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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 1, 2008
Okay, for a decade of mini-clones, this one isn't half bad. After mini-Madonna (Britney Spears), and mini-Mariah (Christina Aguilera), here comes a delightful mini-Alanis.

Album Cover: 4/5
The cover shows Avril in a defiant pose on top of a fuzzy background that is so similar to Alanis' "Thank U" video. However, looking at this cover, I cannot help but realize how short she is. But she is very cute.

1. Losing Grip: 4/5
This is a great song with a catchy melody that Avril's voice seems to be born for. Her voice really accented this song to make it something more. However, the last four repeated chorus' were so loud and repetitively boring that they brought down this song's rating.

2. Complicated: 5/5
Who has not heard this song? This song is so addicting, and Avril's smooth, crisp voice delivers it so well that you cannot help but sing the song over and over and over...

3. Sk8er Boi: 4/5
This song is something Avril should be proud of. This jab at peer pressure and love with a "sk8er boi" is fresh and satisfying. However, it gets repetitive, which made it lose some of its charm.

4. I'm With You: 4.5/5
This song is so mature for someone so young. Avril's voice does not really fit with the song, and the song's instruments are a bit messy, but it all comes together for a rainy, torchy ballad.

5. Mobile: 3.5/5
A really catchy song! However, Avril semi-raps are a bit cheesy, as with the "hanging from the ceiling, life's a mobile" lyric.

6. Unwanted: 3.5/5
Avril's stale lower register actually works on this song, but it is not really anything special.

7. Tomorrow: 2/5
I really love the first verse where Avril says "But I don't", but after that, the "Hey, yeah-ye-yeah"s get really boring.

8. Anything But Ordinary: 3/5
The melody's okay, but the chorus has me feeling that she's a bit naive and crazy.

9. Things I'll Never Say: 3.5/5
I really love the chorus on this song, and the idea is very original. She sounds relaxed and amused, which only added to the charm of the song.

10. My World: 4/5
This song is very unique, and Avril's personal jabs at past enemies have me laughing out loud. The melodies and the chorus are awesome, and Avril's cheesy rapping is just... never mind.

11. Nobody's Fool: 3/5
The song is okay, but the way Avril sings them make me want to laugh. For a song like this, you are better off with Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again".

12. Too Much To Ask: 3/5
I love this line "Is it too much that I asked for", but she doesn't say it often enough!

13. Naked: 1/5
This song is downright embarrassing the way she keeps repeating "I'm naked." over and over again.

Overall Rating: 3/5
Since its release, this has sold over 16,000,000 copies worldwide.
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on February 3, 2006
"Let Go" is alright, but there are far too many fillers! Lavigne's 2nd album, "Under My Skin", is alot better, so if you want an Avril CD don't get this one. Song-by-song review:
Losing Grip: this is supposedly Avril's favourite song on the album. The lyrics are awkward at some parts, like the whole "WHY SHOULD I CAAAAAAARRREEEE!" thing and the "YYYOOOUUU... You need to listen!!!".
Complicated: The 1st single, this song is a real classic! It is VERY VERY pop, which is odd because it's right after the "I don't care" song "Losing Grip". She shows no range on this song, not that she has any...
Sk8er Boi: This song is pure teen pop; %100 manufactured and packaged just right. This song is a good sing-along song, for a while, until you get so sick of it you go crazy!
I'm With You: This is a sweet ballad with nice violins, the begginning lyrics are awful: "I'm standing on the bridge/I'm waiting in the dark/I thought that you'd be here by now" Those lyics do NOT fit together at all. But it's such a nice song you'll forgive it!
Mobile: The absolute WORST song on this album. HORRIBLE lyrics and HORRIBLE vocals! "EVERYTHING'S CHANGING WHEN I TURN AROUND, LALALALA..." Ugh! It'll drive you nuts! This song is a filler.
Unwanted: Wait... Woah, hold on a sec! What the heck happened? I was just suffering through that horrible pop song, "Mobile", and I get this angsty "I wanna be punk!" pop-rock song. It makes me sad, because you know way back when this album was made, Avril was a mousy-haired punk teenager. Now she's blonde and modeling for Ford... It's depressing to thnk about.
Tomorrow: After that very loud rock song... we get this glossy ballad. "Yuck!" is all I can really say... This is a filler.
Anything But Ordinary: This song is so close to being classed as a filler, but it's so catchy and fun! Bad lyrics, of course, but it's kind of refreshing after all of those songs about hating boys. This song isn't even about a boyfriend! WOW!
Thing I'll Never Say: Filler. It's just to painful with all that "latatatatatatatat lalalalala".
My World: It's just ok. Nothing much to say.
Nobody's Fool: Good girl-power song. The rapping is a little to weird.
Too Much To Ask: Another glossy ballad, it's alot like "Tomorrow". Filler.
Naked: This is another ballad, but it's actually very good! Not too glossy, not to angsty... Nice.
Top tracks:
I'm With You
Sk8er Boi
Anything But Ordinary
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on June 25, 2004
No this album doesn't "TOTALLY RAWKS!" nor does it "OMG SHE'S A POSER AND SHE SUXX!" the album is alright.Her style is very shadowed by her image and way overproduced. Despite that, she keeps rolling with the hits in songs such as "Complicated" or "Sk8ter Boi". And then there's nice ballads like "I'm With You" or "Tomarrow" but still leave the cringe of flaky lyrics and vapid prodcution. Her efforts are noble, but comes up short. Her bratty attitude doesn't help either. Don't get me wrong she's a good singer, not a great writer, not a good performer, but she's still young and obviously has not reached a large enough crowd to truly be considered a one-of-a kind artist. The album's first few songs are dry but catchy while the last few songs are actually pleasing. My reccomendations are, if you like the sound her you'll like the album, if you're not statisfyed with her depth or presence she touts, then pass this album up. Myself, I found it more of step of career rather than setting her on the map, where that be in the teen pop world, the adult alternative world, or the rock world, where she claims she's aiming for. If she claims that she fails. But I think avril needs to find herself, and her own, real style before mimicking another's of being "cool" or "hip".
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on January 14, 2004
Following in the footsteps of Alanis M., Avril Lavigne's debut album "Let Go" proves to be an unwilling sacrifice of defiancy and voice. Tracks like "Complicated", "Sk8r Boi", and "My World" are obvious signs of an act of being different, yet Avril still manages to have the same questions running through peoples minds. Has she overdone it?
The album produces strong songs like "Losing Grip", Unwanted", and "Nobodys Fool", but still it causes a drousy affect toward the end of the album. The beginning is very interesting, but many closing songs (i.e: "Anything But Ordinary", "Too Much To Ask", "My World" and "Nobodys Fool") are compiled to an affect of repeatingness. Her voice also is very lowed down during nearly all of the songs, which doesnt help the case of the songs sounding different.
Though Avril has shown she has the ability to maintain stayingness, "Let Go" falls short of defining anything. Its mostly her personality that is doing that job. Overall, Avril serves up some intrest, but mostly recycled pop-rock storylines and light, head filling closers.
Losing Grip: 4/5
Complicated: 5/5
Sk8er Boi: 4/5
Im With You: 4/5
Mobile: 3/5
Unwanted: 3.5/5
Tomorrow: 2.5/5
Anything But Ordinary: 2.5/5
Things Ill Never Say: 3/5
My World: 2.5/5
Nobodys Fool: 3/5
Too Much To Ask: 2.5/5
Naked: 3/5
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on January 13, 2004
This is the scoop on Avril Lavigne: she has, I must admit, a good voice. And, her songs really are good. All this is good. But she has, let me tell you, one of the largest image problems of any singer, ever. That's right, EVER. She is a poser, and she was set up by a marketing company to make moolah. In fact, Avril, before she was delegated as a punk singer, sung country. yes, country. although she has been quoted as saying that country wasn't really her style, her voice would be very suited to it. As it is, though, she's singing soft rock. (No, she is not a punk. i'd like to clear that up so that no one runs after me with their electric guitar screaming).
However, be that as it may, the result is dang good. While the CD, was, as stated in the iTunes review, very, very, over produced, it is still very good.
My advice: While, yes, you can- and should- listen to this stuff, you should not, under any circumstances, pay $18 (or euros or pounds or whatever) to fund a bunch of hot-shot marketing executives who gave avril a fake identity (i.e. punk anti-britney) so that they can spend money for the heck of it. as far as i am concerned, they can live in a medium sized house, not wear prada suits, and drink generic soda like the rest of us. So a) get this off KaAzA b) have a friend burn if for you c)download it while still paying for it, or d) split the CD halvsies with a friend.
However, that's me. Liking or not liking avril is a personal image/voice preference. While i compromise, you may not. But please, do not run away saying that a) Avril is a real punk, and b) Avril has a bad voice.
P.S.-- If i had to recommend one song out of the CD, i'd nominate "i'm with you". with very heartfelt lyrics that most people can relate to, and searing vocals that emphasize her voice, this is by far hte best track. Actually, i first read the lyrics when i was reading fan fiction-- Hermione singing kareoke. D+Hr. ooohh... all the more reason to like it.
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on January 4, 2004
How anyone could like this album is beyond me!! The songs are kind of bland and you could actually get bored listening to them. They aren't anything to dance to, nothing to chill to, it's just thirteen songs about Avril complaining about her life and daring to be different. Avril couldn't sing for her life which doesn't help the songs either.
For example:
Losing Grip: 6/10, This is the type of song where you could listen to it for the first two weeks and then afterwards you wouldn't listen to it anymore. The whole album is like that actually.
Complicated: 5/10, Avril is basically stating the point to be real in this song except she switches it a little for her to be about her ex-boyfriend or whatever, it's a nice song to listen to on Sundayz.
Sk8er Boi: 4/10, maybe if you're a punk-rocker you'll like this song but it's actually about romance. This is a dumb song and isn't worth anyone's time what so ever. Avril sounds horrible in it and the lyrics are atrocious.
I'm With You: 5/10, this song is very whiny and doesn't have very much creative lyrics. It a slow song and you probably couldn't listen to this song at anytime unless you are depressed, mad, or sad. Or it'll probably put you in one of those moods.
Mobile: 7/10, this is an okay song, I kind of liked it. But again Avril sounds horrible and she kind of complains about her career in this one.
Unwanted: 7/10, this song is pointless, it's about nothing really, it's kind of a hard song, it's the only semi-rock song on here, Avril just whines in this song too.
Tomorrow: 6/10, this song is slow too, it's one of those guitar songs, I don't know if I really like this song or not, it's one of those country type songs.
Anything but Ordinary: 5/10, Avril tries to act too different in this song. She talks about that she likes to laugh herself to sleep, she likes to scream aloud and drive really fast. Just a bunch of chaos.
Things I'll Never Say: - I forgot what it sounded like, sorry.
My World: 4/10, Ugh! This song makes me sick, Avril basically tells her whole life story in this song. Basically bragging making everyone think her life was full of fun and jokes.
Nobody Fool: 4/10, this song is embarrassing!!! Avril tries to rap in this song..can you imagine?? Avril is totally off tune in this song and her voice crackles and screeches.
Too Much To Ask: - Forgot what this one sounded like too.
Naked: 9/10, this is the only good song on here. It probably has about an alternative music sound.
This album has a few good songs here and there. If you can't tolerate horrible voices this isn't the album to get. But if you like alternative music, don't mind the voices, and just a few cheesy songs (like about 5 of them of the thirteen) then I'm sure you wouldn't mind it.
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on December 28, 2003
Musicians such as Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte have caught a lot of flack about being "posers" and "wanna-be punks." Wait, freeze-frame a second. What's wrong with this picture? Do any of you KNOW these artists? Didn't think so. How do you know anything about who she really is inside? People are being so quick to label and so quick to assume that she's the worst singer in the universe. Listen to the music, then judge.
That having been said, here's my review of "Let Go."
The album has its definite high and low points. Avril isn't the best songwriter in the universe, but can you really expect a 17-year-old to have heart-touching lyrics on her debut album? She sings about typical, real teenager situations with a raw honesty that is sorely needed in today's music world. Nevermind the fact that most of the songs are simple; that does not mean that they're nondistinguishable from other things, or just plain bad.
"Losing Grip" is an awesome way to start out the album. Kelly Clarkson's "Low" definitely ripped off a bit of this sound, then I realize the same person helped produce the songs.
"Complicated" is one of two songs that I dislike on this album. It's just... well, I think it inaccurately portrays what the entire album sounds like. When I first heard this, it was the first time I heard any of Avril's songs and it does not leave a remarkable impression. So don't judge the album simply by "Complicated" or "Sk8er Boi," as they are not the album's shiniest gems.
"Mobile" is awesome, and deals with having a whirlwind life and how hard it is to see friends whenever she's on the road, touring, or at photo shoots.
"Unwanted" and "Things I'll Never Say" are bold chunks of Avril's mind, and I'm loving them! They're my favorite songs on the album. I don't see how many people can refuse these songs.
The low points of the album are "Complicated" and "Naked." Those songs just do nothing for me. Other than that, she's a simple girl who speaks her mind lavishly and she's got some vocal chops as well. The comparisons to Michelle Branch aren't really all that credible; they've got two completely different styles. Michelle's voice is more whiny and her songs just don't have as much impact. I can't explain it.
I recommend this album for anyone who's not taking things so seriously and can look past the stereotypes of "punks" and "posers." Focus on what matters, people. It's really NOT that bad. Almost enjoyable, I must say. You would be surprised what happens when you give negatively portrayed albums a chance.
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on November 11, 2003
Avril Lavigne took the world by storm and some people are jealous and upset. Yes, I know her music is pop and that she's in fact NOT a skater or a punk. So what? When I bought this CD in June when it was first released, I didn't care whether or not she was a punk or a poser or whatever! Now people make such a big deal about that trivial issue and they forget to listen to the MUSIC and let the MUSIC do the talking. If you like her music, people automatically think YOU think she's a punk and that you don't know real punk music when you hear it....OR....they think that you got suckered into the whole punk fashion craze. Well, all that isn't true. So now with that aside, let me review her MUSIC....You can think whatever you want about her IMAGE.
1. Losing Grip - This song is very catchy, has a great strong melody and thought-provoking lyrics (4/5)
2. Complicated - This song was butchered on the radio so much that it would make anyone sick (even her fans...haha), but when I first heard it, I loved it. (5/5)
3. Sk8er Boi - Extremely TERRIBLE lyrics, however, the melody is catchy (2/5)
4. I'm With You - I didn't care for this song at all. People say that the message behind the lyrics is deep, but I just think it's a snooze. (1/5)
5. Mobile - This song is very POP-ish and is a great song to sing along to... (3/5)
6. Unwanted - Everyone can relate to this song (at least I know I do!) and I really like the melody. (5/5)
7. Tomorrow - This is a subdued tune on her album with a more mellow aura...Avril's voice sounds very pretty on this track and the lyrics are quite mature. (5/5)
8. Anything But Ordinary - I LOVE this song...It's about wanting to push the limits and be wild and different. I especially love it when Avril hits those really high notes. (5/5)
9. Things I'll Never Say - I hated this song...The lyrics are plain, blah, and sound as though they were written down quickly without much thought and in return, it doesn't provoke much thought from listeners. (1/5)
10. My World - This song tells us a little about her personal life (where she grew up, where she worked). The lyrics and the melody did NOTHING for me and I found it quite boring. This track seemed like a filler for the album. (1/5)
11. Nobody's Fool - I hated this song as well...haha, Avril should NOT try to rap OR if she DOES try again to rap, at least do it with some worthwhile lyrics! Rapping does NOTHING for her voice or for us. Avril's voice is more suitable for pop or pop-rock and she should stick to it, because quite honestly, her voice isn't that flexible. (1/5)
12. Too Much To Ask - This is one of my favourite tracks off the album. Her voice suits it perfectly and I can really relate to the melancholy message. (5/5)
13. Naked - Avril's voice is amazing on this track and the message is quite profound (whether or not it was intended, that's the way I interpreted it). This is also one of my favourite tracks. (5/5)
14. Complicated (The Matrix Mix) (Bonus Track) - This sounds EXACTLY the same as the regular "Complicated" version, so...I don't know what the point of this one was...The rating for this one will be the same as above (5/5)
I'm curious as to what Avril's second album will be like......She's got my interest. Sure Avril's vocal range isn't mind-blowing nor are her lyrics incredibly deep, BUT, she is definitely an artist to follow in the music industry.
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on September 23, 2003
I'm not a huge fan of Avril Lavigne's in-your-face-"I'm a punk, screw that"-image, but looking past her rambunctious, boisterous impression, she may be an artist that could potentially have a promising career. However I am quick to state that she will have to undergo a tremendous growth both musically and as a person to achieve that.
Her lyrics of Let Go are at times childish and teen-popish, but you do get the general message that she is trying to deliver to her audience. Much of it is something, if you are a teenager of a similar age (preferably a girl to understand), you can relate to and strikingly, she does seem to capture the everyday thoughts and emotions of youths who are at the perplexing stage of becoming an adult.
Avril is fortunate to have worked with a number of great song writers/producers to create some of her catchy - almost addictive - tunes, but if she is going to continue her self-assertion that she is a "singer-songwriter", she will need to prove that the material that is being put in the music stores truly is her work. I don't know how much of the songwriting she contributes to, if any at all (although the level of maturity, or lack thereof in her lyrics - not to insult her, but seems to suggest that at least the lyrics may have been written by Avril at age 16). With the following singles and upcoming album releases, to meet expectations, Avril should have had a significant share in writing the music in order to gain credibility with her audience.
Avril has clear vocals and enough range that she does not sound like Britney Spears in one of her squeaking, erotic songs; however, improvements in her singing abilities would not hurt.
Overall, I would assess Avril Lavigne to be a good singer in a crowd of mediocre artists. She does not stand out alone and amaze people with electrifying talent, but she is not necessarily an artist that seems to be fading in the backgrounds, although mostly thanks to her perpetual skater-girl image that she keeps shoving down our throats. The challenge she faces is if once she forsakes her image (hopefully she does), whether her "potential" talent could uplift her and reveal a great artist, or only prove that she is after all a teenage girl who was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to have "a sip of coffee" and a temporary shot a stardom.
Just one last personal opinion: Avril, please make an effort to play the guitar, or at least admit that you have no idea how to play it. If not, unfortunately, your middle name may not be "punk-skater-girl", but instead, "hypocrite". That's that.
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on August 10, 2003
Let's see. How about take a good look at the MUSIC? Alright then, lets!
1)Losing Grip - Really, this IS a nice song. Admit it. It has a good melody and alright lyrics.
2)Complicated - If it were not played so many times on the radio or MTV, I would have liked this a lot.
3)Sk8er boi - A nice, poppy, upbeat song. I enjoy all the drum rolls. Also very overplayed on the radio and MTV.
4)I'm with you - It's alright. Not bad. Though I could sleep through it.
5)Mobile - Nice guitar, even if she didn't play it. Which I doubt she can.
6)Unwanted - It's kind of 'rock', but not really. It's fine.
7)Tomorrow - Again, I could sleep through this one. Well, I find I can sleep through anything from Missy Elliot to Simple Plan, but still.
8)Anything but Ordinary - It's quite alright, but if the lyrics are true, Avril has odd habits.
9)Things I'll never say - a nice love song. Michelle Branch-like.
10)My world - Possibly the best song on the CD, talks about the dreamy Avril.
11)Nobody's Fool - In the verses, Avril talks. In the chorus, she sings...o-kay...*draws the word out*
12)Too much to ask - I rarely listen to this one. Ask another person about it.
13)Naked - Another sweet love song.
A star for the lyrics that Avril most likely didn't write, a star for the instruments that Avril never played, and a star for gaining popularity with fans. Congrats, Avril! Good album even if in concert people should bring earplugs.
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