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2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on September 20, 2007
I am very appreciative of this lil' gem. This is the movie that got me interested in werewolves in the first place. It was late on a sunday night (I was still in school) when I was flipping through the channels and caught this one on. Right away, I got pulled into this genre.

As you're aware, it's set in Australia and deals with a Marsupial breed of werewolves trying to survive and stay out of man's territory. The secret is spilled out into the open as werewolf Jerboa (Which is her first & last names) runs away from the werewolf colony she's part of in the Australian bush. Once she makes her way to Sydney, she meets Donnie, a young Assistant Director for Shape Shifters Part 8. After offering her a job on the movie, he begins to realize that she'd not normal. Trouble ensues on a large scale when not only does Jerboa's new boyfriend find out she's a werewolf, but after an accident, the hospital and government too learn about her. It's up to her and her boyfriend to survive as they go on the run together.

The special effects aren't too shabby and the 80's music is great.There are also
excellent performances by Barry Otto, Imogen Annlsey, Ralph Cotterill and
Michael Pate. It's rare to find that quality in cheesy 80's movies.

The treatment for the DVD is a great bargain. We've got 2 trailers, 1 photo gallery, director's commentary (Highly Recommended!), 5.0 surround sound and of course the feature film, brilliantly restored from 1987.

For $5.00 and under, it's a no brainerl! Searching everywhere as I did in the city, I could only find this online, so I went on and reunited with it.

So if you're sure to stumble upon this title anywhere, be sure not to pass up the oppourtunity!

My ratings:

The Howling: 10/10
Howling II: 5/10
Howling III: 10/10
Howling IV: 3/10
Howling V: 9/10
Howling VI: 9/10

Pick this one up, Play it, and enjoy it!
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on June 3, 2004
The Howling III is so bad it's good; not extremely good though.The dialogue is terrible, but what do you expect from a horror movie.The characters however are funny and memorable.The plot is really ridiculous but it ends up telling a fairly good story.The werewolfs look so fake and stupid it's funny.I only liked the story and characters basically.(SPOILERS)The scene where the woman werewolf gives birth to the baby wolf was so sick; it crawled up her body in a little pouch.I do enjoy the ending to these Howling movies though;this one was really good.The race is on as a colony of marsupial werewolfs attempts to outwit and outlast their human counterparts in the offbeat horror film "Holling III : The Marsupials."Long ago, the now-extinct marsupial wolf (a.k.a. Tasmanian Tiger) roamed the Australian Outback. Today, a werewolf colony that has descended from these marsupials has taken over the land.This race for survival is on as the humans struggle to contain these out of control creatures.(5/10)
"a silly, semi-spoof of werewolf movies"
-- James Kendrick, Q NETWORK FILM DESK
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on December 17, 2003
In a moment of Christmas spirit overload I pick up two copies of this movie. One for the office party and one for myself.
I get home and see it's PG-13 and figure I'll watch it with my daughter after the spousal unit falls asleep. What momma doesn't know can't hurt her.
The Howling III starts off pretty good. Cheesey special effects (none of that CG crud) , quirky characters, and good looking women. Typical 80's horror with the exception of it being filmed in Australia.
Basically a band of marsupial werewolves live in the outback to avoid man's encroachment and scientists that may want to do experiments on them. After all, they are werewolves with pouches, that's fairly rare these days.
The first half of the movie had plenty of good old fashioned special effects and entertaining sequences that kept both my daughter and I interested. Of course it was a bit uncomfortable when the lead female (Kanga-lycanthrope) gives birth to a little marsupial werewolf baby. Ugly little bugger at that!
The second half of the flick just doesn't have enough special effect type sequences to keep it interesting.
You may think the storyline has enough clout to stand on it's own but it doesn't.
Still I'm happy to add it to my collection of 80's horror films.
The DVD is of good quality.(widescreen) and it does contain several extras which is rare for a film of this type and price.
Good day mate!!
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on October 2, 2003
Howling III is one wacked out movie. Director Philip Mora must have had his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek when he wrote and directed this film. It's about Marsupial werewolfs for goodness sake! It you take it for what it is, Howling III is entertaining for the first half. It's so odd that it keeps you interested. The last half tends to drag, and seems to overstay its welcome. This DVD is beautifully remastered, in widescreen, and comes with plenty of extras. I can't believe this movie was treated so well on its DVD release when it's not even liked that well by horror movie fans? It just strikes me as strange. Anyway, I have to say I liked the Director's communtary by Philip Mora. He seems to take this movie so seriously, saying that he "wanted to make a Howling movie he could call his own since Howling II (which he also directed) was the product of the editors and producers". I can't say that Howling III is much better than Howling II. Both are pretty lame in my book. Anyway, I like these wacked out horror movies every once-in-awhile. Make sure to also pick up the MGM's new special edition of The Howling and the Artisan double feature Howling V/Howling VI DVD to help complete your oddball werewolf collection. I wonder if Howling II and Howling IV will be released on DVD soon. I'd like to complete my collection, and lets pray that Howling (7): New Moon Rising never gets released.
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on March 29, 2008
This movie was whack... You'll see what I mean if you watch it.

The pluses: The acting was fine and the plot was OK. There was that werewolf birth scene which was... Interesting.

The cons: The special effects were weak and it lacked any sort of spooky feel. It was more of a werewolf love-story.

This version that I'm reviewing is the 2007 release... Which has terrible cover art. If you're convinced you should own this not-so-great movie then I suggest buying the 2005 version from one of the 3rd party sellers... It's also cheaper.
review image
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on September 19, 2002
Hey Howling fans. If youve seen the Classic The Howling (1980) and are looking to see another Excellent Werewolf Movie, well then think again because frankly Howling III does not deliver. It was bad enough when the terrible Hoiwling II was released but this one really takes the cake. A pack of surviving Marsupial Werewolves are seeking shelter and safety in the outback of Australia untill a group of scientists looking for Werewolves comes across them. They are used for experiments and are helped to find thier freedom. The werewolves look even takier than those in Howling II and the story and acting leave little to be desired. But however there are some fairly funny jokes and amusing moments now and again but on the whole Howling III is a no no. Surprisingly enough the films DVD release got surprising treatment, where you would expect a film of such poor quality to get simply a trailer if your lucky, you get a Promotional trailer, a tv spot, a Still Gallery and a Commentary with the Director Philippe Mora. Blimey mate what a DVD for such a poor Movie. The movie is also presented in Widescreen.
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on April 29, 2002
A scientist, Professor Beckmeyer, wants to find proof that werewolves exist in Australia. Meanwhile, the mysterious Jerboa goes to Sydney and stars in a horror movie. Suitably enough, she is a real life werewolf. Beckmeyer wants to study her, but the government wants to kill off the werewolf tribe.
The first Howling movie was a good horror movie. Its first sequel, Howling II was a silly but fun movie. I had no idea what to expect from Howling III. In the first part of the movie, it seems like a funny horror-comedy, even a spoof of other werewolf movies. But after a while, when we get to know the werewolves, the movie seems to try to be serious, but it�s all very silly. The silliness reaches its peak when jerboa gives birth to some kangaroo-like werewolf baby. It�s quite funny, but at the same time it seems so serious�
The first half of the movie made me laugh a couple of times, but the second half is strange, with long scenes where almost nothing happens and you don�t know in what direction the plot is moving. At times, it seems almost endless and I couldn�t keep from hoping it would be over soon. Some of the transforming scenes are funny, the entire movie is very silly, but not silly in that way that made Howling II so fun.
I�m afraid I can�t recommend this movie to anybody but die-hard werewolf lovers�
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on August 13, 2001
"The Howling" film series is a mixed bag to be sure. Starting with the original 1981 film, we got a classic genre film and one of the best werewolf films ever made. After it's success at the box office came "Howling II" a few years later. A low budget, low class sequel.... Over the course of the 80's and early 90's followed more Howling sequels. With seven films in total, the quality ("Howling 7: New Moon Rising" is the only one that's UNWATCHABLE) varies quite a bit, but it really goes without saying that thanks to a great script, some outrageous moments and effects and a good cast, "Howling III-The Marsupials" is quite a fun ride. There's nothing too scary going on here, but this film provides some amazing weird moments, some darkly twisted touches and an overall sense of fun that for the horror/werewolf fan, it's real hard to dislike this film.Having nothing to do with the previous films other than the fact that part III also involves werewolves, the story centers around the existance of and subsequent hunt for a tribe of marsupial werewolves. Descended from the extinct Tasmanian Tiger, the tribe of marsupials have remained a secret until one of their own escapes to America and becomes a popular B Movie actress. Before long, other members of the tribe are sent to bring her back, attention is called to the tribe when she becomes famous and eventally, the marsupial tribe is being hunted through the outback by the military while a small band of humans race to protect them. Toss into the mix, werewolf nuns, a Russian werewolf ballerina, a 'Hitchcockian' B movie director and some other truly odd moments and you have a werewolf film unlike any other!There's a surprising amount of character depth here that really engages the viewer. You'll be engorssed in the love story that ignites between the refugee werewolf and the film producer, when they return to the outback to protect her tribe from the military, the viewer is generally rooting for the good guys to win the day. "Howling III" is a real crazy film, chaulk full of strange ideas, likable characters and some nice fx work. Don't let the PG-13 rating turn you off, it's not as tame as you'd think and it's so much fun that it doesn't matter what it's rated. One of the true sleeper greats of the 80's has arrived on DVD, don't pass this little gem up, get it before it's gone!
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on October 14, 2003
Let me tell you about this movie. There's these werewolves see, and it takes place in Australia, kay. Now these were"wolves" are marsupials. I'm talkin werekangaroos, werewombats, etc... and there are these nuns, got it? And these nuns are evil, they kinda look like rats, still with me now? And then there's a town called Flow. (Pss, that spells wolf backwards, even though none of them are werewolves)Well there's this girl from 'Flow' and she hates being a werekangaroo, bla bla bla. She has kids in the end and dies, got it? Good, now do something better with your time and go look up reviews on GOOD movies, go ahead and stop reading this one. Just go.
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on April 25, 2001
One of the hardest VHS videos to find, somehow I ended up with two copies of this one on VHS. As far as the story goes once you see this the werewolf becomes very REAL. Extremely graphic video of werewolves. Imogen Annesley is a beautiful young girl who is infected with the werewolf gene. A young man discovers her and hires her to act in a movie "Shape Shifters - Part 8". He drives a '60 Chevy convertible with right-hand drive (for Australia). This is a very graphic werewolf movie. If you're the least bit squeamish about these things be very careful.
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