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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 13, 2004
Linda Fiorentino, Wesley Snipes and Oliver Platt (in that order) star in this awfully tedious thriller with a questionable political message. Let's not talk about the issues like pro- or anti-gun control for now, because the film (which is directed by the same person who did "Children of the Corn 666" -- quite a damning title) has no thrills or suspence. And at the time of writing this, we have not seen Ms. Fiorentino for two years -- hope it has not killed her career.
The story is marginally interesting; I say marginally, for we later are to see much better "Phone Booth." Like Colin Farrell film, the protagonist Liberty Wallace (Linda Fiorentino) finds herself in a big trouble. Someone named 'Joe' (Snipes) aims a rifle at her while she is chained to a hotdog stand where an explosive device is set. And Liverty is a wife of a rich gun manufacturor (Oliver Platt), and Joe claims he lost his daughter because of the gun her company made.
The story, which starts promisingly, suddenly loses steam in the first fifteen minutes. And then, it's all about the confusing situations and paper-thin characters whom we just don't care. In terms of thriller, first of all, it is a total failure. See, if the guy Joe is really a good marksman as the film shows, why does he need a bomb in the first place? Unaccountably, the film introduces another 'bomb' rigged to the body of a poor fellow (who is supposedly having an affair with Liberty) which only detracts the tension of the main story.
The film rasies interesting questions such as, Is Liberty (or her husband) really responsible for the death of the people killed by guns? The director clearly leans on the left side, which in itself is no problem. But as the character of Joe is so superficial and unconvincing that his logics start to look like that of a monster. He never tells us what happened to the daughter, nor he blames the culprit while he could kill innocent people. There is little sign of intelligence behind his characterization, which is an insult to the victims or survivors of the real murder cases.
Of course, the film could be an example of escapism, (like "Phone Booth" again), but the film suffers at that point from the bad acting and awful dialogues with cluttered pace. Wooden performance from the two leads are deplorable, and as to Ms. Fiorentino, we sincerely miss her in "MIB."
Need a thriller with snipers? Again I say, see "Phone Booth" instead. And its sniper Kiefer Sutherland is ten times more authentic than Snipes, though -- or perhaps because -- Kiefer scarcely shows his face.
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on May 30, 2004
I can't believe they got Wesley Snipes, Linda Fiorentino, and Oliver Platt to do this ultra-stupid movie. The acting is flat, the story is non-existent, the editing is just ridiculous, and the whole movie is terrible and boring.
I kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever does. No plot development at all. It's easy to see why this movie never saw theatrical release. I'm just sorry for the investors who sunk their money into this turkey.
Not only is the movie awful, incomprehensible and boring, but it's also just a stupid piece of anti-gun rights propaganda. There's supposed to be some stupid message in this flick about how the gun industry isn't doing anything to keep guns out of the hands of kids and criminals, but the movie is so stupid that any message-political or otherwise-is completely lost between yawning and checking your watch. I bet this whole mess was funded by anti-gun activist groups.
I don't know why anyone would buy this DVD, but I'm hoping that other people out there do what I do and check reviews on Amazon before they even waste their time renting something..... so here's the nut: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS STUPID, BORING MOVIE. Don't even watch it on cable.... at the end of it you'll want your time back.
I seriously wish I had turned it off halfway through like I wanted to instead of watching the whole thing.
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on May 7, 2004
Guns don't kill...people kill. But, where did the people get their guns? And why would a young child be allowed to walk into a school and kill someone? These issues are at the heart of this film, as this is the supposed motivation for Wesley Snipes in this mainly effective drama. Whether you're a gun control fanatic or one of those good old boys that think having a gun is the next best thing to heaven, this film has its disturbing moments and benefits from a good director and a good cast. Linda Fiorentino at first bothers me with her lack of emotional impact; but as the film progresses, we see why Fiorentino is underplaying her role so much. She is an emotionally wounded individual and only by the film's end do we see what she has struggled through. Snipes is effective but he was almost too restrained to be totally convincing; would have liked to see more of his anger, guilt, and hurt. Oliver Platt is okay, but his performance isn't given enough chance to grow. Likewise, Hart Bochner as the chief of police.
The movie is slowly paced and doesn't have quite the emotional impact of PHONE BOOTH which had the marvelous Colin Farrell to propel it. However, LIBERTY STANDS STILL makes you think, and if that's what the director/write wanted, she succeeded for me.
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on December 31, 2003
Im surprised and disappointed with the the bad reviews on this movie. This is why i am compelled to say my word. Overall, this is a nice movie, that succeeds to keep your interest with barely one location in the whole lentgth. It was a very stylish movie and both the directors and actors did a good job. I don't know how to justify this very well but i have seen good movies and bad ones and it is a shame to say such a hard work art piece is bad. The problem about it is that you would normally expect with wesley snipes a movie with plenty of action and movements but this one is different. Just different, but not bad. And in my personal opinion, very good. Not to say that i own the DVD but that i enjoyed the movie. And about the people who say they don't agree with the message of the movie against the right to bear arms, they should know that a movie is just a movie, and primarily entertainment. Judging a movie objectively means doing so without putting first your personal political prejudices.
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on August 24, 2002
This film portrays an ex-government operative (Westley Snipes) bent on revenge for the killing of his 4-year-old daughter. Versed in the black arts as a trained covert operative, Snipe is a skilled technician as a marksman, as a surveillance specialist, and as a demolition expert. Betrayed by the country he swore to protect, the loss of his precious daughter turns his loyalty to his country around into vengeance against corrupt rulers of the corporate empire. Linda Fiorentino's character (Liberty) is one of the unscrupulous manipulative arms dealers that put the weapon in the hands of the deranged killer. Shielded by the corporate structure, Liberty is immune to the harm caused by her actions for the almighty dollar. Westley Snipes rudely awakens Liberty to the sins of reality. This film is action packed and intense as Westley evokes this terror on the king and queen of the arms empire. He wants the American people to know who is responsible for the moral degradation of society.
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on December 10, 2002
This a superbly crafted story dripping with suspense and tension. It grabs you by the throat for a ninety minute ride.The direction and acting are superb and this is far and away Wesley Snipes best recent film. It's so good to find a film that contains a real plot and a very plausible story line that doesn't rely on special effects. I enjoy the regular Hollywood films too, but it's nice to find a film that gets the brain going like this one does. It has all the traditional qualities of great story telling.
My wife and I found ourselves on the edge of our seats, at first wondering what Wesley's character is after, and then which way the story will go. It is in my opinion a very original way to tackle a thorny issue. Whilst most people will thoroughly enjoy this DVD it's probably not going to appeal to members of the gun lobby!
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on August 14, 2002
Okay, so I haven't seen the DVD yet (that would be impossible) but I DID see "Liberty Stands Still" just now on Max. It's propaganda (the father of a victim of the Colombine Massacre turns out to be a CIA sniper/demolitions expert and commits a terrorist act against an arms manufacturer- about as hyperbolic as it gets), but that doesn't detract from it being a fascinating (action)-thriller truly worth Snipes' talent at dark-world-weirdo-with-a-big-shiny-weapon roles.
Must-buy for militant gun control advocates, Snipes fans, those who find patiently-waiting-for-death scenes cathartic, and anyone who gets cheap thrills watching Hollywood telling the sheep what to think.
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on October 18, 2002
This movie i have to admit is kind of interesting, but i just wish it would have been more surprising, becauase I feel like I've seen this kind of movie millions of times. it kinda disturbed me because of all the recent sniper killings going on in the Washington DC area (where this movie predominately takes place), that they saw fit to release this movie a couple of weeks after the killings began. But hey, if you like Wesley Snipes and you have 1 hour and 36 minutes to spend, then rent this
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on November 4, 2002
This film, which is very similar in plot to PHONE BOOTH (The upcoming movie witH Colin Farrell tat was delayed due to the Washington murders) only made me long to see PHONE BOOTH taht much more. This film has a good plot that's pretty much just wasted on nothing. Isn't it funny that Wesley SNIPES is playing a SNIPER? How'd they come up with tah clever bit of casting? Hmmm....okay, Fox, you can go ahead and put out Phone Booth now.
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on October 24, 2002
A black man with a gun, a cocaine sniffing, adulterous woman who runs an arms company with her cowardly husband. All the elements of your typical anti-gun Hollywood movie and the reason why the left lost the gun-control debate in this country.
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