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on May 18, 2017
Just love Bette Davis. She is her usual great self in this movie. Can watch often.

In this movie Marilyn Monroe has a small, and slutty, role. This persona of her really depicts how she has been viewed by most people in real life.

Great movie.
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on June 3, 2003
Time to call your folks and tell them they were right. "All About Eve" is a great film. And in it's modest DVD packaging the picture is crisp and the sound clear, making it that much more enjoyable. With this movie and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" you understand the appeal of Betty Davis and why there will never be another like her. She takes this role and runs with it, delivering each of her lines with sadistic relish. The only one who comes close to matching her is George Sanders, who also gets the lions share of one-liners. But even with the outstanding performances of the two actors, you never get the feeling that this is their movie. All About Eve is rounded nicley with an ensemble cast that includes Celeste Holme and Ann Baxter, who plays the title role. The script is one of the best (if at all for the party scene alone) and surpisingly racy for something that came out fifty years ago. The filmakers don't actually come out and say what is going on, but it is certainly implied.
The features on the DVD are modest and enjoyable. The is a thirty minute behind the scenes look that includes interviews with Davis and Baxter. Also and add campaign with promo and award reels. There is a section where you can see the difference between the new "cleaned" versions too. It was moderatley interesting and most of it went over my head but I'm sure film historians and students will eat it up.
This is definitely one for your library and a must for those looking for a great starting point to watching classic film.
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on March 18, 2003
Great movie about the highs and lows of Show Business.
Even though its a movie, its art imitating life.
This is a perfect movie on what people will do to make it,
and to Be careful what you wish for and also shows what goes around, comes around.
Even though this movie was made in 1950, things like in the movie have went on in show business, Hollywood, and the stage before that movie after it, and surely today.
At the end the Eve character doesn't see it coming, but a so-called fan of hers pretends to worship and idolize her, and wants to follow her around and work for her, but what she really wants is to make it as an actress. Scheming, clever Eve doesn't realize it.
I wish there could of been more to show how Eve gets done it. I would of loved to see Eve get done in and then go crazy when she does, that would of been a great 2nd half. I wish the movie could of been longer like "Gone With The Wind" it deserves it. Even though its a just a movie, the movie is great and seems very realistic, sometimes you find yourself wondering what happen to that person. The movie is sooo good it flys by, wish it could of been more. But, Hollywood back then knew how much to show and when to end, this movie will keep you wondering.
I'm not going to give a long review, the things I've said above, are juicy enough.
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on October 28, 2003
"All About Eve" tells the story of a group of people whose life is the theater: Margo Channing (Bette Davis) an aging diva, Bill Sampson (Gary Merrill), Margo's favorite director, Lloyd Richards (Hugh Harlowe) a writer, and Karen Richards (Celeste Holm), Lloyd's wife and Margo's best friend. Joining this group of people are Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), an actress wannabe with great ambition and intelligence, and Addison De Witt (George Sanders), an aggressive theater critic.
"All About Eve" keeps the status of classic mainly for two reasons: an excellent screenplay and magnificent and unforgettable performances. The movie is entertaining from beginning to end, each scene presents great dialogues, the characters have huge depth, and if someone asks for more, Marilyn Monroe appears in a small role.
"All About Eve" is recommendable for those who enjoy good stories and classic films.
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on November 9, 2001
Bette Davis and Anne Baxter (one of the prettiest discoveries ever made by Hollywood) give their best on this film, where the first one plays the role of a mature actress who struggles against a young and beautiful ascending star -performed by Baxter-, who would do anything it takes to win the desired Academy Award.
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on February 3, 1999
Even if the plot is basically incredible, (if Eve was capable of such "fire and wind" even at her first audition, why bother with such an elaborate plan as her chance at fame?) movies rarely come as entertaining as this one. The script is rather lengthy, and some of the exchanges are a little too sophisticated to be convincing; but with all the savage wit, sparkling dialogue, and compelling narrative line, it certainly doesn't seem so. Add to this, rip-roaring performances by Bette Davis and George Sanders, (who conspire to steal the show), and solid support by Celeste Holm, the always superb Thelma Ritter, and the scheming, irresistable Anne Baxter, and you've got an exciting tale of power struggle, treachery, and love. Two of the players--Merrill and Marlowe--are here really out of their element (both were well cast in "Twelve O'Clock High"); and you'll see Marylin Monroe engage in what amounts to self-parody. But the script's the thing; and Mankiewicz (if never able to match his brilliance for biting repartee with a deft visual sense, "Sleuth" excepted), here pens one that wins out over all, a deserved classic.
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on November 2, 2003
I loved this movie,and would recommend it to anyone interested in old films. Although I am twenty, I love the old actresses and this film is one of my favorites. I believe that the character Margo Channing, captures much of the real Bette Davis. What else can I say, try this old movie it truly is a classic.
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on July 2, 2004
oh well its 1952 grable, despite losing ground a little is still the top bananna at fox for thirteen years she has reigned supreme, seen off june haver and vivien blaine and other blonde starlets, now she,s in her mid 30,s . marilyn has showed up from someones bedroom high up at fox, she wants grables spot grable got her big break from talent, marilyn from between the sheets.
well betty gets herself suspended for refusing to do pick up on south street (it was in b/w her contract stipulates Technicolor, silly girl had an easy out, but didn,t use it) mariyn climbes from the greeks bed into gentlemen prefer blondes (it was bought for grable) marilyn snatches the blonde crown from grable, betty comes back dos how to marry a millionaire with monroe "all about eve" all over again!
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