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on January 31, 2002
A ridiculous would-be romance that manages the truly remarkable feat of being completely sterile, cold, and non-human. There isn't a single moment of warmth or recognizable humanity in this pompous load of nonsense. The attempts at humor remain attempts, and the love stories (all four of them) completely lack heat.
Mr. Beatty is so busy standing and posing just so to catch the most flattering light that he forgets to act. He is like some old fading movie diva determined to look good one last time and hide those wrinkles. Annette Bening is her usual barely there self.
Avoid this film.
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on April 8, 2002
Gee, if Mike and Terry could learn this, why couldn't Warren and Annette?
It doesn't matter how much money was thrown into this movie, it just doesn't work.
Look, before you get all defensive, I love a good chick flick and 'An Affair to Remember' is the all-time champion in my book. Grant and Kerr had the panache to carry it off. Too, this was a product of its time - two people wake up long enough to realize they love each other and they've been far too dependent on others. The characters of suave international playboy and chanteuse with a questionable past and a heart of gold don't play now.
Huge sections of dialogue were brought over from 'An Affair' to this film and they don't play either.
There are some unintentionally funny moments - watch Annette Benning's hand make spidery shadows on her face as she's gesturing during one ship-board conversation...
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on February 11, 2000
The first 75 minutes of this modern adaptation saunter along at a relaxed pace. While there's no real snap to the dialogue, and the acting by Warren Beatty and Annette Benning is familiar rather than inspired, the demands of the story are so slight that it doesn't matter. Imagine a pleasant cup of tea on a mildly cool day, with Katherine Hepburn tossed in for good measure, as Beatty's aunt with nothing profound to add. Then, as the story is about to finish up in a glazed stupour, a harsh right turn is made in order to prolong the film for another 25 minutes. Bear in mind that no substantial points are made in these last, glacial 25 minutes - we learn nothing more about the lead characters or their supposed undying love for each other. It's just that 75 minutes seems kind of short for a modern motion picture. Which begs the question, Why make this movie at all?
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