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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on December 20, 1999
This was one of those movies i will always remember as a kid and will always be a favourite!
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on December 22, 1999
A very funny and moving movie that I think is very underated. Well worth the money.
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on September 27, 1999
I really love this film. Theres just one problem I cant buy it anymore it appears.
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on July 4, 2015
Have loved this movie for years and was thrilled I could get it so cheap on DVD.
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on April 17, 2000
It makes you believe that you could be liked more and not be laughed at
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on March 9, 2016
Fast delivery. Good price. Cute girly movie.
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on July 20, 2014
Great video, quick delivery!
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on January 7, 2004
Patrick Dempsey plays nerdy Ronnie Miller, who is so on the outside of society at his high school that he is known simply as "Lawn Boy" because he mows everyone's lawn for his part-time job. He wants to be popular for his upcoming senior year, and he sees his chance when cheerleader Cindy Mancini is in a jam, having ruined her mother's suede outfit at a party and needing $1000 to replace it.
Ronnie happens to be at the mall at the same time, purchasing a new telescope with his lawn-mowing money when he sees Cindy's dilemma. He offers to pay for the new outfit if she will pretend to be his girlfriend for a month and introduce him to the popular circle.
Although this seems completely crazy to Cindy, she does it (after a great little makeover -- quite the staple of 1980s teen movies!) She even starts to like Ronnie as a person, until popularity goes to his head.
People are lemmings and will believe whatever they are told, particularly in the classic scene where Ronnie starts doing the "African Anteater Dance" which he saw on a show he mistook for 'American Bandstand'. Everyone at the school dance follows him instantly.
Don't miss a very young Seth Green as Ronnie's annoying brother! He is great as a smarmy kid!
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on June 26, 2002
...unless they add decent DVD extras. If we consumers stick together and avoid buying *bad* DVDs of great movies, maybe distributers will do the work that that is worthy of the movie, the medium, and the price. I would give the movie itself five stars for story, script, humor, message, and acting.
Enjoyable features: original aspect ratio, audio commentaries (by director, writers, actors), "making of"/other featurettes, interviews, deleted/extended/blooper scenes, cast & crew info, etc. Also, since DVD "Region 1" includes USA and Canada, each DVD should have both English and French audio and subtitle support. DVDs are expensive, but a versatile medium for movie lovers, so should not be just the bare-bones movie. (Otherwise, a Special Edition should come out at the same time the bare-bones version is released.)
A minor beef I have with Disney and Buena Vista is their excluding the original movie release year from the packaging, forcing movie lovers to have to look it up elsewhere. Every movie (DVD/VHS) should have the movie runtime and original release year on the packaging. (Similarly, music CDs should have track numbers, names, and durations on the back of the case, unless a multi-disk set where space doesn't permit -- but many apathetic producers leave off some or all of this information.)
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on August 6, 2000
Amusing story of a nerdy high school student Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey) who discovers that becoming popular isn't the greatest thing in the world. After she accidentally ruins her mother's suede dress with some wine, Cyndi, the most popular girl at school (played wonderfully by Amanda Petersen) will do anything to replace it before her mother gets back from her trip.
Enter Ronald. After seeing her desperate attempt to replace the dress at the mall, Ronald makes a deal with Amanda. He'll use the money that he has earned all summer by mowing lawns to buy a new dress, in return for Amanda's help in turning him to Mr. popularity.
Along the way, Ronnie learns lessons about the true value of having real friends, and towards the end of the movie Ronald discovers that he is still himself.
This film, which is no longer produced by Touchstone Video (a division of the Disney Corporation) features many couple of stars before they hit it big. Gerardo, the Latin-singing star who scored a one-hit wonder with "Rico Suave," plays one of the football jocks in the film. However, the real scene-stealer in this film is Seth Green ("Austin Powers"; "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" "Can't Hardly Wait") who plays Ronald's annoying, yet hysterical little brother, Chuckie. By taking a look at Seth in this past role you can understand why he is such a big star today. He is always a trip when it comes to comedic performances.
I loved this film for many reasons, but I think the most memorable scene in this film probably has to be Ronald learning an African dance he saw on television (he thought he was watching "American Bandstand"). After learning it, Ronald performs it at the big dance, not knowing that it would become a huge hit.
This film ranks among the 10 best teenage comedies produced in the 1980's. Let's only hope that it will be re-released on video and DVD in the near future.
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