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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on May 31, 2014
If you like movies that are just car chases and fist fights than look no further. Jason Stathem aka Frank Martin has the most unusual occupation. He's a " Transporter" He'll transport anything no questions asked. If you like a Testosterone filled all guys movie, then look no further. Similar but grittier movies include Death Race, which also stars Jason Stathem. Still curious for Grittier movies with car chases and with a very good plot ? Then Ronin is for you.
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on February 27, 2004
This 2002 film is action all the way. So much action, in fact, that the story doesn't matter. It plays like a young man's fantasy - fast cars, things that blow up, and a pretty girl to decorate the scene. The English actor, Jason Statham, is cast as the cooler than cool hero. He lives is opulent splendor on the French Riviera and is supposedly a former soldier with the British Special Forces. He now makes a living by transporting packages and/or people in his luxury BMW car. For example, the beginning of the film shows him pulling up at exactly the right moment at a bank heist. Four bank robbers in masks rush to get picked up. "The agreement called for three," he says. There is no time to argue as the police are closing in and so they shoot one of their members and throw him out of the car. Of course there is a car chase, with dozens of police cars falling off cliffs or banging into each other as the transporter's car leaps over barriers and is totally immune to all the bullets being shot at him. And that's just the first five minutes.

The transporter's next job consists of delivering a small suitcase to a location. All goes well until he gets a flat tire, opens the trunk and sees the suitcase moving. When he opens it, he finds the lovely Qi Shi, a pretty young Chinese actress who manages her role well, in spite of the fact that she speaks very little English. No problem though because there is very little dialog anyway. Mostly, things blow up, including our hero's luxury house and the pair are forced into a daring underwater escape. There is more and more action and more and more people getting killed and some sort of redeeming value in the plot about saving Chinese slaves from a cargo container. The most important thing in this kind of film, however, are special effects and the martial arts of the hero who can knock out a dozen armed men with a few well-placed kicks.

This is a film targeted to teenage boys. So what is it that kept the eyes of a mature lady like me so glued to the screen? Perhaps its because the action was so intense and outrageous that it just locked in my attention in a way that wound up to be totally relaxing. By all my generally standards I should have hated this film. But sometimes I like to take a mini-vacation from anything meaningful. Hence, I cannot help but recommend The Transporter.
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on May 20, 2003
I first saw Jason Statham in the greatest Jet Li movie ever, "The One", where he was a cop. Since then he has acquired a blackbelt and alot of rippled muscles to make his first starring role in "The Transporter". Statham plays Frank Martin, a former british special forces agent who now works as a transporter for just about anything. His code of conduct is, never change the terms of the deal, never learn each others names, and NEVER look in the package. His latest assignment involves tranporting a duffel bag across europe, and he winds up violating the golden rule and finds Lai (Mega-babe Shu Qi, in her first american film), a somewhat talkative Chinese girl. She reveals that her father is a slave trader, and wants her as part of the family business. With this information, Frank reforms and agrees to help Lai bust up her father's operation. This is as good an action movie as it could've been, in fact better. It's got chases, explosions, gratuitous PG-13 level nudes, kung fu fighting, you name it, because this movie is likely to please just about anyone in need of escapist thrills. It's not every martial arts movie that has a fight in a bus station, with the floor drenched in motor oil, and the hero strapping bike pedals to his feet to execute the kicks without falling on his butt.
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on May 1, 2003
"The Transporter" delivers what it promises. Starting off with the best car chase scenes in a movie since "Ronin", the film introduces us to Jason Statham as a getaway driver operating in Southern France in a customized 1999 735 BMW sedan.
Statham is awesome throughout although his indeterminate accent makes it unclear if he's an American or a Brit, he starts as a Yank but you almost wish he was more like Turkish from the movie Snatch.
Whereas Vin Diesel's "XXX" meant to position Diesel as a Bond for the attention-deficit crowd but ended up collapsing into lumbering self-parody, "The Transporter" casts aside all pretenses from the opening frames and doesn't let up until a belated (and unfortunate) attempt to pull together some kind of plot.
Director Yuen keeps things moving nicely, and the movie's score arranged by Stanley Clarke mixes rapp, jazz and pounding car chase music to good effect. The setting - in Nice, Marseille and other warm and beautiful parts of France - is refreshing for this sort of movie, and well-filmed.
All in all what this movie proves is that with stunts like this, a coherent story would be nice, but it's not necessary. In a nutshell, this is the movie that "XXX" wanted to be.
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on April 19, 2003
The Transporter is very entertaining, because of an explosive mix both on and off-screen. Off-screen, French directing teams (some from Ronin) created awesome cinematography and driving scenes, mixed with Yuen-driven (the credited director) hand-to-hand action scenes, all mixed with--of course--Jason Statham's fighting prowess.
On-screen, Statham has a rare combination of actual acting and physical prowess. Shu Qi is beautiful, and her character has more going on than just to be saved by Statham (some viewers apparently missed this). There is also an apparently well-known French actor who works as a semi-friendly inspector, and he does a great job.
Problems with the movie are predictable for something so action-oriented: plot holes, some impossible stunts. It also has some unique problems, which add to the movies's charms: such as French criminals high and low speak American English (?), Statham tries to do the same (and gives up halfway, like Costner in Robin Hood but reversed), and Shu Qi and the French inspector are at times unintelligible.
But at a basic level, the movie is all about Statham kicking ass, about Shu Qi looking beautiful, and lots of explosions over a sunny European seaside setting. It all comes together nicely (if often absurdly), and is highly recommended to those who need a truly nonstop action title to round out their collections.
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on April 16, 2003
How do you rate action-martial arts movies? This one developes most of its characters and has real story telling qualities, something that is rare in this genre. However, the current pace is to "push the envelope" in action sequences ever further. This is becoming "designer martial arts." I would have to say "Kiss of the Dragon" with a phenomenal performance by Jet Li has set the pace. This is why "The Transporter" is so entertaining, as it is the same basic Chinese-French connection and crew at work. Corey Yuen's choreographed action sequences are at the same high standard again. Corey this time is the movie director. Jason Statham is phenomenal. It has always been abundantly clear that Jason maintains himself in top physical condition. This film demonstrates his physical agility through many extended, mind boggeling martial arts sequences. That mad french crew of stunt men from "Kiss of the Dragon" are also back to be creatively beaten up again. I can't help but notice that some of the stunts must have actually hurt. From kicking a bad guy through the front door, to beating up the entire houseful of thugs, to a sequence shot with everyone greased up in motor oil, to everyway possible to fight within a truck cab, this movie "delivers" on action. However, the beautiful photography of France, the amiable French Inspector, and the beguiling Chinese damsel in distress raise this movie way beyond the norm. Jason really fits the part of a perfectionistic, ex-military transporter, and the stunt driving is also phenomenal. Between the martial arts, stunt driving, beautiful photography and just plain, excellent story telling, this film is unbelievable. That is why so many of my friends and I are watching it several times, as you just can't believe what you see the first time.
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on April 3, 2003
The title of the movie is The Transporter. That's apt, considering it's Jason Statham's character, who truly steals the entire movie. It's been a VERY long time since an action star has made the kind of impression Statham has, who's delightfully cool and charismatic, physically agile and imposing, and simply a great deal of fun to watch for every minute he's on screen.
The Transporter was 2002's best pure action film, loaded with thrilling stunts, fast-paced car chases, and some of the most memorable fight scenes (the oil-slick fight is a classic). True, there's not much of a story and a lot of the other actors are pretty bad (Ric Young, Matt Schulze), but the pacing is tight, the action's non-stop, and Statham and Qi Shu make for a surprisingly decent pairing. This is enthusiastically recommended to action fans.
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on April 20, 2003
Die hard action fans, prepare yourself for The Transporter. What has probably been the best action DVD of 2003, delivers ample amounts of adrenaline pumping fun. The Transporter serves up martial arts and shoot outs in abundance, and should keep just about anyone who enjoys this genre on the edge of their seat.
Before this film, lead actor Jason Statham was unknown to me. This film definitely put him on the map for me, and should hopefully rocket his career into many more films. Mr. Statham backs his cool, calm acting method in this film with solid sequences of fighting finese.
As for the lead actress, well...WOW!
Stylish and slick, this action masterpiece is one of my MUST SEE films for all fans of the genre. Rent it, buy it, see won't regret it. 5 out of 5 stars.
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on March 10, 2003
This is undoubtedly the best action movie I have ever seen. Aside from the fact that the plot is a little lacking, the scenarios that Jason Statham has to get his way out of are extremely interesting. The fact that I have never seen this guy makes it evem more thrilling, since I don't think of him as another character (eg, Jackie Chan in "Who am I", I always think of that movie when I see him), I think of Stratham as the Transporter. My friends decided that they didn't want to see this movie after they saw Stratham blocking a missile with a tea tray in the preview--I've convinced them to see it once it comes out, since this was cut from the final version. The fighting is top-notch, the camera work is excellent, and the music is top-notch. My favorite action movie of all time.
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on April 22, 2004
This movie rocked ,Jason Statham who was in Snatch,and Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a courier who transporst dangerous cargo with no questions asked. But when he opens the package, he finds a hot babe played by Shu Qi, and then his trouble begins.This movie has some of the coolest stunts and action ever seen, much better than XXX and the Matrix combined.In a fight, Jason Statham would wipe the floor with Vin Diesel. Another good point is that Jason Statham is easy to undertsand, I watched part of XXX and couldn't comprehend a word of that idiot Vin Diesel. Bottom Line: Transporter is the next generation action movie. This package deserves to be opened.
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