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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on March 30, 2002
I'm not a fan of the show "Roswell" but I loved the choice of tracks culled for the soundtrack. The selection lends a eerie atmosphere which is ideal for the television show. I already own a few of the songs on this album which includes both versions of Dido's "Here With Me" and Sarah McLachlan's "Fear". As overplayed as "Here With Me" is, I still enjoy listening to the song, especially the Chillin' With the Family Mix. The remix is a more trip hop version of the song. "Fear" is one of my personal favorite Sarah McLachlan songs. The Hybrid's Super Collider Mix is superb, and th song itself sounds better remixed. I loved Doves' cover of "Blackbird". I thought their version sounded better than Sarah McLachlan's version on the "I Am Sam" soundtrack. The Sheryl Crow track "I Shall Believe" simply impressed me. She sounded just great on this haunting track. I am not very familiar with Stereophonics' music but I liked what I heard from them with "Have a Nice Day". And a nice way to close out the album is with the remix of Dido's "Here With Me". The remix makes a tired song sound new again. I can't tire of this version of "Here With Me". Overall a top notched soundtrack. Normally I don't dig tv soundtracks but "Roswell" proved to be better than I imagined or expected.
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on March 4, 2002
I got the "Roswell" soundtrack today, and I have to admit, it's good. I'm glad that as the years have passed I've already managed to collect the majority of my favorite songs from the series in one way or another, as basically none of them are on the CD. Nonetheless, all of the songs are "listenable," and it certainly evokes the feeling of the series - a little dreamy and angsty, all mixed into one. It also has "Blackbird" by the Doves (from the "Michael and Maria in bed" scene from "Departure"), which is the main reason I bought it. LOL! I've been looking for that song EVERYWHERE, and here it is!
I also have to applaud the CD-ROM enhancements. There are some fun things on there: screensavers, wallpapers, even an interactive map that shows you some of the important places that have been featured in the series. I was annoyed that the nookie motel from "285 South" wasn't included, but that was more than made up for by the inclusion of the bowling alley featured in "Heart of Mine" and "Significant Others," and even Alex and Isabel's stargazing spot from "Into the Woods." Each place comes with a little explanation of its importance, and its location within or around Roswell (down to actual addresses). While there's a bit of a Max/Liz surplus, they are not the dominant aspect of the soundtrack or its added features, so if your tastes run more in another character or couple's direction, you'll like this enhanced CD as much as the next "Roswell" fan.
I'm going to recommend this soundtrack to anyone who's been debating buying it or not. It's a solid investment, in my opinion, and it's fairly up to date - certainly up to season three's "Panacea" and possibly "Chant Down Babylon." :-D
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on April 21, 2002
Having watched "Roswell" for 3 seasons and thoroughly enjoyed the music I was overjoyed a CD was produced. The great choice of music - as diverse as the characters and stories told - was always one of the trademarks of the show. This CD concentrates on the music of the 2nd and 3rd season. It displays the music of the most important scenes. Listening to it, I finally understood story twists I found questionable before, f.e. why Liz after the infamous bed scene with Kyle still expects Max to be loyal to her ("I shall believe"), why Liz finally understands Max' disloyality and forgives him ("Save yourself") as well as the strange choice for a wedding song ("Edge of the ocean") as Max, Isabel and Jesse forgive each other and begin anew. For a fan of the series this CD is indepensible. Though I would have liked more of the funnier and harder rock songs (f.e. "I want an alien for christmas") this collection is very harmonic and those just would not have fit in. Hopefully, there will be another CD soon. Even for those who are not fans of the series this CD is to be highly recomended. The songs are a refreshing departure from the usual stereotypical radio songs. It's a wonderful CD to listen to relax after work.
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on March 2, 2002
Wow, I wasn't too sure at first to buy this but I wanted to start collecting merchandise in case Roswell left for good, and since I'm a huge fan of the show. But when I listened to the CD I was amazed. It's very soft type music with a little edge to some of the songs. I could remember what episode the song played in like Sheryl Crow's "I Shall Believe," and Senses Fields "Save Yourself" (Which star Shiri Appleby makes a guest star appearance in the music video). And of course it has the beautiful tone of Dido with the hit theme song "Here With Me" sung in its full version. I not only instantly fell in love with the music but I fell in love with what it had on the CD itself.
It has Roswell Desktop Wallpapers (Which is now on my computer), Screensaver (Another that I easily installed to my computer), and an Exclusive Family Character Map and much more. Now the map was extremely impressive, it has the most updated information from the show!!
I never wanted to write a positive review so fast in my life. Even if you aren't a Roswell fan you will enjoy this CD. But if you are a Roswell fan you definately won't be disappointed in it, so definately add this to your collection!!
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on May 17, 2002
Though the show itself could at times (and not undeservedly) be described as a "soap opera with aliens," one of the best things Roswell brought to its fans over three seasons was its soundtrack. After two of those seasons spent sharing a network with programs such as Pop Stars (though no offense intended to any whom might be a fan of that particular program), it could be thought that a show such as Roswell would showcase little more than the mainstream music one might just as easily hear by turning on a radio and tuning into the nearest 'hit music' station.
Fortunately, we were given something a bit more thoughtful than that. I have always been a fan of Roswell's music perhaps as much as the show itself, and the soundtrack does not disappoint. With a lovely variety of many genres and artists, many European, but not without those that are more familiar to a general audience (such as Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow), it is certain to be a good CD for anyone who is in the mood for an album that is largely mellow and exclusive of love songs, without losing its relevancy toward the show along the way.
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on April 8, 2002
I bought this CD and played it three times during the course of the day. Coldplay and Zero 7 immediately received a new fan when I listened to their contributions. Dido's "Here with me" and Sarah McLaughlan's "Fear" are two songs that I can never hear enough of and the versions on this CD are great! This is such a romantic, ethereal and relaxing CD that I can't stop gushing about it! Zero 7's "Destiny" has got to be one of the most romantic melodies I have heard in a long time. Why isn't this song on the Top Ten? The soloist's voice is awesome! Sense Field's "Save Yourself" has a message I wish more artists would dare to many times we just give it away, to someone who doesn't remember your name. This is the best compilation CD, every song, count em every song is good, it flows seamlessly.
Roswell is no doubt one of the best shows in the universe, how could this show possibly be cancelled? There is no logic in that one at all!!!!!
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on March 3, 2003
The Roswell soundtrack is full of lovely surprises. All of the songs are great. The album in its entirety is one that kind of transports you to a new place. It's all soft...something that you can listen to when you're trying to sleep peacefully, and yet upbeat enough while driving down a long boring road. I don't know really know what to say about what kind of style this album is, though I'd have to mention that it has techno/trance beats, and maybe some indie also. Among some of the best are, of course, the show's theme song "Here With Me" by England's Dido...awesome, moving song. And you can't forget the love theme of Max & Liz; Sheryl Crow's "I Shall Believe." Coldplay has a beautiful "Brothers and Sisters." All of the songs on here are superb, so don't hesitate to get this album if you are a true fan of Roswell...and even if you aren't, owning this CD certainly can't hurt you.
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on April 7, 2002
What I liked most about this CD was that for the first time, I could really understand the words to the songs! While the music is in the background during an episode of Roswell, I wasn't paying too much attention to it, except what it added to the scene I was watching. Now I can really pay attention to the words; it's Fabulous how they relate to the show in their subject matter (besides being Beautiful pieces of music!)!
I wish there could have been information about which episode featured which piece of music. I can remember a few (I'll Never forget "I shall believe"!), but many of the pieces I can't match with the episode and it would mean more if I could.
This CD is enhanced and has some cool stuff for your computer as well! A screen-saver, maps for different events and more!
Anyway, this is a Fabulous CD to have in your collection if you are a Roswell fan! ~jane
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on May 23, 2002
ok yes i am a obsessive rowell freak, but I have to say that this cd kicks...well you know. Something about roswell is the music the music makes the show(made the show) great because it added to all the emotional impacts. LIfe if not all about lovey dovey sit at the beach and have a good o'l time, and this cd proves it. I love the song 'save yourself' by sense field It is one of those light rock-hit you in the heart- because he loves you songs. I love 'fear' by sarah mclachlan, great song with great techno feel. I shall believe by Sheryl Crow makes me wanna cry maybe its because I have the end of the world episode on tape and I know what the song means, but it is truly a great song that should hit everyone emotionally. Overall this cd is my fave, not just because of the cd, but the great music. Travis, coldplay, ivy are just a few great artists that make this cd explosive and a must.
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on March 9, 2003
I bought this CD the day it came out. I'm a huge Roswell fan. I miss the show terribly! I know a lot of people thought it was stupid but I loved it!
I loved the Music as much as I loved the TV show. I think the music is one of the things that got me addicted to the show. I only wish they were more songs on it. Like more Season 1 songs,and season 2 songs like the songs that played in Cry Your Name, especially the song that was playing during Isabel's goodbye dream of Alex in Cry Your Name, sure the song and the scene both make me cry like a baby, but I like the soundtrack just the way it is.
Maybe sometime in the future someone will come out with a collection of all the songs that were on all the episodes. They chose excellent songs for the right episodes.
I recomend everyone to buy it. Even if your not a Roswell fan the music is still great!
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