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WWF: Forceable Entry
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$64.85+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 17, 2018
Exactly what I was looking for 5 stars!
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on September 15, 2014
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on September 30, 2002
Let me start off here: This CD has only an edited version. No explicit Lyrics, which annoys me. that aside:
WWE (WWF) Forceable Entry features wrestling themes and songs used as promotional tools by the WWE (Formerly WWF).
Much like its predecessor, Aggression. Forceable Entry is a departure from the "WWF: The music" series, which features standard fare songs written by James A Johnston. Instead, you will find songs performed by some of the biggest pop acts de huer, whether their own compositions or versions of the standard themes. This can be great, such as with Disturbed's "Glass Shatters" or Drowning Pool's "The Game," or horrible, such as "No Chance," by dope, opr "Lovepassionetc.etc." By Boy Hits Car.
Here's my breakdown:
Drowning Pool: The Game: I prefer the "My Time" Theme for Triple H. However, I do prefer this version over the "The Music 5" version.
Kid Rock: Legs: Kid Rock manages to prove that even when he doesn't perform in his usual homogenous style, he manages to ruin all he touches.
Creed: Young Grow Old: Another artist who released a dreggy song on this album. Some originality would be nice.
Disturbed: Glass Shatters: One of the few FE tracks that was used by the WWF for more than a month or so. One of the best, too. Disturbed adds flavor to the classic Austin Theme.
Limp Bizkit: Rollin' (Remix): Haven't we heard this [bad] song enough times with enough different versions yet? No? Then let's hear another! Boring...Old...Tired...Bad song to start with...Likely only used because Durst has actual sway in the WWF's parent company.
Our Lady Peace: Whatever: Good song. Not quite the vibe I'd picture for Benoit, but what can you do? One of the best on here.
Rob Zombie: Never Gonna Stop (Remix): Well, it's more interesting than the original version, but it's still boring.
Breaking Point: One of a Kind: One of my favorites, again.
Marylin Manson: The Beautiful People (Remix): One of the reasons I'm bothered by the editing of this album. This remix is actually pretty cool.
Union Underground: Across the Nation: Not my favorite song by UU, but a decent track, all in all.
Sevendust: Break The Walls Down: The original version is better. It's a shame, because I like Y2J's theme, and I like Sevendust, but I don't care much for this combo.
Saliva: Turn the Tables: Great version of the old Dudleyz theme.
Monster Magnet: Live for the Moment: If only I could get this unedited. This is my favorite song on the album. Unfortunately, it may not sit well with the casual fan, as it doesn't fit in with the majority of the pop metal tracks on FE.
Stereomud: End of Everything: Winner of the "This best fits the wrestler" award. not my favorite, not all that great, but above average.
Neurotica: Ride of Your Life: Mainstream pop metal at its greatest.
Cypress Hill: Just Another Victim: Right up there with Raven's Theme for fitting the wrestler in question. Cypress Hill pull down an awesome song for Tazz's theme.
Dope: No Chance: The original was one of my favorite themes. Little could make me cheer as loudly, save for the DX theme. This is just a flat disappointment.
Boy Hits Car: Lovefurypassionenergy: Doesn't really fit with anything. I can't sit through the track to listen to it.
You have to take the chaff to get the wheat with this album. FE has some strong numbers, and some really weak ones. It's a cross promotional tool, but one not without some positive qualities.
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on March 27, 2002
I all but marked my calendar when I found out that this CD was coming out. I'm nuts about the WWF superstars' theme music, and I anticipated this collection probably more than any other that's out so far. WWF theme music performed by hardcore/metal bands? What could be better? As soon as it hit the stores, I was there picking up my copy.
What came forth from my car's CD player was a nightmarish amalgamation of hate, rage, spit, and vinegar. Which actually is pretty much right up the WWF's alley nowadays. What you've got here is basically a collaboration of "fight songs" that, if anything, makes you want to grab a folding chair and smack somebody upside the head with it. Some of the biggest names in the hardcore/metal game flex their pecs on this album; Sevendust, Stereomud, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, to name a few, and it is definitely some of the hardest, angriest stuff that's emanated from my speakers in a long time. A couple of the songs you've no doubt heard on the radio a zillion times (read: Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" and Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'"), but there's some all-new stuff here as well, like Creed's previously-unreleased "Young Grow Old" (which ain't half-bad) and new bands Breaking Point (okay) and Boyhitscar (who ruined Lita's theme, by the way). There are a couple of tracks that actually grew on me, like "Glass Shatters" and "Break Down the Walls", but for the most part this is your basic potty-mouthed, authority-bites stuff that's fed to us all every day by our friendly neighborhood hard rock stations. If you follow the WWF and like the theme music, you'll probably like this too, but there is a heapin' helpin' of swearing and violent intentions all throughout it; even though there's no parental advisory label, it's definitely not for the kiddies. But then again, neither is the WWF.
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on March 26, 2002
This CD differs from the "WWF: The Music Series" because it incorporates real songs from major recording stars.
While most of the songs are good, the CD really hits a low point starting with song 13 (Hardy Boyz) and it doesn't recover until the last song (#20 - Lita's Theme). Songs 1 through 12 are great with the exception of the "Raw Theme" and Jericho's Theme.
I was disappointed to find that both Edge's Theme and The Undertaker's Theme are actually remixes rather than what you hear on television. Both are great songs, but what is the point of releasing theme music if it does not exactly match what the WWF uses on TV? Austin's theme is an exception...they used to use this theme. Even so, it definitely belongs on this CD whether its being used by the WWF or not.
On the other side of the coin, I think it is a great idea to use real songs (giving us less loops and more "meat" so to speak) long as Jim Johnston is involved. The WWF should do everything they can to keep Jim as an employee.
Overall, I was very excited about this CD and it only moderately falls short of greatness. I cannot wait for the next WWF CD.
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on April 23, 2002
After the WWF's subpar CD with WWF Volume 5, they have come out with what I believe to be their best CD ever. Unlike their other CD's, every song on here is heavy metal. Some are themes used, others are remixes. I really like this CD as a whole, but there are some songs in particular I just love. I believe these songs could be actual hits.
The first song that is doing just that is RVD's theme, "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point. Breaking Point's CD is about to come out, and RVD's theme is the first song they hope to get airtime. A music video has been made with RVD in it for almost half of it. And just this week I heard it on Harrisburg's radio station. I really can't say enough about this song. It's without a doubt my favorite song of 2002. It's just a kick-butt rock song with an unbelievable beat to it. And they take RVD's old WWF theme, which was already good and improved it 500%. I am sure to go out and by Breaking Point's CD because of this song. I think the group has a lot of potential
Other songs that I believe could follow in "One of a Kind's" footsteps are...
"Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven. This is a remix of Kane's theme he used on one Raw. Now sadly, this song seems like it was released only in Canada and a few select stores in the States. I was lucky enough to find one. This song has a great beat to it, and I really like the lead vocalists voice.
"LovePassionFuryEnergy" by Boy Hits Car. Its Lita's theme This song is nothing special, though I think the first 30 seconds of the song may be the best 30 seconds on the CD. I believe you could see this on the airwaves soon.
"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace. This is just another good overall song, but as another reviewer said, I highly doubt Chris Benoit, who the song was made for will come out to it. It just doesn't fit him. But nevertheless, this song has a great beat and a unique sound to it.
Now Drowning Pool's version of HHH's theme, Disturbed's version of Austin's theme and The Union Underground's Raw theme are all excellent songs, but they just don't have a radio quality to them. Still those songs all rock in their own way.
The songs for Y2J, Smackdown, the Dudley's, Raven, and Vince Mcmahon are good but nothing special. Limp Bizkit is who they are, so you can love or hate their version of Undertaker's theme
The disapointments on this CD are Creed's "Young Grow Old", Neurotica's "Ride of your life" and Kid Rock's version of "Legs" for Stacy Kiebler. The songs just really dont work at all.
And the two songs that are just flat out bad are...
"Live 4 the moment" by Monster Magnet: This is supposed to be a theme for the Hardy's? This song is just bad. No beat, and no definition.
"Never gonna stop me remix" by Rob Zombie. Why oh why did they have to remix this song when Edge comes out to the original version? They managed to take a really good song and ruin it on here.
Now while it seems half the CD is so-so the really good songs alone are worth the buy. And perhaps you'll see something in the other songs I"m missing. I still give it 4 stars though. Kane and RVD's theme were alone worth the buy. WWF is surely "One of Kind"!
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on May 9, 2002
This CD rocks,this has to be one of my favourite CD's of all time,nearly every track on this CD is spot-on,The Soundtrack of the Century I think...This is my opinion of each track:
1.Drowning Pool-The Game-10/10-Brilliant song,by my Favourite Band,I think this is better than the original,by Motorhead
2.Kid Rock-Legs-7/10-This Song is Okay,not brilliant,but Better than some WWE songs I have heard in the Past
3.Creed-Young Grow Old-10/10-I don't know why the WWF put this on the CD,but I am glad they did,this track rules!
4.Disturbed-Glass Shatters-9/10-This song,is very good,I am suprised that the WWE put this on the CD when it was Austin's Theme Song about a Year Ago...
5.Limp Bizkit-Rollin(dead-man-mix)-8/10-This also is very good,the original version,is just better,the motorbike sounds make the song worse I think
6.Our Lady Peace-Whatever-9/10-This song is great,when Chris Benoit comes back I hope he uses this Song for his Theme
7.Rob Zombie-Never gonna stop(the-black-cat-crossing-mix)-6/10-This Mix,is not that Good,I prefer the original from The Sinister Urge CD(ps that is a great CD,if you don't have it,get it,it also includes,feel so numb,the theme for no way out)
8.Breaking Point-10/10-This Track is Brilliant!-The song,is different to the one on TV,but hell,i'm not complaining!
9.Marilyn Manson-Beautiful People(WWE Remix)-8/10-This Song,is very well remixed by J.Johnson,but I like the original better
10.Union Underground-Across the Nation-10/10-This song is Awersome!!-I am glad this is the actual Theme for RAW now
11.Sevendust-Break the Walls Down-9/10-GREAT Song,I LOVE IT
12.Saliva-Turn the Tables-8/10-This is great,if you like really heavy music this track is for you
13.Monster Magnet-Live4the Momet-9/10-BRILLIANT-Better than the hardysz Theme
14.Stereomud-End of everything-7/10-This song is okay,i thought it was to heavy for me though
15.Neutroica-Ride of your life-10/10-What has to do with the WWE-this is Amazing though!
16.Cypress Hill-Just another Victim-10/10-This song is brilliant much better than Rock Superstar
17.Dope-No Chance-6/10-Okay not brilliant,i thought it was average
18.Boy Hits Car-lovefurypassionenergy-10/10-I Love this!!! This Track has to be one of the best on the CD!!
19.Finger Eleven-Slow Chemical-8/10-Quite Good Track,I heard better though
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on March 27, 2002
WWF Forceable Entry is a good cd, but it could be improved on. There are many songs that are used by the Federation's superstars, and there are many that aren't...yet. Here's a breakdown of the songs:
1-"The Game" by Drowning Pool: 4/5 this is a pretty good song, a remix of sorts of the real song on WWF vol. 5.
2-"Legs" by Kid Rock: 2/5 they should have left this one untouched and let ZZTop do it. Yet its still ok.
3-"Young Grow Old" by Creed: 3/5 a good song, not related to the WWF but its still interesting.
4-"Glass Shatters" by Disturbed: 5/5 easily the best song on the cd, the one song every WWF fan has been waiting for...
5-"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit: 4/5 basically a remix of the song off the Limp Bizkit cd, but its still great
6-"Whatever" by Our Lady Peace: 4/5 a good song for Chris Benoit, but he doesn't use it yet.
7-"Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie: 3/5 its not the song you're probably thinking of. It's a remix of the original song, which kinda takes it down some, but adds to it in other ways.
8-"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point: 4/5 another good song, but now what I was expecting, it's not like on the TV shows.
9-"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson: 4/5 the SmackDown! theme, its pretty good
10-"Across the Nation" by Union Underground: 3/5 the "Raw" theme, perhaps this will be the future Raw theme?!?!
11-"Break the Walls Down" by Sevendust: 2/5 this song has no relevance whatsoever to Y2J's entrance, but it can be OK.
12-"Turn the Tables" by Saliva: 4/5 a good song for the Dudleyz, who unfortunately no longer exist.
13-"Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet: 3/5 an ok song for the Hardyz, but lets hope they don't use it.
14-"The End of Everything"by Stereomud: 3/5 another ok song, yet Raven doesn't use it, maybe he will?!?!
15-"Ride of your Life"-3/5: I can't even think who this song is for, so that won't help...
16-"Just Another Victim" by Cypress Hill:4/5 a great song for Tazz
17-"No Chance" by Dope: 4/5 a good song, yet Vince McMahon doesn't use it
18-"Lovefurypassionenergy" by Boy Hits Car:4/5 another good song which Lita uses, its really cool
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on April 1, 2002
After many, many delays, the WWF finally releases a hard rock album to compliment the rap album (Aggression) they released a few years back.
Probably the track that most full blooded "themers" were looking to get their hands on was Disturbed's rendition of Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme "Glass Shatters" (horrible name for the song, btw. It should've been called "Breaking The Limit"). Even though the lyrics are repetitive, the guitar riffs are more than enough to keep you listening.
For the most part, almost every song on here is worth a good listen. The only tracks that come up poor are, not surprisingly..., are The Hardy's and Lita's themes. Hardy's is too slow paced for them, and Lita's theme just isn't that good.
On this album you also get a sneak peek at the first band signed by SMACKDOWN! Records (WWF's new label) Neurotica and their song "Ride Of Your Life". If you picked up the special edition HHH magazine that came with a disc, you also got to hear them on that. I'm very excited about this band and cannot wait for their official album release.
You will also hear the soon to be new theme for Ric Flair's WWF RAW program, Across The Nation and the current theme for Vince McMahon's SMACKDOWN! program, The Beautiful People. Both are excellent and the remix of TBP is a nice touch compared to the original mix.
Everything else from RAVEN's eerie End Of Everything to Drowning Pool's The Game, to Saliva's remake of The Dudleyz Boyz theme and to Stacy Kiebler's Legs (a remake of the ZZTop classic) all come off very well and will have you listening for quite some time.
Wrestling fan or hard rock fan, you should pick this up.
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on May 2, 2002
Here is the songs and my reviews of them:
1-Cool song. Drowning Pool really knows how to make music. 5/5.
2. Bad- 1/5.
3. Bad. 1/5.
4. Love it. 5/5.
5. Bad. 5/5.
6. Cool. 5/5.
7. Great. Rob Zombie really knows how to make music. 5/5.
8. Great. 5/5.
9. I just love this song. Marilyn Manson is good too. 5/5.
10. I absolutley love this song. 5/5.
11. Cool. 5/5.
12. Cool. 5/5.
13. Bad. 1/5.
14. Cool. 5/5.
15. Bad. 1/5.
16. It's okay. 5/5.
17. It's okay. 5/5.
18. Bad. 5/5.
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