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on July 27, 2017
Game works great front sticker has little to no wear. I would love to leave a five stars but there was a huge sticker directly on the cartridge that is impossible to remove entirely without scraps remaining on the cartridge... Time to bust out the baby oil I guess...
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on December 8, 2002
Okay , I was never around to buy the First Three Metroid Games ( Metroid , Metroid II: Return Of Samus, Super Metroid) and I am hopefully getting Metroid Prime for Chirstmas , so i decided to burn the days away by picking up a copy of Metroid Fuison (aka Metroid 4) and turst me , I loved it! I would play this game at night , in my bed ,under the covers , for hours and hours , and eve nwhen i was sleepy i still wanted to keep playing! Samus's new , Metroid DNA enhanced< suit is very cool looking , and SA-X is cool too! The game has the BEST GRAPHICS YET ON THE GBA! And the SOund is very good too , even featurws some very clear voice work , mainlky for the computer in the BSL space station , not Adam though. The only downer is , that the game is EXTREMELY short , I would have liked to see a longer Adventure on this game , but still , it was fun while it lasted, now i hope to get Metroid Prime to haev even more fun , and to unlock Samus's fusion suit in prime ,AND UNLOCK THE ORIGINAL NES METROID GAME ON PRIME!
If you own a GBA , than dont deny yourself this game , its a great , sci-fi romp that will keep you hooked for wheres my blaster?
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on December 16, 2002
An excellent addition to the Metroid saga with some unexpected plot twists I hope to see used in future Metroid games (hint hint Nintendo!) I think this is definately a must have for those who have enjoyed the previous Metroids and something that everyone with a GBA should at least try. Agreed, for the newcomer the hiding places of some of the games items are remote and difficult to find on your own, but getting there is half the fun as they say! Graphics are exceptional and the controls are tight and intuitive. The music is top notch as well. Pick this one up, even if it's just to try. You can thank yourself (and maybe me) later.
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on November 27, 2002
Well I've played the game, and eventhough it's a metroid game, It has not effected me like the Super Nintendo version of Super Metroid. I would have liked Nintendo to release a direct port of the Super Nintendo version, than make a new version of Metroid.
The Graphics are not in par with the SNES version, and Samus doesn't look as good as well.
The Gameplay is just like the SNES version which is a good thing, but it's short lifespan means you won't be playing this game anymore after this year.
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on December 26, 2002
This is a truely awesome game. Every aspect of this title is great comes together to make a masterpiece of the game. The graphics and animation really show off what the GBA can do. The music really gets you into the game. The tight controls keep you from getting too frustrated. The story and the gameplay will keep you coming back.
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on February 22, 2004
I first got this game on Christmas Eve 2002, expecting some good ol' classic Metroid gameplay with storyline/graphics that keep you hooked. I wasn't disappointed! This is by far the BEST Metroid sequel since "Super Metroid" (a.k.a. "Metroid III"), which hit the SNES in 1994. The storyline is far more compelling out of all the others (even the original!), and the graphics almost seem to go beyond any other GBA game! (with the exception of "Golden Sun" and "The Sword of Mana"!) Samus is also more powerful, faster, and intelligent than ever after becoming infected by an unknown virus that nearly takes her life but transforms her with a higher bodysuit upgrade! When the game begins, she seriously opens up a can of Whoopa$$ on her enemies!!! There are also more abilities, hidden areas, items, and big bad BOSSES than ever before, and the whole layout itself is both suspenseful and intense!
(WARNING: You'll sometimes have to run from Samus's old bodysuit which also becomes possessed by the virus and actually tries to hunt you down, until the final battle near the end!)
Some other old familiar characters return as well including Samus's old indestructable nemesis, Ridley, and the friendly creatures from Planet Zebes on the previous installment! You'll have to watch yourself at ever corner and keep moving fast until you reach the ultimate enemy of them all... THE 'OMEGA METROID'!!!! Or face certain destruction! OVERALL: I give it a 10/10! I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS GAME! ADD IT TO YOUR 'M' COLLECTION NOW! I also reccomend: "Super Metroid" & "Metroid: ZERO MISSION"! They are some of the best!
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on January 4, 2004
This game is great but kinda scary knowing that the SA-X could just be around the corner. Heck I was pretty egotistical about facing the SA-X and when I did this is what I looked like afterwards "........" this is just to tell you... STAY AWAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FROM THE SA-X!!! However I figured out that you only have to run away from/face her 3 times.
And what REALY frustrated me was you could beat the game 100% in less than 2 hours. And I have been spanding weeks on this game.
but if you somehow do so you get a REEEAAAALLLL good picture of Samus without her suit.
But hey. I will give you a hint that can realy save you from getting stuck in a boss level.
When Adam asks you to activate auxiliary power, you will go thru level and eventualy fall in a pit. Then you will see Three fire balls raining down upon you. when the spider(Yazuka) starts ricocheing around, turn into a morph ball and go next to any fire ball but the middle one. When the fire balls disappear, go directly the the closest wall and stay there untile it opens its mouth. Shoot a load of ice missiles in his mouth and repeat the beginning from when I said the fire balls are raining down upon you until he looses his legs. After that just keep shooting upwards with ice missiles and stay in one place.
And the core x isnt as powerful so you dont need a hint for that.
And it could just be a bit hard getting used to your technology.
(I am NOT telling what it is)
use the pit as a safe spot to practice with it and when you are ready you will use it to get out.
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on November 19, 2003
As soon as Metroid Fusion was announced I ran to the store, anxiously waiting to get it home. I remembered how Super Metroid was such an improvement over the original and I was hoping that this game would be even greater. Now Metroid Fusion has all the trimmings of an excellent Metroid game, with its detailed graphics, good soundtrack, and improved story. However, one aspect of the game is a bit off, and unfortunately it is the most important aspect of all, and that is the gameplay. More on to that a bit later, so read on my friends.
The graphics of the game are excellent, and is by far the strongest point of the game. Nintendo did a great job using the Game Boy Advance's full potential for this game, and it really shows. The backgrounds and lighting effects are all above par, and should make any Metroid fan happy. From boiling rooms erupting lava, to sub zero rooms overflowing with ice, to artificial jungles, to the basic save and recharge room, the games graphics are very detailed and vibrant. Nothing negative to say about the character designs either. Each enemy has a classic Metroid feel to it, and Samus has never looked better...
If you enjoyed the sound from Super Metroid then you will like the sounds of Metroid Fusion just as much. The only gripe I have is the the music is recycled, and usually repeats whenever you enter a different sector. It is disappointing that each sector doesn't have its own theme music, but you really can't expect too much from the limited power of the Game Boy Advance. However, the sound effects of the game are fine. Explosions, evaporating enemies, flips, nature effects, etc. are all above par, and sound fine.
Unlike the sound and graphics, the gameplay of Metroid Fusion is sadly disappointing. Instead of the great exploration that took place in the previous Metroids, you are left with a game that instead, tries to walk you through it. The game play's in a mission based format, and forces you to take on different objectives. While this may seem interesting, this is a direction that the Metroid series shouldn't have taken. The primary problem with this is that the game gives you a map, too detailed descriptions of what you are supposed to do, and you are even told what exact area you are to go to. Instead of exploring the different sectors to complete the objectives, you are left with an annoying computer giving you too much information in every single level. This aspect makes the game too linear, and takes away the thing that made Metroid so great. The primary flow of the game is get a mission and map of the sector you are going to. Then use that map to know exactly where to go in that sector, finish the objective, and go back to the computer. Even more annoying is sometimes you will backtrack to previous sectors, a gameplay element that seemed to flow into Metroid Prime as well. Now while it is fun to blast enemies, and experience the new elements of Samus, the fact that the objectives of the game are so linear is a let down.
Apart from the story and objective part of the gameplay is the actual action based fighting part. Just like the traditional Metroid games you have your laser cannon, bombs, missiles, and the energy tank. A new idea thrown into the game was the parasites, which when absorbed allow you to recover your health or missiles. The interesting part of this is how if you don't absorb the parasite it can sometimes transform into an enemy. This quick aspect of gameplay is another interesting idea thrown into the game. Also, you can find upgrades in the game to increase their power, or add for more of those weapons to be stored. Despite the fact this game is mission based, it is still fun to fight enemies and search for some secrets hidden in each sector. The classic Samus gameplay, hidden secrets, and fact that the game is not TOTALLY linear, is why this game is still a fun game, and didn't turn into a total disaster.
Sadly, the replay value of the game is poor, as in this case correlates to the challenge of the game. This game is very easy, and can be completed in anywhere from 4-8 hours. The game's lack of levels, linear gameplay, and small amount of secrets will be the primary reasons you most likely will not go through the game again. The key reason that the challenge of the game is so simple is of the fact that the map feature was included. The mission objective story would have blended so well had the game not been so linear. The things that made the Metroid series so great was that every time you went in a level you could explore it differently than you had before. You could go to levels in any order you wanted, and the freedom kept you hanging, yet constantly interested. It is a shame that this game couldn't have gone in the same direction.
Overall, this game is just missing something. It could be the linear gameplay, simple premise, or lack of hidden secrets that made both Metroid and Super Metroid so fun. I still enjoyed Metroid Fusion, but after beating it, I just wanted more. Those that don't care for the Metroid series don't even give this game a second glance. However, I recommend fans the series to give this one a go. All in all, Metroid Fusion is an interesting result of the new steps Nintendo was trying to create. However, these new steps is what took away the gameplay that made Metroid what it was. I can only hope that the next Metroid follows the path it should have took.
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on March 16, 2004
Hmmm i loved this game. I remeber when i got it at a shopco and the friend i was with murmered what a nerd i am. (huh huh huh funny) Anyways i played this game for about a week and i beat it which is teh same with most metroid games (exept metroid prime unless you like play it all the time but the gameboy is so much more mobile) Anywho, this game is awsome. Its kinda more colorful then the other games as by meaning its the most like cel shading (like zelda: wind waker) but its barley noticable. I thought the game had an amazing plot and really interesting bosses (yes -sigh- ridley AGAIN) it was definatley a cool idea but truthfully i kinda wondered if samus is stuck in that suit i thought she wasnt like i read it somewehre but theres lots of liars out there. Anywho, i would recremend this game to anyone even if you dont play the series the only thing thats kinda previous is the baby metroid DNA and the whole metroid sr388 planet thing but besides that nothing new here. Exept ridley i guess (curse you ridley!!!!) But buy this game (well you dotn have to....) but i advise it.
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on June 25, 2004
From the moment when the game says "Metroid IV" before the opening cinematic you know you're in for something special. It has been years since Metroid had seen a new title, and now it's back in force. Metroid Fusion is a departure from the norm, but it definately lives up to its Metroid name.
The story is as follows, you, Samus Aran, are sent to help scientists of the Biologic Space Labs study life on the planet SR388 after Samus removed the top of the food chain by exterminating all Metroids on that planet during Metroid II. This seems all dandy and peaceful until you discover a strange floating viral organism that infects Samus and her power suit. Samus' suit is cut away in attempts to save her life and she's given a vaccine of Metroid DNA, Metroids being the sole predator of the virus organism which is dubbed "X", so the vaccine kills the virus and as a side effect it allows samus to absorb the virus.
Samus is then sent back out to see to a problem at the Biologic Space Labs in her modified and weaker power suit only to find that all hell has broken loose. This is where the gameplay starts and the differences begin.
First of all you're on a space station instead of a planet (The different areas are built to look like different ecosystems on a planet anyway). The graphics are phenomenal and a big improvement over Super Metroid. The gameplay has remained largely the same but that's a good thing, you take a lot of damage which can be explained away since your power suit is crappier than your old one. Also on this mission you're given missions dictated to you by a computer named Adam. This takes away from the non-linear gameplay of previous metroid games and makes it a tad bit more linear but it also adds a welcome and cool science fiction story. Another twist to the game is the SA-X. It seems that the X virus can copy anything it touches, and since it infected Samus with all her best abilities it decided to copy her. Through most of the game you have to run from this fake Samus as it kills you in only a few hits and this adds for some tense and frightening moments.
The music in the game is also noteworthy, all the tracks fit their intended purpose from the creepy to the heroic. You'll want to use headphones for this game.
In conclusion it might not be Super Metroid, but it's Metroid and it is nearly as good. No Metroid fan's life would be complete without picking this one up.
For those of you new to the Metroid series, I reccommend buying the equally fantastic Zero Mission first.
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