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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on January 26, 2016
The film itself is good, but the audio track on this version really detracts from the experience. The same orchestrations are used too often, and sometimes they are inappropriately placed (for example, a timpani being struck on a sudden cut to Nosferatu's staring face. It is unintentionally hilarious).
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on December 16, 2015
Nosferatu (1922) is one of the most iconic horror films ever, but watching the wrong version can kill it more surely than a stake through through the heart. The majority of copies around are incomplete, in black and white and have badly inappropriate music. Amazon unhelpfully lumps all the reviews together so before buying, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

This in-depth article details Nosferatu's history, different versions, and every restored Blu-ray and DVD available worldwide!
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on November 27, 2015
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 1, 2015
This is a review for the new 2015 re-release of Kino`s Nosferatu(released March/22)starring,among others, Max Schreck,Gustav von Wangenheim,Greta Schröder and Alexander Granach.This is Murnau's film piece that he is most remembered for today.This film would be closer to Stoker's book than the Hollywood remake starring Lugosi(but still not right on,because Murnau and company didn`t even ask permission from the Stoker estate!).
The story starts in a fictional German town called Wisborg.A real estate agent called Knock calls on one of his employees,Thomas.He wants him to go to Transylvania to seal a deal with a Count Orlock to buy a home right across the way from Thomas's.It's an old,creepy and run down looking place,but a sale is a sale.His wife Eillen is filled with fear upon hearing the news.Assuaging her feelings as best he can,he is soon off.
It is a long trek to Transylvania and he is forced to stay overnight at a local inn before continuing his journey the next day.While there he comes across a small tome on Vampires,which explains their habits and what one must watch out for.Thomas thinks nothing of it and next day he is off to the castle in a coach.The coach only goes part way as its' drivers will not go any farther.Thomas is forced to hoof it to the Count's castle,but a strange coach soon arrives at break neck speed to pick him up and get him to the castle toute suite.He arrives just before midnight.After supper the mysterious Count pleads with Thomas to stay up with him until morning.
The camera fades out and when it fades back in Thomas awakes the next morning in his chair,with his head tilted to one side.He soon discovers two small punctures in his throat,which in a letter later to his wife he explains as two mosquito bites.Thomas has to spend another day and night at the castle,during which time the Count signs the deal for the old house in Wisborg.However later that night,much to Thomas's horror,the Count pays an unwelcome visit to Thomas' room.Later,upon awakening from a strange sleep,he makes a makeshift rope out of bed sheets and climbs down the castle tower.But the sheets only go so far and he is forced to jump,injuring himself.The following day the Count is up early and fills a wagon with several coffins,which he drives to the docks to be shipped to Wisborg.
Thomas is taken to a local hospital to recover.He is delirious for a time, but eventually regains enough self control to head back home as quick as he can get there,sensing a terrible unknown danger.The Count meanwhile has had his coffins loaded aboard ship and is already sailing to Wisborg.Along the way mysterious "plagues" erupt at various ports wherever the ship docks.On the last leg of the journey the ship itself becomes the Count's "playground", and the crew dies one by one,until he is the only one"alive".Thomas arrives home on the same morning as the Count reaches Wisborg,in the early morning hours carrying his own coffin to his new home.It is not too long after that the town starts experiencing a "plague" of its own.People start falling like flies.Thomas' wife reads parts of the small book he had picked up at the inn.One passage states that only an innocent's blood that keeps a vampire from resisting the call of the morning crow, will be able to kill it.One night Thomas's wife awakens from a sound sleep,while the Count across the way beckons to her.She manages to awaken Thomas to go get the local doctor.She falls back down on the bed and the Count comes a-calling,gorging himself on her blood.However the call of the crow echoes later through the town and the Count is caught out in the sunlight with no place to go.As the rays surround him he disappears into a puff of smoke.Thomas arrives with the doctor just as Eillen dies in his arms,but knowing she has freed the world from the Counts spell.
I have seen many,MANY versions of this film over the years.All truncated forms of what I saw on this disc.This is the most complete,comprehensive and very best print of this film I have ever seen.In fact it looks better than Kino`s recently re-released Phantom of the Opera,filmed three years later.The orchestral score is the original 1922 score from its premiere and it is spectacular.
Technically the film is in its fulls screen version and it`s clear and crisp.It has many artifacts of its age but it has been cleaned up beautifully.Disc one has the English title version,along with the extras which include a featurette on the film and its making,an image gallery and excerpts from many of Murnau`s early 20`s films.
All in all a wonderful addition to any film buff`s collection.Remastered in Hi-Def,this print is arguably the best ever presented for this film.The story is much fuller,thus creepier and scarier.Fully tinted,this is the one to own.Highly recommended.
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on October 20, 2015
one of the greatest silent classics of horror films ever!...and is remastered with the utmost care along with the amazing music (no tacky goth metal here!!!)
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on July 3, 2015
Nothing wrong to say about the movie. Good sound and images. But, when I received it, I knew it was a copy. Cheap case, the cover of the case is printed on some regular sheet of paper and the image on the DVD is also printed on a sticker.
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on December 4, 2014
Disappointed by this classic. Picture is horrible at times. The acting is terrible as well. And the music just doesn't fit. I think the big fuss about it is more sentimental than anything else. Either way if you want to see this movie this is apparently the best picture version of it (but not the soundtrack). Movies have come a long way since then
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 15, 2014
Besides the excellent transfer, this Kino version contains a nice documentary on Murnau and then traces the shooting locations, some of which still exist.
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on November 14, 2014
One star for the lousy job Kino did with this Blu-ray, not the movie itself which is a classic.The frames were messed up in the conversion to 1080P. The picture exhibits a jittery-ness that it shouldn't and it's very distracting and annoying. If you're B region friendly then get the UK disc from Masters of Cinema. It looks great! Otherwise stay away from this one.
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I still find this one of the creepiest Vampire movies ever. I had what I thought was a pretty good copy on DVD. I was wrong. For a film approaching it's 100th anniversary it looks stunning. The full 90 minute film has never looked so good. It has a beautiful 5.1 music score to accompany the film (also plays back in stereo). Uses colour too enhance the film. This is NOT colorized it uses colour to tint the whole frame. So it gives you a feel of being day or night, indoor or outdoor. I did not know if I would like this but I do think it works very well without destroying the black and white experience.
At around $30 it is a little pricey but this was done by Kino. They are a studio that has put out some great classic films as well as excellent documentaries (Levon Helm, I Ain't In It For My Health). I usually hold off if a title seems pricey but Kino seems to throw the money at their next project. I really look forward to their next release!
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