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on May 9, 2017
Bought this game to play again after losing my original copy years ago. Uses a D&D system, but if you are not familiar with D&D it won't matter at all. Great voice acting, lots of hours to complete, good character development, lots of choices, and it's Star Wars through and through. Great game and a great price.
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on April 25, 2017
disque passablement usé, mais le jeu est exellent.
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on April 18, 2015
Quality was spot on and very accurate delivery date, I will be purchasing again.
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on July 24, 2003
There have been various reports on this title ranging from...excellent to a possible Game of the Year. The latter is my choice, so far...let's see what Final Fantasy X-2, XI deliver in terms of gameplay.
I bought this game after following its production for about a year and still had been suspicious of exactly how Bioware and Lucasarts would pull off an RPG of this proportion on a video game console. Simply, they did and in an astonishing way with a universe we love, know, and now find out...didn't know in a lot of respects.
Star Wars has been a franchise that like, Star Trek, couldn't produce real good games aside from Jedi Knight series, X-Wing series, and ... for just futuristic racing ala F-Zero "Podracer" and X-Wing clone "Starfighter."
With all that aside, let me jump into KOTOR. Up front I will tell you that there is a slight problem with framerate which you will see on just about any review you'll look at. It's not a total detractor from the game and happens rarely, but it was to be expected with a game this immense and detailed. Other reviews nitpick the fact that some of the graphics are not up to Halo's standards and that we get to see familiar characters (civilians and other people you'll meet or whatnot) repeated. Well, I guess that shoots a hole in the barrel doesn't it? Not exactly.
To understand the graphics and repeat "lookalike" characters, you'll have to understand something, this game is huge and very long and deep. Of course there are going to be the glitches (it froze once on me and my XBOX is 4 weeks old, so I know it wasn't the hardware *note: Freezing games has been an annoyance since the old NES) when you have so much inside a story. Most of the graphics can hold well with Halo, especially the back drops and certainly the cutscenes which make your journey worthwhile. Repeating characters, well...this isn't Everquest or a short game where everyone could be drawn from scratch. There's plenty of characters and over 50 voice talents lending 14,000+ spoken dialogue. Also, these worlds are huge and complex, the exploration and interaction alone will give you hours of fun. When you look up, you'll notice you have a long way to go and are probably on the same planet.
KOTOR uses everything it can from the XBOX's impressive hardware to bring this story and all the world's to life. There's side-quest's galore and a galaxy including many planets and races. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm not giving away spoilers. Fact is, there's a lot to do depending on what you do. You can balance your light/dark side or follow the extreme on either side of the Force. I don't want to spoil the game because once you start to play it, you'll be in it and also, I hate being told the whole gist of a movie/game/whatever before I get my hands on it or see it.
Graphics: 9.8 - Well designed world's, backdrops, character models and feel.
Gameplay: 9.8 - It'll take you a bit to get used to the RPG feel (if you are new to it) and there is a learning curve on the real time-turn based fighting system (of all the things, and that's not a typo by the way, it is a well done and satisfying mix between action-adventure and RPG style). The cameras, except for a few occasions, are spot on and the overall feel of the game is impressive. Moving and exploring, meeting people and choosing what you do (as this is not a linear game, although it has a plot) make for a great game.
Sound: 10 - New and original music, authentic sounds and the spoken dialogue keep the atmosphere real. My suggestion is that you hook the XBOX to your 5.1 surround stereo or listen with a good set of digital headphones.
Overall: I'm leaning towards the "Game of the Year" for this and certainly, this is the finest Star Wars title to grace a console system...possible, ever. If you're a deep Warsian fan or an RPG addict, this is one you will play and replay to experience all 3+ ways of playing it (light, dark side, mix). Remember, what you do determines your destiny.
"May the Force be with you...always."
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on July 29, 2003
I've got to say that I bought this game with high expectations for it, and wasn't let down. I've read the pile on about this game at and I'll try to paraphrase it here.
Basically, if you're expecting a game the quality of the Baldur's Gate series you won't be let down. The storyline is solid, and much better than anything you'll find in the first two prequel episodes. The begining is a little tedious, as I'm just bidding my time until I can get some Force Powers and a lightsaber, but there are plenty of things that make the begining enjoyable.
At about 8 hours of play, I've got one thing to do before I can get off the first planet and I've been taking my time. There's actually more stuff to do in the game at this point, but I'm getting antsy for my 'saber.
Some people complain about it being a D&D game in the Star Wars universe, and I honestly don't see anything wrong with that. After all, what where the pen and paper games in the Star Wars universe based off of?
Solid game, and with the option of going through as a goody-goody or an evil-doer I can see lots of replay value, especially with all of the options they give you for actions. I can't wait to see what they come up with for downloadable content!
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on December 31, 2013
A few sound distortions at the character creation menus but everything ese works PERFECTLY.

If you play the Star Wars Saga Edition or Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs, this is definitely a MUST PLAY game to understand how a Star Wars genre story flows and ebbs for anyone writing their own RPG campaign in this (before the Treaty of Coruscant) or any other Star Wars Era.
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on August 27, 2003
KOTOR in my opinion is one of the best role-playing game I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. With 3 different classes to start out as and 3 different classes of Jedi to play this gives you 9 different game experiences. Then add to that the fact that as you play the game your decisions drive to the dark side or to the light it gives you 18+ ways to play the game. The force powers are easy to learn and the game is balanced enough that even the uber dark Jedi you face are beatable. The cut scenes and dialogs are superb. In my opinion the story in this game rivals any of the star wars movies.
On the downside: There are way to many "Loading" spots in the game. The graphics could have been a bit better. There are a couple of environments that are just silly and a waste of time (outer space and underwater). And last but not least the gun turret portions of the game are way to scripted i.e. fighter flies at shoot fighter. Overall though, KOTOR is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.
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on August 17, 2003
Even if you are not a Star Wars Fan, you will love this game. The role playing gener was way past due for this game and the Star Wars universe fits nicely into it.
I have owned the game for just over two weeks and I have already played through it 4 times with an average of 30 hours per game (my wife may file for divorce soon). Replaying this game is extremely necessary because there is so much to do and so many paths you can follow; as in light side/dark side paths. All of the quest, mini quest and lesser tasks are many and managing your inventory can almost be overwheleming. If your a customization freak, then this game is worth it for that alone.
If you are expecting this game to be a button mashing fighting game, then put your controller away. Fans of role playing games will ease right in. The combat engine is truly a great cross between traditional turn based and 3rd person action and is very customizable.
As for the story line? TOP NOTCH! A lot of detail went into the story and it shines in the game. If only Lucas would make a movie based on this game.
Graphics = **** (4)
Sound = **** (4)
Gameplay = *************** (off the scale)
Replay = ***** (5)
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on January 19, 2004
First off, this is nothing like the Jedi Knight games. Its not a FPS, you don't see any Star Wars movie characters, and there is no noble rebellion.
Its better than Jedi Knight.
First off, the storyline could easily be split up into three parts, and, if put into movie form, would be just as good if not better than Episodes 4-6!
No joke. The plot is vastly better than Episodes 1 and 2 as well.
The gameplay is, just like every other Bioware RPG, based on D&D's current rules. Right now the version is 3.5, and although all the skills, feats, and character classes are different, the underlying rules are all the same. You will need to know what DC means, as well as what a cross-class skill is and what each attribute actually does for your character.
Initially the gameplay seems a bit boring, because you don't really have any options. No Jedi powers, no large assemblage of feats, and you aren't quite used to the turn-based-real-time combat system. Hint: Pause often.
However, as the game goes on and you gain Jedi powers and more allies, it gets a lot more fun. Fighting other force users is more consistent than in the Jedi Knight games, as strategy plays a larger part than simply running around swinging your lightsaber.
And, believe me when I say this, your jaw will hit the floor once you hit the big plot twist. It isn't contrived either. It really does make sense in the context of the game.
F***ing A.
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on July 25, 2003
I'm not too big of a Star Wars fan. I have seen the movies and that is the extent of my knowledge. I'm not too big of an RPG fan either. I have played Morrowind and liked it, but stopped because of the constant long walking and bugs.
This game is for anyone. I loved it. I'll just list pro's and con's for you, since I'm not much of a reviewer.
Good graphics, nothing spectacular but good nonetheless.
Awesome in game cinematics that look almost like the movies!
Good controls, easy to learn and easy to use.
Long amount of play-time, with 60+ hours.
Over 4 different endings.
The ability to become a sith or a jedi, depending on your actions throughout the game.
When talking to people you have nearly 4 different answers for everything, from "I don't like your face, I think I'll remove it" to "Ok, I'll help you out". The former takes you to the dark side, while the latter takes you to the light.
Controling up to 3 characters at once, and being able to choose the 2(besides you, yourself) that come with you(out of 9 characters)
Talking to characters is just awesome. The lip-synching of EVERY character is just amazing.
Battle system is wierd, but works really good when controlling 3 people.
No shortage of lightsabers. And the reason behind their color! Plus you can add different crystals to the blade to custamize!
Over 40 force powers, including some favorites like "choke", and "lightning".
Side missions galore. Which probably takes the game to 100+ hours.
Swoop racing and gun turrets are always fun too!
Out of 30+ hours of gameplay, I have gotten 2 glitches in the game. Nothing bad though, just paused for about 15 seconds.
Your other characters are constantly talking to you, it can get annoying, but it isn't too bad.
Not being able to do side-missions after you have completed the game...
Thats it.
Things that could be improved in a new game:
A little more open ended, not totally like Morrowind, but a little more.
A little less story line, and a little more side-missions.
A multi-player online edition(basically StarWars Galaxies for XBOX)
And thats really it, the game is, dare I say it? Perfect? Not quite, but they have done a good job of getting to a point that makes you think it could be. There is talk of a sequel, which (if they don't mess up the storyline) could be bigger and better with the new technologies. Go rent the game if your still sceptacule, thats what I did. But my rental ran out and now I need to buy it.
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