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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 20, 2012
Such a sweet story line and great cast! Ricki Lake is adorable and so is Brandon Fraser! A lot of scenes from this movie were filmed at the Parkwood Estate which is a historic location in my very own home town and is actually right down the street from me. It was also the same estate where Billy Madison was filmed! Historic location aside, this movie can be slow at times and Ricki Lake does not suit swear words, but I think you'll enjoy it.
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on January 7, 2000
I want to be adopted by Shirley MacLaine and her butler Paco. Based on a case of mistaken identity following a train wreck; a young, homeless woman has a baby and is taken in by a wealthy family who believe her to be their daughter-in-law. She meets her putative brother-in-law, who suspects she is not who she claims to be and they fall in love. Although he discovers her real identity, he pretends to believe her story in an effort to be sure that she doesn't leave. The movie is fun to watch, very romantic...there is a tango scene which Brendan Fraser fans run over and over again. He plays a snobbish, bright and ironic young man who has ended up holding the bag as the responsible member of his rich family. Shirley MacLaine is brilliant as the mother, and Ricki Lake does a reasonably good job as a Cinderella candidate. The film could have benefited from a few extra scenes to clarify Bill's attraction to Patricia, but is a fun romance/comedy with a happy ending.
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on April 5, 1999
Being a movie buff, I was surprised I had never seen this movie or heard much of it when it was shown on a bus from Massachusetts to New York. Since I knew nothing about it, I had very low expectations (my guess is it didn't do too well at the box office), and was surprised to see the wonderful Shirley MacLaine and the consistently good Brendan Fraser. On the other hand, I did not recognize Ricki Lake at all, even though I have seen some J. Waters movie she was in. I had to wait until the credits to find out who it was. Brendan Fraser has turned out to be one of the best actors of his generation, if not for his choice of movies. Hopefully Gods and Monsters will open some doors for more serious roles. However, he shows a very good comedic timing in Mrs. Winterbourne, and did very well against Ms. MacLaine. Overall this is a very funny and entertaining movie.
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on January 14, 2002
This is one of my favorite romantic comedies not only did I like Shirley MacLaine as the feisty Grace Winterbourne but I also liked the opposites like each other love story of Connie and Hugh and I thought that Brendan Fraiser and Ricki Lake had some great chemisty together, also maybe it's just me but I assumed that Connie was only 18 in the beginning of the movie when she met creepy Steve and was with him a few years before she got pregnant and he dumped her. (you know one of those things not exactly shown in a movie but is kind of implied). Despite the unpleasantness of the Steve scenes I thought this was a charming romantic comedy!
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on February 5, 1999
A very cute story about a case of mistaken identity. A pregnant, single girl (Rikki Lake) meets Brendan Fraiser and his very pregnant wife on a train. There is an accident, and Lake unintentionally assumes the other girl's identity. Brendan Frasier is always a pleasure in any film, and is twice the pleasure in this film...he portrays twins! I thought trying to pass Lake off as an 18 year old was a bit ridiculous. Shirley Maclaine was very good. I don't know who played the chauffer, but he was excellent. It is an enjoyable film, but full of holes. Try and not think about the absurdities of the plot and you may enjoy it.
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on March 14, 1999
I love Brendan Fraser he is my all time favorite actor!!! but I was really disappointed by this movie. first of all I think that Ricki Lake as a teenager was way to much of a stretch. and her acting was a little crued and I didn't feel as though there was any chemistry at all between Fraser and Lake I mean if you compare the romance and chemistry of this movie and that of lets say Barrymore and Scott in Ever After it REAKS!!! but it did have it's good points like well Brendan's on screen humor I thought that he portrayed it very well not like there's ever been a bad Fraser movie well any ways I give this movie 3 stars.
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on April 27, 2001
This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Shirley MacLaine rules as the non-traditional matron. Ricki Lake does a fine job and Brendan Frasier is outstanding. Yes, more time could have been given to developing the relationship between Connie and Bill, but there's enough to get the point. Paco is AWESOME! His humorous drunken-binge scene makes it all worthwile.
The "powers that be" need to get off their butts and get this on DVD. Don't understand why it's not when I see all the crap they've already migrated!
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on July 29, 2002
Connie, broke and pregnant, accidently ends up on a train heading toward Boston without a ticket. When a stranger, Hugh Winterbourne, helps her out by pretending that his wife's ticket is Connie's, and then takes her to join him and his wife in their cabin, the chaos begins. After the train crashes and Hugh and his wife die, Connie is mistaken for Hugh's pregnant wife. Since the Winterbourne's had not yet met Hugh's wife, Connie finds herself pretending to be Hugh's widow so she can care for her child, but feels guilt ridden over her deception-- especially when she falls in love with Hugh's brother, Bill, and the rest of the Winterbourne family. And who's sending her notes asking who she "really" is?
On its own, this movie is a great romantic comedy-- showing how one instance can drag a person into a situation he or she never intended. Lake, Fraser, McClaine, and the actor who plays "Paco" do a fabulous job at making the viewer fall in love with all the characters. I have watched this movie many times, and intend to watch it many more.
This story is based on "I Married a Deadman" by Cornell Woolrich, which is a much darker story than the movie. I'm glad they changed the title when they made this into a movie because there are many differences between the original story and the movie; therefore, no one who read the book will mistakenly watch the movie and expect a faithful adaptation. While both are good, they should be taken indenpendantly of each other.
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on January 22, 2004
I didn't get to see this film at the theatre, but it is a thoroughly charming film - mostly because of Shirley and Brendan's performances. Brendan Fraser continues to surprise us with his scope as an actor, from doing this 'lightweight' comedy, to zany comedies such as "George of the Jungle" and "Dudley Do Right" (he and Alfred Molina are the ONLY reason to see that one!) to campy action films such as "The Mummy" and it's sequel, to acting 'heavy' roles such as his turn in "The Quiet American." He looks VERY handsome in both his roles in this film (he plays twin brothers)and one wonders why the socialite chicks in the film were NOT throwing themselves at him! It is not a stretch to see why Ricki's character would fall for the guy, especially the way Fraser portrays him.
- Warning to guys: This IS a CHICK FLICK - if you are a romantically inclined gal and love romantic films, this one is a winner.
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on May 16, 1999
Very much a feel good movie, with a wonderful leading man that carries off two totally different characters. Ricki Lake certainly surprised me in this movie, she can actually act! Shirley Maclaine is wonderful as one of my favourite all time actresses and still has not changed!! All in all, a very good movie to watch when you need a light hearted comedy with a normal lead girl, the handsome lead man, the rich wonderfully good hearted wealthy woman and the drunk gay butler. Very funny.
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