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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 17, 2004
I enjoyed watching this one, but it was almost like seeing a girl/girl anime video with all of the sexiest scenes edited out! Miyuki is pretty and has all kinds of encounters with scantily clad pretty girls, many of whom seem to express an interest in being with her --- but nothing ever happens. Just when you think she might begin making out with another girl the scene changes and she's off doing something else. Still, pretty girls with a decided lesbian bent. I hope they continue!
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on February 18, 2004
This was a little half-hour anime cartoon that played on the story of Alice in Wonderland. Little Miyuki-Chan falls into a "rabbit" hole, along with a Playboy Bunny-girl on a skateboard, into a magical world where all the characters are females who lust after innocent Miyuke. There are adult themes in this DVD.
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on October 11, 2003
Pretty short about sums it up. It was interesting how Clamp could take a child's story and make it so... interesting. I liked it, but It could have been at least an hour. It's about a normal schoolgirl names Miyuki, who seems to travel into a lesbian filled world of femme fatalles that all want a peice of Miyuki. All of the charactors are female, and wearing "Skimpy" tight clothing. Although,'s critic is pretty innacurate about these things. On every review i check to see if I have the right information, and claerly they can see that this is not Rated R material. This is about a 14 and up sort of anime, there wasn't even any breasts shown. Amazing Nurse Nanako is worse than this and this is 16+.
My rating: 14+
MPAA: None
ADV: 15+ due to Suggestive themes, Brief Nudity, and some theamatic elemnts
(Suggestive themes are mild provacitave material, like outfits, and positions. Theamatic elements are usually refered to the theme or events in the movie)
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on June 22, 2003
Basically its just another story of Alice in Wonderland done in a very CLAMP way. The dvd is extremely short and has many of the women wearing skimpy outfits. I really felt like i was watching some sort of hentai while watching it. If anyone is a fan of clamp then this dvd might work. But for me this dvd was the worst. I will never watch this dvd again so you go ahead and say this review wasn't helpful to you its ok
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on April 19, 2003
While the DVD is fun and silly, I didn't really see or notice anything that would be called true nudity. Also, while the DVD case says one of the languages is English, I couldn't find it in the DVD's menu. I had to go to the DVD player's remote to just switch on the English subtitles! Lots of sexy, kinky females but I would have to say that even kids could watch this. They WON'T understand it, but there's nothing to offend the eyes.
Only 30 minutes long, so not really a lot there to begin with.
Also, after watching once I really don't find myself wanting to watch it again and again, like Tenchi Muyo!, Ranma 1/2, Outlaw Star or Cowboy Bebop. So,if you have to get it, get it used.
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on October 4, 2002
I kept hearing about this anime from the all-female CLAMP manga collective, so I bought the DVD (which also includes MIYUKI-CHAN IN MIRRORLAND, or ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS). The limited story of both short films (actually just a series of strange events) is of a Japanese schoolgirl, Miyuki, who first disappears down an interdimensional "rabbit hole" along with a PLAYBOY bunny type "white rabbit", then meets a series of all-female characters in fetishy garb based on the characters in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. All these characters seem to want to fondle, kiss or sexually dominate Miyuki, who just gets embarrassed, runs off and falls into the next batch of supernatural lesbians who invite her to "come play with us". MIYUKI-CHAN IN MIRRORLAND repeats this trend - except here Miyuki is pulled through her bedroom mirror by a more sexually knowing version of herself, who touches her in an intimate (but non-explicit - so stop drooling, *Okatu-San*!) manner.
The entire tone of the first production is more cute-comical than menacing (even the whip-wielding Red Queen who restrains Miyuki with her bullwhip never actually flogs her), and Miyuki's greatest fear is being embarrassed by all this free-floating feminine touching and snuggling. The second has a bit more edge to it, as the chess game Miyuki plays with her mirror self has living female pieces who whip each other into (again, non-explicit) nudity, and the loser of the game has to strip (which mirror-Miyuki does willingly as our Miyuki looks really, REALLY embarrassed and tries to get her to stop, screaming "But I'm not married yet!" in the English - subtitled only - translation.) Even so, this is as far removed from hardcore BDSM tentacle *hentai* on the order of Maeda's UROTSUKIDOJI ("Overfiend") Saga or Pink Pineapple's ANGEL OF DARKNESS as an episode of Saturday morning's CARDCAPTORS (also created by CLAMP, incidentially).
Depending on which theory you read, Carroll's ALICE books are either a satire of British politics of the time, or a metaphor for a young girl's sexual awakening. CLAMP seems to have gone full-bore for this second interpretation in their story - all the characters except the easily-embarrassed Miyuki are dressed in a sexually provocative fashion, most make seductive advances towards her, and mirror-Miyuki in ...MIRRORLAND is not only willing, but eager to shed her Japanese schoolgirl outfit and stand proudly naked before her other self.
Complicating this, at least to a Western audience, is that all these characters appear to be cliche'd predatory lesbians; however, as Schodt pointed out in his book MANGA! MANGA!, men are often shown in Japanese popular culture as sexually brutal and beastly, whereas women (even sexually active ones) are seen as infinitely more gentle. To the Japanese female fans of CLAMP's work, even the whip-wielding Red (Bondage) Queen would be a gentler, safer introduction into the mysteries of adult sexuality than any man would have been. Miyuki might be embarrassed by all this sex, but she won't be terrified of it coming from other women.
This is the kind of short, slightly-kinky but clearly female-oriented *anime* that you might want to show to any women friends who are under the impression that "all those Japanese cartoons are nothing but S-M porno and big robots." (Though I'd like to know what's wrong with big robots, anyway.... Gekiganger - STRIKE! <g>)
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on July 2, 2002
The first thing you notice about Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland is that it makes no sense whatsoever, but that's okay because this 30 minute-long animated DVD isn't supposed to. It's sole purpose, I'm convinced, is to demonstrate what results when CLAMP and Madhouse combine their respective skills in a mutual undertaking.
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland reminds me of a demo video you would see at an anime convention. Rapid pacing with eye-catching (and eye-popping) scenes that are loosely strung together, the story is basically Lewis Carroll's Alice stories told with an all-girl cast, but with frequent panty-shots, partial nudity and general naughtiness that pushes the rating into PG-13 territory, though not any further.
So how does it do as a demo video? Almost perfect. CLAMP and Madhouse demonstrate (as if past successes haven't already proven it) they work very well together and there are some scenes, such as the butterfly girl and the fairies from the Victoria's Secrets catalog which show an artistic standard higher than most anime. However, it isn't an anime you'd want to show your mother as a definition of the genre.
What isn't perfect? The soundtrack music is horrible, grating to the ears and sensibilities. Also, the preview section is a mess--basically Japanese pop music interspersed with scenes and cuts from the series they are pushing, not taking any opportunity to tell you anthing helpful about the storyline or its characters.
One cute addition to the DVD. Put the DVD disk in your computer's CD-ROM drive for a full-color Miyuki-Chan paper doll print-out.
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on June 15, 2002
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is incredibly bizarre. The all-female Studio CLAMP has taken the Alice in Wonderland tale and given it an anime pseudo-lesbian twist - to the extent that there is not a single male being (Human or otherwise) to be found!!! As such, there is plenty of male-/lesbian-oriented fan service; those offended by scantily-clad females and the like should probably avoid this title.
There are some perhaps-unintended links to other anime series. Bunny girls pop up across a lot of anime series. The card girls are particularly reminiscent of the main warriors of Wild Cardz. The way some characters are drawn seem to harken to other CLAMP characters, albeit just slightly.
The main drawback to Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is that it is incredibly short - only about thirty minutes total. It would have been nice if the DVD offered some good extras, but all there is here is scene selection and trailers for other ADV Films offerings :-( Also, the music is incessantly repetitive, to the point that it becomes annoying on the level of "Don't Worry Be Happy" by the end of the thirty minutes!!! Still, [...] it is hard to go wrong buying this hilarious PS2-compatible DVD :-)
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on May 27, 2002
I've always wanted an anime re-make of Alice in Wonderland! This was a great pleasure for me to find on Amazon. It was also a great pleasure to watch.
This anime is a MUST have for anyone who likes lesbians and/or craziness. Personally, I adore both. There isn't a male character in the entire thing.
The music in this anime plays constantly and changes rarely. It was just starting to get on my nerves when the anime was over.
If you crave romantic, deep and meaninful storylines, or in-depth characters, and hederosexual relationships... this anime is not for you.
Animation: C+ -=- 77 out of 100 points
Storyline: C -=- 74 out of 100 points
Music: C- -=- 71 out of 100 points
(BONUS) Lesbianism x 2 | + 20 points
(BONUS) Craziness | + 10 points
(BONUS) Alice and Wonderland based | +10 points
Overall 87.3% (262 out of 300 points)
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on May 22, 2002
It seemed like just another normal day for Miyuki-chan, until she met the white rabbit (a woman in a playboy bunny suit,) on her way to school. Then, Miyuki fell down the mysterious hole... and so begins this modern day japanese retelling of a timeless european classic. In this version, every charecter is female, and there is plenty of sexual content. However, the show is in fact more funny than offensive. (It was done by CLAMP, an all-female artist team.) Unless you're under 17 or are really easily offended, this is a great one to see. The film gets four stars instead of five only because I'd been kind of wanting to see what direction Miyuki's life would take later on. Then again, perhaps that would have been too dirivetive. In any case, it's a nice way to spend 35 minutes. I just can't wait to see the english language version.
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