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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 17, 2003
This is an impressive album from someone so young. It seems obvious that Avril Lavigne is meant to be a musician and is extermely talented. There is some truly great songwriting showcased here.
My complaint is that the album seems poorly edited. It starts out with some very strong songs and then seems to get weaker as the album progresses. I believe this album would have been a stronger album if one or two of the weaker songs were left out.
Also, the fidelity of the album seems slightly tinny sounding. I'm not sure if this is due to the instrumenation or to equalization in the studio.
I would certainly recommend this CD for the great songs like Losing Grip, I'm With You and Complicated, Mobile and others, but know that there are one or two tracks that are less than memorable.
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on April 29, 2003
Besides the hit single "Complicated," this is a talented young lady. She has a beautiful voice, which is a rarity in Rock. The songs are great instead of the usual filler on CDs. I enjoyed this effort and look forward to hearing more from her.
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on September 15, 2009
It was very easy to get sick and tired of teen-aged girls singing dance-pop as there seemed to be an endless supply of them for several years. Finally we have a new artist playing rock, and while one might be tempted to give it high-marks for that alone, the fact is Avril Lavigne earns high praise for her debut album, "Let Go". Avril Lavigne was just 17 when she released this album in 2002, and while it isn't perfect or anywhere near the best rock album ever, it certainly was a breath of fresh air.

The album opens very strong with "Losing Grip", "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", and "I'm with You" which are the four main singles from the album. The fifth piece, "Mobile" was also released as a single, but only in Australia and New Zealand. Though these are all singles, there is still a fair amount of diversity in them. "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" both have a bit of a Teen Pop feel to them. "Losing Grip" is a heavier piece, and "I'm With You" is a ballad. "Mobile" is a bit of a reach as a single, but is a decent piece and falls somewhere in the middle. Next up is "Unwanted" is another heavier piece, and gives the album some depth with a solid piece which is clearly not a single. "Tomorrow" is the midpoint of the album and one of the weaker pieces on the album, but still not a bad song, and once again it offers a bit of diversity from the harder style rock which is what most of the album is.

"Anything But Ordinary" brings the quality back up, and starts off a string of Teen Pop songs. "Things I'll Never Say" falls into the same category somewhat, and is another solid contribution to the album. "My World" is another teen angst piece, and continues with the Teen Pop feel of the second half of the album. "Nobody's Fool" brings some more diversity to the album, with some mini-rap sections by Avril. It is one of the weaker pieces on the album, but one can appreciate the attempt at having more than one sound. "Too Much to Ask" is another weaker piece, but as with all the pieces on the album it isn't bad and doesn't detract too much from the overall effort. "Naked" closes the album and is a little stronger than the preceding two pieces, but overall the second half of the album isn't as good as the first.

This is a very strong debut album for Avril Lavigne. She co-wrote all the songs, some of them with Clif Magness, others with a group called "The Matrix", a couple with Sabelle Breer and Curtis Frasca, and then one with Peter Zizzo. There is a fair amount of diversity in sound and her voice suits all the pieces well. Overall, this album falls somewhere between 4 and 4' stars.
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on February 29, 2008
I actually didn't buy this album until after I bought Let Go, so looking at it in a sort of artistic retrospect I can see that it's musically and lyrically immature compared to Under My Skin. However, it is incredibly catchy, happier and more upbeat. Oh yeah, and by the time you buy the album you'll probably already know half the songs.
Losing Grip: 6/10. The lyrics are incredibly bad, but it's got a nice chorus and it *is* catchy.
Complicated: 7/10. This is actually a really great song, but it's so overplayed that you get sick of it.
Sk8r Boi: 8/10. This song, though also overplayed, tells a great bratty story and the guitar riffs are cool.
I'm With You: 9/10. This song is lonely and sad sounding, but it's also very pretty and fragile.
Mobile: 6/10. Awful verses, awesome chorus. A total filler song.
Unwanted: 6/10. We're suddenly hit by a power rocker, and it's a bit of a shock after all that rock-pop.
Tomorrow: 6/10. This song is slow and acoustic, with the same kind of vulnerability and sensitivity as "I'm with You", but it lacks the catchiness of that and ends up simply a 'nice song'.
Anything but Ordinary: 8/10. This song is insufferably catchy...but the 'succulent...i wanna taste it' part is embarassing, and the lalala voices in the background are weird.
Thing's I'll Never Say: 12/10. This song is my absolute FAVORITE, I would practically have bought the album just for it, it could make 3 stars by itself. It is completely accurate in expressing how unrequited unspoken love feels, and resonates completely.
My World: 7/10. This is a cool song, but it's sorta strange. Avril's voice sounds funny, and some of the lyrics are awkard or seemingly irrelevant (what else is new?) but some of them are also funny, and for some reason you listen to it again and again. Maybe that's because it's about something unique, not just another "boy-angst song".
Nobody's Fool: 4/10. Oogh. I hate rap in the best of cases, and she can't even rap to begin with.
Too Much to Ask: 8/10. Other than some dumb lyrics in the verses (until you chose weed over me/you're so lame) it's got an interesting combination in the chorus: anger and sensitive sadness at the same time. Oh, and there's a great line in here too, surprisingly: "you can't see the world through a mirror"
Naked: 7/10. It's an okay song, but even though she sings about being vulnerable and transparent, she isn't really, not as much as in other songs.
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on July 11, 2004
Okay, to get a few things over with:
1)Avril Lavigne cannot sing, nor play the guitar. Stop saying 'OH MY GOD SHE IS SOOOOO GOOD AT SINGING OH GAWD THIS GIRL HAS TALENT!'.
2)She is not punk. Neither is Good Charlotte. You want some punk? Try Nirvana, or Sum 41.
3)She isn't a skater. I'm fed up with this whole 'sk8er girl' thing. Since when did skaters wear ties and trousers big enough to fit two people in? One of my best friends is a true skater and she wears sensible clothes that mean she can actually ride her board without getting her trousers caught in the wheels.
All that aside, the songs on 'Let Go' are great! I've still given this four stars because it says 'write a review of this item' not 'write a review of this artist, her style, and talent'. It also clearly states 'Please be sure to focus your comments on the album's content'. So that's what I'll do.
1) Losing Grip - A cool song to sing along to. Great start to the album. 5/5
2) Complicated - I loved this song when I first heard it. It's still sort of OK now, but it got played a bit too much so that's why I went off it. 3/5
3) Sk8er Boi - I never really like this song to begin with, then it got overplayed waaaaay too much and now I don't like it all. Still, it's a good song to jump around to. 2/5
4) I'm With You - Beautiful ballad, and Avril's vocals actually sound good on this track! 5/5
5) Mobile - Filler track, but a good one. 3/5
6) Unwanted - You'll find yourself singing along to this whether you like it or not. Good one. 4/5
7) Tomorrow - Weak, and hard to sing to. Shame. 2/5
8) Anything But Ordinary - Good song about wanting a more exciting life. Can soooo relate! 5/5
9) Things I'll Never Say - Can also relate! Excellent! 5/5
10) My World - Hmmm, OK. 'My World' indeed! I can also relate to this one, going off in a daydream is a very bad habit of mine! 4/5
11) Nobody's Fool - She can't rap, and what she's rapping is really bad. Good strong chorus though. Catchy. 4/5
12) Too Much To Ask - Lovely song about a dude who never smiles. 5/5
13) Naked - Can sooo relate! Story of my life. *sigh* Great ending to the album. 5/5
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on June 21, 2004
I usually don't listen to pop music, but Avril caught my attention mainly because her music has more of an edge to it and because well... it was pretty unavoidable seeing that my little sister listens to her 24/7, so ya know... Well this album is better than all your Britney's and stuff like that mainly because theirs some musicianship. Avril herself doesn't do most of the guitar work, its her backup band, but still, the music does make the CD more satisfying, even if it doesn't play a huge part in the songs (no solos or driving riffs, basically just chords, but its all good). I look at Avril, FeFe Dobson, Busted and McFly (those last 2 are British pop bands who also are sort of marketed as "punk" but dont live up to their image) as a new genre called "alternative pop". I really think its stupid for people to hate Avril just because she doesn't live up to an "image" or w/e, who really cares, it should be the music that counts. Record labels will do anything to make an artist sell, and jumping on a trend is a great way to do that- so I really cant blame Avril for that at all. So if you like pop music but a little bit of a rock edge (her music is kind of like 1 step down from Blink-182 and Good Charlotte, stuff like that), buy this immediately.
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on May 26, 2004
Avril Lavigne has arrived on the scene setting herself apart from the rest of the pop princesses out there. Her music, as well as her image takes on a harder side than what most of us think when we think pop. This change comes as a relief to me, finnaly seeing someone like her able to get out there and get a record deal. Throughout my 15 years, I have distinctly avoided pop because of the image it gets as prep music and have had a better appreciation for rock as I am a musician my self. I have made my exception with Avril. Her lyrics touch base on a lot of problems the typical (but what is typical) teenager has. She also puts herslef into the album with songs like "Mobile" where she tells of how she has to keep moving and never gets to settle down. It's song like these that remind us that being a star isn't all that it's cracked up to be, no matter what they want you to think.
Musically, I give it five stars for some exellent variation ranging from the hyped up "Sk8ter Boi" to the slowed down "Tomorrow" and "I'm with you". Personally, they have overplayed "Complicated" on the radio waaaaay to much, but if it gets people to buy this album, I'm alright with it. But don't just buy this for that single. There are so many better things than that song, and I'm sure Avril would agree with me. (she must be sick of performing that song by now anyways)
The reason why I did not give this freshman album a full five is this- I don't think this is her best. I believe she can give out more and more and this CD is just the tip of her iceberg. GO FOR IT AVRIL!! I am looking foward to your next cd, which I think I should go and buy sooner or later.
If Avril Lavigne turns out to be a fad, I'll still be an old hippie whom is still a fan. O yes by the way, Evan, Matt and Mark, you guys play some good stuff too. I had to put you guys in there.
Just go and get the CD, I think more people besides me will take a closer look at this sk8ter girl, and even pop overall. Thanks Avril.
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on April 24, 2004
So many people have criticized and reprimanded Avril Lavigne for being a supposed "poser" and have failed to look at the substance in her debut album. While it is an album geared for a younger audience, it is an interesting album with a mix of musical genres. At the opening you hear the guitar driven "Losing Grip". Which sadly is one of the only two rock-style songs (the other being "Unwanted"). You are then carried into a pop-rock style with songs like: "Complicated", "Sk8ter Boi", and "Mobile". Other album highlights are Lavigne's ballads. They are sweet and very relatable. "I'm With You", "Naked", and "Tomorrow" are songs that drive this album to four stars instead of three. Through out this album you can literally hear the producers experimenting trying to discover Lavigne's sound. Her voice has a definite change in style in "My World" and your left unsure of how to digest Avril with her pop-rap style in "Nobody's Fool". This album is also a little quirky when it comes to the lyrics. Lavigne is trying to hard at points of the album to stick to her rhyme scheme. I'd say this album is a successful debut, but I am looking forward to hearing a more substantial progressed Lavigne in the future.
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on April 19, 2004
I Love the CD it gives me insperation and helps my mind think, and I like the beats and rythym.
I can understand that some people don't like her CD but thats no reason to put it down and curse about it, cursing will never solve anything. Some of us like her music. And yes, she does write her own songs. If you stopped trying to categorize her music and then you could enjoy her music. She is not a poser maybe shes just a mix up of styles, that express her.
And who said that Avril hated her fans? That is not true, doesn't every pop star or singer love their fans? They are the ones who support celebrities.
Otherwise this is a great CD in my opinion, it describes what teenages might go through in their life.
Oh, and just because you hate the artist doesn't mean you have to hate their music. Like me I like one song from Hillary Duff but I can't stand her. I don't know about you but I see music differently, I put it through my mind in images, just like Come Clean by Hillary.
I also perfectly understand that some people can be horrendously annoying about different singers, don't bother with them, you've got the music that you like.
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on January 6, 2004
I reviewed this album last year when the hype was still going strong and after I had only listened to it a couple times...further reason why you should listen to an album more than once before reviewing.
So, Avril Lavigne's image is irritating and rather stupid. I am first to admitt that. But this chick is extremely talented. And now that that the hype that was chocking everyone back in 2002 has died, this album is very pleasant to listen to...even the overplayed tracks. The big hits were "Complicated" which hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, "Sk8er Boi" *hit #10* and "I'm With You" *hit #3.* Avril's music was actually a nice change of pace from the hip hop dominated radio waves. Especially "I'm With You" which is a very strong ballad. "Losing Grip" was a single too, but didn't as hot. It's an Ok song....a bit more rock-ish as is "Unwanted." Some of my favorites are songs that weren't even singles. "Tomorrow" and "Things I'll Never Say" are awesome, but my two favorites are definitely "Anything But Ordinary" and "My World." These would've been great singles. The big loser of "Let Go" is "Nobody's Fool." Sorry Avril, but please don't rap.
I think Avril can continue to be successful on her sophomore album. I just hope she ditches the teenage punk image. The novalty is gone and it wasn't even that great to begin with. Avril's music is good enough to distinguish her.
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