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A radioactive cloud contains alien creatures that can kill and control a human bring. Their goal is to...well we are not sure, but their short term goal is to kill a clairvoyant named Anne Pilgrim (Janet Munro) as she poses a threat to them. Anne is a member of the frequent fainters club. If you pass out a lot, the doctor gives you a sedative. Alan Brooks (Forrest Tucker) is the only man that can save her and the planet.

The movie was film on a stage with an alpine backdrop giving the film that 3D Viewmaster effect. We do get to see the sluggish creatures near the end of the film.

Classic old science fiction/horror.
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on March 21, 2000
If you're from the New York City, Tri-state area, and you were born in the 1950s, you'll remember being totally scared watching this on channel 9, "Gone With The Wind Music" playing to the intro for Million Dollar Movie. Every night they would run the same movie for a week and announce at the end of the movie: "If you missed all or part of this movie you may watch it tomorrow at the same time." I am pretty sure "The Joe Franklin Show" came on after this. Going back and watching this now is a gas. There is more to this movie then meets the "Eye". I loved it! After watching you can answer the questions: Was the mountain climber's head torn off? And wasn't it a little cold for just a sweater? By the way, it's all we had back then. best wishes, Jean's husband Jim
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on June 20, 2017
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on April 5, 2004
The Crawling Eye (1958) had numerous monikers like The Creeping Eye, The Flying Eye, and even Creature from Another World, but started out as a British television serial titled The Trollenberg Terror (this is the title that appears in the beginning of this version of the film). Apparently the series was popular enough to warrant the making of film versions for European and American distribution.
The film stars Forrest Tucker, who, while not an original member of the series, was brought in by the British studios in order to better promote the film in America. Original series actors that transferred from the television version to the film version were Janet Munro and Laurence Payne.
The film starts off with three climbers on the side of a mountain, and one of the climbers suffers a serious case of death from the loss of his head (off-screen). The other two freak out and then we cut to three characters on a train, two being the Pilgrim sisters Sarah (Jennifer Jayne) and Anne (Janet Munro) while the third being Alan Brooks (Forrest Tucker). All three get off at the same stop, and make for a hotel near the base of the Swiss Alps. Brooks arrived at the request of a friend, Professor Crevett (Warren Mitchell), who works in a nearby observatory and has disturbing news. The two sisters, one with telepathic abilities (Munro's character), are inexplicably drawn to the mountain. We soon learn that something is stealing mountain climber's heads, leading some villagers to believe an abominable snowman with a guillotine is on the loose, aptly called 'The De-Nogginizer' (okay, no one said it, but I thought it).
Brooks makes his way to the observatory and meets with his friend Professor Crevett. Crevett gives Brooks the ten cent tour, bragging on and on about his wonderfully amazing, technologically advanced and highly fortified observatory to which Brooks cuts it shorts and asks why he was dragged out here. Dr. Crevett shows Brooks a cloud on the mountain, and makes a reference to a shared past experience and believes there is a link to the cloud and the recent spate of deaths on the mountain. Turns out there is...
Not much point in going into the story too much more, spoiling the fun for everyone, but I will tell you this, there are more deaths by beheading, giant eyeball creatures, zombies, mysterious ice clouds, and some other cool surprises. As silly as all this sounds, the overall sense of the film is serious...even though the viewer will break out into laughter, especially at the special effects. The tentacled eyeball creatures various appearances just do not allow for the keeping of a straight face. I couldn't help wonder if they had kept the mystique of the fog, revealing less about what was inside, if that would have made the film much more scary than it was...the tension was certainly there up until the point when the creatures were revealed, as the cloud hid its' secrets well, prowling the mountain, signaling death was coming. Well, being the 50's, you needed some fantastic creature, be it giant eyeballs, flying brains, or disembodied hands. If you didn't, you were pretty much cheating the audience.
I really enjoyed the number of elements involved in the story, and how nicely these things were tied together. That's not to say everything works and there are no plot holes, but the film is tight, and any missing plot points are minor and not very detectable. This film is just all out 50' sci-fi fun, much in the vein of another movie that came out in the same year, Fiend Without a Face. Cornball? Maybe, but certainly worth watching. Forrest Tucker is great taking time off from his usual westerner/action films to star here. He certainly doesn't seem to fit the part in the beginning; at least to me, but as the film progresses, he makes it work, like pounding a square peg into a round hole. Janet Munro is attractive, and I had just recently saw her in The day the Earth Caught Fire (1961), but the real eye catcher was the actress who played the character of her sister, Sarah Pilgrim, Jennifer Jayne. Yowsa! Along with being an actress, I found out she is also a writer, and is responsible for (as Jay Fairbanks) the comedy/horror/musical Son of Dracula (1974) starring Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, and a slew of other musical talents.
Image and Wade Williams present a really nice looking wide screen print here. The picture is crisp and clear, and suffers little deterioration. Also, this is the European edition; hence the beginning credits stating The Trollenberg Terror as the title. A trailer is available on the disc, but it certainly suffered the ravages of time, looking very worn and damaged. There is also liner notes written by journalist, columnist, film historian, radio and television commentator David Del Valle, who is considered to be one of the leading authorities on the horror/science-fiction/cult and fantasy film genres. If you can find a better giant, killer eyeballs from space movie I'd like to see it.
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on September 17, 2008
Just finished watching this great gem about five minutes ago. Loved start to finish. The dvd transfer was first rate with very little scratchs or wash out at all. Sound was pretty good. As with most all sci-fi/horror movies you don't really see a whole lot of the monster but get your moneys worth at the end. For the budget that the fx guys must not have had they did a fairly good job. The close up of the eye looked really good. I first heard of this movie from reading Stephen King's book IT and had to see for myself. Worth the wait. As with all titles I've gotten so far from Image first rate, run out and get your own and don't leave the lights out. See ya around.
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on March 16, 2004
I'm not going to rehash the fairly well known the plot. The other reviews have already covered that pretty well. The story is gripping and the acting is exemplary. The special effects were done on a shoe string budget and show it, but still pull it off marginally (if you suspend your disbelief a bit).
So why the five stars? The DVD film-to-video transfer was made from pristine source materials resulting in a viewing experience I've not had with this movie since I saw it's theatrical release in 1958. Presented in its original 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio, it offers a completely restored version totally lacking any scratches or bad cuts. In addition, this version is the European edition with the main title reading "The Trollenberg Terror". The sound is still mono, but the fidelity is rather good. Nice crisp highs, good bass response, and no hiss.
Even with extra material consisting of just the trailer, this DVD is well worth it. Especially to a fan of the film. I also found the liner notes to be emtertaining and very interesting. They include a lot of backgroud to the film, the genre, and I was especially amused at an anecdote about Forrest Tucker.
If you're a fan of the film (or not), I recommend this DVD release.
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on November 15, 2003
4.5 stars for acting story and atmosphere.
-1.5 for mostly poor special effects.
"His head it was torn off"
This line scared the heck out of me as a kid - along with a number of decapataions and idea of an eye monster. I could not sleep alone for weeks. Seeing it now - what is scarey about this film is not the creatures - but more everything that leads up to them.
A very good mysterious plot - spooky, and atmospheric - good acting and an actress, Janet Monroe - who with a bad haircut, worse teeth, funny eyes and a crooked mouth is also very cute in a wholesome sister-ish sort of way. She is very believable and projects all her fears onto the viewer.
I took the eye monsters as realistic and a total terror as a kid. Especially - their exelerated hyper breathing along with a little bell that sounds when they are up to their evil tricks.
Up close the eye creatures are menacing, large, and gross.

But from a distance the monsters look more like marshmellows with pipe cleaner legs. - Infact most of the minitures are shoddy, cheap and not at all believable. Utlra low flying aircraft is slung through the air on strings and the paper cut out people are obvious. A roaring fire appears more like someone burning a cigerette package.

That said - TCE is still a good, fun movie.
TCE will probably entertain and even scare kids. While many adults will enjoy TCE for the atmosphere story they will also cringe when they see the terrible special effects.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 10, 2004
This movie is based on a British TV series The Trollenberg Terror.

A mysterious cloud is occupying the mountain. People are mysteriously disappearing or at least their heads are detaching. Alan Brooks (Forest Tucker) has seen this happen before and is familiar with the phenomenon so he is sent to investigate. Also Sarah Pilgrim (Jennifer Jayne) a psychic in a sister act is compelled to go there; if you do not keep your EYE on her she has a tendency to wander off in a trance.

There is something funny about one of the disappearing villagers that suddenly returns.

It looks like the only hope for the town's people is to head for the lab at the top of the sky lift as it has thick concrete walls. The lab is equipped the standard 50's SCI/FI equipment. Yet your future is cloudy (radioactive cloudy). When confronted by a mysterious eye will you freeze in your tracks or do you have a tentacle to be lifted by the experience.

Do not watch this movie if you are in a cabin.
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on April 6, 2004
This is a real gem. The DVD quality is excellent. British Sci-Fi and Horror from this era often surprises--the films may initially look like standard American triple-feature drive-in fare (quality variable but almost always great fun!) but beyond that they often have better than expected scripts, cinematography, and casts (as is the case here). The Crawling Eye also includes fine music by Stanley Black. Released in 1958, The Crawling Eye has the feel of good British TV from the early Sixties (probably because it was based on a TV series). The plot is engaging (with the neat twist of working a psychic into it--a little ahead of its time) and the monsters are genuinely vile and disgusting. If you like classic Sci-Fi and Horror don't hesitate to add this one to your collection. Other recommended British classics: The Day the Earth Caught Fire and the deeply weird Devil Girl from Mars.
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on March 28, 2004
This movie was really scary for us kids back in 1958... but pales by todays standards of a convincing horror film...... HOWEVER... this movie and the DVD is an EXCELLENT wide screen transfer and looks terrific. And quite honestly, the movie itself is so bad, its REALLY FUN to watch with your friends. The acting isn't bad, except for the professor, who is really forced in his role..... but Tucker saves the film along with Miss Monro, who is convincing as the girl the monster wants to quiet. This DVD is also very reasonably priced..... I hope the DVD company (Image Video) gives us more like this title in such creative and impressive transfers!! Thanks also to Image for the extras and cool menu montage!
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