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on July 17, 2004
I just saw for the first time ever this movie made in 1950; directed by Vincente Minnelli; and starring Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett. Ms. Taylor was only 18 when she made this film and was frightening and eternally beautiful. She is so petite that she almost could adorn her own wedding cake. The movie, however, as the title implies, belongs to Mr. Tracy who plays her father who cannot bear to see his little daughter grow up and get married. There is a lot of most fathers in Mr. Tracy's character. He has some great lines and some funny scenes and endears himself to us with his gentle humor-- the footage where he gets stuck in his kitchen making drinks and doesn't get to make a speech about his beloved daughter, just to point out one delightful instance. He is such a bungler-- can't get to Ms. Taylor at the wedding reception to bid her goodbye either.
I did not find this 54 year-old movie dated at all. Some things never change. Love may be eternal and most families the world over act pretty much the same when it comes to seeing their children leave home.
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on April 13, 2009
I have always liked the Classic movies and when Steve Martin came out with his "remake", I had my doubts. I now have Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin copies in my library and my kids are now following in my footsteps. Both (a son aged 30 and a daughter aged 26) are developing a love of the classics as well. No one does it like Spencer and to see the "young" Elizabeth Taylor is a treat. Many evenings spent watching consumate actors do what they do best. Thank you.
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on May 13, 2003
"Father of the Bride" is the Vincente Minnelli comedy that introduced us to the angst of hosting your daughter's wedding reception. Spencer Tracy is the careworn 'dad' in the title, Joan Bennett, his adoring wife and Elizabeth Taylor is the bride. In comparing the original with the Steve Martin remake of the early 1990's, its remarkable to see how much of the brilliant screenplay was simply imported for the update. But for classic buffs, there will only be one "Father of the Bride".
After their sterling efforts on "Mildred Pierce" I had high hopes that Warner was going to continue their excellence in catalogue title remastering. Perhaps I was mistaken. Although the original film elements of "Father of the Bride" have worn remarkably well, there remain chips, scratches, camera flutter and a few nasty occasions of tearing that crop up on the negative used to remaster this DVD. The picture has an uncharacteristically soft look to it. Aliasing, pixelization and edge enhancement are all present, sometimes obviously so. Shimmering of fine details is also a cause for concern. Over all, this release is a definite step down in committment and quality from other Warner DVD's of the classics and I, for one, find the sudden "ho-hum" attitude a bit alarming. The audio, as expected, is mono, as it originally was and, in general, it is nicely represented with little to no background hiss.
Extras: REALLY DISAPPOINTING! - two featurettes - one celebrating Elizabeth Taylor's real life marriage to Nicky Hilton, the other, a photo op with then, President Truman, meeting the cast of the film - BOTH WITH NO SOUND!!! Honestly, what is the point?
BOTTOM LINE: Although most people will not be disappointed by the transfer quality of this disc, it should be noted that Warner has definitely begun to pare down their restoration efforts, especially where there MGM catalogue titles are concerned.
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on March 27, 2004
Spencer Tracy is perfect in his role as the father of the bride. The love for his daughter played by Elizabeth Taylor rings so true in this film. Spencer Tracey gives one of the best comedic performances I have ever seen.
Joan Bennet is also excellent as the mother of the bride.
This comedy is never over the top and the characters seem very real. There are some good laughs.
The upper middle class home and lifestyle reminds me of the book "The Way We Never Were" and at the same times makes me nostagic for the 1950s.
If Elizabeth Taylor's character's call to her dad at the end of film doesn't choke you up then you are made of wood!
Get this film.
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on June 29, 2004
I must say that this is far more charming and sentimental than the remake. The relationships presented here seem more real and less scripted.
Tracy and Taylor have an unmatched chemistry as father and daughter that actually stretched into real life, lasting until his death.
Minelli's direction brings real verve to the story without resorting to cheap physical humor. I love the verbal repartee and the cadre of classic Hollywood actors.
The DVD itself is a good transfer both in video and audio. I enjoyed the extras as well, although I couldn't seem to get audio on the two newsreels included.
A great trip down the aisle and memory lane.
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on July 3, 2014
A delightful film, every bit as enjoyable as it was when I first saw it, sometime in the 50's. You c an't go wrong with Spencer Tracy's talent and Elizabeth Taylor's beauty. The story is a lottle "hokey" in today's world, but that's what makes it refreshingly innocent.
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on May 27, 2003
I gave this movie only 5 stars because there is no 6-star rating. It is proof-positive that a very good movie can be made without shocking one's sensibilities. The only problem I noted on this DVD was there was no audio on either of the otherwise apparently interesting extra features (the cast at the Truman White House, and newsreels of Taylor's first wedding). Don't know if it was a defect or was intended to be that way.
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on February 25, 2013
I loved this movie for many years. So happy to have it in DVD now. You do need the matched set though. Fathers Little Dividend is a must to own with it. I'm waiting for that one to arrive.
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on July 22, 2016
Excellent quality Blu Ray of this 65+ year film. Film itself is well worthwhile, with one of Spencer Tracy's best performances. Miles ahead of Steve Martin remake.
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on August 28, 2003
A sweet, sincere class with lots of interesting and insightful observations about weddings that are every bit as relevant today as when the film was made.
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