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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on July 14, 2001
Just as he did with The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy just HAD to take the title role of a remake of a movie or book, or a combination of the two, that made its point by its stereotype, in this case: medical doctor who can talk to animals.
Unless kids had seen the 60's Rex Harrison musical (which I did not, but I can tell you right now that Harrison wins overall) or read the classic Hugh Lofting book (which I did read at age 9, quite good), this piece of unoriginality is all they've even heard of.
At a camp I attended a couple years ago, they made us see this blatant bag of trash, which I strongly objected to, but nevertheless was overruled by the authorities (I also objected to having repeated showings of Scooby-Doo tapes, but I'll object to one of those products another time).
Just like the Scream movies, this movie doesn't really have a plot, which digs it in 6 more feet under the "intellectual' limit, which has since been abandoned, because there isn't any intellect in movies anymore.
The second movie, which is showing as I speak, should follow along the same lines.
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on December 17, 2000
Eddie "Egomaniac" Murphy needs to sit down, or pay someone to sit down, and think of an actual new movie that he can star in. It is been shown that he can make money off of murdering old movies and making them "his own". The real truth be told, these films are painfully unfunny. The Nutty Professor series is one that needs to be put to sleep. With a sequel planned for this film, it further demonstrates the fact that Eddie "Egomaniac" Murphy is tired of trying new things, he just wants to do the same old stuff, and then sit at home and count his money. All i have to say is that Eddie "Egomaniac" Murphy is just trying to con hardworking Americans out of their money. I say that we stop giving it to him.
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on July 31, 1999
I hated this movie , it was boring ,dull and stupid.Spend your money on the original movie with this movie was based on with Rex Harrison!!!It was so boring I slept though most of it!!!if you these so called "family" movies then by all means buy it!!!wonderful for families that only watch this type of junk!!!
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on October 26, 2002
Before the Klumps, before the Nutty Professor, there was Dr. Dolittle. Eddie Murphy tries desperately to obtain some of the magic Rex Harrison had in his own movie version of the age old children's story.
John Dolittle is a M.D. that used to possess the power to communicate with animals and then around twenty years later, reobtains it. He tries to come to grips with this gift using the traditional methods of denial, rejection, and finally accepting what he can do.
After word gets around that the Dr. can talk with animals it brings about several new "patients" with "unique" problems. Some of the funnier ailments was a monkey with an alcohol problem, an obsessive compulsive dog, a suicidal tiger, and a pigeon with an identity crisis.
An excellent acting cast is included in this movie. Oliver Platt (Three to Tango, Three Musketeers, Bicentenial Man)plays the role of the self-absorbed partner in Dolittle's practice. He's dead set on the practice being sold to a large conglomerate that will fill his pockets with seven figures. Richard Schiff (Toby Ziggler in NBC's West Wing) is the third member in the practice and is hesitant to merge because of his concern for his patients and staff.
That's not all of the cast, though. We can't forget about the animals now can we? There are several star's voices in the movie including John Leguizamo as a rat, Garry Shandling as a pigeon, Jenna Elfman as an owl, and Gilbert Gottfried as a dog. There were three particular animals that played a larger role in the movie.
Foremost was Norm MacDonald's dog character, Lucky. Lucky is a stray and is the first animal voice that Dolittle is able to hear. Chris Rock plays the part of a smart-alec guinea pig that is owned by Dolittle's daughter Maya. He is quite the adventurer and finds himself riding on the roof of an SUV and flushed in a toilet. Lastly, Albert Brooks was very ill tiger. He had symptoms of impaired vision and terrible pressure against his head. He contemplates suicide when Dolittle with the aid Lucky convince him that he can get help. Dolittle later, risks his career to save the tiger's life.
Overall Dr. Dolittle had a wonderful cast and that's why I think it could have been funnier. The movie flows smoothly and special effects are acceptable. I recommend this movie as something for a family, but don't look for a too much of a point to it.
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on October 7, 2002
When my grandchildren brought over to my house the movie Dr. Dolittle, I shuddered to think what kind of language might be on the video. I kept my hand on the remote control, ready to change channels at the first sign of Eddy Murphy's colorful lanugage from his past movies. But I was surprised to see that wasn't to be. Most of the language my grandchildren didn't understand anyway but they enjoyed watching the animals talk.
The Dr. Dolittle movie is a great escape from our everyday life routine. I have watched this movie about 15 times and each time I crack up laughing at the scene where Eddy Murphy (John) wakes up in bed and realizes something is crawling on his chest. John lifts the sheet to find Rodney (the family's guinea pig). John lets out a terrifying scream.
John along with his two partners are trying to sell their medical practice for a large sum of money. John is married to a very supportive wife and they have two kids. Pressures from the sell of the practice and all of the talking animals are taking a toll on poor John. Everyone thinks John is cracking up. John checks into a medical center. One thing after another happens, which I will not reveal because you need to watch this movie yourself.
John medically treats the talking animals anywhere from plucking a twig from an owl"s wing to operating on a lion. Eddy Murphy could not have done such a good job without all of the star menagerie voices of: Chris Rock, John Lequizamo, Norm MacDonald, Albert Books, Garry Shandling and Ellen DeGeneres. Talking animal movies have been done before but they are what makes this movie seem exceptionally funny.
Dr. Dolittle is a "must" see movie, there is a moral to the story. It can teach children that just because you might be "different" does not mean you are "weird".
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on March 28, 2002
Like a lot of people who believe themselves to be worldly, I put my little barriers up when I encounter a film like "Dr. Dolittle". When you think of yourself as a sophisticate, it's hard to reach the child within. You hope the kid left long ago.
The truth is that few people grow up entirely. Halfway through this movie, I threw in the towel and decided to admit I was enjoying this adolescent gem. It's infectious.
Eddie Murphy's Dr. Dolittle is not recognizable as the character in the Hugh Loftis book. He's been totally updated. The only element left from the novel is Dolittle's ability to talk to animals. He understands them. They converse. Thankfully they do not sing, as they did in the dreadful Rex Harrison musical comedy thirty years ago. That film lost a fortune for Fox Studio. At this late date, Mr. Murphy and friends seem to have recovered its money.
It may seem like a gift to be able to communicate with guinea pigs, owls, dogs, pigs, pigeons and other creatures. This gift could be a one-way ticket to the funny farm, which is the problem Dolittle faces.
One of the best things about "Dr. Dolittle" is that it's short. The producers were wise enough to get in and out before the audience realized this was basically a one joke, one special effect story.
Murphy seems to have undergone a personal transformation in the last few years. Now he is completely at ease and in control in gentle comedies like this and "The Nutty Professor", just as he was in the sexy and crime-driven vehicles that made him a movie star in the 1980s.
It was bathroom humor that earned this picture a PG-13 rating. It may have deserved it, but kids seem to learn this stuff younger these days. Maybe they are just more open than my generation was. This touch of crudeness helps "Dr. Dolittle" to work. Full of smart remarks, these animals are survivors. They are also endearing. They assure that the movie never becomes sickeningly sweet. Besides, nobody expects Eddie Murphy to give up his bad boy image completely.
One element I found interesting is that, despite all the advances in digital special effects, when you see a lot of animals talking on screen, it doesn't look any more real than it did in the days of Francis the Talking Mule. It just cost ten times as much to create the effect.
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on October 9, 1999
This movie is an insult to the original version. When movies star rude, obnoxious people like Eddie Murphy instead of Rex Harrison who sings and dances happily, there is definately something wrong! Stores need to sell the original movie instead of this horrible imitation.
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on July 8, 2001
I was expecting alot more from this movie. It's a comedy and it's just not funny.
Yes, the animal voices are very well-done and are the movies bright spot. All the stars do a great job and they are really the only reason to see the film.
Unfortuantly, when it comes to the human cast and the writing, Dr. Dolittle is less interesting than the origional film. To begin with, this has got to be one of Eddie Murphy's weakest performances ever. He's just boring. His family is fairly dull as well ranching from bland to obnoxious. The script isn't that great either. In the Nutty Professor, many excused the toilet humor because of Murphy's great performance or because of the occasional, witty line. This is simply not the case here and the movie is simply boring.
I judge a comedy on how much it makes me laugh and Dr. Dolittle failed miserably in this department. It's simply not funny.
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on January 30, 2001
Treat yourself to a healthy dose of Eddie Murphy's untamed animal magnetism in the smash hit comedy that'll make you "roar, howl and hoot with laughter!" (NBC-TV) A successful physician and devoted family man, John Dolittle (Murphy) seems to have the world by the tail, until a long-suppressed talent he possessed as a child -- the ability to communicate with animals -- is suddenly reawakened...with a vengeance! Now every creature within squawking distance wants the good doctor's advice, unleashing an outrageous chain of events that turns his world upside down! Featuring an all-star menagerie of voice talent (including Chris Rock, John Leguizamo, Norm MacDonald, Albert Brooks, Garry Shandling and Ellen DeGeneres), this wild and wooly free-for-all is your prescription for hilarious hijinks and "mischievous fun!" (The New York Times)
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on January 29, 1999
I really liked Doctor Dolittle it was so funny especially with Eddie Murphy in it. I like the story line of how a 5 year old talks to the animals then as he grows up he forgets and then as he is a vet he heards noises and its the animals they are actually talking to him. At first people think hes gone crazy and insane so they lock him up in a hospital then after he proves he isn't insane and the animals are talkin to him he winds up a hero and a good vet. I recommaned this movie its a great family movie and its so funny. Eddie Murphy played the vet real well and I dont think that with out him in it it would be as funny as it was. I just love Doctor Dolittle and think it was a very great movie i give it a thumbsup. I would see it over and over and still it would be funny to me. I recommaned people see it with there families
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