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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on October 16, 2015
This two-disc best-of collection is a good sample of Simple Minds. If your unfamiliar with them this would be the best place to start, but personally for me it suffers in that it contains too many edited versions of their songs. Sometimes it seems like record companies put these collections together and just try to cram as many songs as they can onto one disc, not caring about the structure of the original recordings. I know these edited versions are the single mixes that were shortened for the music videos or radio airplay, but they aren't always the best version to include on CD releases. Sometimes editing a song can be an improvement but after listening to these edited versions (12 in all) and then hearing the original album versions, I much prefer the original album versions. A couple of songs that suffer the most are "Glittering Prize", and "Love Song" (which is shortened by over a minute), the album version has more punch to it. After hearing these original album versions I did some checking on Amazon and found that another Simple Minds collection "Early Gold" offers quite a few of these same songs unedited plus a few not included on this best-of set, so I bought that one too. Most people probably don't care if a song is edited or not but I want the best possible version, which this collection doesn't offer. So minus one star for that.
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on November 15, 2003
This album captures the distinctively mellifluent, textured, Kraftwerk-inspired new wave sound that Simple Minds made their own in the 80s. "Glittering Prize", "Waterfront", "Promised You A Miracle", "All The Things She Said" (a damn site better than that awful TATU record of the same name), "Don't You Forget About Me", all those early classics are here.
If this record does have any shortcomings, it's that it features too much of the political dirge from the late 80s/early '90s era, when they briefly lost their way. The second disk, however, does feature "She's A River" and "Hypnotised" from their renaissance in 1995, when they dramatically returned to form.
Given that they released the dreadful covers album Neon Lights a couple of months prior to this compilation, it looked as though they'd finally gone to the point of no return, so the timing of the release of The Best Of Simple Minds could't have been better - reminding folks about what a great act they weree in their heyday.
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on September 1, 2002
If you're like me you've owned "Glittering Price" (US version) and were deeply dissapointed. I know I was! (The song Glittering Price was not in the US version [DUH] and the imported version missed "Stand By Love" & "Up On The Catwalk" as well!). Well, as most everyone knows, all Glittering Price's songs are here in the "Best Of", plus others that kick rear end. Better yet they are all mostly full versions. I gave my Glittering Price CD away to a friend. Anyone who knows Simple Minds' previous work (prior to Glittering Prize) must have been upset about that compilation.
Well "Best Of"; now that's a REAL compilation!! The only flaw (big one) is leaving New Gold Dream 81 82 83 84 behind (not to worry get the NGD CD and you'll be even), but that always happens with "greatest hits" CDs. To make a full "Best Of" collection for Simple Minds I think they would have needed 4 CDs (impossible, I know) but this gives people a general idea of what he group is really made of. After buying this collection I was inspired to get 5 more Simple Minds CD, and now I can't wait to finish my collection (I only need about 2 or 3). Get this collection now, you wont be dissapointed!!
My faves: See The Lights, Glittering Prize, Life In A Day, Biko, Sanctify Yourself, Stand By Love, War Babies, Alive And Kicking, GhostDancing, Let There Be Love, I Travel, Belfast Child, Up On The Catwalk & Speed Your Love To Me.
I recommend the style of Simple Minds to anyone, its a unique group and nobody has been able to match their special style and uniqueness.
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on June 4, 2002
The Simple Minds' impressive backcatalogue gets compiled in a nice way on this remastered 2CD set. CD 1 is the real gem here and the tracklisting is flawless (sure it would have been nice to have album tracks like "New Gold Dream" or "Book of Brilliant Things" included as well as the early singles "Premonition" and "Changeling", but let's face it, this is way more complete than Glittering Prize and you can't complain about everything).
CD 2 is compiled of weaker material in general, exception being the outstanding 1995 singles "She's a River" and "Hypnotized". Other than that it becomes very obvious that between 1979 and 1985 (CD 1) the Simple Minds were at the front of the pack, releasing some classic singles and albums that really mattered, while from 1989 on they tried to keep the momentum going in a changing musical climate with mixed results (CD 2)
Worth 5 stars for CD 1 alone. Pick this one up. Fairly priced too!
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on April 20, 2002
'Best-of' compilations are usually a hit-and-miss affair. There's always going to be the one or two songs that should've been included, and the one or two songs that really shouldn't be there. Such is the case with Best Of Simple Minds. It's an impressive collection, to be sure. SM does need 2 CDs to cover their shining moments. When Glittering Prize was released, I knew that a lot of great songs would be missing, mainly because it was a 1-CD affair. To my surprise, Street Fighting Years was heavily represented on disc 2. Not a bad album, mind you, but where is "Take A Step Back", perhaps the most memorable and single-like track on the album? Their cover of "Biko" is excellent, but don't add cover songs to a's a contradiction in terms. I mean, I like their rendition of "Street Hassle", but it's not a Simple Minds song, so don't add Biko to a "Best Of Simple Minds" compilation. Also, adding Raven Maize's "The Real Life" seems out-of-place. Another great SM song could've been added in place of someone else's cover song. This 2-CD set would almost be the perfect introduction to Simple Minds, if it weren't for these unfortunate inclusions. Where's "My Life" from Good News, and certainly a third track from Neapolis could've been added, to balance out disc 2 better. All complaints aside, this is the most thorough SM compilation out there, hence it's probably the best introduction for new fans. I give this collection 4 stars for the overall quality of music on these 2 CDs. Hey, they included Speed Your Love To Me, and that's enough to win this SM fan over! Recommended, but bring that import price down..sheesh!
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on May 24, 2004
"best of simple minds" is an effective double cd collection that covers all of band's most important tracks up to around year 1999. i enjoyed it and it made me get their other albums. i think it is a perfect album for someone who knows only few simple minds songs and wants to know their music better.
from the cold new wave sound up to warm and emotional pop-rock Simple Minds remained a fresh band that has their own recognizable sound. of course they had some weaker spots ("biko" sounds much better in Peter Gabriel's version,and what the heck is the last track?) but who is perfect? even the lack of presence of some tracks doesn't change the fact that it is the best and most ineresting Simple Minds collection avaible.
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Disc One of this retrospective is more interesting than the second disc which draws on the period from the late 1980s onwards when Simple Minds were losing their edge. My favourites remain the atmospheric eurosynth number I Travel, another early one Life In A Day, the hypnotic Love Song plus the megahits Don't You Forget About Me, Promised You A Miracle and Glittering Prize. Their distinctive sound merged atmospheric synths with a kraftwerk-like beat and were very cinematic and evocative. Unfortunately the decline is all too apparent on the second disc where the synths meander aimlessly amongst the political sloganeering. So if you're a fan, get this for Disc One to have all their greatest hits together.
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on July 9, 2004
Where do you start with these guys? My first Simple Minds album was New Gold Dream which is another must have.I picked this CD up trying to fill the gaps and really liked it. They have so many different sounds and styles and they are all here (except for New Gold Dream. Their is a different version of Promised You a Miracle which is great with a little more bounce. Just about any person who grew up in the 80's would like this CD as their is something for everyone here. There newer material on disc two was somewhat more mellow but works great at dinner or on a roadtrip. I have a ton of respect for these guys as their songs shaped my childhood and made me feel good. 5 star all the way!!
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on January 22, 2003
This is indeed the best compilation of my all time favorite band Simple Minds. This is a double CD packed with all their hits that you are familiar with in the 80s and 90s.
You could not ask for more! From "Don't you forget about me" to "Mandela Day" each song is a piece of art.
Simple Minds rule!
A Must!
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on January 17, 2002
This is a great compilation of hits/songs from this Scot 80s group.My one nitpick is the exclusion of "Book Of Brilliant Things" from 'Sparkle in the Rain'(one of the best albums of the 80s,and arguably in rock history).You can't go wrong buying this(if you have SITR on lp or cd,like I do).Great band.
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