's, in the film 'Moonwalker'(1988), and in his sell-out 'Bad' world tour. This is reflected in the nature of the music on this jet-propelled album.
A genius amalgamation of excellent songwriting and great production, there are a few things which detract from the quality of this album. The album's title and cover art are both rather dubious and childish. It is obvious that the entire 'Bad' concept was devised by Jackson himself, the 'Bad' video with it's nonsensical narrative being his first truly bizarre and unsettling moment. In desperation to sell more than 'Thriller', Michael tried too hard and became rather self-indulgent, effeminate and confusing. However, if, like me, you can separate Michael's image and behaviour from his music, 'Bad' remains a brilliant and exciting album which bears all the hallmarks of a classic. I find that it's spirit is captured best on LP, where it sounds far richer and punchier than on CD version.
An excellent album which was way ahead of it's time by Michael Jackson - a musical genius.
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on November 22, 2001
There's nothing I can say about this album. If you've seen all my other reviews on Michael Jackson, then you should know that I can't say enough about the King Of Pop.
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on November 12, 2012
This deluxe box set is just incredible. I would go as far as to say the most beautiful & well thought box set to there. You can tell this was done with the fans in mind.

As for the content, the new songs are masterpieces. I have been playing them for months with no sign of getting tired. It s just hard to believe MJ had these unbelievably great songs sitting in a vault for 25 years.

As for the BAD concert DVD, it is a must see. By far, my favorite Michael Jackson concert. All live singing. Nonstop dancing. He owned that stage.

Highly recommended for fans & all music lovers
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on April 11, 2004
This album is truly amazing. The songs give different meanings and feelings. Some songs feel like you are in the city streets feeling everyword. There are romantic songs, including a number one hit duet with Siedah Garret on "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". This album is one of Michael's biggest sellers. Michael has produced several big sellers, and NO ONE has surpassed one of his records whether record sales, effort, or feeling and emotion.
Here is a reveiew for all the tracks of this amazing album:
Bad: 10/10- Amazing. You can feel it and you just want to dance.
The Way You Make Me Feel: 10/10- You can feel the streets. This album was another number one was Bad.
Speed Demon- 10/10- The voice is so amazing, and when he hits his falsetto, its breathtaking. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The video is unique as well.
Liberian Girl- 10/10- What can you say. Michael has probably the most unique, and special voice in music history. This track is truly amazing and catchy.
Just Good Friends- 9/10- I love this duet with Michael and Stevie Wonder. Its unique how they sang this song, and the whole story to it.
Another Part of Me- 10/10- This song was a number one hit on the R&B Charts

Man In The Mirror- Number one hit...amazing.10/10
I Just Can't Stop Loving You- 10/10
Dirty Diana-Number one 10/10
Smooth Criminal- 9/10
Leave Me Alone -10000/10 Awesome
Overall: 6 Number One Hits 30 Million Copies Sold, and AMAZING!
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on July 18, 2004
BAD is personally my favourite MJ album! He shows his unique and amazing songwriting skills..
Bad-A great beat with catchy lyrics,the video is great too.10/10
The Way You Make Me Feel-This song is probably one of my favourite songs off BAD-The rhythm,the beat,the lyrics and the vocals just make you want to be the girl MJ's chasing =D 10/10
Speed Demon-Another amazing song,10/10
Liberian Girl-MJ uses a lot of vocal in this song,it's not my favourite but it's most definitely worth listening to,9.5/10
Just Good Friends-MJ and Stevie sound really great here,kinda cheesy but i love it!9/10
Another Part Of Me-Beautiful song,10/10
Man in the mirror-A truly inspiring song,it brings tears to your eyes and makes you sing along with Michael-a must-10/10
I just can't stop loving you-Gorgeous song,MJ and Sieddah make you want to fall in love=)10/10
Dirty Diana-Probably one of the greatest rock songs in history,the lyrics,the vocals,ahh,10/10
Smooth Criminal-Again,another favourite,Michael is amazing,i mean,what a beat!!!!Lyrics rock and his dancing is flawless,but then again,Michael is flawless,Alien Ant Farm,in my opinion shouldn't have sung this song,No-one can record an MJ song,he is truly unique,10/10!
Leave me Alone-Very cool song,against the media and tabloids,rocky song,9.5/10
Streetwalker-Now this is my favourite song again,i really feel it should've been included on BAD-it's amazing,i love it.10/10
MJ is 100000000000% innocent!
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on November 3, 2012
Did not own this album so I was very happy that the rest of the songs other than the hits that I have heard over the last 25 years were also good. The reading material and package is not of the same quality as Thriller 25, probably because MJ is not around to supervise the quality anymore.
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on October 27, 2001
I have been a long time fan of the weird and wonderful Michael Jackson. I have found his peculiar appearance and the slow change from cool pop idol to ridiculous freak compelling to see. I've been exhilarated, amazed, disturbed and sometimes laughed at him over the years but have never been bored with the guy's antics.
But to focus on just the music and the dancing for a moment.... the man has always blown me away with amazing tunes, superb production and unbelievable dancing skill.
So it was, with some dissapointment, I sat listening to the new album yesterday. (It was broadcast on the web for 24 hours through the official site.)
The production value was top notch. His voice is as good as ever. He also covers all the usual topics.... children, invasion of privacy, changing the world.
But there was something missing this time out. Some songs sound like attempts to copy today's big pop acts rather than create new and unique sounds and rythms. '2000 Watts' sounds just like Destiny's Child.... 'Invincible' sounds like a Britney Spears track..... 'Whatever Happens' is a watered-down George Michael sound-a-like.
Other tracks are just pale imitations of Michael's own classics. 'Threatened' is so obviously trying to be a new 'Thriller' but is a limp, tuneless version.... 'You Rock My World' has great harmonies but does the melody really compare with 'The Way You Make Me Feel'?
I could go on but you get the idea. Big, big letdown. How this took six years and over 20 million to make is beyond me!!
But, there's a bright side. Albums like 'Bad' will forever be great. This has to be the best he's ever been.... an almost perfect album that reveals new subtleties with each listen. Just check out the amazing bass line on 'Speed Demon' or the driving beat of 'Leave me Alone'. And how about Stevie Wonder's duet on 'Just Good Friends', a song that radiates energy and a joy of music! I also have to mention 'Man In the Mirror' with it's beautiful and emotional lyrics. Far better than the egotistical 'Cry' on the new CD.
So, it you find yourself dissapointed in 'Invincible'.... go and pick up a copy of 'Bad' and just enjoy how good Michael can be.
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on March 22, 2003
Gosh! I remember being a tiny little thing and begging my dad, the music collector, to "Play Michael Jackson, daddy!" I loved this album and when I got older I got the CD. To this day it's one of my prized albums. The music was so raw and vocal driven but still there are some holes, like it wasn't totally up to par with "Thriller" or "Off The Wall", it had a bit slacking off at some points but still it's one album that is one of Michael's best, I mean this album extended Michael's fame even further. My favorite song has to be "Smooth Criminal", it's so raw and demanding. Then some goonies (Alien Ant Farm) tried to make it a rock song, proves you just can' remake a Michael song no matter what your genre. "The Way You Make Me Feel" is great with a doop woop twist while "Dirty Diana" and "Bad" are funky. "Man In The Mirror" is inspirational (and one that they used as a theme for a class that I took on "succeeding in high school"? Okay...) and "Speed Demon" is driven, no pun intended. This album is really one that will be in my collection and one that one day I hope that my kid will be asking to play.
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on January 25, 2003
Wow!...Is all I say when people bring up the 'Bad' album. I was only 5 when this album came out, but my GOD, what an album! Certain individuals tend to oversee the 'Bad' album, due to comparisons with 'Thriller', which i think is foolish! You don't buy 'Bad' to compare and write notes, you buy it to listen to it! I think they are both in worlds of their own, but 'Bad' is just...i just get goose bumps thinkin about it! Michael wrote 33 songs initially and cut it to what we know now as 'Bad', but there are some astonishing tracks which people have actually forgotten about, unless they're like me and listen religiously! e.g. Speed Demon, listen to the bais line that was created, a real work of art...Dirty Diana, atmospheric or what!...from the symbols to the killer guitar sequence @ the end its just outstanding. Finally the bonus tracks on this album put a stamp on Michaels talent as a song writer with the attitude of 'Streetwalker', just listen to that, why he didn't include it?...U tell me...What an album, what a talent, what a man!...
We love you Michael
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on October 20, 2001
BAD is an incredible follow up to Thriller that features MJ's songwriting talents, as 9 of the 11 songs are written by him alone. It's an incredible achievement that's filled with memorable, dancable, moving, groving songs that will stay with this listener forever. He really came into his own with this album. Thankfully, it's all preserved and remasered for our continued enjoyment.
The sound presented here is really incredible. The pulsating bass on Bad really stands out as does the vocal layering on Leave Me Alone. It's amazing how much better technology is, that this kind of clarity that can be achieved with a 14 year old recording. It's also amazing how well thes songs stand the test of time. These tracks don't seem dated at all.
Aside from the remastering, this special edition also features 9 new photos (plus the original 8 fish eye lens photos), interviews with Quincy Jones and 3 rare songs. A few nit picks: the isn't a track listing for the bonus material in the booklet, the spoken intro to 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' has been excluded for some reason, some cd cover art would've been nice (all we get is a red cd with white lettering) and I was disappointed to see there wasn't a photo underneath the clear CD tray.
The bonus song 'Streetwalker' was vying for the place 'Another Part of Me' took on the album. It's an ambitious song that beautifully captures a street feel with lots of horns and bass. It's very much dancable and running 5:49 it would've been the longest song on the album. It's wonderful to finally be allowed to hear it but I'm glad it was cut from the album. Not because it's bad but because Another Part of Me is so wonderful. I'd have hated to miss out on it for all this time.
'Fly Away' is a mid tempo love song. A lyrical bon-bon akin to 'I Can't Help It' from Off The Wall. It's not mentioned in teh interview sections why this song was deleted from the album, but it surely deserved a spot, just as long as it wasn't going to replace any other song already on the ablum.
The spanish version of 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' is really beautiful and it's fun to hear MJ singing in another language ( he nails those rolling the 'R'). Probably won't listen to it much, but it's nice to have anyway.
Ultimately, this special edition is the only edition of BAD to own. The songs have never sounded better and you get 3 incredible bonus songs plus interviews with Quincy Jones. Aside from all that, this is one of the greatest albums from the 80's. How can you go wrong with a cd that features not one but FIVE number one hits?!?! BAD is Great!
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