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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 22, 2003
Molly Ringwald is pregnant! Hard to believe, since I can't get the 5'0, 100# or so image of her out of my head. I have watched this movie so many times, I could probably recite it backwards. It worked so perfectly for me as a high school student, ridden with the usual teenage angst. Molly (or Andie, as she is called in the movie) lives with her father, and they don't have a lot of money. She falls for Andrew McCarthy ("Blaine") who "drives a BMW!" Her best friend Jon Cryer (Duckie) is also un-wealthy and is totally in love with Andie. She sees him only as a friend. Duckie is quite upset when he finds out that Andie and Blaine end up falling for each other. Tensions mount as Andie suspects that Blaine is uncomfortable with her lack of wealth. Andie finds out that Blaine asked "someone else" to the prom! Andie decides to go to the prom on her own, and meets Duckie there. Her, Blaine, and Duckie all make amends at the prom, and live happily ever after. No, the plot is not deeply intellectual, spiritual, or otherwise thought-provoking but it leaves one with a feeling of, "you go, you unpopular, unwealthy girl!" Jon Cryer also provides a stellar performance as the guy that got turned down, along with Andrew McCarthy as the guy that realized that with true love, financial status is no issue.
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on December 5, 2001
Well first off read the paragraph at the top of this page!!! AND VOTE FOR A DVD EDITION!!! I'm "DYING" to see it on DVD because I'm sure it will include the original ending where Andie get's "Ducky" not Blake!!! And...The reason they changed the ending was because on preview screenings ppl booed at the ending because she ended up with Ducky!!! And I'm dying to see the one where she get's Ducky, so even if you don't like this movie or haven't seen it vote anyways, PLEASE!!! *THANKS* a TON!!!
Lol, the movies good for a teeny movie, the only thing that could be better is the ending. John Cryer(Ducky)is so cute and harlarious(also NOTE: he kinda looks like a duck!!!seriously!!!)Anyways...Its your basic girl get's dreamy looking guy...Not that she much cared for him, of course it would have been girl get's her best friend....Anyways...I'm sorry this prolly isn't helpfull at all!!!
But no really this movie is worth watching and if you liked Breakfast Club your bound to like this, or if you like ANY teeny bopper movies for that matter you'll love this!!!
God Bless ~Amy
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In the 1980's U.S., of course teen flicks were the rage, and who other than John Hughes would bring it to us? While Reaganism saturated politics and conservative notions of a "classless" society were rapidly being thrown about, Pretty in Pink arrived. Although all of Hughes' teen-angst films of the 80's dealt with class issues in the predominantly white high schools of the U.S., Pretty in Pink demonstrates the most critical viewpoint of class, consumerism, capitalism, and how they all affect the high school hierarchy of popularity in suburban and more small town schools in the U.S. in comparison to its contemporaries like Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, or 16 Candles. Pink's main character, Andi, is a young woman from a lower-working class, single parent household. She is academically robust, semi-financially independent, creative and thrifty, and assertive. She doesn't try to "play the game" of the "richies," as she calls them, and rather, she stands up for herself and her friends in the face of "benevolent" middle to upperclass school administrators (read: the principal), smitten and haughty female classmates (read: benny and her friends), and exploitive and egotistical male classmates (read: Stef). Her relationship with Blane is something which she takes with a grain of salt, and while she feels great affection for Blane, she is frank about her personal boundaries of acceptable behavior and treatment. Thus, from a feminist perspective, Andi is a welcome young female character in the 80's Hollywood theatre which usually provides female characters so constructed by dominant ideologies that they no longer differ from each other, and become a token image (for example, the main character in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Cindy's friends in the film Can't Buy Me Love). While the film is not immune from this tokenism, it offers definite progress in comparison to the aforementioned examples. The film also takes a different approach to the then increasing "phenomenon" of the single-parent household (which was/is usually headed by the mother), in the fact that Andi's father runs the household. While he struggles with his wife's abandonment, this seems to heavily influence his ambition to "find a job." While this issue is not awarded much complexity in the film, it is at least mentioned, and hopefully encourages viewers to critically discuss this situation outside of the film. For a mainstream film, Pretty in Pink offers many alternatives to the popular films so-far of 1998. Rather uninterrogated images of class differences and class oppression like those seen in Titanic or in Clueless provide a surface critique of class hierarchy and how it permeates youth cultures and high school "societies." I recommend Pretty in Pink with the utmost sincerity. While it proves problematic in certain areas, no film exists outside of power structures, culture, or oppression and it is our task as viewers to critically immerse ourselves in discussions of film and cinema. END
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on September 21, 2001
I don't understand some of the comments I am reading..oh well..This movie is so good, I guess I would say that Andie is a girl who does not live in the rich part of town, but not exactly the slums either, and its not that she is unpopular, she is just her own person, and some of the rich, popular girls tease her about her clothes, which she makes herself and are a little different, but cool, but I think the girls that pick on her are just mean, and those types of people do exist in highschool, and they always find someone to pick on...Andie has friends, they are just not the rich, popular ones...And they are seniors, so H.S. is almost over, and Andie is pretty, so I can see Blaine wanting to ask her out, why not???? Then he gets a little nervous about losing all his friends over it, well he probably realizes, he likes Andie, and she likes him, and there is life after H.S. right? Well Andies best friend "Duckie" who is so awesome, especially when he does that little lip sinc to "try a little tenderness" that was one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever...very cool!!!!He is in love with Andie and is mad when she decides to go with with Blaine, which he says is a major appliance not a name...haa haa...but it all comes together in the end...Great Movie...Two thumbs up!!!
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on July 22, 2001
Pretty in Pink is a 3 thumbs up movie. It's about an underprivileged girl named Andie Walsh. She is bright, beautiful, independent and really talented on the sewing machine (if you know what I mean)Her mother walked out on her and her father 3 years earlier, so this causes her dad to not be able to hold down a job. She's hassled at school by popular "richies." Her best friend, Duckie, who's real name is "Phil," secretly loves her. Her mentor is her boss at a small record store, Iona. Her life suddenly turns up when she's asked out by a rich romeo, Blane McDunnough. They're very happy until all of the richies force Blane to dump her while Duckie is mad at Andie. Now Andie, an underprivileged Cinderella, has to choose between two prom prince's, a rich guy of her dreams, or the person who dedicated his life to her.
This movie has a happy ending and a genius plot that will bring tears to your eyes. I highly recommend this movie for everyone! Molly Ringwald did a stunning performance and really opened up the 80's eyes to what people who aren't rich go through in suburban america.
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on July 10, 2001
Movies like this are what make one want to cry over the media-provoked labeling and fall of "The Brat Pack". The stars of the 1980s teen films were expected to form the next generation of great actors until Hollywood tore them apart and sent them scraping for whatever cable-movie parts they could get their hands on. Though Pretty in Pink was more-or-less the swan song of John Hughes'-masterminded films, to this day it continues to bring in fans to the genre with it's sweet and simple poor girl/rich guy romance and the social issues therein. Though star Molly Ringwald is occaisonally over-emotional in her portrayal of the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, it is not unfitting with her strong but somewhat neurotic character, Andie. Andrew McCarthy, though of greater acting capability than he displays here, still plays his rich but insecure Romeo (Blane) to a T, and is cute enough to make any teenage girl fall in love with him-despite the wierd eye thing. Annie Potts and Harry Dean Stanton are both memorable in their roles of somewhat bizzare parental-type figures, as is a young James Spader as Blane's perfectly condescending best friend. However it is Jon Cryer, as Andie's best and besotted friend Phil "Duckie" Dale who truly steals the show with what is surely one of the top performances of Cryer's varied career. Though on the outside this movie may appear to be pure teen fluff, the story has an endearing quality that will continually find it back in the VCR on any all night movie fest.
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on June 25, 2000
Annie Potts portrays the owner of "TRAX," a record store where teen Molly Ringwald works and her friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) hangs out. Ringwald and Cryer's characters have less than storybook home lives and they both attend a school in which they are the minority in a school plentiful with snobby, rich, worldy classmates.
Andrew McCarthy crosses the boundaries between the jet-set and the less affluent when he expresses his affections for Ringwald's character... which (unknowingly to Ringwald) breaks the heart of her best friend (Cryer). More than just teen angst, the film develops the story around sacrificial love (Ringwald is the adult in her single-parent home, nurturing her heart-broken, deadbeat father), true love and true friendship. No sex or violence, this is a great teen film. You're not scared for your kids to see this film that told it like it was and has real deep characters (not shallow lust-mongers) who are looking for meaning in their lives. The wardrobe is very '80s and most teens today will laugh at the attire, but it's a great film nonetheless and really timeless in regards to the emotions explored. Great acting through-out and a great nostalgic trip for those of us Gen-X folks who saw it when it first came out in the theater. Another John Hughes masterpiece.
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This movie set in the mid 80s era of brat-prack movies is a unique shining star. Molly Ringwald is Andie a girl from the wrong sides of the tracks who has romantic intrests from both sides of the spectrum; Duckie (Jon Cryer) who's puppy-dog love for her is both sweet and endearing to watch, and Blane (Andrew McCarthy) the rich guy who has everything going for him. What follows is Andie having to deal with this, the bitchy cheerleader type girls at school, her loving but dishonest father (Harry Dean Stanton) and through all this will she get an invatation to the prom? This is a great film, with both Blane, and Andie having to deal with their friends disagreeeing with their relationship. Steff (James Spader at one of his very best) Blane's best friend, who tries to make Blane try to decide between Andie and himself, when really he just wants his finger in the pie. Annie Potts as Iona, Andie's quirky older best friend is excellent and her weird and orginal costume changes throughout the movie are a highpoint. This is a emotionally raw film a rareity at the time it was made. If you ask me this should have swept the Oscar nominations with Molly Ringwald getting Best Actress, but hey regardless of the miss of Oscars watch this, it is a powerful film and a great piece of film making
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on July 2, 2001
The first time I saw this movie I fell inlove with all the great charcters. Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald, Annie Potts & "Ducky". This is a story of a high school where money doesn't mix with anything else but more money. Molly Ringwald plays a teenager whose father hasn't been inspired to excel since her mother left them years ago. They live a simple lifestyle on the wrong side of the tracks. Andrew McCarthy is the boy who has everything, except true classy friends, although they have tons of money. When he falls for Ringwald he has to face those who begin to snob him. But he's not the only one getting heat......Ringwald's best friend, Ducky, happens to be very much in love with her and fights with all he has, which isn't much, to win her for his future bride. Ringwald works in a record store where she'll get the best advice Annie Potts has ever offered up. This movie is funny, sad and inspiriational. If you like romantic comedy, you'll love this one.
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on February 4, 2000
This movie still brings tears to my hi top wearing eyes. If ever there was a piece of cinema that truly reflected the 80's ... this is it. The only catch, which most people don't realise is that in the origional form, Andie and Duckie end up together! ( If you can find the paperback book.. grab it... ) however while filming things changed. It was never confirmed to me that it was Ringwald that demanded the change ... but this just made it all that much more realistic. The ending - the first tiem I saw it left me SO ANGRY. Anyone who has been Duckie knows that you don't walk away as quickly as that. I t had to be a mistake. Either way, an excellent portrait of the 80's , and a movie where Andrew " Dice " Clay does not utter a single vulgar word. Who says miracles never happen.
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