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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on September 10, 2015
well i guess i would have to say i liked this one just as much or better then the first one i really like Faye Grant acting as well as her looks but i also like the show very very much i just wish i could thank amazon enough for all there help in getting me the chance to get shows that you just cant get any were ells thank you very much amazon its nice to have a team like you that helps people get the very best stuff they can
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on August 30, 2003
I concur with the majority of the prior ratings. I own both V and V The Final Battle. When the original series aired on TV in 1984 (I believe it was a marathon 4 nights), the series consisted of not only V but also V The Final Battle. For those of you that remember the original mini series, you need to buy both CDs to see it as you remember it (it's still just as great as it was almost 20 years ago)
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on May 10, 2002
I Think v was really well done. I've been waiting for this sequal for a long time on DVD. I will enjoy this. It wasn't as good as the first one, but nethertheless a good movie. It wasn't as good because it lost Kenneth Johnson. He did a great job with the miniseries. Hopefully this will feature a commentary like the first one did. Marc and Faye were great as usual, More Action and see Julie almost get converted by Diana. Elisibeth was born and meet another band of resistance fighters. I can't wait to get this on DVD. So get this and maybe Warner will give us the Series on DVD as well. I think V is the best 80s TV saga of all time and the best miniseries ever. It was also great because we take so much for granit and we don't really appreciate what we have til it's gone. Oh I'm speaking of our water. I also like V because of the of the earthlings and the Visitors defecting to either side. I think Jenny Sullivan should of had a bigger role in the final Battle. She was great in the Miniseries and Martin was as well. The 5th column was great!
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on June 9, 2004
V the Final Battle is very uneven. Or maybe I should say it starts off on a high note, but slowly sinks. The first part of V the Final battle is Sci-Fi fans dream ... action, excitment, and a captavating story. But by the third part we have the red dust, and a half lizard alien child that looks all human amd morphs into an adolecent before our eyes. I also think the ending was a little farfetch. I mean the Visitors don't seem like the kind of folk who would admit defeat and leave peacefully, c'mon these lizards eat humans for breakfast! Also, the vistors are several hundreds of years more advance than we are so I doubt Julie, a wiz kid med student, could outsmart them.
I think that the follow up to V the orginal mini-series, should have had more of a tone similiar to The Empire Strikes Back, what I mean by that is the reistance should have made some progress,but should have had some MAJOR set backs. (I don't see how us earthlings could turn the tide so quickly in just 4 months!!!) There then should have been a third mini-series with the happy ending.
Word has it a new V mini-series is in the works for NBC by the orginal creator of the first V. You can bet the events of V the Final Battle will be ignored in V - The Second Generation!
Verdict on the three parts of V the Final Battle
Part I ***** Five stars
Part II **** Four stars
Part III ** Two stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 3, 2003
Anyone who has seen "V" will want to see this sequel, as well. "V" was one of most original made-for-television movie of its time. It spawned this sequel and its very own television series. It was able to do this with a cast of virtual unknowns because of the strength of its story line. "V" is simply great sci-fi, and "V - The Final Battle" is a must have DVD for all those fans who enjoyed the original mini-series.
As those of you familiar with "V" already know, human looking alien visitors landed on Earth, led by an alien innocuously called John (Richard Herd), who gave Earth a benevolent message that fooled many into thinking that the visitors came in peace. Some humans even ended up working collaboratively with them. There were some, however, that were skeptical of the visitors' motives, and mistrust turned to fear when scientists and doctors began to be rounded up and mysteriously disappeared.
Mike Donovan (Marc Singer), a hunky cameraman, had his own misgivings about the aliens, but once he observed the visitors literally shedding their skins, revealing that that they were not human at all, but rather, nothing more than reptilian looking aliens, his misgivings were reinforced. Mike also discovered that they meant mankind harm and were hell-bent of the conquest of Earth and divestiture of one of Earth's most important natural resources without which humans cannot live.
Mike joined the resistance, headed by beautiful medical doctor, Julie Parish (Faye Grant). As the underground resistance battled the visitors, many humans were still convinced that the visitors were benevolent and being misjudged by these so-called freedom fighters. As fascist rule supplanted democratic government throughout the world, under the pretext of law and order and at the direction of the visitors and at the behest of their human puppets, the viewer cannot help but be aware of the allegorical implications.
This two disc DVD provides three episodic treats. The resistance continues its struggle against the visitors with the assistance of an alien fifth column, working secretly together, side by side. Mike Donovan and Julie Parish are now joined by irascible and laconic Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside), a former special forces agent with a chip on his shoulder and the military strategy necessary to coalesce the resistance movement into a lean, mean, fighting machine.
This sequel mini-series is action packed, as the visitors and the resistance fighters duke it out for control over the Earth. The exquisitely beautiful, evil alien, Diana (Jane Badler), stops at nothing to secure her ambitions. Not content with being the science officer for the invading forces, she seeks military glory at all cost. She is the one from whom both humans and aliens have much to fear.
The allegorical thread also continues, as humans begin to be rounded up routinely and trucked off to a processing plant. After all, it is the visitors fervent desire to serve man...literally. It seems that in addition to the Earth's water, the visitors are secretly looking to humans as a food source.
There are some interesting special effects for its time, as well as some cheesy ones. There are also some key performances. Most notable are those of Jane Badler, in the role of the diabolical Diana, and Michael Ironside, as Ham Tyler, the alien hating resistance fighter. Look also for Robert Englund, who would go on to Freddy Kreuger fame the same year as the release of this mini-series sequel. He continues in the role of Willie, a peaceful loving visitor who allies himself with the resistance.
This film has everything, suspense, action, thrills, a gripping story line, a moral message, and an inter-species birth. How can anyone resist? This is sci-fi as it should be. Bravo!
The DVD provides a crystal clear, widescreen picture and perfect audio, but little else. It provides none of the interesting extras found on the "V" DVD. Instead, the buyer will have to be satisfied with the usual interactive menus, as well as scene access, and subtitles available in English, French. Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, and Korean. All in all, notwithstanding its shortcomings, this is a DVD well worth having in one's collection, if one is a sci-fi diehard.
It is unfortunate that the television series based upon this highly successful mini-series did not fare well. The knuckleheads in charge of programming sentenced it to death right from the beginning by scheduling it opposite the then number one television show, "Dallas". The series never even had a chance coming out of the gate. I only hope that a DVD collection of the series will be forthcoming.
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on August 25, 2002
Back in the 80s, V and V: The Final Battle were huge hits on television. The story of mankind uniting and fighting back against an intergalatic menace is still an appealing storyline and a welcome addition to my dvd collection. Though you will notice (after seeing movies such as Attack of the Clones, for example) that the special effects are a bit cheesy, it is the story that pulls you in and delivers a good sci-fi treat. The reason I didn't give this dvd 5 stars is that it has no extras. I was hoping to see some TV commercials, maybe some commentaries by the director and actors, deleted scenes---any of these would have been welcome. That being said, if you were a fan of this 80's hit or if you are a sci-fi fan, you'll enjoy this dvd. I have to add that Jane Badler is an excellent villain. She was my favorite character in the series.
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on July 1, 2004
I bought "The Final Battle" after I buying the excellent "Original Series" DVD, expecting a similar quality. Unfortunately, the effort put into this second DVD set is sparse compared to the first. I won't comment on the story, but just the technical features.
There's no feature length commentary by Kenneth Johnson, who left the director's role, nor by anybody else (no one's baby). The soundtrack is Mono, instead of the newly mastered stereo for the "Original Series". These 2 shortcomings make "The Final Battle" less of a collectors item than "The Original Series". You may want to get that set before this one, or not get this one at all.
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on August 6, 2002
I was really looking forward to watching the first DVD in the set. When I tried to take it out, I noticed that it was fastened so tight in the case that I broke the DVD in half trying to get it out. I followed the instructions and pressed the center of the holding tab, no budge. The disc was simply not going to come out. I want to warn future buyers of this set to be very carefull when you remove the discs. They may not come out that easy. I was carefull when I was removing mine and it did not make a difference! I have several DVD's in my collection, and this has to be the worst packaging I have ever seen! I guess they don't want you to be able to take the discs out! Anyways, I am going to have to get mine replaced. Don't let this happen to you!
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on September 26, 2002
Released in 1984, a year after the "Original Miniseries", this was a good follow-up, the DVD version is far more superior to the Extended Play mode on its video version, in this one the story picks up somtime after the OM, the Resistence movement is now in full swing as is the visitors secret agenda, Marc singer's portrayal of Mike Donovan is as real as it gets, many viewers can identify with him & the others, Michael Ironside's Ham Tyler is a treat as he is a special forces commando guy who joins the resistence, & Jane Badler's Diana almost puts Erica Kane to shame, Frank Ashmore is superb as Martin, A visitor who helps the resistence, & shows that not all visitors are bad, everyone plays their roles to perfection, aside from this being one of the most difficult DVD's to get out of its cover, it is much better on DVD than ever on video, many have complained about the lack of extras, the "Original Miniseries" had extras, simply because creator Kenneth Johnson put forth the effort for it on DVD, sadly Johnson had nothing to do with this one, which in turn explains the lack of extras, in his audio commentary on the OM, he explains in the last scene of OM why he was not involved with the "Final Battle" that NBC & Warner Bros. did not want to give him the money he asked for on this one, his only involvement was screenwriting, given the flawed ending on the "Final Battle" one can only guess how it might have played out, had he been involved, however, this is a good follow-up, skip the series that continued after at all cost!!!!!
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on September 23, 2002
The "Nazis from outer space" are back, and badder than ever in this continuation of the war between the Visitors and the Human Resistance movement. Marc Singer is back as the intrepid Donovan, who now has a personal score to settle with the Visitors because he has been informed by Fifth Columnist Martin (played with steely charm by Frank Ashmore) that his son is aboard the ship in a sort of suspended animation. Faye Grant is also back as Julie, the Resistance Leader whose own grudge against the Visitors is made even more personal when Diana (Jane Badler) attempts to "convert" her following a botched raid by the Resistance at the Los Angeles Medical Center, where Supreme Commander John (Richard Herd) is giving a speech. Robert Englund also returns as the sweetly clueless Willie, who ends up helping the Resistance after he is captured by them and exposed to the realities of what they are doing to the humans, and Michael Ironside makes his first appearance as Ham Tyler, who is part of a worldwide Resistance network and who also loooooooooves to blow stuff up, especially when there's Visitors inside.
Of all the actors, both in the Original Miniseries and The Final Battle, I have to save my highest praise for Blair Tefkin, who was suddenly thrust into the role of Robin Maxwell when her predecessor, Dominique Dunne, was strangled to death by an ex-boyfriend outside the home of David Packer (Daniel Bernstein) only a short time after filming had commenced. Ms. Tefkin played the part of Robin very well, going from a teenager whose only concerns were boys and school to a young woman who finds herself in the midst of a battle for the very survival of the human race. Not only that, Robin also learns to her initial horror that she is with child, the result of a crossbreeding experiment authorized by Diana and carried out by Brian, the young Visitor she developed a crush on when he first came down from the LA Mothership (and who also ends up being the target of her revenge).
While I was disappointed that the DVDs had no extras apart from cast and crew listings, and I wasn't too happy with the treatment of Robin's half-human, half-Visitor daughter, Elizabeth, in the script, I gave this DVD a high rating because the story has been one of my favorites since high school. Along with its predecessor V: The Original Miniseries, I feel that this one is definitely a keeper.
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