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on April 18, 2004
As all sequlls pretty much are, the second and third dont match the comical genious of the first. But they are two worth watching, and this box set is worth the money. Provided your into slapstick whacky comedy! Other wise youll despise and hate it.
Leslie Neilson is Luetenant Frank Drebben of Police Squad. And his freind Nordberg played by O.J Simpson has almost been killed and is in critical condition after discovering somthings not right in LA...and he got a bit too Frank is on the case to help out his freind. Along with George Kenndy. Along the way he discovers a plot of an attempt to murder the Queen of England. And also finds his love intrest in Presill Presley. Some of the greatest comedy moments happen in this film. And if your into silly comedys... this is truely one of the greatest!
Plus you get the 2 seaqulls. They wernt quite as funny as the first.... but they have there crazy moemnts, and are worth having for the collection!
You get audio commentary from the directrs, they talk about a few things in the movie, and alot about Kentucky Freid Movie and Theatre. But it would have been nicer to have some bonus features, tho they say that most of the deleted scenes ended up in the next movie!!!
All in all, if you get a great price, these three movies are a must have! If you like them, I also recomend you get them with "Airplane 1 & 2" - "Kentucky Fried Movie" and "Spy Hard" which is almost Naked Gun 4!
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on May 9, 2004
The Naked Gun:Detective Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) from the Police Squad is the Toughest and Clumsiest Cop in the Universe. When a Dangerous Busines Man (Ricardo Montalban) decides to brainwash any person to Murder:Queen Elizabeth during her second trip to Los Angeles during a Baseball Game but it`s turns dangerous, when he falls in love with the Criminal`s Employee (Priscilla Presley).
The Naked Gun 2 1/2:The Smell of Fear:Three Years Later, Now Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) of the Police Squad with his Partners (George Kennedy & O.J. Simpson) & His Boss (Jacqueline Brookes) are on a Special Assignment working in Washington D.C. with the President-George Bush (John Roarke). But a dangerous Political Man (Lead by Robert Goulet) try to hatched by Oil, Coal and Nuclear Power brokers to keep the Country from adapting a new Energy Policy, while Drebin`s Ex-Girlfriend (Priscilla Presley) works for them.
The Naked Gun 33 1/3:The Final Insuit:Three Years Later, Frank Drebin now retired from the Police Squad. Now Married to his beautiful girlfriend (Priscilla Presley). But when a Dangerous Bomber (Fred Ward), who`s in prison decides to Bomb the next telecast of the Academy Awards but before that Frank`s Ex-Partners (George Kennedy & O.J. Simpson) ask Frank to disguise as a Prisoner to be friends with the Mad Bomber, while Frank`s Marrige could be in Jeopardy, because of his unexpected assignment.
TNG:Directed by Jerry Zucker (Airplane !, Rat Race, Ruthless People) made a enjoyable comedy spoof of Police Detectives Show (Espeically the Failed but Loyally Supported Cult T.V. Sitcom-Police Squad). Nielsen is deadpan, dead-perfect in this Genuine Comic Role. George Kennedy & O.J. Simpson plays his Parents & Friends of Drebin`s. A Huge Box Office Hit that Spawned Two Popular Sequels. Written by David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams & Pat Proft. T.V. Version added several minutes of footage. Grade:A-.
TNG 2 1/2:Directed by David Zucker (Basketball, The Naked Gun, Top Secret) made a Entertaining Sequel to the Original, which it has some Big Laughs, Lot of Gags but it`s lacks certain freshness of the first but it`s still a enjoyable romp. Like the Original, it was a Big Hit at the Box Office. Richard Griffiths (Best Known as Harry Potter`s Mean-Spirited Uncle) as a funny supporting role. Written by David Zucker & Pat Proft. T.V. Version added several mintues of footage. Grade:A-.
TNG 33 1/3:Directed by Peter Segal (Anger Management, My Fellow Americans, The Nutty Professor 2:The Klumps) made a very enjoyable sequel to the Nakes Guns Series that is a bit of a Improvement over the Second Film. Although despite the Box Office success, this wasn`t a huge Box Office Success like the first two. Kathleen Freeman & Anna Nicole Smith has some funny bits in Supporting Roles. Randall (Tex) Cobb has a Cameo, which it has One of the Biggest Laughs in the film. Movie Stars play Themselves in Cameo Appearances at the climatic Oscar Ceremory. Written by David Zucker, Pat Proft & Robert LoCash. Some T.V. Version added sereval mintues of footage. Grade:A-.
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on April 17, 2003
In 1980 Leslie Neilson went from serious respectable roles to the doctor on board a chaos controlled plane, in the first spoof, Flying High. The Naked Gun series is the epitomy of spoof comedy. Even the final credits are hilariously funny. The right blend of serious attitudes to insanely stupid things is what makes this work. "When i see a queerly dressed man stabing someone in full view of 100 people, i shoot the bastard thats my policy!" "That was a park production of Macbeth. You killed 5 actors, good ones." Genius lines such as this fixed the first Naked Gun as a classic. The aptely named Naked Gun 2 1/2 fell right into place. "Whats he doing in the Red Light District?" " Sex Frank?" "Not right now Ed we have work to do" Even better. The third lacked the puch the other 2 had but was still hilarious. But the one defining thing for all naked guns is the credits at the begginning. The top of the police car going all sorts of places. Womens change rooms, Star Wars, the whomb and many other out of the blue locations. These are all winners!
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on March 3, 2004
This is one of the most funniest series along with the Police Academy series, National Lampoons Vacation series, Scary Movie series and the Austin Powers series. Leslie Neilson is really funny in these movies. But, it does have lots of crude humor, but i'm sure your kids will be able watch it if they're about 8 and over. Anyway, I got this series for Christmas (and I'm glad I did.) While this film doesn't lampoon or parody anything, it is still a great series. These movies are too gross like alot of movies out here today (and yes Scary movie is gross but it is still funny). In each disk we don't get much features. A trailer and a commentary which was quite fun to listen to. The transfer is nice and the picture is perfect. I did find the odd flaw in the color but that's fine.
This box set is quite cheap which was great, beacause if you buy it in stores, it will cost more money.
Naked Gun- This, by a hair, is the best of the series and you will always find something to laugh at through out the movie. One of my favorite things they say in the movie is "They said it's a 50 50% chance of him living, and only a 10% chance of that" and "No one on this force will rest untill the person who shot Norbert is caught. Now let's get something to eat"
Naked Gun 2: the smell of fear- This is almost as good as the first one but just wasn't as good. It's still one funny movie that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Quite alot of one liners and jokes like when he is in the bar.
Naked Gun 3: The Final Insult- Now this one if still a hilarious movie and is a bit better than the second, but I did find it to be the most gross one out of all three. Now your probablt saying "well why does he like this one better than the second one" and the answer to that is, this one made me laugh harder.
Naked Gun 10/10
Naked Gun 2 8/10
Naked Gun 3 8 /10
So get ready to laugh with the worlds dumbest cop. (And don't forget the popcorn)
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on April 22, 2016
I would put this series up there with the likes of Chaplin, Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy, and Keaton classics. As silly as all these movies are in sight gags and insane dialog at times, they really are brilliantly crafted and acted. Although getting a little dated now, as the first movie opens with the evil tyrants of the day - Khadafi, Amin, Sadat, Gorbachev, etc. The relevance of how they plan to bring down America still lasts. And thankfully Lt. Frank Drebin put a quick upset to their plans while vacationing in Beirut to get over a lost love and find some peace and quiet. Returning to America, Drebin learns his partner Nordberg (O.J. Simpson - the Fatty Arbuckle of our day...) was nearly killed in a botched drug raid. Yet the plot thickens when the drug boat is owned by the successful and sinister Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban), whom is one of the prestigious hosts to Queen Elizabeth's good will visits to Los Angeles. Drebin literally stumbles across plans to assassinate the Queen, and goes out of his way to uncover the gunman and bring justice to all involved. The second film 'The Smell Of Fear' dates itself with the use of George and Barbara Bush likenesses. But the plot is that Jane's boss Dr. Meinheimer plans to persuade the president to protect the environment and go with cleaner enrgy sources. Industrious Quentin Hapsberg (Robert Goulet) now seeing Jane, uses her to get at Meinheimer and thwart his speech to persuade the president. That is, until an assassination attempt goes wrong, and Lt. Drebin is put onto the case. The third movie 'The Final Insult' is sadly the most dated now, but still somewhat relevant. Littered with celebrities of the day (Zsa Zsa Gabor, Anna Nicoll Smith, Pia Zadora, Raquel Welch, etc.) Drebin is brought out of retirement to help his previous partners Ed and Nordberg by infiltrating a small crime family that may have ties to terrorists wanting an attack on the Academy Awards.Despite the cameos and name dropping, this is one of Nielsen's and femme fatales funniest sight gag movies of all of them. Welch, Smith, and Zadora go through some of the funniest mishaps, and should be credited to this day for their performances. All in all, if you are a fan of comedy, or know someone that's convinced nothings funny since Buster Keaton died, this is the set to own and/or give. I don't think there's anymore on these discs extra wise than one would get on the individual copies, which is a shame. And yes, all 3 alone or crammed onto a BluRay would be a lot cheaper than this sets price. (I got my set cheap LONG ago) This is a respectful set still that honors the talents and craftsmanship these movies still rightfully deserve. A good investment still I'd say.
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on June 27, 2002
When my friends and I decided to pick out a movie at the video rental store. With if's about the Naked Gun, we decieded to give it a try. Did we like it? We laughed our heads off!!! This was the funniest move I'd ever seen! Since then the only thing I've rented when I've had a sleepove is the Naked Gun Series!
The Naked Gun: Funniest out of all of the movies! Gigs and jokes to make you want to watch it over and over again! (5 Stars)
The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear: Uggghhh!! The could have done so much better on the movie. Oh well, the first one makes up for it. (3 Stars)
The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult: Love this one, too! Great ideas through-out this movie, but still not as good as the first one. (4 Stars)
In the first movie a plot is planned to kill Queen Elizabeth, while she's visiting the city. Well, have no fear because Lt. Frank Drebbin is on the case, except for he's a little on the wierd side. With him snooping around the city will never be the same!! ~ ~ In the second movie they're trying to kill the president with a bomb! Well, bomb or no bomb Frank is back to help crack the case, I think? Well, if it takes injuring the presidents wife, and dressing up like a Mexican band, then he'll do whatever it takes! ~ ~ In the third movie a criminal breaks out of jail and plans to blow up an event that the whole world will see. Under eye of an arab terrorist leader her trys to destroy the... wait I can't tell you! You'll have to find it out on your own! But after marrying and settling down with Jane, you'll bet Frank'll be there!!
So I hope by now you've realized that these movies are classic, old, and original humor, and what better way to view them than in a DVD box set! The Naked Gun is so funny , you'll be laughing your head off! Get these awesome movies NOW!
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on September 22, 2003
Once upon a time, specifically in 1982, there was a hapless cop named Frank Drebin. He had his own TV series on ABC called "Police Squad." This show showed that Frank usually had no clue as to what was going on around him (much less what he himself was doing), yet somehow he always managed to catch the bad people. And all of this while hiarlity ensued.
The show lasted for an entire 6 episodes, at which time Frank Drebin faded off into TV's never, never land.
Or so we thought!
In 1988, the creators of the airport farce "Airplane" found Frank Drebin wandering the streets and thought it would be a good idea to bring him to the big screen. After all, they thought, what could it hurt? Certainly not their careers, since they were the ones that created Frank Drebin in the first place.
And so Frank Drebin was released onto the unsuspecting public once again. And just like the first time, hilarity ensued.
The "Naked Gun" movies are three of the best comedies ever made. Just ask any diehard fan, and chances are they will start quoting line after line at you. Unless, of course, they fall down on the floor rolling with laughter from just thinking about the movies (we fans have been known to do that).
"The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad" is the first movie in the series. Frank Drebin, played by the wonderfully talented Leslie Nielsen, is investigating the shooting of his partner Nordberg (played by O.J. Simpson.... yes, that O.J. Simpson). During his bumbling investigation, Drebin manages to come across a plan to kill the Queen of England, who just happens to be in town for a visit. Score one for Drebin, right? Wrong. He manages to torch the building he's in. In an attempt to save the Queen, Frank Drebin makes a mockery of America's pasttime, baseball. Hilarity, of course, ensues.
"The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear" opens to find that Frank and Jane (played in all three movies by the talented Priscilla Presley) never went through with their wedding and have gone their separate ways. An explosion in a research facility where Jane works brings the two of them back together. Frank haplessly pursues the man behind the bombings, which, of course, just happens to be Jane's new boyfriend. When Frank manages to foil a murder attempt on Jane, the two of them can no longer deny their feelings forever. They promptly make a mockery of the movie "Ghost" and, naturally, hilarity ensues.
"Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult" opens with Jane now a lawyer, who happens to be in a courtroom full of women with their babies. But alas, Jane doesn't have a baby yet. And, naturally, she blames it on Frank, who blames Jane for taking him away from Police Squad. When Jane catches Frank helping his former partners with a case, she leaves him and proceeds to make a mockery of "Thelma and Louise." With nothing else to lose, Frank decides to help his Police Squad buddies with catching a bomber who is currently in prison. Through a twist-of-fate (or is it a giant plot hole?), our favorite couple reunite. Unfortunately, Frank has to pretend he doesn't know her, takes her hostage, and then everyone heads to the Shrine Auditorium to make a complete mockery of the Academy Awards (or has the Academy Awards already made a mockery of itself?). Total hilarity ensues.
The "Naked Gun" series, though flawed at times, contains three of the best slapstick comedies out there this side of Monty Python. These movies can be watched again and again, and each time you see them you will catch another joke or spot another gag that you haven't seen before. And if you are like me, you will start laughing way before the joke appears, much to the aggravation of anyone watching it with you.
Because the movies were made before the era of DVD, the special features in the DVD are a little lacking. However, each movie does come with a running commentary with David Zucker and Robert Weiss (Peter Segal and Michael Ewing join for the third one). All three commentaries prove to be as funny as the movies themselves. Which, of course, means hilarity ensues.
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on May 11, 2004
In the ealy 80's,Leslie Nielsen starred in a short-lived police sitcom called "Police Squad". In this 3-film collection,Nielsen starred with different actors,those that did not appear on the sitcom. In THE NAKED GUN:From The Files Of Police Squad,Officer Nordberg(O.J. Simpson) is injuriously shot by gangsters, resulting in hospitalization. The Queen of England appears at a Reds-Dodgers baseball game and is about to be shot to death by one of the players. In this film,lieutenant Frank Drebin meets Jane Spencer(Priscilla Presley) who'd later become his girlfriend. At the end,Nordberg is out of the hospital,but in a wheelchair and Frank is promoted to Captain. In the NAKED GUN 2 1/2:The Smell Of Fear,the Police Squad staff bring to justice an impostor posing as an invalid doctor who was about to give a speech at a dinner. The real doctor,with Nordberg,Frank and Ed Hocken(George Kennedy) all pose as a Mexican band. It turns out that there was a bomb about to explode inside the establishment where the dinner took place. Again,Jane is in distress and is saved by Frank. In the NAKED GUN 33 1/3:The Final Insult,Frank and Jane are now married(they became engaged in the last scene of the first film). Frank enjoys his brief retirement from the police force(Police Squad threw a party for him after 30 years of service). Post-retirement,Ed and Nordberg visit Frank,who is cooking and cleaning. Frank's retirement is paused by a desperate favor of Ed's and Nordberg's. Again,a bomb is about to explode. This time at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles,where an Oscar ceremony takes place. And again,Jane is kidnapped and rescued after her brief separation from Frank. Frank's unexpected return to Police Squad caused the separation. Then,Frank and Nordberg are about to become fathers. Frank,about to videotape the birth, does not realize he actually videotaped Nordberg's new baby! Thinking Nordberg was the father of Jane's baby,Frank chases him angrily through the halls of the hospital. Jane,in a wheelchair,cradles her and Frank's new baby. Kennedy appeared in all 3 films. Respectively,there are cameos by "Weird Al" Yankovic,Anna Nicole Smith,Vanna White and James Earl Jones. Singer Robert Goulet appeared in the second film as a devious businessman who kidnaps Jane.
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on April 19, 2003
As most Naked Gun fans know, the movies were a spin-off on the show Police Squad. The show, which only lasted 6 episodes was even more funny than the movies. Now I'm not saying the movies are bad. The movies are great, its just find it a shame that no rich tycoon in Holywood has the brains to release the funniest show to ever hit the air waves. Whoever owns the rights to the show would make a ton of money if they released it on DVD. Its a shame that [stuff] like Scarry Movie, American Pie, and all the other "comedies" now days is showed down our throats and real comedy is placed in a storehouse somewhere to rot.
But back to the movies. Buy them and watch them and if you like to laugh. And if you really love them, try to find Police Squad.
I shall leave you with some advice from Frank:
"We would have come sooner but your husband wasn't dead then."
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on April 22, 2002
What can I say about the Naked Gun movies except that they are absolutely hilarious. The fact that they are being released in a DVD box set is indeed an added bonus. These movies star Leslie Nielson who plays "not-so-bright" Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad. These films along with the Airplane! movies set the standard for satirical comedy. The films co-star Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson (remember him?), George Kennedy, Ricardo Mantalban, Robert Goulet, Fred Ward, Anna Nicole Smith, et al. These are not by any means meant to be "serious". They're the type of movies you can just sit back and let loose from reality for a few hours. So for those of you who haven't seen these yet, and you want "laugh-out-loud" fun, look no further.
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