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on March 15, 2001
"The Return" is the second star trek novel written by William Shatner and Judith & Garfield Reeves Steves.
It follows the book "The Ashes of Eden" and isn't necessarily quite as good, but comes close.
The writing holds perfectly, once again implying that Shatner is a far better writer than an actor.
The plot is also well constructed. Not perfect, but holds well.
The book is written in a way that makes it feel like a motion picture, a style the writers seemes to prefer and they use it damn well. This is one of the reasons I can say that "The return" is definitely better than First Contact.
I do admit though, that te new Shatner books are a bit commercial. People didn't want to see Kirk die, so the Pocked Books desited to take advantage of that. Too bad you can see it so clearly while reading.
Fortunately the book answeres some questions that have been in the fans' minds for a long time.
There are some continuity problems however, but they aren't too aparent. And note, that I hate everything even slightly non-canon. A good book, wich I recomend to everyone.
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on October 25, 2000
With all the publicity William Shatner has had about his STAR TREK career, namely a Prima-Donna attitude towards his role and importance to the legend of ST, I find this book a breath of fresh air into a business that was going stale. William Shatner built a great beginning into this work. Imagine Spock, himself a resurrection alumi, seeing Jim's lighted-from-within grave collapse. That bee-buzz of transporter-effect must have paralyzed even his Vulcan mind as he tried to pull a logical 'what the hell is going on' from the scene. The last we saw of James T. Kirk was as a dead hero with Jean Luc Picard In GENERATIONS. But remember, Kirk's own prediction- "I'll die alone"- was not fulfilled. We cannot imagine such a forecast as this going unheeded by the STAR TREK guardians. The body of this offering is an insightful look into a part of JTK's personal legend as well as an introduction to a driven side of the character only glimpsed before. There is more to come. Any reader of mine knows I leave the details to you but love to cut to the purpose. No different here . Read THE RETURN and following books by Willim Shatner. After all, he IS Kirk.
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on January 12, 1999
The second in William Shatner's Star Trek: Odyssey trilogy, The Return is Star Trek at its most action/adventure. No deep Roddenberry philosophy here: we're talking Borg, Romulans, revenge, Picard and Kirk, the Borg homeworld - something which the series has yet to dare to try - and a new Enterprise which crosses the boundaries into DS9 territory.
Once again, one is forced to wonder just how much of the story Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens have come up with (Shatner's acknowledgement: 'What would I do without them?') and the nature of the collaboration. I believe, however, that such a question is irrelevant: this is simply good (if a little mindless) Trek, and let's face it, it's good to see some energy being injected into the franchise after some recent flagging in both novel and TV form.
Kirk is back, then, and having been resurrected by the Borg after the events of Star Trek Generations, he's brainwashed into a plan to kill Captain Picard of The Next Generation, as he presents the greatest threat to the Borg attempt to destroy the Federation. There's another twist here, however: the Borg have formed an alliance with the Romulans (or, to be more accurate, a splinter faction of the Romulan military), as there's a particular Romulan commander who wants revenge for the death of her ancestor who Kirk was indirectly responsible for the death of. Kirk sets off on his task, taking out the members of the TNG crew one by one (including two priceless scenes where he attacks Worf on the Klingon homeworld and Data and La Forge on an ice planet), until he meets his match in Commander Riker on Deep Space Nine. As Kirk is operated on by Doctor Bashir (yes, it's crossovers left right and centre), Spock (yes, Spock) is captured by the Borg and would be assimilated if it wasn't for the fact that he melded with V'Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was actually a Borg ship...
If you can keep up with the cross-continuity, then The Return is a fantastic read. Whether it's Shatner or the Reeves-Stevens who are coming up with this stuff is irrelevant: it's fast-paced, cool and the climax is breath-taking. The Borg homeworld is portrayed brilliantly and Picard's facing of his fears is balanced by Kirk's hit-first-ask-questions-later attitude.
There are problems - the whole business with V'Ger is a trifle convinient, and Picard resists the Collective he so feared rather easily, defeating a whole planet of Borg single handedly! - but they are largely smoothed over by the handling of all of the ideas thrown together. Somehow, they've come out of the other end of the tunnel with a great adventure novel - God knows how it happened, but the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless them for it.
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on July 27, 1999
This book kept me on my feet the whole time to the point where I brought it to school because I could not put it down, and at the risk of being laughed at by all of my peers for reading Star Trek...
To tell you the truth, I find the idea of the Borg-Romulan alliance pretty hard to grasp. Also, If the Borg were that easy to defeat, how come we didn't think of that beforehand?
I miss Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura...also, I hate seeing everyone so old. Shatner should try to write some books dating back to the original series days. It might be interesting to see them all at the acadamy... Also, the sex thing is getting old.
Overall, a great book. Would keep you on the edge of your seat if it were a movie...
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on March 8, 2000
When I bught the book I was convinced this was a futile attemt by Shatner to resurect his beloved alter ego James T. Kirk. Maybe it is such an attemt maybe it isn't but it sure isn't futile! Shatner really can do his thing. Using the Borg and the Romulans in a story that if it ever was made into a movie it would even be better than First Contact.
Althoug the story at some points isn't really believable on it's own Shatner tells the story in such a way even a anti-Trekkie would believe it.
Shatner really did a good job returning Kirk to the Star Trek universe even better if you keep in mind that it coused a great serie of sequels.
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on July 11, 2001
Shatner returns the reader to Kirk's makeshift grave following the events in Generations. Kirk is resurrected by alien technology and there are Borg, Romulans, members of both generations, and mistrust between both. I was totally taken aback by a revelation about the Borg's first encounter with the Federation. If anyone saw that acomin' they are totally more adept at such things than I. There are also some very touching moments between Kirk, Spock, and the old country doctor. I can't wait to finish Mr. Shatner's first series without waiting a year between each section.
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on April 18, 1998
I really enjoyed this book by Shatner, it is well written and stays true to Star Trek history. There was only one thing that bothered me, it was confusing. i kept reading and reading but some of it just made no sence at all!
Kirk is resuracted the nbecomes borg. Okay but then it goes into this whole tale of finding him, making him better then him. . . well if you want to know readit yourself!
This is a very well written book, as is its sequal, but did it have to be so hard to follow?!?!
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on November 25, 1998
This is an excellent book by William Shatner. The only problem is that some of the facts are a little off. For example, the CURRENT phasers in Star Trek are not blue. They are reddish-orange. The phasers may have been blue in Kirk's time, but not now they aren't. Also, how would Kirk know how to work a holosuite, and how would he know that it was one, by only watching Slatrel? HELLO!! Technology cannot be understood by a 23rd century leftover that quickly!!!!! None the less, a good book.
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on July 30, 1997
Anything is possible in the world of Star Trek, especially forCaptain Kirk. With William Shatner as the author, it shows a side ofthe Captain that only Shatner himself could portray. Kirk couldn't let Spock be the only one who could perform miracles and come back from the dead. Kirk also reafirms his friendship with Jean Luc Picard and challenges the odds in an adventure that could only be STAR TREK. This is a "must read" for any Star Trek Fan.
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on July 4, 1998
Hey, this book is one of the best, but I must say that to bring Kirk back to life again (kind of) is pretty stupid. I don't think Shatner should have included the borg in his reincarnation. He could have had them come into the picture later. I think the brainwash or something like that was a great idea. Even the going after Picard was a good idea. I love Kirk, I mean my e-mail address even has his middle name in it. It was a awesome book.
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