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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on December 22, 2003
I am honestly a Matrix fan. specifically the first film, but the other two are a lot of fun nonetheless. This game was brilliant in its position as part of the storyline, showing events taking place aside from the the film. Even getting actual actors to reprise their roles was a stroke of genius.
however that trait alone gave this game the two stars i have awarded it.
First of all, its a third person action game, similar to tomb raider/max payne/etc. While this type has been well overdone, i feel it has a lot of life left in it. This however adds nothing new whatsoever to the game genre. nothing new or breakthrough takes place in the gameplay. the "focus" at first seems neat, butil you realize its been done before (and much much better) in max payne. you hold L1, everything slows down, you see bullet trails (not that you can dodge them) and some of your moves are cooler now (wall walking, flips, etc) but aside from that, unless youve got a third hand or a helpful friend, you wont actually be able to use it to dodge in any respect.
A film that broke new grounds for american kung fu cinema, this game's fighting style is ridiculous. in the films you have punches, kicks, aerial assaults, all kinds of super cool wire stunts... in Enter the Matrix, youve got one punch, one kick, and one throw. since the focus is on firepower, this couldve been ok, however the moves are so preplanned that once you hit a button, youll go into a crazy combination of moves that usually makes you pass right by your enemy and do a great move on some empty air, leaving your back wide open for a random post office security guard to smack you in the back of the head, just like i'd like to do to the designers.
form over function is a phrase best used for this game, yet it doesnt even fit, since graphically this game belongs on PS1. the entire game is filled with arms going thru walls, masks that dont cover faces, and other space confusion. the other major thing that jumped out at me was the lack of realistic movement. every character moves so stiffly and completely unfluently its ridiculous. i began playing as ghost, and seeing the real actor was cool....seeing the SNES graphics of ghost as a controllable object was closer to sad. backgrounds were so smoothed over, and the layout was beyond linear. basically this game visually is absolutely horrible. ABSOLUTELY horrible (if you insist on playing it, and get to the airport level (you will) youll see what i mean by no detail)
the sound, however is a redeeming point. blasting though my 5.1 surround, the soundtrack, sound effects and voices are near perfect.
unfortunately, you need to play to hear those audio benefits.
the more i write, the more i want to rate this a 1.
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on November 14, 2003
Fast, furious.
Stylish, powerful.
The combat system here enthralled me,I spent over an hour on the first mission alone. I perfected every possible attack, shootdodge and cinematic trick imaginable. I couldn't beleive how much fun this was.
Then the game itself kicked in. A post office. Could it get any more dull?
How about sewers? filled with idiotic enemies who failed to seriously injure me even once.
How about driving? What could be more fun than driving?
Unfortunatly, in this world a car is an uncontrollable object derived of any attempt at physics.
God I hate this game. Many levels later and the only thing keeping me going is the €52 I paid for the dammed thing.
I'm bored. Only a couple of new moves have turned up, set peices have been laughable and I find the characters irritate me.
I promise, avoiding this and buying any other hyped game will be good for you. At worst the others will be 3 stars or more.
2 stars. Accompished combat, shoddy game.
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on August 18, 2003
This is, in my absolute unbiased opinion, an embarrassment to video gaming. Although I suppose if I was more into action games, rather than a hard-core RPGer, I might like it more. Many of my friends and relatives have purchased this game on various systems, including PC, and out of all of them, only one was actually satisfied with the purchase. As for me, I played it for about fifteen minutes and turned it off. The camera was jerky, the lighting was bad (don't even get me started about that sewer level!) and the lead male character runs like he's heading for the bathroom. The controls are also surprisingly unresponsive (surprising because you move at only one speed, and there really wasn't much to mess up in the first place). The only thing that DID hold my attention for that brief dive into "The Matrix" was the action. While cheaply done and with frustrating combo controls, I will admit that if (the key word is IF) IF you do get a certain move to work, then it looks kinda cool. The story is very shallow and just plain bad. But then again, no one plays it for the story, nor did the majority of the masses go see Matrix: Reloaded for the story, did they? If you want an action game with a story, get Dynasty Warriors; if you want an action game with extra action, I suppose I'd even suggest Max Payne (shudders) over Enter the Matrix.
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on July 5, 2003
When I learned that they were making a Matrix game I thought it would be something like Max Payne except 10 times better. I rented the game 5 days ago and I already beat the game in normal mode. Not only is it a really short game, but the entire game is repetitive. Its the same thing over again; Kill a bunch of cops, run away from agents, kil cops, run from agents. The game is fun at first, but after you beat the first level you realize that its kind of stupid that you're doing pretty much the same thing over again except in a different area. Although, the bullet time effects are awesome. I loved running on the wall while shooting bad guys. Yet another problem I experienced in the PS2 version was the incredible amount of bugs. It seems as though the creators rushed the production of the game. They cared more about getting the game out the same day of Reloaded than the quality of the game. You could be pushing a button to open the door and you would see yourself pushing the button on a different area of the wall. Thats not a major issue though. Another problem is the game freezes a lot. You can beat a level then it'll freeze when its about to ask you to save. If you're lucky sometimes it'll unfreeze just before you're about to reset your PS2. This game could've been a lot better than it turned out.
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on July 4, 2003
ok. well i got this game a few days ago and when i first played it i was like " THIS GAME IS THE BEST " but shortly after that i changed my mind. don't get me wrong focus mode was awsome being able to dodge bullets and jump real far. the fighting is cool at first but after a while it gets real boaring. you get a pretty good selection of wepons which is cool especially when you kick a guy and shoot him in the air, but some times when you shoot some one your gun will be aimed at the ground and you'll be shooting some one on a balcony or some thing which really isn't a flaw but it just looks stupid. also the graphics on the game are horrible, the people are so etchy, but the levels look good but not great at least they are better than the people ;). ok it says mild language on the box but there is more than "mild" language belive be. and the game is really easy to beat, i beat it in 3 1/2 hours, and the last level is soooo easy they should of done better on that.but there are cheats you can get like invincibility,infinite ammo,infinity focus,sword,and multi player which even though they don't tell you on the box that there's multiplayer,using a cheat you can get it.also the one i got was defective,and i know other people who's were defective too. now it's time for the pro's and cons.
>good weapon selection
>cool how they mix real movie w/ game graphics
>focus mode
>bad graphics
>too easy
>too quick
>battling gets repetitive
>boring car levels
>too dark
>can't hear too well
Well i hope this was helpful and i'd wait till this goes down in price to the [$$$] or [$$$] so i'll give it two and a half stars.
thanx for reading
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on July 3, 2003
Normally I don't write reviews because most of them seem to be written by the 13 or younger crowd, but I loved the Matrix Movies and am extreamly disapointed with this game!
The actual game is great, and the hacking although difficult, can be masterd with a few code downloads from various interent sites, but if you are playing as Nirobe on the PS2 version, GLITCHES MAKE IT IMMPOSSIBLE TO FINISH THIS GAME!!!
There's a scene called "Catching a Plane" shortly after the tunnels where she has to rescue Axel from a plane. After a great gun fight and with the help of Victor, your led through a door into a second hangar and down a series of ladders to the plane where Axel is.
As she runs toward the plane, the PS2 version freezes up EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
In an attempt to analyze the problem, I rented the game and borrowed a friends copy with his memory card. Both copies did the same thing. We even tried to play his game on his sytem to the same point and the exact same thing happend.
Its a great game until that point so keep your reciepts for possible exchanges later.
Keep in mind that I've only played with Nirobe, but even if Ghost game dosen't freeze, I payed for the entire game not just his!
My overal reccomendation? DO NOT BUY THE PS2 VERSION. Pick up the GC or X-BOX versions instead.
You'll be glad you did!
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on July 1, 2003
It has always seemed strange to me that Japan dominates the video game market, both commercially and creatively. All of the major companies originate in the Land of the Rising Sun. Completing a game rewards the player with (usually) a visual feast and (without exception) a credits roster filled with Japanese names. Now, I'm sure there are several great games that I don't know about, born and nurtured here in the great 48, but it is a fact that although Americans consume a vast amount of this sort of digital entertainment, we actually produce very little of it.
I write this because one of the most hyped and anticipated games of 2003, Enter the Matrix, was developed primarily by an American software company, Shiny Entertainment, and the end result is, well, quite dismal...for the most part. The game has sold in the excess of 2.5 million copies as I write this; yet the popularity stems more from its connection to a certain film franchise than anything exceptional about the actual product.
Actually, I take that back. In couple ways, Enter the Matrix is a visionary, unprecedented first for video games. The Wachoski bros. filmed an hour's worth of story exclusively for the in-game cinematics, and these really are the game's shining point, revealing background information for The Matrix Reloaded and, in some places, adding substantial character development for the "lesser" players of the story. Enter the Matrix also contains an interesting 'hacking' feature, where one can tap into the fundamentals of the game, change stats, watch movies, unlock multi-player ability, etc.
But as for the actual game itself...well...
1) Focus/Bullet Time Fighting: A very cool technique where one can "slow" the action down and gain an edge. The one (and only) feature of the game that is smooth and enjoyable.
2) Additional story for Reloaded, a movie I personally loved & watched three times in the theater. The FMVs are of the same caliber as the movie, though with a lot more talking and a lot less action, with two notable exceptions (Seraph and the Ending trailer).
3) Decent Voice Acting and a nice soundtrack, being a mix of Don Davis' compositions and current breakbeat artists like Hybrid, Crystal Method, Rob Dougan.
1) Poor Graphics. Comparisons to the PS1 are not far off, and given this game's budget, it is astonishing how cheap and rushed they sometimes look. The characters are blocky, move like robots and, overall, are poorly rendered as opposed to their real-life counterparts. The background details are flat and uninteresting (the "weapons" in the great hall, a toy-like plane, etc.) and the in-game cutscenes are downright embarrassing-good camera angles, weak visual representation.
2) Poor Gameplay. This is the real sticking point for me. Of the entire game, I only *enjoyed* playing one level, the Chateau. The fight levels tend to be overly long and repetitive (airport, post office, sewers), and the objectives for the missions range from dull (get from point A to point B) to thematically stupid ("rescue" companions like Ballard, who later takes on Seraph without much difficulty). Driving and Sniper sections are exercises in frustration, due to the unbelievably awkward play controls.
3) Loading times. Why? It's not as if this game is breaking new ground (or even pushing the envelope) in terms of graphic density, level length, and so forth. The rumor of some missions being shorter than the actual load times is correct!
Overall, Enter the Matrix is a tremendous disappointment. Given the opportunity the story of the Matrix presents, there could have been so much more than the half-baked result. My suggestion: rent and record the movies, and wait for the upcoming games, which will (hopefully) improve upon this "demo" effort.
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on June 28, 2003
I don't usually write reviews, but I was so shocked by the number of people who wrote this game was and I quote, "THE BEST GAME EVER!", I just couldn't resist my urge to write. Hey, guys, don't waste your precious time to trick people to buy this game please. Yea, maybe if you are so in love with the movie that you memorize every single line(Hey, I love the movie too), or if you like to be entertained by a few oohs and ahhs flash moves, I wouldn't stop you from getting the game. Thinking back about the game just irritates me again, so I'll just end with pros and cons of the game. Finally, I apologize for such a negativity, but hope it's justified.^^
Finally, those whom said this game is "THE BEST GAME EVER", I'll give you 3 games:
Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, and GTA Vice City.
Hope you haven't played these games.^^
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on June 13, 2003
Don't get me wrong, at first, Enter the Matrix is very fun and hooks the player quickly. There are amazing tricks you can do with both Ghost and Niobe, and with focus (bullet time), a gamer can add dozens of new moves to a fight like running up a while and jumping off while firing a gun.
However, with all this comes a price, and the worst aspect of the game would have to be the graphics. If this had come out for PSX, then these graphics would have been great, but times have changed and gamers expect better graphics and no more rectangles for arms and squares for hands. Also, when i found out one could play as either Ghost or Niobe, i just assumed each character would have different missions (Both of them wouldn't go through the same level and do the same objectives). This is not true at all. There are a few seperate missions, but for the majority of the levels, each character does the exact same thing, which is pretty disapointing and frustrating.
I'd suggest if you don't care about what i've said and u still want to play it, rent it, don't buy it. Since the game has almost no reply value 4 days after you start playing it, buying Enter the Matrix would just be a waste of money.
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on May 25, 2003
Guys, it really, REALLY, pains me to do this. I am THE Matrix fan. But please, PLEASE, rent this game before you buy it.
You might read a lot of reviews where people complain about jagged edges in graphics, or unimaginative level design, or long-term replay value, or how easy it was to beat the game in 6.2 hours or less, and you might just think they are whiners. Well, they are. Get a life.
But the truth is, the game just plain falls short. When you first jump in, you are awestruck by all the cool maneuvers, and the immersion in the movie that you experience. I couldn't wait to email my friends about how cool the game was.
But the truth is, if this game was not about a movie I absolutely love, I wouldn't give it the time of day.
I really, truly, want to say nice things, and the game certainly is not without it's VERY cool elements, but in the end, I am sure the developers of the game are saying to management, "Just give us a couple more months, and we can make this game REALLY cool (and with a lot fewer bugs)." At least I hope they are saying that. If this is really the best they can do, then they really need to consider a career in custodial engineering.
I'm trying not to be distasteful, but guys, please, can we not have my character die for some esoteric reason that is not explained until I have gone through the same painful death 72 times?
Just a little continuity would be swell.
Yes, the game is still really bug-ridden. Yes, a lot of time was taken to make the bullet-time scenes look outrageously cool, but Barney Rubble looks more natural climbing a ladder than Niobe. And what the heck is up with the contrived, amateurish driving scene? I don't know if there are more to come, but I hope not!
I feel like one of those angry grunts that lives in the basement while his mom still cuts the crusts off of his sandwiches, but this game just falls dramatically short of the vision.
Everybody involved in the Matrix franchise is still going to make a lot of money from this game, but really, truly, they could have made a lot more if the story-telling in the game was a fraction of what the story-telling in the movies have been thus far.
I might play this game through to the end, just to get more peeks at the extra footage, but every time the game asks me "Do you want to jack in again?" after I have died for one of the said, esoteric reasons, I really do ask myself, "Do I? Do I really?"
MatrixMakers, please, don't do this to the fans again.
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